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Raising Your Vibration with Jim Self - Get Over It! Podcast

Jim is back sharing how to raise our vibration to be in alignment with what we want to create. Jim Self dives into the language of vibration. If you say the word hate, it has a completely different vibe from the word love. Since we generally speak what we want in our lives into existence, it is imperative that we pay attention to the vibe of our words and more importantly how they feel in our body. We create with those feeling. We talk about The vibe of your...


Own Your Own Health with Health Muse Cheryl Meyer - Get Over It! Podcast

Get Over It! Podcast's health muse Cheryl Meyer is back for another installment in the series - Own Your Own Health! She is passionate about helping you help yourself to better health. Cheryl will share her proven insights for optimal health and healing in a series of recordings every other month with timely health-related subjects.. Be sure to download all of her segments! We Talk About Inflammation Autoimmune disease How busy people can take better care of themselves What functional...


Relieve Stress Attain Success with Dr. Marilyn Joyce - Get Over It! Podcast

Dr. Marilyn Joyce talks about her latest book The Stress To Success Formula: Transform Your Life, Career And Business Now! Are you stress out? A crazy boss at work, no time for yourself, too many obligations? Social media and mainstream news have you by the know what? Marilyn shares how to get your life back and thrive! We Talk about How to stop existing and start living your life...fully Simple suggestions to end isolation and loneliness today How to TRANSFORM your life Nutrition and stress...


The Art of Healing with Crystals - Get Over It! Podcast

Kac Young Ph.D. talk to us about her new book on Amazon The Art Of Healing with Crystals Crystals have been used since the beginning of time for healing and other purposes. If you are using a computer or cell phone you are using crystals right now! Discover how you can consciously use crystals to improve your physical health and every other area of your life. We talk about Crystal use in ancient times How to pick out your crystal How to cleanse and program your crystal Does...


Conspiracy Theory, Fear,Consciousness, Alternative Media and Technology - Get Over It! Podcast

Hilliary Raimo talks to us about her latest book The Hillary Raimo Show Transcripts: Conversations on Technology, Time Travel, ET'S. 9/11 and Consciousness. Hillary Raimo has been a leading voice in the alternative media since 2005. Her compelling new book reveals information that more likely than not is not reported by mainstream news. Is it conspiracy or truth? Listen and decide. We talk about Rising above Fear Alternative Media and its influence Donald Trump and Alex...


Past Lives Present Realities - Get Over It! Podcast

Author and spiritual seeker Michael Goddart talks to us about past lives and how they influence our present reality. Michael shares his thoughts on reincarnation and past lives. He has chronicled his past liveIn Search Of Lost Lives: Desire, Sanskaras, and the Evolution of a Mind & Soul. Do you believe in past lives? Want to know who to examine your past lives for clear present time understanding pf your life today? Michael shares how in his book. We Talk about How to explore...


Life after death. Proof the soul and love lives on - Get Over It! Podcast

Lynn B. Robinson, Ph.D. talks about her latest book Loving To The End ... And On: A Guide To the Impossibly Possible. There truly is no death, the Soul and love never die, they live on. Is there someone you know that is on their journey to the other side? Ever wonders what happens during that process? This life-affirming book will walk you through what is important to know, pay attention to and acknowledge when a loved one passes. Dr. Robinson recognizes and encourages...


Karen Noe on We Consciousness and Wayne Dyer - Get Over It! Podcast

Karen Noe Internationally renown psychic medium talks about her book We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths For Inner and Outer Peace. She channels the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and a group of celestial beings called the We Guides. Her radio show Angel Quest Radio We Talk about 5 easy steps to begin the process of peace in motion Why 33 profound truths for inner and outer peace Who is the celestial group We Guides Why self-love is the answer and how to get...


The Green Reaper Speaks on Green Burial - Get Over It! Podcast

Death is often an uncomfortable topic for many people but everyone will do it. A green burial is an affordable and environmentally friendly burial Planning the end of your life can be scary, strange, and confusing. Navigating the funeral industry without solid information and knowledge of how the process works and can be a very daunting process. Don't get ripped off! Save money and the environment by considering a green burial. Plus the...


Spirit, Entity,and Spirit Possession - Get Over It! Podcast

Spirit possession, entity, and spirit attachment. What it is, isn't, and what can you do about it? When someone says, the words spirit possession the mind conjures up a lot of different images from the devil with a pitchfork sitting on your shoulder to dark shadows hovering around your body ready to invade the etheric and the physical body. Intuitive Consultant Monique Chapman talks about Symptoms of spirit possession Earthbound Spirits How you can release discarnate energy When to DIY...


United States Psychotronics Association Conference July 20-22, 2018 - Get Over It! Podcast

The 40th Annual Conference of the US Psychotronics Association, “Mind, Matter, and Aether: Applications to Radionics,” is at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Deerfield, IL. July 20-22, 2018 The United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) defines psychotronics as the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. Psychotronics involves the study, research, and applications of the physics and...


To Really Love - Get Over It! Podcast

Joyce and Barry Vissell talk about their new release To Really Love A Man and To Really Love A Woman. Looking for a true soul felt love? In a relationship but wanting more from your partner? The relationship has ended and you want to discover what went wrong? Relationship experts the Vissell's share in their latest books what the important ways are to love and man and woman. We Talk about Compromise, Opening and Letting go Discover what a man really needs Discover what a...


Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success - Get Over It! Podcast

Quantum Success is your birthright. Christy Whitman shows you how. Learn the 7 essential laws for a thriving, joyful, and prosperous relationship with work and money. Christy Whitman is a New York Times best-selling author, an internationally acclaimed speaker, and workshop leader; the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and Quantum Success Learning Academy. In her latest book, Quantum Success: The 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyous and Prosperous Career, she will...


Get Over It! Podcast First Women’s Summit - Get Over It! Podcast

Get Over It! Podcast First Woman Summit! The power of women in today's world! A diverse group of powerful women talks about the role of women in today's society. We cover the #meToo movement, Social Change, pay disparity, women's health and more. The panel Dr. Kac Young -Hollywood writer, producer, and author Jacklyn Zeman- Actress ( General hospital nurse surgical nurse Bobbie Spencer), TV/radio host, writer Hadley Fitzgerald, MA, MFT - licensed psychotherapist, astrologer an author Tracy...


Migraine’s No More with Jan Mundo - Get Over It! Podcast

Jan Mundo author of The Headache Healer's Handbook: A Holistic, Hands-On Somatic Self Care Program for Headache and Migraine Relief and Prevention, shares how to finally relieve headaches and migraines. Do you or anyone that you know and love suffer from migraines or constant headaches? Share this podcast with them. The book shares step-by-step programs to eliminate headaches and migraines. Consider these staggering statistics: An estimated 37 million people in the...


Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede - Get Over It! Podcast

Infinite Possibility: How To Use Thre Ideas of Neville Goddard To Create The Life You Want is a primer and introduction to Neville Goddard methods. Katherine Jegede powerfully guides the reader through his techniques–and explains how to apply them, now, in your life. Facebook page: We talk about Who was Neville Goddard Imagination is the gateway to reality Fourth dimension consciousness Feeling as a language Metanoia Relaxation to better health...


Everyday Kundalini with Kathryn McCusker - Get Over It! Podcast

Kundalini and Yoga instructor Kathryn McCusker shares how to live a more purposeful life with Everyday Kundalini Website: Kundalini Yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive of yogas, combining powerful breathing techniques, postures, mantras and meditation to help you unlock your true potential. It was introduced to the west by Yogi Bhajan. We talk about What Kundalini is and does Kundalini awakening Five specific elements of Kundalini Yoga...


Transformative Coaching with Kysha Robinson Brown - Get Over It! Podcast

Kysha Brown Robinson principal at Compositions Consulting talks about how transformative coaching will help you to have the life you desire. Ms. Brown's clients Dr. Roxanne Franklin and Asante Salaam join us to share their experience and success working with Kysha. Web Site: [free meditation download] When we stand at the intersection of creativity and business, we’re looking for the next innovation – the next big idea. So the question I ask...


Dreams That Can Save Your Life - Get Over It! Podcast

Kathleen O'keefe-Kanavos joins me to talk about her new book - Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs Of Cancer and Other Diseases Website: The book is based on the groundbreaking medical research of Dr. Larry Burk. Kat is offering a free gift to our listeners. She offering her Dreamwork 101 e-course free for listeners of this show. We talk about How your dreams foretell your health Tools to remember your dreams True stories of life-saving dreams...


Heal Yourself with Health Muse Cheryl Meyer - Get Over It! Podcast

Heal Yourself with Health Muse Cheryl Meyer. Reverse inflammation by eliminating toxins. Cheryl's new book - It Feels Good To Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel great again. Website: Are you sick and tired about being sick and tired? Have you been to the doctor who could not provide answers and sent you to psychiatry? Do you want to start Living life again? The information shared by Cheryl can help! We talk about The root cause of...