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Explores gentle parenting through the lens of our Catholic faith

Explores gentle parenting through the lens of our Catholic faith
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Explores gentle parenting through the lens of our Catholic faith






Bully-Proof Your Child (Ep. 7)

Insights about why some kids are bullied more than others, and how we can best protect our children from bullying.


Should We Really Teach Our Kids to Respect Everyone? (Ep. 6)

This episode is inspired by a YouTube video by Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Presents in which he answers the question: Do Catholics have to respect everyone? What about those people who are rude to us or just don’t have a good character? Do we have to respect them? Fr. Mike says that YES we do. However, people think there’s only one kind of respect, when, in fact, there are three. Different levels of respect demand different responses from us. I was thinking about how this applies to us as...


Effective Responses to Tantrums (Ep. 5)

In my last podcast episode, I explained the causes of tantrums in toddlers and young preschoolers; you can avoid some tantrums by avoiding common triggers. I also explained that you can't actually avoid all tantrums, because kids commonly tantrum when they are frustrated and you can't always avoid a child becoming frustrated. In this episode, I explain some effective ways to respond to unavoidable tantrums. Overview What not to do! Keeping your child safe Time-in Mentoring the child through...


Understanding Toddler Tantrums (Ep. 4)

In this podcast, I'm talking about . . . TODDLER TANTRUMS! Tantrums are very hard for many of us to understand and deal with. This is such an important topic, and there was just too much good stuff to get into one episode, so let's cover it in two. In this episode, I'll explain why children have tantrums. Then in my next episode I will offer practical tips for responding to them. Overview What is a distress tantrum? (Child cries and can't communicate well; he's not trying to manipulate.)...


Getting Kids to Cooperate (Ep. 3)

In this episode, I offer practical tips for engaging cooperation while protecting your child's sense of agency and dignity. When we complain that our child isn’t cooperating, we mean our child isn’t listening to us or doing what we want him to do. Let’s reframe this issue: cooperate means CO-OPERATE. How can we operate together to get this work done, or shop for our groceries, or get ready for bed? Let’s begin first by framing the question this way. How can we get our child to work with us?


Why Chores Are Good for Kids (Ep. 2)

On this podcast episode, I cover kids and chores. What are the benefits of requiring our kids to do chores and how can we get our kids to actually follow through and do the chores? Benefits of requiring kids to do chores greater self-esteem more successful kids realize they are an important part of the family Tips for follow through make chores part of daily routine have reasonable expectations require a report to parent when finished Links mentioned Charisse's article on The Spiritual...


What’s Gentle Catholic Parenting? (Ep. 01)

Welcome to the Gentle Catholic Parenting Podcast! This is my introductory episode. What I'll cover: *Why I started this podcast. *A little about me and what you can expect when you listen. *What is gentle Catholic parenting anyway? Why should you care?