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Rabbi Michael Pont, Senior Rabbi at Marlboro Jewish Center, shares his weekly message of love, inspiration and Torah.


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Rabbi Michael Pont, Senior Rabbi at Marlboro Jewish Center, shares his weekly message of love, inspiration and Torah.




Sci-fi and Judaism

This week Rabbi Pont is joined by Rabbis Lindsey Healey-Pollack and Andrew Pepperstone, hosts of the podcast Sacred Realms. Sacred Realms discusses the intersection between Judaism and a wide range of sci-fi and fantasy books, movies, and television shows. Each episode, Rabbi Lindsey and Rabbi Andrew discuss what they have been watching or reading recently, do a deep dive into a main topic, bring out from "the Geniza," something from the not-that-distant past, and more. Whether Sci-Fi is your thing or not, you are sure to enjoy this conversation about the many overlaps between a popular genre and Judaism.


Friendships Forged: The Importance of Jewish Sleepaway Camp

Few movements in the Jewish religion have been as successful as that of Jewish camping. Each year thousands of Jewish children participate in an immersive Jewish experience that brings them closer to their religion and builds a lasting Jewish identity that is unmatched by any other youth program. This week Rabbi Pont talks to Rachel Wisniewski, a photo journalist whose article on Jewish summer camp appeared in the Washington Post this summer. They are joined by mother-daughter duos Sarah and Carly Kreisler and Susie and Nili Suissa who experiences at Camp Nah-Jee-Wah Rachel followed for her article.


A Meaningful Journey

On this week's episode, Rabbi Pont welcomes Dr. Stacy Gallin back to the podcast. Dr. Gallin is the founder of The Ferencz Institute for Human Rights, Ethics and the Holocaust, a non-profit organization doing the important work of using the lessons of the Holocaust to rid our world of hate of all kinds. Dr. Gallin's current projects include Athletes Against Antisemitism and Discrimination, a program focused on helping college athletes use their platforms to give back to local, national and international communities. This summer, Dr. Gallin and Rabbi Pont led Marlboro Jewish Center's Journey of Remembrance to Poland and Greece. On this episode, they are joined by Micah Spero, the youngest participant on the journey, whose presence helped create a unique bond between him and congregants fifty years his senior.


Lessons from the Yom Kippur War

Six days ago our world was shattered. For nearly a week we have all tried to make sense of the horror that Hamas brought upon Israel last Shabbat. In the wake of the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust, this week's episode couldn't be more prescient. In an interview recorded prior to October 7th, Rabbi Pont speaks with Dan Rozett, former IDF soldier and Director of Community Relations and Israel Engagement with the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey, and Shmuel Varod, a former IDF soldier who fought in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Hear from Dan and Shmuel about their experiences in the IDF and about the lessons Israel should learn in this, the 50th anniversary of its deadliest war...until now.


Seeking Allies on College Campuses

Antisemitism is on the rise. There may be no more alarming statistic for American Jews than the reality than six in ten religious hate crimes happen to Jewish people and/or organizations. A shocking statistic for a people that make up less than 2.5% of the population. Fortunately we have people like this week's guest on For the Love of Judaism, Sophie Shafran. A senior at Indiana University, Sophie is an Emerson Fellow for StandWithUs, a one-year program that trains, educates, and empowers student leaders on college campuses around the world to battle antisemitism in their communities. Sophie is an inspiring young woman who is dedicated to fighting one of the biggest battles facing Jewish young adults today and her conversation with Rabbi Pont will leave you wondering how you can do more.


New Season. New Year.

Shana tova! What better way to usher in the new year than with a new season of For the Love of Judaism. On this episode you will hear two recent sermons given by Rabbi Pont, both of which are must listens to get you in the mood for the high holidays.


Sleeping As Fast As I Can

Richard Michelson is an award-winning author, poet and artist who is well known for his contributions to the cannon of Jewish writing. His newest collection, Sleeping As Fast As I Can is a four-part book of poetry that is equal parts political and personal as it explores everything from gun violence and social justice, to his relationship with Judaism and the struggle of an aging parent. In this week's episode, Rich and Rabbi Pont talk about everything from this amazing new collection, his Jewish journey, a surprise phone call from Maurice Sendak and an inspiring dinner with Leonard Nimoy. Don't miss it!


The Incident at San Miguel

Throughout history Jews have been the victims of persecution and discrimination that has forced them from the places they've called home. While the stories associated with the Holocaust are often-told, the stories of the Jewish people in Cuba during the 1950s and 1960s are not as well known. And still, these stories are among the most harrowing, especially for the Polish Jews who had come to Havana to escape the changing tides of Eastern Europe. On this week's episode, Rabbi Pont speaks with author A.J. Sidransky about his new book, The Incident at San Miguel, and Miriam Bradman Abrahams, whose family this amazing historical fiction is based on. An episode not to be missed, especially for the avid reader out there! The book, The Incident at San Miguel, will be released on May 19. It can be purchased on Amazon in hard cover, paperback, Kindle, large print, and audio book formats. Miriam and AJ are also available to appear at book club and larger events.


Making Each Day Meaningful

Breast cancer awareness is one of the most highly visible fundraising campaigns around. Most of us think that breast cancer is curable and so prevention is the key research priority. And yet, tens of thousands of people will die from breast cancer every year. 98% of those deaths are at the hands of metastatic breast cancer And yet, this MBC receives around 5% of the funding associated with this deadly disease. Rabbi Pont's guest this week, Tami Eagle, knows this fight all too well. After being given 2-3 years to live, Tami has lived with this horrible illness for more than eight years. More importantly, she has turned her journey into action and become one of the most widely recognizable advocates for those who have been diagnosed with MBC. Tami is an amazing woman and her story is inspirational. Don't miss your chance to hear Tami talk about perseverance, gratitude, and giving and the work she does with #LightUpMBC to bring light to people living with uncertainty every day. For more info on how to get involved with #LightUpMBC for metastatic breast cancer research, please visit For more info on Tami and The Eagle Method, please visit Motivational Speaker | The Eagle Method


Surviving the St. Louis

In 1939, the USS St. Louis left Hamburg, Germany headed for Havana, Cuba with more than 900 European Jews aboard. Counting themselves among the lucky few to escape Hitler's Germany, they thought they were headed for refuge. The passengers happiness quickly turned to fear as they were denied entry to Cuba, followed by the United States, Canada and many other countries. With only four countries willing to take passengers in, they were split up between England, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. One of the lucky passengers was Eva Wiener, a 10-month old baby whose family made it to England and survived the war there. With fewer than 20 survivors of the St. Louis still alive, Eva's story is more important now than ever before. Rabbi Pont had the pleasure of welcoming her to Marlboro Jewish Center this week as we commemorated Yom HaShoah...the day of remembrance.


An Israeli State of the Union

As Israel gets ready to celebrate its 75th birthday later this month, the only Democracy in the Middle East finds herself dealing with unprecedented internal strife. The judicial reform package being pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition has led to weeks of protests that involve hundreds of thousands of Israelis taking to the streets. The situation is rife with challenge, and for a country that already has its fair share of external threats, the internal turmoil poses unique challenges. This week, Rabbi Pont speaks with Jerusalem Post analyst and literary editor Yonah Jeremy Bob, who will visit Marlboro Jewish Center next week. If you have questions about what has been happening in Israel and how it may get resolved, then this is an episode not to be missed.


A Zissen Pesach!

We hope you had wonderful Seders filled with friends, family and an energetic retelling of the Passover story. This week, Rabbi Pont shares three stories about the ways in which we see God and understand the Torah that will surely help you have a very meaningful holiday!


More than a Number

As time goes on, there are fewer and fewer survivors of the Holocaust to share their stories of strife, courage, bravery and resilience. Fortunately, the world has women like Amy Goodman who is part of a growing movement of 3rd generation families that are sharing their grandparents stories. This week Amy sat down with Rabbi Pont to talk about her family's story, her recent appearance on The View, and the work she does with a fascinating organization, Numbers to Names. In the current climate of rising antisemitism, this is not an episode to be missed.


Messi and Magic

On this week's podcast, Rabbi Pont shares two sermons he gave at Friday night services at Marlboro Jewish Center in recent months. The first uses Lionel Messi winning the world cup to teach a lesson about how we treat the elderly while the second shares the interesting origins of some famous Jewish (and not so Jewish) superstitions.


For the Love of JLife

All of you rabbinic podcast lovers unite! Rabbi Pont was recently interviewed by Rabbi Daniel Levine for his podcast JLife with Rabbi Daniel so it is our pleasure to play their full interview for the For the Love of Judaism audience this week. Don't miss this great conversation between two conservative Rabbis about the state f conservative Judaism and how they see their place in the Jewish world.


Honestly Autistic

Meet Jay Fisher. A remarkable 19 year old young man living a full and fantastic life with autism. This week, Rabbi Pont caught up with Jay, along with his parents, Debra and David, along with his younger sister Shoshana, to talk about how their lives have been impacted by Jay's diagnosis. Do not miss this inspiring story of a family who doesn't let a challenge stand in the way of living their best lives. See more of Jay Fisher on Youtube at


Brick by Brick

Since its destruction nearly 2,000 years ago, Jewish scholars have studied the second Holy Temple, which stood as the center of Jewish life until 70 C.E. Who would have thought that one of the foremost experts on the Temple and what it actually looked like would be a martial arts instructor and Expert LEGO® Builder from Minnesota. Meet Yitzy Kasowitz, founder of JBrick, maker of custom Jewish LEGO® sets and educator of Jewish communities around the world with his 1/35th scale model of the Beit Hamekdash. In advance of Yitzy's trip to Temple Beth Ahm on March 19th, Rabbi Pont sat down with Yitzy to talk all things Jewish Lego® as well as the many ways Yitzy uses his creations to help Jews around the world get in touch with their Jewish heritage.


A Tipping Point for Democracy in Israel

Israel has had an unprecedented number of elections over the past several years. Five times Israelis have headed to the polls in search of a stable government that can serve the needs of all Israelis. While this most recent election resulted in the first solid majority win in several years it comes at a heavy price for many secular Israelis. With a Prime Minister on trial and an alliance made with several far right wing factions, Israel is facing a tipping point...continue as a liberal Democracy or serve the needs of the few in order to keep power centered with those who currently hold office. This week, Rabbi Pont speaks with Dar Nadler, the Israeli Emissary for the Jewish National Fund about the state of politics in Israel including the real (and not so real) impact it is having on younger Israelis.


The People of the Cookbook

Community cookbooks have been a part of Synagogue culture for decades. More than just recipes, they are the through line of generations past to the future of Jewish families around the world. Few, if any, know more about Jewish cookbooks than PhD candidate Natalie Ross who is writing her dissertation on the people behind Jewish cookbooks. Natalie, who has more than 300 community cookbooks in her possession has traveled the world to learn more about Jewish cooking around the globe and the people, both professional and amateur, who have put their recipes on paper. This is a great conversation that you will not want to miss.


Bonus Episode: It's Superbowl Sunday!

Need some last minute prayers for the big game? Rabbi Pont has you covered. Whether you are rooting for the Chiefs or the Eagles, you'll want to listen to three minutes of why the talmud thinks your team is gonna life the Lombardi Trophy at game's end.