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Neptune, the Mysterious Planet of Spirituality

Neptune: confusion or higher connection? Neptune is a mysterious planetary influence on us. Some say it causes confusion, fogginess, addiction, boundary issues… but then it’s also linked with higher purpose, spiritual connection, and altruism. Join the Evolutionary Divas for an “evolving” discussion of Neptunian strengths and weaknesses, how Neptune’s sign affects entire generations, the personal midlife crisis, transits, and much more in this Astrology episode of the podcast!


Is Drinking Un-Spiritual?

Is drinking Un-Spiritual? Wine drinking… and spirituality? Does that sound like a weird combination? Join the Evolutionary Divas as they explore the spiritual traits, possibilities, history and legacy of wine… and the very notion of what spirituality is and is not. Your neighborhood bar may be more like a church than you previously thought! #wine #drinking #spirituality #divas #deepthoughts #party #fun


Saturn Return and Saturn's purpose in your Life

Yes, Saturn is a task-master… but it’s also your Evolution Ally Are you feeling squashed by life? Does it seem like you’re trying so hard to make things happen but it’s an uphill battle? Look at what Saturn is up to in your astrology chart. Saturn returns are famous around the age of 28 or 29 but there are other major Saturn transits and phases that have a huge impact on your life, including the ominous Sadi-Sati known to Vedic astrologers. The Evolutionary Divas discuss the nature and...


Does Your Soulmate Exist?

Does your Soulmate exist? Do you believe in Love at First Sight? Do you believe in Love that’s destined to be? Have you ever experienced a close relationship that feels like you’ve known each other in other lifetimes? Love and Happiness… is not just a great Al Green song! Evolutionary Divas sort out the myths, truths and definitions of the Soulmate and Twin Flames. Get ready to open your heart AND your mind to new ideas and experiences. How I Met the Man of My Dreams


The Importance of Being YOU

Are you being Your True Self? Are you feeling suppressed by other people? Stuck in a job that’s really not you? Being yourself, honoring yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, expressing yourself, accepting yourself… these are the most important things you can do, not just for your own happiness, but for the well-being of the entire planet, believe it or not. How can you express more of your true self? Who is your True Self, actually? What does it mean to be true to yourself? Why...


When Uranus goes into Taurus from Aries

Uranus is in Taurus Now Uranus, the erratic planet, co-ruler of the sign Aquarius, is known for its connection to abrupt change, forward thinking, technological innovation and so much more. Change can be Evolutionary, but it can also feel forced upon us. Join the Evolutionary Divas as they explore not only our cultural implications of Uranus moving from Aries to Taurus, but also the personal effects of Uranus transits on you and your birth chart. This is the 2nd episode in our planetary...


How to be Happy, once and for all

Yes, there is a Key to Happiness It’s called Non-resistance! Happiness is what we all want. And happiness is where we’ll be once we learn how to be non-resistant. In this episode, the Evolutionary Divas determine what Resistance is and what it means in our real lives, and how we can transcend the stuff to become truly happy. You DO wanna be happy… right?


Chiron the Wounded Healer

Evolutionary Divas Astrology Series: Chiron the Wounded Healer Chiron is technically not a planet but an asteroid or a “dwarf planet,” but no matter what you call it, it affects us. In this first planetary episode of the new astrology series, the Divas discuss the Chiron Return at age 51, the clues you get from Chiron’s house placement in your natal chart, the nature of Chironic healing, and the usual comedy bits sprinkled in randomly.


Clothes-Minded: Evolution of Self and Wardrobe

What do your clothes say about your Personal Growth? The Evolutionary Divas discuss the evolution of personal tastes, how our clothes reflect our innermost beliefs, and how we can manifest new phases of life by changing what we wear.


How do you Keep the Dream Alive (when it's barely limping along)?

When your Dream seems like it’s Dying an untimely death… How do you keep the dream alive when it’s barely limping along? In this episode, the Evolutionary Divas talk about dealing with feeling bummed, resistance and non-resistance, beliefs, manifesting, creative visualization, and they apply The Work of Byron Katie to the situation where your dream seems like it’s dying. Here’s that amazing Visualization Planner we mentioned.



Long time, no podcast! In this episode, the Evolutionary Divas explain why they took a few months off. The post PODcrastination! appeared first on Evolutionary Divas.


Meet the Evolutionary Divas!

Introducing… the Evolutionary Divas! What is an Evolutionary Diva? What Evolution means to us as Divas. Why we do what we do. A short taster. An Introductory podcast.



Introducing… the Evolutionary Divas! What is an Evolutionary Diva? What Evolution means to us as Divas. Why we do what we do. An Introductory podcast. The post Introduction appeared first on Evolutionary Divas.