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090 Elizabeth Glau Mindfulness In Events

Forbes magazine consistently names meeting planning among the top most stressful jobs. With more than 20 years in the industry, Elizabeth Glau shares her personal mindfulness journey and asks Holly a few questions on how to refine her practice. On the show she shares what she does to make meetings as an attendee more mindful. Are you attending a meeting? Don't miss this show for 2 simple tips to be more mindful before, during and after the event. About Elizabeth: Elizabeth guides...


089 Step Out of Your Situation With Darren Tipton

While on sabbatical Darren Tipton, joins us for a lively conversation on the power of feeling the void. The importance of making time to step back and look at your life. Darren Tipton first began working with humanitarian projects in 1990 when he participated in a beach ministry project transporting intoxicated students who were on spring break at South Padre Island, TX. He made his first overseas humanitarian trip to Kenya in 1996. He has coordinated collegiate leadership development...


088 The Dash With Tom Morrison

A life well lived is the mark of a great man. Tom Morrison, has been living life to the fullest from the moment I met him. Now the author of two books Tom's work will help inspire HOPE. Listen to the ups and downs of Tom's personal and professional journey to hear what the acronym HOPE means to Tom. Tom Morrison is a 1990 graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. in Finance and currently serves as CEO of the Metal Treating Institute and President of Tom Morrison & Associates. Tom has...


087 Business Balance & Bliss with Amy Vetter

What can you expect from a CPA and Yogi, who is an expert on Technology Innovation? A unique experience based on a life-changing formula — the B3 Method® for Business + Balance = Bliss — that inspires professionals to live a more fulfilled, engaged and connected life. On this show Amy & Holly explore how to live in the state of work and life harmony. Is this even possible? Learn the #1 think Amy thinks you must do first to control your life.


086 Surprise Announcement & Connecting Mindfully Online with Phil Gerbyshak

Many people believe you can't be mindful with technology. In fact, to live in today's world you have to expand your daily mindfulness practice to include technology. Or, technology will make you mindless. Join me at the show opening for a special surprise announcement. Stay for tips and tricks on building relationships via technology with social selling guru, Phil Gerbyshak For more on Phil visit www.philgerbyshak.com For your own private 15 minute consultation with Phil visit...


085 Watch Love Rise with Lauri Jones

Join Holly Duckworth and Lauri Jones in a conversation on how to watch love rise and evolve in your life. Lauri shares her journey in songwriting, advocating for solar energy, and living a life she loves in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Keep listening for when Lauri breakouts out in song. This is an episode you don't want to miss. Lauri Jones has shared the stage with the likes of Patti LaBelle and George Benson, has sung back-up on recordings of such artists as Diana Ross, and had...


084 Gott To Move forward with Michael Gott

Rev. Michael Gott, the senior minister of one of the world's largest Unity churches, is an engaging speaker and a multi-talented musician who inspires and entertains. For over 20 years, Rev. Michael Gott has been a leader in the New Thought movement. While currently focused on serving as the spiritual leader of Unity of Houston, he also travels throughout North America and Europe, singing and speaking at conferences and spiritual centers. Rev. Gott joined the ministerial team at Unity of...


083 Contagious Optimism with Jana Stanfield

Mindfulness practice gives us many opportunities to keep-in-mind the bigger picture that everything is going to be ok, says Jana Stanfield as she defines mindfulness. Now a funny keynote speaker, multi-platinum songwriter, and life-changing adventurer Jana brings her guitar to the show and via both conversation and song shares how music can help you connect to and learn to love your mindful voice. Let this podcast soothe you with the music of Jana Stanfield. For more on Jana visit...


082 What is the most loving thing I can do right now? With Nathen Aswell

As we continue to grow this podcast as a place to learn and apply mindfulness practices on the show we have Nathen Aswell, singer/songwriter. On this show we talk walking the path with ease grace and joy. Nathen shares his thoughts on listening to your own wisdom, feeling your way forward and shares a complimentary song to add to your practice. Nathen Aswell (NathenAswell.com) is a recording artist and inspirational speaker based in Vancouver, Canada, and he believes that his calling in...


081 Center for Awesomeness with Nick Hemmert

Nick Hemmert, the Founder and Chief Strategist at The Center for Awesomeness is An Advocate for Possibility. A Curator of All Things Awesome. A Husband to Monica, A Father to Griffin and Isabel (the best job ever). Nick is creating solutions for the challenges at the intersection of conscious leadership, fulfillment, spirituality, and vocation. Why? We are greatly in need of practical ways to intentionally counterbalance the light and the dark of our world to clear the noise and create more...


080 Mindful Vision Board to Manifest Reality with Carolyn Strauss

Living mindfully in the moment Carolyn Strauss shares with her how your morning coffee ritual, walking your dog, or driving your car can be more mindful. Things are always working out for Carolyn, listen to her to find out the one tool she uses in her car to help make that her manifest reality. Learn how your new host Holly fears vision board parties yet overcomes the fear to use that tool to create her annual vision. Where's your vision board? Learn with Holly & Carolyn how to create...


079 Mindfulness is NOT Rocket Science with Ravi Tangri & Holly Duckworth

Join Holly for a conversation with Ravi Tangri, CSP, MSc, MBA for the co-host with her on Presence How to Live & Lead Consciously. Ravi shares one easy technique to quiet your mind. Ravi Tangri is the Chief Rocket Scientist for Chrysalis Strategies and the author of ‘Leading Authentically’ and 'StressCosts Stress-Cures'. Whether he is growing co-creative leadership to transform the health care system, helping the largest liquid natural gas company in the Middle East grow its leadership or...


078 Mindful New Beginnings Georgena Eggleston & Holly Duckworth

Get to know your new host show with Holly Duckworth and her friend Georgena Eggleston, grief guide. In this show you will learn why Holly Duckworth loves teaching mindfulness, why she said yes to continuing the show and more! Reboot show - getting to know Holly www.hollyduckworth.com https://www.amazon.com/Books-Holly-Duckworth/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3AHolly%20Duckworth A little about Georgena https://www.beyondyourgrief.com/meet-georgena/


077 Introducing New Host Mike Domitrz & Holly Duckworth

Join Mike Domitrz and Holly Duckworth as they share with you the exciting plans they have as a new host takes over the show.


076 Life's Challenges and Mindfulness with John Sileo

Join Mike Domitrz and John Sileo on Mindfulness and how to practice it both day-to-day and in the toughest of times. BIO of John Sileo: John Sileo lost his business, $300,000 and two years of his life to cyber crime - all losses that lead to his greatest success and fulfillment. Based on these first-hand experiences, John became an award-winning author, keynote speaker and national media personality on cybersecurity and flourishing in the face of failure. His clients include the Pentagon,...


075 Expressing Yourself with Sam Silverstein and Todd Adams

Join Mike Domitrz Discussing Expressing Yourself with Sam Silverstein and Todd Adams in this thought-provoking and helpful conversation during these times of sooo many people being divided. Sam Silverstein BIO: Sam Silverstein is dedicated to empowering people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business and create a more accountable world. He helps companies create an organizational culture that prioritizes and inspires accountability. As a former executive and owner,...


074 Tracy Maxwell on Surviving and Mindfulness

Join Mike Domitrz and Tracy Maxwell discussing surviving reoccurring cancer and mindfulness. Plus, Tracy's work with preventing hazing. Tracy Maxwell BIO: One thing that is true of Tracy across all of her varied work and volunteer endeavors over the past twenty-five years is that she sees and values people (and organizations) for who they really are, and is committed to helping them reach their highest potential. She is authentic and straightforward in her communication, and she absolutely...


073 Nick Mosca Sleep and Mindfulness

Join Mike Domitrz and Nick Mosca discussing Sleep and Personal Mindfulness. Nick wrote the ultimate book for putting people to sleep. Yep that is the intention of the book you can find at: https://www.amazon.com/Read-Em-Sleep-Mindfulness-Based-Insomnia/dp/069283091X/ BIO: Drawing on over ten years of experience as an educator, Nick Mosca empowers people to align mindfulness practices with their interests, reduce stress, and reclaim their lives. Nick is the founder of Personalized...


Ep 072 Finding Where You Want to Be with Jennifer Noel Taylor

Join Mike Domitrz and Jennifer Noel Taylor in this unique conversation


Ep 071 Actually LIVING Everyday Mindfulness with Chris Reina

Discover How To truly LIVE Everyday Mindfulness with Chris Reina. Christopher Reina is the founder of Leading Without Ego, LLC and an assistant professor in the Department of Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. He coaches leaders and leads trainings on mindful leadership and how to more effectively manage the emotional space within organizations. His research focuses on the intersection of leadership, mindfulness, and emotions in the workplace and how they aid employees and...