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Music (and Memories) with Dn. Michael Abrahamson

In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks with his long-time friend and evangelical co-conspirator about strolling across the Holy Island of Iona, memories and/of music, and the joy of being in Christ. Enjoy the show!


The Vocation of Lay Theologian: An Interview with Dr. Gayle Woloschak

In this episode, Fr. Anthony Perkins speaks with the Vice-President of the International Orthodox Theological Association, Gayle Woloschak (PhD, DMin.) about the vocation of lay theologian. Gayle is a way-cool scientist and theologian with a life-time of service to Christ and His Church. They talk about why this vocation is not always supported by the clergy of the Church and why they should. Enjoy the show!


Bill Black on the Effects of Dependency on Evangelizing Western Kenya

This conversation with Bill Black, OCMC Missionary to Kenya, was recorded during the International Orthodox Theological Association conference in Iasi, Romania (9-12 January 2019). Bill gave a talk on this subject at the conference and was gracious enough to take time away from the sessions to talk about it for the podcast. Enjoy the show!


Anaxios Gifts: Perfect Presents for the Priests in Your Life

GGWB gave its time in this episode over to its sponsor: Anaxios Gifts! From the Tin-Foil Skufia to a book of feel-good homilies to the "Beards of Love" charity, Anaxios has it all! Tired of acrimonious debates about patriarchal show downs? So were we, so we went double-dog silly on this one. Operators are standing by; enjoy the show!


Fr. Stephen De Young on the Joy of Parish Bible Study

In this episode AFR blogger and podcaster Fr. Stephen De Young talks with Fr. Anthony about parish Bible study, why it is so fun and awesome, why some priests and parishioners are hesitant about it, and ways to draw people in and make the effort sustainable. Fr. Stephen posts his parish Bible study notes here and the recordings here; Fr. Anthony posts his notes here and the recordings here. Enjoy the show!


Advice from an Iconographer

In this episode, Fr. Anthony interviews iconographer Lynette Hull of the Prosopon School ( She shares her thoughts on what happens when parishes compromise on icon composition and style, how missions should prioritize their collection of icons, and why it is important that priests immerse themselves in the production (and not just the study and veneration) of icons. She also shows considerable restraint as she works around Fr. Anthony's (attempts at) humor. Enjoy the show!


Preparing for Evangelism (and other hard times)

Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. John Peck ( about the joys and challenges of North American missionary work and ways that those called to it can get themselves and their families ready for it and the many challenges it - and life - can bring. We talk about the need to get out of debt and how important it is to have an awesome, loving, and mutually supportive relationship with your wife. Enjoy the show!


Parish Life, Confession and the Ontology of the Priesthood

Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harry Linsinbigler (canonist for the UOC-USA) talk about recent blessings at the parish Fr. Harry serves (Protection of the Theotokos in Dover, FL), variations on the sacrament of confession, and the ontology of the priesthood. Listen and find out how relics and myrrh-streaming icons can help a parish's culture, what the differences are between the different prayers of absolution, and whether the priest is just a fill-in for when the bishop can't be at the parish. Enjoy...

Are Some Parish Cultures Toxic?

Parish cultures vary. Some of this variation is wonderful, but what about toxic parish cultures? Fr. Anthony and Fr. Gregory Jensen talk about how priests can cultivate healthy cultures, warning signs that they are doing it wrong, and whether/when it is acceptable and even good for parishioners to find another parish.


Additional Duties as Required (and Vacation!)

Priests don't just serve their parishes, they serve their communities. In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks about a couple of the things that came up recently for him in Allentown, PA. He also talks about how the advice "not to forget where you came from" means different things to different people (and how that is something to celebrate). Enjoy the show!


Summer Camp for Priests, Rituals, and Choosing a Seminary

In this rambling episode, Fr. Anthony makes a plea for family pilgrimages (his uses Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me at All Saints Camp), talks about how he likes to teach dogmatics, and gives some advice on choosing a seminary. Enjoy the show!


Fr. Geoffrey Ready on the Orthodox School of Theology in Toronto

Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. Geoffrey about the Orthodox School of Theology at Trinity College ( and how it trains Orthodox Christian clergy, theologians, teachers, and other co-workers of God to serve. Because of its relationship with the University of Toronto, other local seminaries, and Holy Myrrhbearers Orthodox Mission, it is able to combine serious academic, theological, and practical education. Fr. Geoffrey has a wonderful perspective on ministry that I am sure you...


Dealing with Limitations and the Need for Annual Checkups

Fr. Anthony and Fr. Gregory Jensen talk about how to live with - and even love - your limitations and then begin a discussion on the sorts of things that should be part of our annual check-up. Enjoy the show!


Can the Western Rite help Evangelize America?

Today Fr. Anthony Perkins and Subdeacon and Evangelist Adam Roberts talk about the Western Rite and whether it is capable of becoming an organic expression of a uniquely American Orthodoxy. You can see the films that we talk about at Enjoy the show!


Fr. Gregory Jensen on Personality Types and Spirituality

Fr. Anthony and Fr. Gregory continue their discussion on personalities and the priesthood, focusing primarily on the attributes/predispositions of agreeableness and openness. Along the way they end up talking about Jung, Flannery O'Connor, and Jordan Peterson. Enjoy the show!


Fr. Harry Linsinbigler on Taking Communion, and Ukrainian Autocephaly

In this episode Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harry (UOC-USA Canonist) discuss historical and pastoral variations in taking communion and make a request for charitable discernment when evangelizing (much less judging!) autocephalists in Ukraine. Enjoy the show!


Fr. John Peck and Great Martyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy

In this episode, Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. John Peck, the Dean of Great Marty Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy. Fr. John shares his assessment of the biggest challenges Orthodox parishes face in America and the ways that this new academy seeks to help them face them. The academy is not designed to replace seminary education or compete with traditional Orthodox seminaries. Rather, it is designed to fill a real need Fr. John and other priests have found in their ministries: the equipping...


Healthy Parishes Part Two - Metaphors of Parish Life

Fr. Anthony uses metaphors to help us understand what healthy parishes should and shouldn't look like. This is the second part of a talk he gave at the 2018 Lenten Retreat in Bethlehem PA hosted by the Ukrainian Orthodox League (UOC-USA) and The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America. Enjoy the show!


Healthy Parishes Part One - The Mechanism of Evangelism

Fr. Anthony ones again shares the idea of the pattern of the Logos as the mechanism of evangelism. This is the first part of a talk he gave at the 2018 Lenten Retreat in Bethlehem PA hosted by the Ukrainian Orthodox League (UOC-USA) and The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America. Enjoy the show!


Priests and Parishioners: You Really Don’t Have to Like Each Other

A priest friend of mine likes to say, "We may not have many, but we have them all!" In this episode, I describe some the of the things that make it hard for priests and laity to see eye-to-eye and try to make the case that it really is okay not to like everything about your priests or parishes in order to love, serve, and support them. (Please note that I am NOT defending pathological or abusive parishioners and priests; we deal with those rare situations in other episodes). Enjoy the show!