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Faith Talk Podcast Episode 6: Getting Biblical About Education

In this episode of Faith Talk, Sara, Tabatha, Thema, and Judy view the US education system within a biblical context. Given the proposed changes to education in this country, what responsibility do Christians have to make sure no child is truly left behind in the classroom? What role can Christians play in encouraging appointed officials to do the right thing for all kids in this country? What steps can we take to ensure we come from a Christian place when supporting or opposing those in...


Faith Talk Podcast Episode 5: Processing the Election and Its Aftermath

In this episode of Faith Talk, Sara, Tabatha, Carrie, Thema, and Vera confront the election and the impact of its aftermath on the American people. How do we as a collective move forward in a divided country? Where do Christians go from here? Is there a way to cross the spiritual valley that separates Christians? What work do we need to do to ensure we as followers of Christ exercise the mind and heart of Christ in future elections? Now that the results are in, are you looking for ways to...


Faith Talk Podcast Extra: Dr. Thema’s Breakout Session on Self-Care

In Faith Talk breakout sessions, the ladies expand upon subject matter discussed in previous episodes. In this breakout session, Dr. Thema elaborates on her views and recommendations for self-care. Stay tuned for future breakout sessions in which the other ladies of Faith Talk get a little one-on-one time to dig deeper into ideas, beliefs, and strategies they hold dear. Want more Faith Talk? Click Here to Subscribe. *Down In The River performed by Joi Carr (


Faith Talk Podcast Extra: 10 Year-Old Ife Davis Helps the Homeless

In this warm and fuzzy Faith Talk Extra, Ife Davis talks about her experience with the homeless population and how she and her mom, Dr. Thema, distribute Blessing Bags to homeless men and women in hopes of making their lives a little bit easier. Ife reminds us all how important it is to take care of those in need. Want more Faith Talk? Click Here to Subscribe.


Faith Talk Podcast Episode 4: Are You Taking Care of Your Temple?

Growing up, many of us witnessed our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers sacrificing their health and overall well-being in order to take care of others. It was seen as a noble and Christian trait to be self-sacrificing. Yet, the Bible tells us the body is a temple that requires love, honor, respect, and admiration. In addition, research has shown we are better at serving others when we make sure to take care of ourselves as well. With that in mind, Sara, Judy, Tabatha, Carrie, and Thema talk...


Faith Talk Podcast Episode 3: Does Being Stressed Out Make Us Less Christian?

We often hear there are good and bad sources of stress. Does stress of any kind make us more or less Christian? The ladies of Faith Talk delve into stressful waters in order to discuss how to constructively reduce the presence of stress in our lives. The discussion addresses the following: 1. What is the biggest source of stress among your circle of friends? 2. Are there barriers to talking about the role/power of stress in your life? 3. What are some action steps you can take today to...


Faith Talk Podcast Episode 2: Do Christianity and Politics Mix?

On the heels of the first presidential debate of 2016, the ladies share a recent discussion on Christianity and politics. In this episode of Faith Talk, Carrie, Judy, Sara, Tabatha, and Thema discuss the following: 1) When was the first time you recall seeing Christians involved in politics? What did you think/how did you feel about what you saw? 2) What are some important issues for Christian women to consider during this election season? 3) How can we ensure that our engagement in the...


Faith Talk Podcast Episode 1: The Role of Women in the Church

In this episode of Faith Talk, Carrie, Judy, Sara, Tabatha, and Thema tackle a somewhat controversial subject - the role of women (and girls!) in the church - with wisdom and humor. The ladies discuss the following: 1) Women in ministry - does the Bible support women's participation in ministry and, if so, what roles are we to have? 2) Girl power - what are some practices churches implement to encourage more female involvement? How do churches develop the various talents and skills sets of...