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Josh Casper // The Tool and the Featherless Swan (Episode 47)

photo by Amanda Boyd Photography. Round two with Josh Casper! If you haven't heard our first interview, listen to episode 24 for context. We talk life, God and the transition from the Depot to the Depot Kitchen and Market in Hattiesburg, MS. We are thrilled to also feature new music by Ezekiel Songs (Kevin Skillern). If you enjoy the episode and want to learn more about Josh Casper or the Depot Kitchen and Market, check out the below links! Southern Belly Depot Kitchen &...


A nursing home, Jack From Lost, and a bloody man (Episode 46)

Episode 46! This week Brad, David and James tackle a slew of unrelated but startling stories. Themes include the honesty of a nursing home, the importance of washing your hands, and what helping others can look like. music credits Empires - Travis Loafman Punching Bags - Oh Jeremiah Please consider financially supporting us at patreon.com.


Integrity (Episode 45)

Integrity is widely considered one of cornerstones of character and morality. The boys break down their definition of integrity, share some foundational thoughts on the value, talk theory and also get real about the Bible's examples of integrity. music credits Brian Von Schulz - Neither Here nor There www.everythingisok.net


Adoption Process - Part 2 (Episode 44)

On Episode 44 Brad and Megan share their progress so far on the adoption front. What will their parenting style be? How should they prepare once the paperwork process is over and the waiting game is in full swing? James gives an update on his Wild Goose Festival adventure in North Carolina. music credits Wildflower - Travis Loafman Old Love - The Del Toros www.everythingisok.net


Southern Baptist Convention - Part 2 (Episode 43)

And we are at it again. Our second conversation with Matthew O'Mealey on the changes happening within the Southern Baptist Convention. We talk about the "Me Too" movement, get serious building generational bridges, James has a fun reveal, and we reflect on our good times at Falls Creek. music credits Against the loveless - Travis Loafman Spaceship - God's Bus


Southern Baptist Convention (Episode 42)

On this week's episode, we invite Matthew O'Mealey back on to shed some light on being Southern Baptist in 2018. We do a refresher on the early history and work our way up to our current leaders are navigating the Southern Baptist world in a post-evangelical environment. On part two, we'll dive deeper into how the #metoo movement is influencing the old as well. music credits Progress - At All Costs


Voluntourism (Episode 41)

David on a month long Nicaragua mission trip in 2008. What if your high school mission trip to Honduras was actually more harmful than helpful? Apparently vacationing and volunteering on the side has gained steam in recent years. If you have ever stopped and thought the people you went to serve ended up serving you, you aren't alone. James, Brad and David tip their toes into the water of "voluntourism" -- and explore ways we as volunteers can create more sustainable service initiatives,...


Christian Celebrity Minisode (Episode 40)

What does our faith teach us about fame, wealth and the spotlight? On this week's slightly shorter episode, Brad, James and David talk about celebrity culture, Christianity, and the often difficult ideal placed on famous Christians. music credits Heights - Scales of Motion


Prayer in Schools (Episode 39)

Bentley, Hannah and their dog Beauregard. On Episode 39, we are joined by Bentley Anderson, an arm chair historian, to discuss a real life dilemma of church v. state involving his father in small town Mississippi. The boys discuss prayer in schools, religious freedom, and Thomas Jefferson's impact on the separation of church and state via a letter in 1802. music credits Regeneration - Scales of Motion Strollin' Along - Triads www.everythingisok.net


Feral America (Episode 38)

On Episode 38, Brad, James and David discuss the state of conflict in America. We talk about the concept of tribalism, and it's possible negative impact on society. music credits Empires - Travis Loafman Tremble - Oh Jeremiah everything is ok


Exploring Satan - Part 2 (Episode 37)

Round two with the Dark Lord is upon us. James, Brad and David continue their talk about Satan in the new testament, what evidence supports an actual Satan in the Bible, and the impact of stories, artwork and cultural myth building has had on his existence. Remember to rate, review and follow us on iTunes! music credits A Black Heart Stays in Shadows - Ryan Stubbs Give Up - The Del Toros www.everythingisok.net


Exploring Satan - Part 1 (Episode 36)

Grab your horns and pitchfork - James, David and Brad are talking Satan this week! Where does your concept of Satan or the Devil come from? What's Biblical, and what do we borrow from myth, Greek mythology and popular culture? This week's episode is so hot we are doing a follow up. So sit back, put on some metal, and let's do this. music credits Post Haste - Travis Loafman Entertain You - Oh Jeremiah


Adoption Process - Part 1 (Episode 35)

On this week's episode, Brad and Megan discuss the road to adoption. They share their hopes, preconceived notions, and expectations as they navigate the paperwork and challenges to come. This is part one of the series, and we continue to check in with them periodically as the move closer to bringing their new child home! music credits Cash and Gold - Travis Loafman Punching Bag - Oh Jeremiah


Moral Majority (Episode 34)

EPISODE 34! On this week's episode, the boys discuss the what led Jerry Falwell (and others) to create the Moral Majority in 1979 -- a political powerhouse that wed the Christian Right and the Republican Party together. music credits: Airways - Travis Loafman Untitled - Algebra


Intolerance of the Tolerant (Episode 33)

On Episode 33, James, David and Brad dive into the waters of intolerance. Where does it come from, how do we combat it and can tolerance be harmful? music credits: Azucar - Issac Joel Old Love - The Del Toros


Jesus and the Military (Episode 32)

On Episode 32 the boys take a deep dive into American sensationalized military presence, competition and how Jesus's message would jive with Americanized Christianity. music credits Waves of Autumn - Travis Loafman Midnight - Travis Loafman Gospel Ship - Amigo https://amigotheband.bandcamp.com/ Clip of MIchael Palin's concern comes from Youtube video called "The Life of Brian defended by Monty Python's John Cleese and Michael Palin.


UFO's and Galactic Mysteries w/ Daniel Meigs (Episode 31)

We're back, and excited to start this year off with discussing other worlds than these. We invite Daniel Meigs on to talk about the recent New York Times article on UFOs, US government research, and how the taboo nature of UFO/Alien research varies across cultures. music credits Midnight - Travis Loafman White Noise - Scales of Motion


Patriarchy - Episode 30

Well friends we made it to Episode 30! On this week's episode the boys discuss the impact hyper masculinity, patriarchy and sexism has had on the fabric of society today. We briefly talk through the constant gun violence in the United States, the importance of emotional intelligence and much more. Thank you for your constant support and we will see you next year with a new season. music credits: Midnight - Travis Loafman Slow Motion - Travis Loafman Song #3 - Distractions of Less


Bin Laden High School (Episode 29)

Episode 29 has dropped and we are clearly making friends this week! What if a high school in a predominantly Muslim community in the US was called Osama Bin Laden High School? Would you send you children there? James, Brad and David discuss this explosive question and reflect on our own preference for Americanized names and gut reaction to any name connected with extremist Muslim terrorism. We explore why so many of us have an immediate visceral reaction to the name and how that plays into...


Ennegram w/ Melia Mullins (Episode 28)

On Episode 28, we talk with returning guest Melia Mullins about the wonder of the Ennegram. As an eight on the Ennegram, Melia chats about managing her challenger personality in church ministry, navigating relationships and how her experience with the Ennegram has expanded her spiritual life. If interested in learning more about your number, check out Ennegram Institute or The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile. We also enjoyed the Typology Podcast and Christopher Heuertz's...