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Pete Holmes

This week's guest is the comedian, actor, and author Pete Holmes. If you listen to this show, odds are you know who Pete Holmes is. Pete is known for his stand-up, The Pete Holmes Show, HBO's Crashing, and most recently his new book Comedy Sex God. In this conversation, we talk about evangelicalism, sex and purity culture, Christian college, rapture (not the 'take me, Jesus' kind - the enrapturing kind), and developing a broader, more open spirituality. Follow Pete on Twitter &...


Mark Russell

Mark Russel is an author who has written two satirical re-tellings of the Bible (God is Disappointed in You and Apocrypha Now!), as well as comics for DC Comics (Flintstones, Prez, Snagglepuss, Wonder Twins), IDW (Judge Dredd), Dynamite (The Lone Ranger, Red Sonja), and AHOY Comics. His upcoming book for AHOY Comics is called Second Coming and features Jesus Christ's return to earth as the roommate of a superhero. The first issue will be released on July 10, 2019. Learn more here. You can...


Nate Sparks, Keeper of Receipts

Nate Sparks joins the show!


Andy Herndon

In this episode I chat with Andy Herndon, a former evangelical pastor, filmmaker, and podcaster. We explore his story as well as his upcoming documentary project, The Exvangelicals. Learn more about the project here. Follow Andy @andyherndon This episode was produced by Jake Lewis. Follow Blake on Twitter @brchastain, follow the show on Twitter & Instagram @exvangelicalpod. Join the Exvangelical facebook group! Support the show on Patreon, and rate and review the show on Apple...


Jamie Lee Finch, author of "You Are Your Own"

We're back from hiatus, and we have a great show for you. My guest this week is Jamie Lee Finch, who returns to the show to talk about her new book, You Are Your Own: A Reckoning with the Religious Trauma of Evangelical Christianity. In this conversation, we talk about Jamie's story, her work as an embodiment and sexuality coach, and what embodiment means for people who've left evangelicalism. I also share a bit about my own experiences with epilepsy and how it both drove me toward...


Jon Jones

Jon Jones, author of How I Escaped Evangelical Hell, joins the show to talk about his experience being homeschooled. Jon and I spoke in late January, as #ExposeChristianHomeschooling & #ExposeChristianSchools were trending. Follow Jon on Twitter: @jonjones CW for frank discussions of parental neglect & abuse, and spiritual trauma and abuse. Support the show via Patreon: patreon.com/exvangelicalpod Follow Blake on Twitter: @brchastain Join the Facebook group: Exvangelical Follow the...


Parenting Forward with Cindy Wang Brandt

This week's guest is Cindy Wang Brandt, author of the new book Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness. In this conversation, we talk about parenting after what Cindy calls "faith shifting" and how to raise our children well. Click on the link above to purchase Cindy's book, and learn more about her work at her website. Support the podcast via Patreon, follow Blake on Twitter, and join the Exvangelical Facebook group.


Bethany Sparkle

This week's guest is Bethany Sparkle. In our wide-ranging conversation, we talk about: their experience being homeschooled, leaving religion, social work, James Dobson, making difficult decisions regarding family relationships, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. (Also: TW/CW for discussion of sexual assault.) We recorded our conversation in December, so some of our chat references the holidays. However, with the recent discussion around #ExposeChristianSchools &...



The #ExposeChristianSchools and #ExposeChristianHomeschooling hashtags have been making waves for a week. In this episode, I speak to Laura Hagen about a viral tweet she sent about a racist practice at her school, and to Chris Stroop, originator of the hashtag. These interviews initially appeared in the Exvie Extras feed. Subscribe in your fave podcasting app thru links found at anchor.fm/exvangelicalpod or directly via RSS here.


Introducing Exvie Extras

Introducing a daily-ish podcast, Exvie Extras! This show will feature conversations about religion in the headlines (with a focus on evangelicalism, of course). It will be more shortform, and the format will be a bit looser. My first episode features a conversation with Kathryn Brightbill, from the Coalition for Responsible Homeschooling. We discuss the ThinkProgress article posted today about the connections between the HSLDA and sanctioned Russian oligarchs. It's fascinating. Read that...


Erin Green, Co-Director of The Brave Commons

My guest this week is Erin Green, co-director of The Brave Commons! The Brave Commons is an organization dedicated to helping the LGBTQ student populations on Christian campuses across the country. Erin was part of negotiations with Azusa Pacific University in 2018 to have a student group officially approved by the school. Azusa Pacific initially supported the student group, but later rescinded their approval. In this interview, Erin tells her side of the story. For some background, read...


(Minisode): 2018 in Review

2018 was a banner year for Exvangelical. This episode highlights some of the key moments of 2018, as well as many other projects done by exvangelicals that you should check out if you haven't already. Check out Chris Stroop's year-end review for Re.wire here. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to what 2019 has in store.


#GC2Summit 2018 Response, with Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch (co-creators of #churchtoo)

In response to the #GC2Summit today, I am re-releasing my conversation with Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch, creators of #churchtoo. I spoke with Emily and Hannah shortly after their hashtag went viral last year. The speakers at the GC2Summit today are not the most authoritative or relevant speakers to address sexual violence and purity culture within the evangelical church. That is why today there will be several speakers addressing the summit directly across the internet, provide an essential...


Linda Kay Klein

This week's guest is Linda Kay Klein, author of Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free. This book, detailing the experience & impact of purity culture on women and girls, is a must-read for any member of the exvangelical community. In this interview, we talk about her life, her book, and in a first-ever for the show, I ask questions that were gathered from the Exvangelical facebook group. Linda and I will both be featured in this...


Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp joins the show to talk about her musical career and much more. Jennifer is touring the Midwest this December! Check out tour dates at jenniferknapp.com Intro: "Dive In" by Jennifer Knapp. Interlude: "A Little More" by Jennifer Knapp. Don't forget to check your local listings for the CBS Religion feature on Exvangelicals, airing 12/2/2018! Join the Exvangelical facebook group on....Facebook. Follow Blake on Twitter @brchastain Buy t-shirts to disappoint your youth...


Live at City Lit Books with Josiah Hesse & the UnApologetics Tour!

This episode features a live recording with Josiah Hesse, author of the Carnality series, as well as readings by Alessandra Ragusin & Ryan Connell. Josiah Hesse is an author and journalist, and author of the Carnality series. The first two books in this six book series are available now from Suspect Press. Part historical fiction, part psychological horror, Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake is the first of a six-part series chronicling the malicious mavens and pop-profiteers of America’s...


(Re-Release): Peterson Toscano talks about conversion therapy & LGBTQ+ biblical narratives

In light of the Trump administration's attacks on trans people, I'm republishing this incredible conversation with Peterson Toscano where he highlights biblical stories that transgress gender norms. He also tells of his harrowing, traumatic experiences in conversion therapy and his life and advocacy since then. Peterson is a Bible scholar, actor, storyteller, and activist exploring the intersection of gay rights, human rights, and climate change. Check out all of Peterson’s...


Christopher Alan Maloney, director of "In God We Trump"

Christopher Alan Maloney joined me late in the evening (and even later for him!) for a live-to-tape interview about his new movie, In God We Trump. The movie is streaming now on iTunes. Learn more: http://ingodwetrumpfilm.com/ Follow Christopher on Twitter: @MaloneysMovies Support Exvangelical via Patreon, donation via Stripe, or buy merch. Follow Blake on Twitter @brchastain, or follow the show @exvangelicalpod.


The #Exvangelical Community Roundtable (Live!)

In September, a group of us a gathered together in Clearwater, FL for the first Exvangelical panel & live podcast recording. Panelists & Presentations: Kathryn Brightbill: Bringing Up Soldiers for Christ: How the Christian Right Uses Homeschooling, and What We Can Do About It Website: https://kathrynbrightbill.com/ The Coalition for Responsible Home Schooling Education Chris Stroop: #EmptyThePews: From Christian School Kid to Exvangelical Advocate Website: ChrisStroop.com Akiko Ross:...


Laura Polk

Laura Polk from No Shame Movement joins the show! Laura is My guest this week is the wonderful Laura Polk. She is an anthropologist, writer, and an online pioneer in critiquing and making space for people who are deconstructing purity culture. Her site, No Shame Movement, began in 2013 with the intent to "create a platform for people to discuss growing up in conservative Christian environments that were taught abstinence only and “unlearning” this ideology as adults." In this conversation,...