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Grow in Everyday Holiness

How can we grow closer to God every day? I think sometimes we take the ideas of holiness and sainthood and put them up high on an unattainable shelf in our minds. But God calls you to be holy! While he does call you to grow in big ways sometimes, he usually calls you to grow in small ways, in opportunities he sends your way every day. Here are some ways that I have been working on everyday holiness and I want to encourage you to think about them too: 1. Look for ways to serve. 2. Pray your...


Here are the Answers to Your Prayer Excuses

Do you make prayer excuses? Don’t lie. We all come up with creative ways to avoid doing what we know we should do—pray! In this week’s show, I share some ways to respond to ourselves when we are tempted to make up excuses for why we aren’t praying more. The excuses we cover: 1) I don’t have time. 2) I will do it later. 3) I get distracted. 4) My family is almost never all home at once. 5) I don’t know what to say. 6) I’m too tired. Do any of these sound familiar? Let’s resolve together to...


5 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is a time set apart, and so I see … opportunity! To set a goal! To try something new! This week, I’m sharing some ideas I think you should consider adding to your list of goals this summer. 1) Learn something 2) Add to your spiritual life 3) Go outside every day 4) Take a trip 5) Try something new What is going on your bucket list this summer? I would love to hear from you about what goals you are setting for yourself and your family during this season. Here is my daughter...


Real Mom Connections

What a fun conversation we had with Heather Anderson Renshaw, wife, mom, writer, speaker, and upcoming author of Death By Minivan! With humor and grace, Heather shares about embracing her vocation as a mom, “growing up” in her marriage, and how she juggles family life with her work as a writer.


What Not to Do on Social Media

Do you misuse social media? I think we all should pause regularly to assess our habits and discern better use of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, or whatever other social media website or app we’re using. I think there are some things we should never do: 1) Don’t “hate follow” people. Are you following certain people for bad reasons? Be honest! Cut it out! 2) Don’t compare. We all are tempted to do it sometimes, but comparing yourself to others will only distract you from...


Fight Fair in Your Marriage

Our topic this week is conflict in marriage. How can we handle the inevitable disagreements that come in our married relationships with maturity and grace? I share some ideas for what I consider “fighting fair” but I want to hear yours too! I answer listener Bridget’s recent question on this topic with the following ideas: 1) No name calling 2) Check in with them about what they are saying 3) No using the “D” word (divorce) 4) No threats, physical or otherwise 5) Stick to the topic at hand...


Live a Simple Life (with Rachel Balducci)

This week we are talking about the importance of simplicity—in all areas of your life, from spirituality to homemaking and hospitality. How can you live a simpler life and finally find peace in all that you do? Rachel has a new book coming out on this very topic in the fall, and you will be inspired by all that she has to share.


How to Find Out Your Gifts

There has been a lot of conversation recently about finding out your gifts, and I have been hearing from women who are seeking to know what their gifts are. They particularly want to know how God wants them to use their gifts in their lives. How do we do that? First of all, I think it’s important that we have these conversations in light of the idea of “vocation,” which is a counter-cultural concept. Some ways I recommend finding out what your gifts are include: 1) What are you good at?...


When Friendships Change

Listener Jennifer emails a question this week: How do you handle changing friendships? How do you navigate the need for a friendship to end, if a relationship becomes a negative influence in your life and motherhood? We discuss the importance of evaluating your friendships and of seeking new friends if you are currently feeling alone. I encourage every woman to screen her influences, as the people we spend time with truly do affect how we feel about our life, marriage, and motherhood. I...


The Art of Childbirth with Mary Haseltine

In this week’s show, I share a wonderful conversation I had recently with Mary Haseltine, a wife, mom, doula, childbirth educator, and author of Made for This: The Catholic Mom’s Guide to Birth. Mary shares beautifully about how she came to write this book, the ways in which women can connect through their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, and what she wishes more women knew about the birth experience. This is an important conversation for us to have—namely, women seeking to support...


Be A Better Witness

This week we are discussing how we can all be better witnesses to our faith, and we offer some ideas for ways to improve: 1) Say something. Don't be afraid to speak the truth and to share your thoughts, even when they are in opposition to others. 2) Say nothing. Sometimes, someone who does not share our faith does not need to be bombarded with our opinions, but they just need our sympathy and attention. This can speak volumes about the kind of people we are and the value of our faith. 3)...


4 Reasons Why You Should Nurture Your Mother-Heart

What is your "mother-heart" and why should you nurture that side of yourself? This week we are diving into a topic that is relevant to every woman, regardless of her state in life. Pope St. John Paul II tells us that every woman is called to be a mother. What does that mean exactly, and how does that apply to our life? I share four reasons why you should nurture your mother-heart, and invite you to share your own thoughts on this important topic. 1. Because you were made for it. Every...


Why You Procrastinate (and How to Stop)

Do you procrastinate? Join the club! But don't let yourself wallow in that bad habit. There are things we can all do to get over our tendency to put off work we don't enjoy. This week, I'm sharing some simple ideas for breaking the habit of procrastination.


Being "Good Enough" with Colleen Duggan

Colleen Duggan is a wife, mom, friend, and author of the new book Good Enough Is Good Enough: Confessions of an Imperfect Catholic Mom. This week, I'm sharing an encouraging conversation she and I had recently about struggling with perfectionism, wanting to control our kids, and all the ways motherhood pushes us into uncomfortable places of real spiritual and personal growth. I have known Colleen online for years and am a real fan of her work. I just know you are going to enjoy her too! If...


3 Ideas for Holy Week

This week I share some happy news and goings-on from my family, and then three ideas for ways to set Holy Week apart and serve this holy season in the liturgical year. These three easy ideas are: 1) Do something more. Go to church when you usually would not, say the Rosary as a family, go to adoration, or tackle a cleaning project you have been putting off. Do something "more" this week and offer it to God. 2) Do something less. Is there something you can cross off your calendar this week...


Living a Writer’s Life with Amy Schisler

Fiction author Amy Schisler shares about her work, her family, and how she balances a life of writing original "CLEAN" romance novels with her busy life as a wife and mom raising girls. You can check out Amy's work and learn more about her at her website. We know you will enjoy her books! If you do, be sure to leave her some good reviews on Amazon!


How To Survive Bringing Small Children To Mass

Children's behavior during Mass is such a common topic in Catholic family circles! At the very least, those of us who struggle to manage our children's behavior at Mass can know that we are not alone. This week, I share an email from a listener named Lori who received a nasty comment from a fellow parishioner after a recent Mass (where she actually felt her children were pretty well behaved!). This email left Lori feeling discouraged and wanting to give up on the whole "Catholic family...


The Girlfriends Guide to Fasting

Lent! It's all about the fasting and sacrifice, right? We've already talked about a few different ways we can add prayer and almsgiving to our Lenten observances this year, but this week I would like to focus on fasting--especially fasting as a spiritual practice. I have been experimenting with fasting this Lent and wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you all. These are notes from a newbie!


7 Ways to Make More Time

Have you ever wasted time, avoiding tasks you don’t like to do, only to rush to complete them later? Everyone has certain things they don’t like to do and it is natural to put them off and fill the time with easier tasks. Even when we recognize what our priorities should be, we can sometimes make choices that are in direct conflict with our priorities, and this causes us to waste valuable time. Today, Danielle shares seven practical ways you can get motivated and make the most use of your...


Grow Your Generosity

Are you working on generosity this Lent? This week I'm sharing some ideas for ways in which we can all work on being better servants to the people God has placed in our lives—in marriage, parenting, work, and in our communities. This is something I have been especially praying about and working on this Lent, so I am hoping you will have some ideas to share as well. Give me your feedback!