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3 friends talking about how God parents His kids and what that means for us as parents. We also throw in a little movies, sports, TV, music, pop culture, hobbies, politics (if we are feeling brave), etc. because we're just here to have a good time.

3 friends talking about how God parents His kids and what that means for us as parents. We also throw in a little movies, sports, TV, music, pop culture, hobbies, politics (if we are feeling brave), etc. because we're just here to have a good time.
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3 friends talking about how God parents His kids and what that means for us as parents. We also throw in a little movies, sports, TV, music, pop culture, hobbies, politics (if we are feeling brave), etc. because we're just here to have a good time.




The Fear of Death (Ep 24)

Our darkest episode to date! Some unresolved health issues are causing Justin to ask a lot of the classic questions we often ask when we suffer and enlists Jake and Dan to help him process through them. How do we find our hope, peace, and joy in God alone? What do we do if God doesn't feel "real" and "present"? Does God kill people? Can we ever be CERTAIN about what happens after life on earth? What does faith the face of death look like? How should we feel about death? We don't answer all...


Avoiding Conditional Love + Lord Of The Rings with Kent Spray (Ep 23)

Continuing off of last weeks conversation, we get into what we can do as parents to give our kids every reason to believe our love for them is unconditional. Nothing, not their good choices, bad choices, non choices, or sibling's choices can affect our love and acceptance of them, but this doesn't always come across. We need to work extra hard to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. Then at 29:30 we close out the episode with a friendly debate over whether the LOTR books are boring...


No Shame Parenting with Kent Spray (Ep. 22)

We're always on the lookout for intriguing questions to ask so we pull in our longtime friend Kent to throw a couple good ones our way. Should we tell our kids we're proud of them? If so does that create a dynamic of conditional love/approval? What about saying we're disappointed in them? Does that communicate shame and create a performance based relationship? Of course, the question really comes down to is God proud of or disappointed in us? Ways to connect: Leave us a...


Life Is Scary + Broken Engagements, Testicular Lumps, and Hernias, Oh My! (Ep 21)

All it takes is one bad thing happening to us to remind us how helpless we are and tempt us into fear. As children we deal with this fear by (ideally) putting our faith in our parents to take care of everything that could go wrong. Then as adults we often construct in our minds this little world that we feel relatively safe and secure in, but life has a way of knocking over our Jenga tower leaving us longing for something certain in this life. The goal of course is to replace the child-like...


Adoption + Transracial Parenting with Natalie Seitz (Ep 20)

Since we know very little about adopting children we thought it would be wise to bring in a bona-fide expert: our friend Natalie who (along with her husband) have grown their family exclusively through adoption. Now a family of four, they adopted two children domestically and two internationally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to walking through the adoption process herself, she also earned her Masters degree in Social Work, has previously worked in the foster care system,...


Is Loyalty A Good Thing + When Tattling Is Kind (Ep 19)

Is loyalty a value worth instilling in your children? Is God loyal? What does "loyalty" even mean? These questions might be trickier than they seem... For example, what happens when your child's friends are doing something wrong and they appeal to a sense of loyalty to keep them from telling someone? Should they betray their friends or stick with them? How do we balance being there for people through the hard things in life (including their poor choices) with bailing on them to protect...


BONUS CHAT: Disney World vs. Harry Potter World (Ep 18.5)

Who hates Disney world? Well, apparently both Dan and Jake thought they did...without actually going. With Dan returning from a recent trip to the Magical Kingdom, we find the magic of Disney fully took hold as he's apparently been fully converted. He shares about how all of his expectations were exceeded as well as some helpful tips on maximizing your time, saving money, and the perfect age to take your kids. If you ever plan/hope to take a family trip to Disney, don't miss this...


Does God Spank? (Ep 18)

Spanking. The increasingly scrutinized discipline practice that some view as nothing less than psychologically traumatizing, while others would point out: "whoever spares the rod hates their children." Suffice it to say there's a lot to unpack here. We start by sharing our experiences with spanking as kids, discuss our family's current spanking policies, and ask whether or not they think God "spanks" us. We don't start out in total agreement and we don't up there either (surprise surprise)....


Meet The Moms: Love After Babies Pt.2 (Ep 17)

We've been looking forward to this one, only hearing us Dad's talk about raising our kids is like reading the first half of a book, it's can be good and all but getting the whole thing is much better. They give their perspective on romance after kids and hit on some much bigger issues than chocolate and flowers like arguing in front of your kids, the Mom guilt that can come with babysitters, and balancing alone time with family time. They've got some great stuff to say, we know them pretty...


Love After Babies + Valentines Day (Ep 16)

It's that time of year again...when couples try and muster up the energy to show how much they care about each other (oh and Hallmark ensures they make some money in February). In honor of this made-up holiday, we compare the state of romance in our marriages, our plans for Valentines Day, and ask ourselves why God created the desire for the romantic in the first place. You can also look forward to the next episode where our wives will give their take on the same topics. Romance is a two...


Discipline: All The Ways We Screw It Up + The Office vs. Parks and Rec (Ep 15)

Continuing off of last weeks conversation (Why Even Discipline Your Kids?) we get a lot more practical and compare our family's methods of discipline. Definitely not a "How To" segment (every family is different), we get into both things that have worked for us and the ways we most often mess it up. Then at the (35:17) mark we switch things up from parenting to TV and share our initial impressions on NBC's "The Good Place" before a spirited debate comparing the character line ups in "The...


Why Even Discipline Your Kids? (Ep 14)

Discipline is such a crucial part of parenting and, arguably, the aspect containing the greatest amount of landmines. Children's disobedience can frustrate, exhaust, and confound even the wisest and most patient parent. Suffice it to say: it's easy to make mistakes in this area... And that's OK! We're all just here to get better, so we start by focusing on the guiding compass for all discipline decisions: the purpose. Why do we discipline our kids? The same reason God disciplines us. Why is...


Discovering the Power of Prayer with Drew Meyer (Ep 13)

With Dan off in Disney World, we sub in pastor and author Drew Meyer to talk about the power of prayer in family life. If you ever wonder about: ...then you are just like us. Drew's got some great insights, I hope they help you as much as they did us. Check out Drew's new book Discovering the Power of Prayer: 12 Truths that Can Awaken the Church to Pray on Amazon! Intro music- "As Colourful as Ever" by Broke for Free from FMA under CC BY 3.0 Outro music- "Night Owl" by Broke for Free...


Staying Hungry For God When Your Family Life Is Full (Ep 12)

The more connected to and hungry for God we are the better parents we will be, full stop. But how do we cultivate and preserve a sense of wonder and longing for more of God? The guys wrestle with this question and discuss the role community and the Bible play in connection with God. Some memorable soundbites from the episode: "don't pray for a week" and "reading the Bible is (often) pointless" (but wait...context matters). Intro music- "As Colourful as Ever" by Broke for Free from FMA under...


If New Years Resolutions Aren't Fun You're Doing Them Wrong (Ep 11)

If you have tried a New Years Resolution in recent years then you are also likely someone who has failed at your New Years Resolution in recent years. That's about to change. Most people approach their resolutions with a mindset that destines them to fail, don't let that happen to you again by listening to this episode where they guys discuss their perspectives on resolutions that makes them meaningful, achievable, AND fun. Then they share a few of their own, predict how many they will...


Christmas Bonanza + Santa Updates (Ep 10)

The guys go full on Christmas with this one. First they start out with some amusing developments on their family's Santa policy, followed by a brainstorming session on how they can enhance the Christmas experience for their kids. They start by answering the question of how to best incorporate their kids into developing traditions then give their takes on "Elf on the Shelf", Advent activities, best practices for gift opening, the "Christmas Pickle," and more.


The Santa Question + Lying To Your Kids (Ep 09)

We get into the Christmas spirit by debating the value of incorporating Santa as a part of your family's holiday experience. Does Santa steal Jesus' thunder? Will kids become jaded when they find out he's not real? This naturally leads into the question of if/when lying to your kids is good and, as usual, they try to answer that question by asking what God is like. If you haven't decided your family's Santa policy yet or you enjoy a friendly argument among friends, this one is for...


Do Parents Get To Have Fun + Fun Stuff We Like (Ep 08)

As a follow up to the conversation last week (Is God A Fun Guy?), the guys talk about the implications God being fun has on the attitudes and decisions we make as parents. They get into the questions: how much fun is too much fun, how to have more fun in a life filled with the demands of family/parenting/marriage, and why having fun makes you a better parent. Then at about the (38:00) min mark they transition into talking about hobbies, movies, and TV they enjoy and give some...


Is God A Fun Guy + Why Isn't Church More Fun (Ep 07)

You would be hard pressed to find a more universal pursuit worldwide than fun (maybe good food)...but just how fun is God? Typically "fun" is not one of the first few adjectives that comes to mind when we think about God, but what He has to say about it directly impacts how we think about it. To explore the question the guys dive into discussing the Bible's take on fun, whether fun is something believers should care about pursuing, and whether or not fun is spiritual or secular in...


What Is A Good Parent + Kids Are People Too (Ep 06)

How do we assess how well we are doing as parents? There are a lot of things involved in being a good Mom/Dad, but if we're trying to keep things as simple as possible what does it boil down to? The guys share what makes them feel like good parents and what is it about God that makes Him the best at it. Then they share some of the struggles they have with valuing their kids desires, specifically their curious clothing choices. Intro music- "As Colourful as Ever" by Broke for Free from FMA...