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I am becoming a woman of the cloth, both as a fine art weaver, but also as a follower of a homeless man from Nazareth. Join me as I weave, preach, Q&A (usually asking rather than answering) and pray.


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I am becoming a woman of the cloth, both as a fine art weaver, but also as a follower of a homeless man from Nazareth. Join me as I weave, preach, Q&A (usually asking rather than answering) and pray.








When the Devil Quotes Scripture…

Then we need wisdom, discernment, the Text and the Word. Jesus saw through oppression, over-emphasis on rules, and the lack of compassion… and He still does! Part 3 of The Crown and the Cloth.


God’s Artist Huram: Solomon’s Temple - Series: The Crown & the Cloth

If Bezalel was an obscure Bible character, Huram is even more so, Bezalel was the artist involved in the building of the Tabernacle in Exodus 31… Huram was the artist involved in the building of Solomon’s Temple in 1 Kings 7. This is part 2 in the series: The Crown & the Cloth.


God’s Artist Bezalel: Releasing Beauty

The story of an escaped slave wandering around the wilderness and finding prophetic work and purpose. Part 1 of the new series: The Crown & the Cloth


The language of cloth & liberating personal style from cultural conformity

I am a woman of the cloth... a person of faith, called to ministry that has been available to few women. And I'm called to live a life outside of the boundaries of shame, fear, and conformity. And so, I am exploring what it means for me to find my own personal style in more ways than one.


Mennonite Part 2

This is the second part of the Mennonite conversation: my response to early Anabaptist theology.


Weaving the story of the Mennonites

This week I learned a great deal more about my own Anabaptist and Mennonite heritage. Hans Herr was my 8th great grandfather. This is first in a two part series on the nature of being a modern Mennonite.


Courage in a Culture of Disapproval

Can the church find a more perfect union with her women?


When you've been bullied...

Join me as I pray through some childhood bullying experiences that have surfaced due to current events. This double length episode is a master class in praying through childhood trauma from bullying. This process is intensely private, but if you've never experienced this kind of prayer, this may help you get a feel for how it works. Plus, you can pray your own prayers right along with me as a virtual prayer partner. I Holy Spirit leads us through the process to the joy of healing on the...


God of Possibility and Potential

Many of us have heard that phrase "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" and it can be scary to think of God that way, and it can lead to living under shame and self loathing. Well, what if we changed the channel? The story of Gideon shows us that God walks Gideon through his fear into victory, and changes his lived reality from being "the runt of the litter" into the man with a bearing of a prince. That's a transformation that comes out of God seeing the best in us. What a blessing!


Becoming a Woman of the Cloth

I'm explore what it means to me to be a "Woman of the Cloth", and the various ways we find cloth interwoven in the Text as symbols that speak of who God can be for us, and brings me hope, courage, and empowering Presence.


When Leaders Disappoint

Lately, we have seen more disappointing behavior from religious and political leaders. I've been thinking about the way Jesus crossed the aisle to speak healing to the Roman Centurion's son. I've been thinking about what leadership is and isn't, and I believe God is calling us higher and blessing us with empowering presence. Change is in the air!


Seven Expensive-Suit Gents...

...and reflecting the full glorious image of God into the earth. I consider my 50+ years of seeing 98% men on the stages of the church, and that continues even now in 2020. And then I press in to find the surprising good news... and that is that God is busting open the gates and pouring out Holy Spirit on ALL flesh. And that is such exciting news!


Lydia: Woman of the Cloth

Season Two of my podcast begins with a conversation about Lydia, a dealer in exquisite purple cloth, a worshiper of God, and she was safe to come home to. Tune in, and be blessed.


036 Considering the Vegan Life with Alex Eaves

I continue my conversation with Alex Eaves around the Reuse Lifestyle, including his decision to go Vegan, his documentary film, some of his favorite products, and the reusable things he carries in his backpack instead of using disposables.


034 Living Intentionally in a Throw Away Culture

My Austrian and I continue our conversation from last week on living intentionally in a throw away culture.


032 Frugal Living and Throw Away Culture

My Austrian and I discuss the American culture of consumerism, our cycle of accumulation, deliberate obsolescence and disposable everything.


031 Walking Through Your Open Door

In 2004 I had a dream about doors, and I realized yesterday that it was possible that I hadn't fully walked through the open doors that were before me. Today, we talk about the reasons we might not be in a hurry to walk through an open door, but that calling from God remains. Will we say "Yes Lord" or will we shrink back in fear?


030 Tiny Houses & Entrepreneurs

Xaver and I talk about being two entrepreneurs living in a tiny house and the ways it helped our various businesses and passion projects for us to live very simply. This episode is from a Tiny House Tuesday Facebook Live we did together.


029 In Peter's Shadow: Between the NOW and the NOT YET

I find Peter's story so full of rich awkward authentic humanity. What an amazing transformation from coward to apostle, from follower to leader, from broken to healer... I love his story and I think it's prophetic for this COVID-19 moment when we are also caught in the limbo between the NOW and the NOT YET.


028 Reuse: Because You Can't Recycle the Planet - with Alex Eaves

Join in my conversation with Alex Eaves. He is a reuse expert, film maker, and apparel brand owner. We got together to talk about some inspiring reuse ideas, how to find better quality apparel, vintage automobiles, and how to creatively source items without purchasing new. Learn more about Alex and purchase shirts for all your friends at StayVocal.com, and visit ReuseDocumentary.com for more information on his film.