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Connecting Churches to Kids in Crisis with Jonathan Sanborn-Episode 018

There are over 15,000 children in the foster program in the state of Arizona, and Jonathan Sanborn with CarePortal is helping to connect churches with these children and families in crisis. Currently in 14 states, CarePortal gives churches the opportunity to show compassion and reshape an entire generation. In this episode with Jonathan, you will hear how CarePortal works, and how you can bring this amazing resource to your community. For more information visit This episode...


Change Happens Local with Kenny Martin-Episode 017

Building a coalition of compassion in our communities means building significant, authentic relationships with government leaders. Kenny Martin is the City Manager of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee and Dennis Buchanan is the Ombudsman for the city. Together they work to prosper our city by creating an environment that welcomes everyday citizens and providing the best opportunity possible for business, schools, and churches to thrive. Making a difference in the world really does happen at the local...


Loving and Serving Every Life with Lisa Cathcart-Episode 015

When you think of a Pregnancy Care Center you may think of a hot button political issue, but that's not the focus or ministry of Lisa Cathcart. She knows that whatever the laws are, men and women need compassionate care when facing a pregnancy decision. As the director of our local PCC, Lisa and her team serve hundreds of people every year. They certainly care about babies, but the ministry of the PCC provides wholistic care for men, women, and families by resourcing them with tangible help...


Making Life Better for Kids with Godfrey Hubert-Episode 014

Godfrey Hubert has been the pastor of Foundry Church in Houston, Texas since 1984. During his tenure, the congregation has grown from 200 to 5,000 members with two campuses and four venues. In 2011, Godfrey founded and funded Cy-Hope, a 501c3 committed to making life better for kids in Cy-Fair who are economically, relationally and spiritually at-risk. The non-profit has impacted thousands of school children in the Cy-Fair I.S.D., the largest suburban school district in the country, with...


Special Episode with Daryl Crouch-Episode 013

In this special episode of the For Our City podcast, I share a few lessons I've learned over the last 12 months about city movements and how this podcast resources Christians and churches who desire to make disciples of Jesus and advance His Kingdom by serving the common good. Please subscribe to the podcast at or at iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. And then listen in, share, and learn with me as we live for our city. Also, you can follow me on Twitter here. This episode is...


Poverty Reduction and City Transformation with Dylan Hall-Episode 012

"Change happens at the speed of trust." Pursuing peace in our cities requires taking the time to ask questions, build relationships, and earn trust. I talk about that on this episode of the For Our City podcast with Dylan Hall. Dylan Hall is currently the Director of One Troy which is a Collective Impact Initiative focusing on poverty reduction in the city of Troy, NY. This is under Governor Cumo’s Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative. Having worked with Leadership Foundations, he is...


A Gospel Lens on the Vulnerable with Alan Cross-Episode 011

City transformation is possible when protecting our way of life is no longer our top priority. In this episode of the For Our City podcast, Alan Cross helps us recognize attitudes and biases that keep us from loving our neighbors and helping the most vulnerable people around us, and then offers a way forward. Alan is a writer, pastor, advocate for racial unity, and champion of the stranger. Few people provide a clearer Gospel lens for serving the vulnerable than Alan Cross. He is the author...


Public School Partnerships with Bryan Adams-Episode 010

Public school partnerships are a real possibility for you and your church, but every partnership is built on sincere friendship and a desire to serve. Listen in to my conversation with my friend and local school principal Bryan Adams. Bryan is a Tennessee native, graduate of both Western Kentucky University and Tennessee State University, and is in his fourteenth year of public education. He is the principal at W.A. Wright Elementary School near my church. Several years ago, we began serving...


One Generation Away with Chris Whitney-Episode 009

"OneGenAway’s mission is to wipe hunger off the face of America by eliminating racism, denominationalism and poverty." Hunger is a major problem even in the most affluent communities around us, but it doesn't have to be that way. Chris Whitney and One Generation Away "distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers." They also help churches and other non-profits fight hunger in their own...


A Catalyst of Hope with Scott Sheppard–Episode 008

On this episode of the For Our City Podcast, I'm honored to introduce you to Scott Sheppard, who is the Executive Director of 6Stones in Euless, Texas. "The vision of 6Stones is to be a catalyst of hope that transforms lives, homes and communities." They do that by building a coalition of churches, businesses, governments, schools, and other non-profits to provide real solutions that meet the needs of people in their communities. Since 2008, 6Stones has helped countless families, built...


Building a Good City with Glenn Barth-Episode 007

Glenn Barth and Good Cities have a vision to develop leaders who advance the gospel of the Kingdom and work toward the common good of the city. They define a good city as "a place where people find meaningful employment, create healthy families, live in safe neighborhoods, engage in and actively support creative arts, foster effective education, empower servant leadership in government, and live out their faith. In a good city, unjust systems are confronted and compassionate help is offered...


Beyond Child Abuse-A Conversation with Keith Edmonds-Episode 006

Keith Edmonds is child abuse victim who became a survivor and is now an adult thriver. As a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, Keith uses his story to serve the most vulnerable people in his community to give them every opportunity to find healing and hope. Child abuse is reported every 10 seconds in the United States, and four to seven children die every day due to abuse. Through Backpacks of Love, Camp Confidence, and ongoing advocacy partnerships, the Keith Edmonds Foundation serves...


A Biblical Framework for Cultural Engagement with Bruce Ashford-Episode 005

Dr. Bruce Ashford serves as Provost and Professor of Theology and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bruce is a well-noted author writing extensively on his own website, for national publications, and several books of his own. He is a sought after thinker, speaker, and writer who helps Christians live well in the public domains of life. Before we can effective engage the culture or serve the common good in our community, we must have a clear biblical...


A Conversation with City Police Chief James Hambrick-Episode 004

Chief James Hambrick came out of the US Navy in 1984 and began a janitorial service. Soon he was ordained to the Gospel ministry, but also worked in a local convenience store. A few members of the local police force encouraged him to apply for a job, so in 1995 he became a dispatcher for the Mt. Juliet Police Department, and in 1996 he became a patrolman. After running a private counseling service and serving as police chaplain, Chief Hambrick completed a PhD in pyschology in 2005 and became...


A Conversation with City Police Chief James Hambrick-Episode 004 - For Our City Podcast

Chief James Hambrick came out of the US Navy in 1984 and began a janitorial service. Soon he was ordained to the Gospel ministry, but also worked in a local convenience store. A few members of the local police force encouraged him to apply for a job, so in 1995 he became a dispatcher for the Mt. Juliet Police Department, and in 1996 he became a patrolman. After running a private counseling service and serving as police chaplain, Chief Hambrick completed a PhD in pyschology in 2005 and...


Human Trafficking and Your City with Ashleigh Chapman-Episode 003

"If we solve for human trafficking, we solve for many other areas of vulnerability in our city." That is the aim of Ashleigh Chapman, Founder and President of Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice, an organization committed to fighting modern day slavery. Slavery is no longer legal in any country, but there are more slaves on the planet today than ever before. The best estimates are there are currently 47 million slaves who fund a $150 billion global industry. It's a global crisis,...


The Kingdom of God and Your City with Reggie McNeal-Episode 002

The Kingdom of God is about Life! Dr. Reggie McNeal enjoys helping people, leaders, and Christian organizations determine and experience epic wins with Kingdom impact. For the past ten years Reggie has served as the Missional Leadership Specialist for Leadership Network of Dallas, TX. In recognition of his work Leadership Network has awarded him the position of its first Senior Fellow. He also is on staff at Good Cities, serving in the role of City Coach. As City Coach Reggie works with...


Reading and City Transformation with Donna Gaines-Episode 001

Save a child. Save a family. Save a city. That's the vision of ARISE2Read, a partnership of evangelical churches and businesses with local school districts to strengthen second-grade students and enable them to enter third grade reading on grade level begun by Donna Gaines in 2012. Mrs. Gaines is the wife of Dr. Steve Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee. With a background in elementary education and a heart for her city, Donna has mobilize hundreds of volunteers...


Welcome to the For Our City Podcast–Episode 000 - For Our City Podcast

Welcome to the For Our City Podcast! If you or your church wants to learn how to advance God's Kingdom by serving the common good in your city, this podcast is for you. Every week you will here from community leaders, authors, pastors, and people from every domain of life who will help you bring hope and healing pockets of vulnerability in your community. So please subscribe to the podcast and join us as we connect Kingdom compassion to our communities. Daryl Crouch