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The Godless Heathens Podcast. Join us as we look at the crossroads of religion and politics from the secular perspective.

The Godless Heathens Podcast. Join us as we look at the crossroads of religion and politics from the secular perspective.
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The Godless Heathens Podcast. Join us as we look at the crossroads of religion and politics from the secular perspective.




027 - Post Midterm Election Fallout

This week was the Midterm Elections and there was entirely too much happening for us to take the week off. So we got together to do a special post midterms episode and discuss the repercussions. Between the election results and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III being "voluntold" to resign immediately within 24 hours of the election there's plenty to delve into. Email - Godlessheathens@yahoo.com Twitter - @godlesspodcast - Proudly blocked by Ken Ham!! Facebook Discussion Group -...


026 - Conway, Sessions, and Jews for Jesus

On this episode, in the aftermath of the recent mail bombs sent to prominent democrats and the mass shooting at a Pittsburg synagogue, we decided we would concentrate more on the fallout than the events themselves. We start off with a short impromptu discussion about the upcoming elections, then transition into a discussion about Kellyanne Conway's poor attempt to redirect the blame for the Pittsburg shooting away from her boss to an "anti-religiosity" in pop culture. Next we discuss two...


025 - Atheism is not a Religion

On this episode we start our discussion with a recent Twitter post that attempted to describe what Atheism is by stating what it's not. We also weighed in on the latest UN Climate Change Report by the IPCC that stated our current situation may be worse than earlier predicted, the assassination of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, and the IRS stripping a secular charity of it's tax exempt status. Links: IPCC...


024 - Boofin' with the Kavanator

On this episode we discuss the recent testimony of Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused him of sexual assault when they were both in high school. This episode was recorded prior to Kavanaugh's Confirmation. Email - Godlessheathens@yahoo.com Twitter - @godlesspodcast - Proudly blocked by Ken Ham!! Facebook Discussion Group - https://www.facebook.com/228801104333716/ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/GodlessHeathens - Any help is...


023 - It's Not The Religion, It's The Politics

On this episode we kick things off with a discussion about the current political climate surrounding the Governor's Race in Georgia and it's impact on local businesses including one of Jeff's favorite local micro breweries. Along the way we talk about business we personally boycott and the reasons why, the recent controversial allegations about Brett Kavanaugh, and U2's Bono and his recent statements concerning the Pope and the Catholic Church. We also touch on two topics that many would...


022 - Twitter Bans Info Wars

On this episode we talked about...well what didn't we talk about. We started off by discussing the news that Twitter permanently banned the accounts of Alex Jones and Info Wars and we ended up with idea that Vice President Pence might be the possible source of the recent Op Ed piece in The New York Times. Along the way we hit on Social Media, Brett Kavanaugh, The Good News Club, Mormons, Evangelicals, Mainline Christians, Sunday Assembly, Gretta Vosper, Seventh Day Adventist, and American...


021 - Eight Sips for Eight Counts

Welcome to episode 21! With the Podcast being "old enough to drink" now, we decided to have a brown liquor episode for such a joyous occasion. Our first topic of discussion was about Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen being convicted or pleading guilty to eight counts each. So we each had one sip of Whiskey for each of the eight counts, hence the name of the episode. Our main topic of the show was the recent heart-wrenching Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report on the rampant pedophilia and child...


020 - What Do Atheist Believe In

We all know what atheist don't believe, but what do we believe in? On this episode, we discuss that very topic. We start off with a rant from Jerry about a horrible situation in South Carolina. Before it's all over we discuss "what aboutism", how we define ourselves depending on our audience, and we even get a little philosophical about the soul. Links: Todd...


019 - The Lost Episode, Dragoncon and The Unicorn

So, we had a little mishap down at the old podcast factory. Long story short, this weeks episode didn't save, so poof it's gone. In it's place we're releasing this "Lost Episode", we hope you enjoy it. It was the first time the three of us ever sat down and recorded together. This is about two thirds of the conversation as the first two topics we discussed were interesting and fun and the last third kind of goes off on a meandering path that's less traveled for a reason. First we talk...


018 - All About That (Evangelical) Base

Join us this week as we take a deeper dive into one of Jeff's favorite subjects, 45's Evangelical Base, and how it ties into the current political climate. We stop along the way to discuss the Supreme Court Nominee, pick apart a recent poll conducted by Pew, and getting atheist organized politically to make their presence felt in...


017 - SCOTUS and Civility

On this episode we take a deep dive into the The Supreme Court Of The United States. Our discussion centers around the bombshell announcement that after serving for 30 years, the high courts swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, has decided to resign. Also, what the implications of having 45 name his replacement will be for progressives and the secular community. As you well know, it wouldn't be an episode of the Godless Heathens without a rabbit hole or two. This week, we talk about a 28...


016 - Jeff Sessions, The SBC, And Anti-Theism

One this episode we welcome Jeff back from a much needed vacation just in time to witness our government slipping closer into a Theocracy as U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III cites bible verses in defense of the US deterrence policy of punishing illegal border crossers by separating children from their parents. In an attempt to not play second fiddle to a Keebler Elf when it comes to spouting bible verses, VP Mike Pence gives a speech at The Southern Baptist...


015 - Brother Jesse Needs a New Plane

We're short one Godless Heathen this episode. Jeff is on a much needed vacation, so it's just Jerry and Don this week. On this episode we talk about Rev. Jesse Duplantis and his recent revelation that god has told him to get a new 54 million dollar plane so he can do the lords work without having to stop and refuel as often. We also discuss the top three craziest things said this week by women. Whoa now, we're not being misogynistic, we routinely call out men when they say crazy stuff....


014 - Israel, US Embassy, and Evangelicals

On this episode we discuss the recent move of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the resulting Christian theological implications. We take a closer look at the American evangelical preachers who gave the Invocation and Benediction prayers at the US Embassy Opening Ceremonies. We also deliberate the rise of the Intellectual Dark Web. If that's not enough, along the way, we fall down a rabbit hole on the historicity of Jesus. Telemundo Atlanta Article that Mentioned...


013 - So, What's Your Message

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody, or if you prefer Mexican Cultural Misappropriation Day! We, like most Americans, took advantage of any opportunity available to drink tequila (and a lot of it). First, we have a short lesson on this uniquely Mexican-originated but mostly Non-Mexican celebrated holiday and it's origins. Next, we give a quick shout out to Ed Buckner who has accepted the Interim Executive Director Position at American Atheist in the wake of the recent firing of David Silverman....


012 - Four Twenty

This episode's recording date fell on Friday, 4/20 and we take the opportunity to discuss the recent announcement by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. We also look into the evolving progressive position of some christians when it comes to the legal use of cannabis. But first a quick wrap up of the dismissal of David Silverman by the American Atheist Board and the aftermath of the allegations revealed. Later, we give a shout out to a local leader in the atheist movement that is doing the right...


011 - Recent Atheist Article Roundup

On this episode, we have a discussion about a number of recently released articles pertaining to atheism and the atheist movement. From the Atheist Alt-Right and defining who is and is not on "your team", to the leaders in the movement, and lastly a few so called former atheist authors cashing in with religious books from a position of atheist authority. We wrap up with a light hearted look at some Kentucky license plate litigation and a new blasphemous sweet treat invasion from the Great...


010 - From NaNoCon to The Practical Atheist

On this episode we begin with a wrap up of last weekends Nashville Nones Convention that leads into a conversation about the "Atheist Movement". Where is it heading, who are the leaders and why? We end off with a opinion piece from a Catholic Priest on how to be a more "Practical Atheist". um, what? it sounded like you said... Sam Harris Cell Phone Video: https://youtu.be/_68W43LrQTg Scientific...


009 - The Rise of the Nones and Lawrence Krauss pt2

On this episode, with NaNoCon next weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, we discuss the Deseret News article about the Rise of the Nones as a possible new voting block in American politics if we could only become organized somehow. Lastly we discuss Lawrence Krauss's recently released response to the Buzzfeed article alleging a pattern of Sexual Misconduct on his part that we discussed on episode #008. Deseret News articles on the...


008 - Graham, Guns & Lawrence Krauss

On this episode we discuss the death of evangelist Billy Graham and the legacy he leaves behind. We also take a look at the political fallout after the latest school shooting in Parkland Fl. And, lastly we turn our attention to the recent Buzzfeed article about Lawrence Krauss and the alleged allegations of sexual misconduct. Buzzfeed Article on Lawernce Krauss...