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Abiding in God's Word (with Elizabeth Foss)

This week's conversation is with the lovely Elizabeth Foss—wife, mom, writer, and encourager of many. She shares about her newest project as founder and chief content director for Take Up & Read, a Scripture study designed for women. Elizabeth discusses her love of daily Bible reading and what motivated her to create this ministry. We also discuss the importance of female friendships and the role they play in our spiritual lives and formation.


10 Easy Ways to Add Movement to Your Days

This week we are talking about adding movement to your days and form the healthy habit of sitting LESS and moving more, even outside of your regular "workout" times. This doesn't have to be complicated, and it can have amazing benefits for your health and well-being.


Be Better at Hospitality #075

This week, we are talking about getting better at hospitality. This is a tough issue for so many women. We worry about our homes or our cooking skills or our children not being "good enough" for company. We stress about how to be the perfect hostess. But hospitality is such a gift to ourselves, to others, and to our communities, that we all should make a little effort to get better at doing it.


Plan Ahead for a Super Summer #074

In this episode, we talk about six ways to plan (at least loosely plan)a fun summer with your family! From changing up your prayer life to visiting new places, these six ideas will give you the chance to make this season fun, fruitful, and stress-free!


Stress Less #073

Did you know stress is bad for your health? It is! This week, we are talking about stress and ways that we can reduce the amount of stress in our lives—even if we can't always change the things that cause us stress. Let's discuss these simple ways to handle everyday stress and take good care of ourselves, physically, and emotionally.


How to Handle Criticism #072

This week, we are talking about ways to handle criticism, which is a tough topic because nobody likes to be criticized. When we receive negative feedback, our immediate reaction is often to reject the criticism or brood over it and get angry. In this episode, I give tips to help you handle it productively, instead. Find complete shownotes at


Big Life Changes with Haley Stewart #071

This week, we have a special guest Haley Stewart joining us for an inspiring conversation about big life changes- from Protestantism to Catholicism, from single life to married life, from married life to parenting, and from working mom to at-home mom. Haley shares so beautifully about her own struggles and lessons she has learned along the way. I just know you are going to love this conversation! Find complete show notes at


Change Just One Habit #070

This week, we are talking about the power of habits. I am inspired by a recent book I am listening to, The Power of Habit: Why we Do What We Do in Life and Business. I want to encourage you to change one negative habit into a positive one in your life. We discuss some ideas for ways to challenge ourselves to do better in one these categories: 1) Health and Wellness 2) Relationships 3) Work 4) Spiritual Life Find complete show-notes at or at


Do You Love Yourself? #069

Our secular culture tells us to find our worth in our physical selves, in our beauty, our accomplishments, and our possessions. But all of these things leave us empty and disillusioned. we are built for a relationship with God, and only in the context of that relationship will be find peace and lasting joy. Find complete shownotes at and at


When You're Just Too Tired #068

In this week’s show, we are sharing ideas for ways to cope with life when you are JUST TOO TIRED to cope. We all have days when we are extra busy, stressed, sleep-deprived, etc. and we need some basic ways to get through them with grace.


Celebrate 50 Days of Easter #067

In this week’s show, we are sharing ideas for ways to celebrate all 50 days of Easter this year. I also share feedback on NFP from Kristin and listener Andrea asks a question about dealing with an unsupportive mother-in-law.


Real Life Tips From a Work-at-Home Mom #066

This week, I am sharing some of the ideas that make my life easier and more enjoyable as a work-at-home mom. These are not truly “productivity” tips, as I am not expert in those things, but they are some things that help me to be more efficient and happy throughout my days.


7 Ways to Be a More Positive Person #065

his week, we are talking about ways to add more positivity to your life. We also share some ideas about balancing never-ending housework with the needs of small children, and we hear some feedback from David. N! Find complete shownotes at


The Truth About Teens #064

This week, we are talking about parenting teens, and sharing some ideas for ways to get through the unique challenges associated with parenting this age group. There seems to be a dearth of information out there in Catholic circles, mostly because parents want to respect the privacy of their own teenagers, but I worry that the silence leaves some struggling moms and dads (and teens!) feeling like they are all alone. You are not alone!


All In for Jesus with Pat Gohn #063

This week, I share a survival tale from the terrific snowstorm we endured in the northeast this past week, and then we talk with Pat Gohn. Pat is an author, editor, and catechist whose most recent book is All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters. Pat shares her own struggles and triumphs of faith and her personal experiences as they relate to being Catholic and STAYING Catholic. She shares from the heart with a depth of knowledge about the Church and the Catechism that will...


Real Talk About NFP #062

This week we are getting real about Natural Family Planning.


Big Family Finances with Sam Fatzinger #061

This week I’m sharing wonderful conversation I had with Sam Fatzinger, a mom of 13 who is “famous” for her family’s approach to debt-free living. Sam shares beautifully about her family’s journey to financial freedom and some of the sacrifices they have made along the way, as well as many of the joys they find in living a counter-cultural, simple life. Her down to earth approach and great sense of humor will inspire you! Find complete shownotes at


Getting Past perfect with Kate Wicker #060

This week I’m sharing an inspiring conversation I had with the awesome Kate Wicker, author of the newly-published Getting Past Perfect: How to Find Joy and Grace in the Messiness of Motherhood. Kate shares beautifully about her own struggles in motherhood, along with what ultimately inspired her to write this important book. Find complete shownotes at


Banish the Winter Blues #059

This week we are talking about the winter blues and some simple ways to combat the feeling of BLAHHHHHHH this time of year. Find shownotes at


Make Your Husband a Better Father #058

This week we are talking about some simple ways to help and support your husband in his fatherhood. We all want our husbands to be the best dads they can be, right? We all want what’s best for our children, right? Well, let’s consider some small steps we can take to encourage our husbands in the important part of their lives. Find complete shownotes at