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EP 20 | Keep Falling Forward

Dakota shares the reason, the heart, and the hope of The Falling Forward Podcast. This episode is a reflective podcast that captures the purpose of why we exist. Also, what does “falling forward” even mean? Listen now. The Falling Forward Podcast exists to facilitate authentic gospel conversations that share life experiences, Biblical truths and insightful, uplifting discussions. Connect with us: BECOME A PATRON: https://www.patreon.com/thefallingforwardpodcast FACEBOOK:...


EP 19 | Greater Hope — Robert Huffer

Today’s guest is Robert Huffer. He has played such an influential role in the startup and process of this podcast. We could not thank him enough for his encouragement and support. Robert is the type of guy that speaks his mind, always cracking jokes, and a jack of all trades. He really is a fascinating person to be around. Robert is a sales and business manager for a large company in Dallas, Texas. He trains people to run successful franchises, as well as helps develop multi-media training...


EP 18 | The Culture Remedy — David Bumgardner

David Bumgardner is a poet, preacher, bookworm, blogger, and podcaster. He maintains The Culture Remedy, his teaching and podcasting ministry. David also blogs for Be Lifted, a devotional app used by high schoolers in North Texas, and The Reformed View, a blog about Reformation history and theology. Listen to this great conversation about legalism, bible translations, and so much more! You can find The Culture Remedy on iTunes and SoundCloud. David can also be contacted on the following...


EP 17 | Reach Wyoming— Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin is a soon to be church planter in the beatiful state of Wyoming. Tyler and his wife, Ashley, will step away from a life of comofort in Fort Worth, Texas to obey God in reaching people with the gospel. There is nothing more exciting than to sit down with someone who is passionate about telling others about Jesus. The Martin’s are living out the the urgency Christians should all have to reach those who are far from God. Tyler and Ashley have grown to love the local church and...


#16: Woodruff Fitness—Brandon Woodruff

Today’s guest is Brandon Woodruff who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York growing a fitness business while also serving in the local church. Brandon shares his faith journey, his philosophy on fitness, and why he is so passionate about Woodruff Fitness. Brandon has a heart for seeing people become physically and spirtually healthy. We hope you connect with Brandon and possibly become his next client! We want to thank Brandon for coming on the show! If you enjoyed this please...


#15: For Our King—Lucas Shipman

Today’s guest is Lucas Shipman, the founder of the popular Youtube channel For Our King. Lucas uses spoken poetry and sermons that answer questions about Christianity and shows the beauty of Christ in a way that connects with such a visual culture. New media can be used as a vital tool to reach the lost by affirming and defending the Christian faith, and Lucas understands this well. As his Youtube channel grows, thousands are being reached every week. For Our King is Gospel-Saturated...


The Father I Always Had—Joshua Miller

Today’s guest is Joshua Miller, a passionate, intentional, loving, and hilarious individual. He is a faithful husband and a father to two wonderful kids. Joshua is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He also owns his own business, Mastercraft Installations. It is so easy to fall in love with his big heart and good sense of humor. Josh shares with Dakota about his personal struggles with having a father that left him, his...


More Than a Game—Chandler Burks

Today’s guest is Chandler Burks, the starting quarterback for Kennesaw State University. He is 2017’s Big South Offensive Player of the Year, Scholar-Athlete of the year, But these are just a few of his achievements. In just his season as the starting quarterback, he led the Owls to the quarterfinals, having a 12-12 record for the season, and winning a conference championship along the way. Dakota talks to Chandler about his college career both academically and athletically, Chandler...


What is Worship?—Laramie Minga

The biggest discussion amoungst Christians today would be the topic of worship. We seem to always ask the questions: What style of worship do you perfer? Comtempary or tradition? What style of worship does your church have? People continue to declare their allegiance to one particuliar style of worship without asking the better questions: What is worship? What is the definition of worship? Is worship only connected to with music only? What is the problem with worship today? Why is it a...


The Reasons Why—Travis McNeely

Many Christians could probably share the basics of what they believe. But what if you were to ask them “Why?” Why do they believe what they believe? How can they believe in God with the pain in the world? Why do they read a book written thousand of years ago? The discipline of Apologetics helps answer these questions and many more. While theology is what the Christian believes, Apologetics seeks to provide a reason why. This will be the topic of discussion today on the Falling Forward...


No Longer a Slave — Drew Webb

On today’s show, Dakota and Clayton sit down with Drew Webb. Drew grew up in the church. He was a part of his church youth group and became a leader soon after graduation. All that time, however, Drew had a secret life. For 12 years, Drew was a slave to an addiction to pornogrpahy. We talk with Drew about this struggle that is a battle faced by every man and woman, but how God’s grace is greater than our sin. We are thankful for Drew’s courage to open up and share his story. Here are...


Hurricane Harvey, Generation Z, & Upcoming Events

On today’s show, Dakota & Clayton sitdown and discuss the ability to quickly forget tragic events, the imporrtance of reaching Generation Z with the Gospel, and the upcoming episodes! We want to thank you for listening to today’s podcast. Please subscribe and leave a review! This episode was recorded and edited by Dakota Adair. The music used in this podcast is by Artur Nelson — Arturnelson.com You can find his music on iTunes & Spotify! The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We...


Who I Once Was- Daniel Clemons

Daniel Clemons is a California native that is currently serving in Wroclow, Poland. Daniel spent his childhood finding his identity in sports and his accomplishments. Then, Daniel met Christ. Eventually, he felt called to student ministry and is now enrolled at Scarborough College in Fort Worth, Texas. On today’s show, Dakota and Clayton talk with Daniel about how he came to faith, how he has grown since moving to Texas, and his upcoming mission trip to Wroclaw, Poland. Pray for Daniel...


Faith & Weights- Austin Little

Today’s guest is Austin Little, who is anything but “little” as he is an NPC bodybuilder. Austin is currently pursing his calling into minstry. You can always find Austin in a gym somewhere in Texas, but on this episode he sits down with Dakota to have a fun conversation about his faith, bodybuilding, and his past as well as his future. Austin also talks about those who have impacted his life along the way. Austin was one of our first guests on the Falling Forward Podcast, so we are...


Beyond the Outdoors- Ty Reagan

Ty is a avid outdoorsmen. He has spend most his life in a tree stand or on a lake somewhere, But, Ty uses the outdoors as a platform to tell others about Jesus. The funny thing is Ty is Dakota’s father-in-law, a man who has discipled Dakota since he walked into Ty’s house years ago. The one thing you learn to admire about Ty is how he has placed absolute priority in serving his family, and viewing the outdoors as a way to reach other men. On Today’s show, Dakota sits down with Ty as he...


God Wrote a Book

Is the Bible important? Should the Bible be used in church? This sounds like a odd question to ask, but Clayton and Dakota discuss how using the Bible is crucial in church today. Numerous studies have shown that many church members are suffering from biblical illiteracy. Also, many of the unchurched, especially in the younger generation, have shown a great interest in sprituality and are asking hard questions. To best serve those who are searching, Christians must know what the Bible...


A Greater Legacy- Riley Glass

Riley Glass is a rancher, country music artist, and student attending the University of Tulsa. He is studying to earn his degree in Energy Management in hopes of taking over his family’s 24,000 acrea ranch, and continue his family’s legacy as cattle ranchers. On this episode we talk about his faith, family, and how he plans to incorporate his Christian faith into his future career path. Riley is also a country music artist who has released two singles, “Settle Down” and “Story of Us”. You...


Behind the Lens - Chase Jones

Chase Jones is a growing Youtube star with over 1,000 subsribers on his channel. He has been able to leverage new media to share his life and his faith. Chase believes in creative ways of sharing the Christian faith with the world. In this episode, Dakota and Clayton discuss with Chase his time growing up in Ohio, what it’s like being a fan of the Cleveland Browns, and how media and technology can be used to share the Gospel. Check out Chase Jones’s YouTube...


Meet the Guys

The introduction to the Falling Forward Podcast’s hosts: Dakota Adair and Clayton Carver. They are both students at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and became instant friends after meeting each other at a seminary event. Dakota and Clayton have a strong desire to use the Falling Forward Podcast as a platform to share captivating stories and discussions on how God continues to move in the lives of others. It’s a Christian podcast that dives into the lives of everyday believers and...



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