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Bishop Basil Rodzianko

This Thursday on Everyday Orthodox, we'll talk with Marilyn Sweney, who is a wonderful storyteller with an inspiring love for our Orthodox faith. Marilyn worked with Bishop Basil for twenty years, and can tell us many stories about this holy man's beautiful life. You may already know Bishop Basil Rodzianko from the instant classic, Everyday Saints, in which Archimandrite Tikhon introduced us to a holy, loving and regal bishop who broadcast his Orthodox radio program in Russian on the BBC,...


Dr. Nicole Roccas

This Thursday night on Everyday Orthodox we'll be talking with Dr. Nicole Roccas! Nicole is an American convert who moved to Canada to be with her Greek Orthodox Canadian husband. She's fascinated with time and writes the beautiful podcast Time Eternal, and has just published her first book, Time and Despondency. Nicole is a scholar, a writer, and a really funny person. I think you're going to like her


Hilary’s Lenten Adventure

As part of her PhD Dissertation research in Anthropology, in 2016 Hilary Bethancourt undertook "The Lenten Season Study: A Research Project on Diet, Lifestyle and Health during the Christian Lenten Season". Orthodox Christians who were curious how the Lenten fast impacts our health, our mood and our energy signed up to be monitored and tested throughout Great Lent. Hilary will tell us the story of her study, how the results turned out, and what it was like to load up her car and travel...


Fr. Silouan in Africa

Elissa Bjeletich interviews Fr. Silouan Brown about his ministry work with missions in Africa and how he’s found a way to put the gifts God gave him—not really missionary gifts—to work!


Megan Hieger

Elissa interviews Megan Hieger, a school teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, who has much to say about the single life and living in the moment for others.


Meet Michael Strong

Michael Strong joins us to talk about his fascinating journey: from his picturesque 1950s childhood to his work in prison ministry and his conversion to Orthodoxy, his dramatic career in high tech with the ups and downs of startups and 'bubbles' and personal health struggles with narcolepsy, he has found life to be rife with opportunities for spiritual growth.


Meet Katrina Bitar

Those of us who are in the struggle to raise our children with a love for Christ need role models and inspiration -- and tonight, Katrina Bitar joins Elssa telling us stories about her own upbringing and how her parents' Christ-like love allowed their children to grow and blossom. You'll also learn about the Focus North America YES program for young people.


A Zimbabwe Story

Everyday Orthodox is back with another interesting Orthodox person with an unusual story. Denis Phocas was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and due to changes in the political situation there, eventually had to move his family to the United States. As Zimbabwe endures a military coup, Elissa and Denis talk about the situation there in years gone by, and about what it's like growing up Greek in Africa.


Hurricane Harvey

Christi Ghiz, an Orthodox homeschooling mom from Houston, Texas, joined us to talk about the story of her family's escape from their home, which flooded in Hurricane Harvey. A volunteer in a fishing boat rescued them, and with the help of generous strangers, they made their way through the flooded streets to a friend's safe home.


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