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God is a big subject -- and many of us are tired of the dogma associated with it. We talk about the issues of the day, including separation of church and state, politics, the so-called culture wars, as well as religion and free thought. Some of our shows feature controversial guests; others focus on spirituality and our attempt to understand humankind's place in the universe.

God is a big subject -- and many of us are tired of the dogma associated with it. We talk about the issues of the day, including separation of church and state, politics, the so-called culture wars, as well as religion and free thought. Some of our shows feature controversial guests; others focus on spirituality and our attempt to understand humankind's place in the universe.
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God is a big subject -- and many of us are tired of the dogma associated with it. We talk about the issues of the day, including separation of church and state, politics, the so-called culture wars, as well as religion and free thought. Some of our shows feature controversial guests; others focus on spirituality and our attempt to understand humankind's place in the universe.




Free Winds or Stagnant Air? The terror continues.

Continuing with their gripping story told on last week’s World Cult Watch podcast, ex-Sea Org members Scott and Karry Campbell return to discuss their experiences with Scientology (see the link for Scott and Karry’s respective backgrounds). Scott and Karry served on the Freewinds, a cruise ship operated by the Church of Scientology where passengers received exclusive training for the highest level of Scientology. Scott was “audited” by Scientology auditors (counselors) to the point of...


Tales from the modern-day prophets ... blood moons and more

Within the New Apostolic Reformation movement and the world of televangelists, eschatology is a hot topic. In this episode of Eye on the Paranormal, host Kirby Robinson will explore the so-called prophesies of modern-day Christian “prophets and apostles” who have their unique perceptions of the End Times. Among other things, Kirby will discuss: Texas megachurch pastor John Hagee’s “Blood Moons” prophecy;What televangelist Jim Bakker is selling these days;Rick Joyner’s alleged heavenly...


Atheist Adventures in the World of Christendom

In this freethought episode, Dave Foda will guide us through the world of Christendom from the perspective of an atheist. Dave has attended numerous Christian workshops, conferences and faith revival meetings led by some big-name evangelicals. From creationism, faith healing, prosperity, Christian dominionism and the "Biblical worldview," be prepared to be entertained and educated. For instance, not all creationists are young earth creationists, and we'll find out about the different...


More bad psychics and their absurdities exposed!

The old adage, ‘The truth is stranger than fiction,’ certainly applies when it comes to the weird, whacky and sometimes fraudulent practices of the professional psychic world. Eye on the Paranormal host Kirby Robinson has been following the antics of the psychic world throughout his professional career, and returns to this topic in this week’s podcast. Picking up from last week’s episode, Kirby will continue to explore bad psychics and their absurdities (visit the link for a list of some...


The 'Great Adventure' of Dianetics

"Dianetics technology can take you on the greatest adventure of your life, a voyage into your mind and the discovery of your true potentials,” reads the official "FAQ" page on the Dianetics sales page. Eevey Tyler and Mark Tordai will join World Cult Watch host Rob Robinson to share whether their experiences with Dianetics technology created “the greatest adventure” of their lives. Among other things, they will share their views on whether Dianetics is a fraud, whether it’s a con based on...


What it means to be a Christian

As they say, all good things eventually come to an end … at least in the earthly realm. Join Timothy Luke this Thursday night for the final program of Born to Win! He will share what it means to be a Christian and where this journey is taking him now. We appreciate Timothy’s wonderful work on the God Discussion Radio Network and wish him well. You can still visit with Timothy at his Born To Win Forum and, of course, catch his archives here at the God Discussion network. Be sure to visit...


Bad psychics (and absurdities) exposed!

Tune in as Eye on the Paranormal host Kirby Robinson exposes the never-ending frauds and antics of the psychic world. In the first of a two-part series, some of the topics Kirby will explore include: Fake gurus exposed by guru busters in India;A lucrative psychic ring is busted by Moscow police;Conducting readings for fraudulent callers causes a psychic phone line “service” to go out of business;Claiming he’s had a psychic premonition, a bus driver abandons kids on the side of the...


Catholicism – A faith rich with tradition and spirituality

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said, “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” For the faithful, the Pope, the successor of Peter as bishop of Rome, is the sure sign that the Catholic Church remains the Church of Christ and His apostles. Rich with tradition and ritual, the Catholic Church has nearly 1.1 billion members worldwide as of 2010. For the seeker of Christ, Catholicism offers numerous approaches to prayer...


What is God? Perspectives from the Deists

All Deists believe that God exists. But what is God? Is God a trinity? A man in the clouds? A deity who gives you direct revelation? A cosmic force? Or an entity that demands obedience? What can we know about God? Join the World Union of Deists in an engaging discussion about the nature of God … and be sure to call with your questions or perspectives! The God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion podcast on the GodDiscussion network is a service of The World Union of Deists, a global network and...


A Look at Paganism

Pagans have been around a lot longer than Christians. And they’re often the derisive target of Christian sermons. Here in the United States, Christian preachers often tie anything they don’t like to paganism. Preaching to his mega-congregation in Texas earlier this month, John Hagee proclaimed, “America is becoming a pagan society; we are in a moral free-fall.” According to Right Wing Watch, Hagee claimed that “Secular humanism is a pagan God … blaming it for everything from drugs and...


Characteristics of Demons

There are plenty of so-called experts on demons, from those appearing on “parareality” television shows to the gaggle of teenage exorcists who travel the world with Bob Larson. A demonologist and paranormal investigator, Eye on the Paranormal host Kirby Robinson has studied the Bible and relied on his investigative experiences to identify what demons are, where they come from, and how to identify them. This is the first of a 2-part series on demons. As a weekly feature, Kirby will also...


The Genesis of evil, demons ... and a look at filthy lucre

Due to last Wednesday’s Congressional vote on the debt ceiling and government shutdown, many Americans were tuned into the news to find out what would happen. For that reason, Eye on the Paranormal with Kirby Robinson was rescheduled to Monday. Kirby will be tackling two big topics in this show: The Genesis of Evil and Demons. Where does evil come from? How about demons? The first book in the Bible, Genesis, describes two creation stories. If you've ever wondered about this, you'll...


Want to be a whisteblower? Exposing crime in the church.

World Cult Watch host Rob Robinson believes there are thousands of victims of crimes perpetrated by members of their faith and that these people are then re-victimized by their religious leaders, the very people they trust to protect them. For instance, a woman who has suffered domestic abuse might approach her pastor, only to be told that it is God’s will for the abuse to occur and that she should not seek help from secular, government services. Please call in if you know of any crimes...


Live from Ireland! Adventures in Ex-Scientology

This month’s “X-Women” show features Pete Griffiths, who joins host Colleen Sautez live from Ireland. Pete is well known in ex-Scientology circles, blogging at Ex-Scientologists Ireland and actively participating in protests. According to the Ex-Scientologists Ireland website, Griffiths ran a mission in Cumbria, in northern England, winning a competition between missions for highest recruitment and sales for his division. His weekly figures eventually petered out. It wasn’t until he heard...


THE BRAIN and Religion, Mysticism & Spirituality

Have you ever had a born again experience? Or thought your “astral body” projected out of your physical form? How about psychic or “near death” experiences? Are these experiences indicative of a soul or invisible self, or are they simply physical experiences that are the product of our brains and biological evolution? Joining us to share their studies about the role of the brain and the subjective, religious/spiritual experiences are Matthew Facciani, Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Candidate...


A look at religious shunning

Religious shunning bars association with people who have been labeled as apostates, whistleblowers, dissidents or anyone the religion perceives as a threat or source of conflict. Rob Robertson’s guest, Janette, has experienced shunning and will discuss this practice and the damage that it can do. After twenty years of involvement in Scientology, she and her husband concluded that the organization was a sham. They left … and were ostracized by the entire Clearwater, Florida Scientology...


Open Line Atheism

We're opening up the lines this podcast, and anything goes.Whether you want to talk about the news, share your thoughts on the atheist community, announce your upcoming events or newly-published books, share your story about becoming an atheist ... or just tell us to go to hell, we have an uncensored discussion this show. Call us at 914-338-0452 or 888-238-8529 or Skype ... we'd love to hear from you. International and domestic calls are free by Skype. Just press the Skype button at the top...


A Personal Journey in Chrstianity

In this podcast, host Timothy Luke shares his story of seeking God from childhood. Along the way and as his parents sought "The One True Church®" that ran the gamut from legalistic organizations and spaceship theology, Timothy formed his own views as he sought the God of the Bible. Timothy candidly shares some of the wounds he received in his church life and how he learned to forgive and go forward in his faith, even receiving Divine healing along the way. Timothy Luke earned a Bachelor’s...


The Harbinger: Prophecy or fiction?

Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future, enjoys an almost perfect 5-star review status from over 3,000 commentators on Amazon. And the big names in Christianity are raving. The author has been a guest on a number of programs, lauded by hosts like Glenn Beck. Cahn’s teachings “are known for their prophetic import and their revealing of the deep mysteries of God’s word,” his biography states (seethe official show page for more...


Freethought in Action: Two Deistic Views on Morality

Freethinkers reject authority and dogma, especially in religion. Freethinkers form their own conclusions, based on reason and logic, not group think. And that’s one of the beauties of Deism, a form of theistic freethought: Deists are not expected to uniformly believe the same things. An example of this involves morality, where the World Union of Deists' Jayson and Tim hold two different views. As Jayson explained last month, he believes that Utilitarianism (the ethical theory that every...