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Feeling Better in 2019

Psychologist Cindy Goodman Stulberg talk about her new book Feeling Better: Beat Depression and Improve Your Relationships with Interpersonal Psychotherapy Start 2019 off with a positive attitude and tools to create a positive experience. In just twelve short weeks, you can create dramatic long lasting changes that keep you balanced and in the flow. It is time to feel better now! In this podcast we will share how relationships offer the most effective path to healing. We Talk About How to...


Answering When Spirit Calls

Joan Diver joins me to talk about her new book When Spirit Calls : A Healing Odyssey Joan shares how she healed herself from a debilitating back injury once she embarked on her spiritual journey. The beginning of 2019 is the optimal time to begin anew and create and realize the changes you have been thinking of making. We talk about Physical healingSocietal healingPast lives and how they affect our lives todayMeditation and healingBalancing EnergiesSharing your experience to bring about...


The Holy Wild Taming The Heathen Untamed Woman

Danielle Dulsky talks about her new book The Holy Wild: A Heather Bible For The Untamed Woman Danielle Dulsky's work is rooted in the wild feminine, or humanity's deep and embodies connection to the natural world, which she explores though writing, multimedia art, motherhood, Witchcraft, yoga teaching, and energy healing. The world has more or less survived almost two years of having Donald Trump as President of the United States. In this oppressive paradigm, so many people ( Female, Male,...


Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll hall of fame member Jim McCarty joins me to talk about his Latest album Walking In The Wild Land and his illustrious career. www, Jim McCarty is the renown drummer from The Yardbirds who is respected worldwide for his innovative drumming style which he introduced into music in the '60s in such hits as "For Your Love. Heart Full of Soul. Evil Heated You, Shapes of Things, Over Under Sideways Down" all of which were UK Top 10 hits. When The Yardbirds broke up in...


Get Healthy with Healthmuse Cheryl Meyer

Get Over it! Podcasts healthmuse Cheryl Meyer is back to kick off our 10 part series on Food Quality Matters. Get healthy now! Cheryl is an integrative Nutrition Coach and anti-toxin advocate. Her passion is to assist people in obtaining their best possible health. She provides a wealth of knowledge to assist you along your journey to optimal health. She is available for health coaching at Do you realize that you could be poisoning yourself every day with the...


Make Contact! Learn the Secrets of Spirit Communication

Trish and Rob MacGregor share their latest book Secrets of Spirit Communication: Techniques for Tuning In & Making Contact. Spirits communicate with us every day., especially the spirits of our loved ones. Are you tuning into them? Secrets of Spirit Communication provides many resources and techniques that help you raise your awareness of spirits and effectively communicate with them. We talk about The Most common way to communicate with a spirit The Role synchronicity plays in spirit...


Clairvoyant Paul Selig Channels Consciousness and Freedom

Clairvoyant Paul Selig joins me to talk about consciousness and freedom. His latest book is entitled The Book of Freedom: The Mastery Trilogy. Book III is a channeled text. Release agreements to whom you think you are. You are free. You are free. You are free. Paul Selig is a channel who connects with 'The Guides" who provide growth and healing information through Paul. In this episode, "The Guides" come through loud and clear with a channeled message that can be taken personally and for...


Divorce! Untying The Knot and Get What You Deserve

Ann Grant, JD talks candidly about divorce and untying the know in her number one rated book The Divorce Hackers Guide To Untying The Knot: What Every Woman needs to Know about Finances, Child Custody, Lawyers, and Planning Ahead Considering divorce? Ann's advice is as soon as the marriage is in trouble take steps to protect yourself. Untying the knot can be stressful however with Ann's guidance you will get what you deserve! We Talk about Why unemployed women should get a job prior to...


Pleiadian Earth Astrology

Pia Orleane Ph.D. and Cullen Baird Smith talk about their new book- Pleiadian- Earth Energy Astrology: Charting the Spirals of Consciousness The Pleadians are sending a new type of astrology to earth via Laarkmaa who is channeled by Pia and Cullen. The emphasis is that the time for the shift to non-linear thinking and doing is at hand. The book is a nice companion to the Pleiadian -Earth Energy Calendar which is your guide to navigating the spiral energy patterns of the universe for the...


Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals

Christopher Vasey talks about his new book Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals: 18 Infection-Fighting Herbs and Essential Oils Christopher Vasey N.D. is a naturopath specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. He has authored 14 books on natural healing. On his website, you will find two free books for download. If you are at all intersted in taking control of your health this book is for you, Are you unhealthy? This book is a must-have. We talk about Autoimmune...


Queer Magic LGBT+ Spirituality and Culture

Tomas Prower shares his book Queer Magic LGBT+ Spirituality and Culture From Around the World Tomas Prower presents much needed information about the significant presence and influence of queer folks throughout history. We Talk about What is Queer Magic What makes Queer manic different from other magic The history of the Queer movement Why it is important to be knowledgeable about queer life La Santa Muerte The Divine Masculine Exactly what is LGBT+ Queer deities...


Cannabis And Spirituality

Will Johnson talks about his new book Cannabis in Spiritual Practice: The Ecstasy of Shiva The Calm of Buddha With the end of marijuana prohibition on the horizon, people are now open;y seeking a spiritual path that embraces the benefits of cannabis. Will Johnson is the director of the Institute For Embodiment Training in Costa Rica. He shares how Buddhism and the energy of Shiva embrace this very spiritual plant We Talk About Cannabis being the sacrament of Shiva How...


What Room is Your mind in?

Author Kevin Murphy opens the door to happiness in his book The Three Rooms: Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life. Our happiness and unhappiness in life is always the result of our thoughts - whether observations of the present, memories of the past and projected fears of the future, Is your mind residing in The Past Room where regrets, past hurts, painful memories, grudges or other memories are impacting your today? Or perhaps you are hanging out in The Future Room...


How Quantum Consciousness Raises Your Vibe

Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness Peter Smith shares how quantum consciousness can raise your vibe. His latest book Quantum Consciousness: Journey Through the Realms. We Talk about Quantum Consciousness Parallel lives/universes Collective consciousness Alternative Consciousness Stored Consciousness The Creator Effect Entanglement Holographic healing Quantum Consciousness and the future Life between lives Peter Smith shares how Quantum Consciousness affects our daily lives If...


Bully Proof Yourself And Your Family

Activist Jeanie Cisco-Meth provides powerful information to help anyone who has experienced bullying in the past or is suffering at the brunt of bullying now. Her best-selling book Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence And Personal Value Fron The Inside Out. Provides groundbreaking information to heal and stop the often life taking energy of bullying. She is offering a free copy of the book - Text PBY to 55678 We Talk about The psychology of bullying Why hurt and insecure people bully How...


Order of the Sacred Earth

Planet earth is crying out for defenders. Matthew Fox, Skylar Wilson, and Jennifer Listug coauthors have a solution. Their new book Order of the Sacred Earth: An Intergenerational Vision of Love and Action In the midst of global fire, earthquakes, and floods, as species are going extinct every day and national and global economies totter - the planet doesn't need another religion or church. What it needs is a new order a sacred community and movement. We talk about Cultural collapse and...


Moving Beyond Chronic Pain with Sarah Shockley

Author Sarah Anne Shockley shares how she has managed to mitigate the chronic pain and how you can too. Her book is The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With And Moving Beyond Chronic Pain. According to data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, 11.2 percent of American adults ( 25.3 million people) experience some sort of pain - often at severe levels- every day and have for the previous three months. Living with pain is one of the most...


Raising Your Vibration with Jim Self

Jim is back sharing how to raise our vibration to be in alignment with what we want to create. Jim Self dives into the language of vibration. If you say the word hate, it has a completely different vibe from the word love. Since we generally speak what we want in our lives into existence, it is imperative that we pay attention to the vibe of our words and more importantly how they feel in our body. We create with those feeling. We talk about The vibe of your...


Own Your Own Health with Health Muse Cheryl Meyer

Get Over It! Podcast's health muse Cheryl Meyer is back for another installment in the series - Own Your Own Health! She is passionate about helping you help yourself to better health. Cheryl will share her proven insights for optimal health and healing in a series of recordings every other month with timely health-related subjects.. Be sure to download all of her segments! We Talk About Inflammation Autoimmune disease How busy people can take better care of themselves What functional...