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The First Family Network is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park. First Family Network is led by Pastor David Tarkington and included multi-site campuses and church plants. First Family is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park, FL.

The First Family Network is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park. First Family Network is led by Pastor David Tarkington and included multi-site campuses and church plants. First Family is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park, FL.
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The First Family Network is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park. First Family Network is led by Pastor David Tarkington and included multi-site campuses and church plants. First Family is based at First Baptist Church of Orange Park, FL.








Guest Speaker - Daniel Ritchie

Daniel was born without arms. He has shared his story in numerous venues and in his biography. However, through his affliction, God has been glorified. Daniel is a pastor and teacher and speaks clearly about the grace of God and how his life has been shaped by God for God's glory, not his own.


The Vision Drives the Mission

Using the story of Nehemiah, Pastor David relays and reminds the church of God's vision for the work being done locally and globally and how the mission, or strategy of ministry must follow the vision, not the other way around.


013 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 6:10-24)

The most popular section of the book of Ephesians is likely this one - focusing on the full armor of God. While this is essential, there is the possibility of missing the point of the passage while focusing solely on the elements of the armor. In this message Pastor David Tarkington looks at the passage and how we are to daily live strong, stand firm, and pray. This, all while keeping our "armor" on.


012 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 6:5-9)

In the third of Paul's "Household Codes" he addresses the relationship between a bondservant and his master. This relationship may be challenging to parallel to our current culture and modern circumstances, but the bondservant/slave relationship to his master is not one to ignore. The principles here are powerful and applicable to all who submit to others (which would be all of us.)


011 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 6:1-4)

God's instructions for how children and parents are to relate are clear. This is the second of "Paul's Household Codes" as because it's from God's inerrant Word, is timeless and as relevant today as in the day it was penned under inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


010 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 5:18-33)

What the Bible says about abstaining from drunkenness and responsibilities in marriage reveal how Christians must be filled with the Spirit and live accordingly.


009 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 5:1-17)

Paul speaks pastorally and even as a parent to the new believers who make up the church at Ephesus. However, these words are not just to an ancient people from a long dead church leader. The Holy Spirit gave the words to Paul to speak and these words resonate with us today. In this message Pastor David looks to Ephesians 5, but then goes back to the Old Testament teachings regarding high places, to help us see how our past sins (which do not own nor define us) can come back to trap us. This...


008 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 4:17-32)

There is a message of identity through this section of Paul's letter to the church. Christians are to remember that they are not who they were. They must know their past does not define, nor own them. This is not just an ancient issue, but a current one in the church as well.


007 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 4:1-16)

What does it mean to walk in a manner worthy of your calling? This is a powerful passage to the church and all Christians should take it to heart. So often in our world, the walk is not worthy and the effects are deadly.


006 - Who Is Jesus? (The Hulk Heresy of Apollinarianism)

Years ago a man named Apollinaris sought to protect the teaching of the divinity of Christ, but in so doing, actually created a heresy that stripped away portions of Christ's essence, causing more confusion and danger as the error was espoused. While there may not be any self-proclaimed Apollinarians today, the fact remains that portions of this heresy still seep into churches. Discovering this teaching in your church could cause you to get angry...and as we know "you wouldn't like me when...


006 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 3:14-21)

Paul's doxology reveals how overwhelmed he is with the grace of God.


005 - Who Is Jesus? (The Green Lantern Heresy of Adoptionism)

The Adoptionist belief teaches that Jesus was human and simply adopted by God to be his Son. This belief grew from the influence of the Ebionites and throughout church history under different leaders and teachers. What grew in Europe in the first millennia came to America as the new nation was launching with some prominent forefathers and Americans holding to the teaching. The teaching still exists today and unwittingly, some actually adhere to it, believing they are truly holding to the...


005 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 3:1-13)

Paul begins chapter 3 then steps aside to share something in a parenthetical statement regarding the unity between Gentile believers and Jewish believers in the church. This message speaks of the mystery of the gospel, the mission of the gospel, and the message (which is embodied in the messengers) of the gospel.


004 - Who Is Jesus? (The Thor Heresy of Arianism)

Years ago a man named Arius battled with a church leader named Alexander. In order to distance himself from Alexander, he created a doctrine that overtook the church for a time. The doctrine was called Arianism and declared that God the Father created God the Son and through the Son all was created. The heresy was that he stated there was a time when Jesus did not exist. This heresy was defeated at the Council of Nicaea and later, after a battle among church leaders, removed from church...


004 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 2:11-22)

Walls. Division. Separation. These are the norms for humanity and if not in the news today, seems to trend at times throughout our lives. In the second chapter of the letter to the Ephesians, Paul addresses the division that occurs within the body of believers and how that sinful nature grows when not addressed. Pastor Andres Lavanderos shares for God's Word in this sermon in our Self Portrait series.


003 - Who Is Jesus? (The Ant-Man Heresy of Modalism)

The Trinity is one of the most confounding and challenging of doctrines revealed in Scripture. One of the dangers is seeking to explain the concept of one God in three persons without removing the fullness of deity as Scripture reveals. Therefore, all illustrations fall short. Modalism is an ancient teaching bent on explaining the triune godhead, but fell far short from biblical truth. It is perhaps the one heresy that continues to seep into the church today more than others.


003 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 2:1-10)

Paul's letter goes right to the point with this church who apparently had forgotten from where they had come. The opening statement referencing death and that all were dead before Christ was shocking then, and shocking now. Yet, despite the shock - it is the needed word for all believers. We were dead, depraved, and doomed before Christ. Through Christ, we have been delivered. That is the hope we have.


002 - Who Is Jesus? (The Batman Heresy of LIberalism)

Liberalism in this context is not political, but religious. It is not new, but found footing in the late 1700s and early 1800s under the teachings of German pastor and professor Friedrich Schleiermacher. More recently those who adhere to the teachings of the Jesus Seminar from the late 20th century continue to affirm that Jesus may have been fully human, but he certainly isn't God. This is the second session using modern-day mythos to explain the ancient heretical teachings on the identity...


002 - Self Portrait (Ephesians 1:15-23)

The Spirit of God has gifted each Christ-follower with wisdom and the ability to know, see, and hope deeply. Let's not leave these gifts unopened and unused.


001 - Who Is Jesus? (The Superman Heresy of Docetism)

Docetism is not a word often heard in conversations today, but this ancient heresy still finds its way in the church. Docetism ignores the full humanity of Christ, which in addition to his full deity are vital to the gospel. This is the first session using modern-day mythos to explain the ancient heretical teachings on the identity of Christ that impact Christianity even today. Taught by Pastor David Tarkington with much information from Todd Miles book "Superheroes Can't Save You."