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Fr. Harry Linsinbigler on Taking Communion, and Ukrainian Autocephaly

In this episode Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harry (UOC-USA Canonist) discuss historical and pastoral variations in taking communion and make a request for charitable discernment when evangelizing (much less judging!) autocephalists in Ukraine. Enjoy the show!


Fr. John Peck and Great Martyr Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy

In this episode, Fr. Anthony interviews Fr. John Peck, the Dean of Great Marty Euphemia Orthodox Theological Academy. Fr. John shares his assessment of the biggest challenges Orthodox parishes face in America and the ways that this new academy seeks to help them face them. The academy is not designed to replace seminary education or compete with traditional Orthodox seminaries. Rather, it is designed to fill a real need Fr. John and other priests have found in their ministries: the...


Healthy Parishes Part Two - Metaphors of Parish Life

Fr. Anthony uses metaphors to help us understand what healthy parishes should and shouldn't look like. This is the second part of a talk he gave at the 2018 Lenten Retreat in Bethlehem PA hosted by the Ukrainian Orthodox League (UOC-USA) and The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America. Enjoy the show!


Healthy Parishes Part One - The Mechanism of Evangelism

Fr. Anthony ones again shares the idea of the pattern of the Logos as the mechanism of evangelism. This is the first part of a talk he gave at the 2018 Lenten Retreat in Bethlehem PA hosted by the Ukrainian Orthodox League (UOC-USA) and The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America. Enjoy the show!


Priests and Parishioners: You Really Don’t Have to Like Each Other

A priest friend of mine likes to say, "We may not have many, but we have them all!" In this episode, I describe some the of the things that make it hard for priests and laity to see eye-to-eye and try to make the case that it really is okay not to like everything about your priests or parishes in order to love, serve, and support them. (Please note that I am NOT defending pathological or abusive parishioners and priests; we deal with those rare situations in other episodes). Enjoy the show!


Fr. Alexander Webster of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary

In this episode, Fr. Alexander Webster, the Academic Dean of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary and a retired Army Chaplain, shares his thoughts on the challenges of the priesthood and describes how Holy Trinity prepares men for it. Enjoy the show!


Finding Gratitude for Parents

In this episode, Fr. Anthony shares some metaphors (enemy, man half-dead, and publican) for understanding parents and then offers some advice on how to serve (and evangelize) them. It presents the main ideas from the talk he gave at the 2018 Youth and Camp Workers Conference in Atlanta, GA. You can find out more information about the conference at their website,


Royal Hours Are for Hungry People

In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks with Fr. Harry Linsinbigler about some lessons learned from the Nativity and Theophany season and why Royal Hours are not celebrated on weekends. In addition to being a parish priest, Fr. Harry is the Canonist for the UOC-USA and prepares its Ustav (liturgical calendar and order of services). Enjoy the show!


The Perfect Pattern and the Royal Priesthood

In this episode, Fr. Anthony uses the image of the pattern (as found in Genesis, Isaiah, the Gospel of St. Matthew, and the Amber series of Roger Zelazny) to help explain our calling to bring the Logic of the Center to the chaos of the edges. Enjoy the show!


Fr. Michael Kon on His Conversion and the Priestly Vocation

In this episode, recorded at the 2017 meeting of the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion, Fr. Michael Kon, a priest of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and a Substance Abuse Counselor, discusses his conversion to Orthodox Christianity (from Judaism) and the lessons he has learned as a bi-vocational priest. Enjoy the show!


How to Hit the Ground Running

In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks with Fr. Theophan Mackey of St. Job of Pochaiv parish in Los Alamos, NM ( He's only been a priest for three years, but he really hit the ground running (glory to God!). In this "live" episode, he shares his experience serving God as a priest (and jack of all trades) in New Mexico. Enjoy the show!


Communication is Key with and at the Kliros!

In this episode, Fr. Anthony Perkins interviews Rdr. David Kessler. Rdr. David is the choir director at Holy Annunciation parish in Berwick, PA and a graduate of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary. They talk about how important good communication is between parish priests and music leaders. Enjoy the show!


Response to Listener: “Has it been worth it?”

In this episode, Fr. Anthony answers a listener's question about whether becoming a priest has been worth it; it has, but the answer is a bit more nuanced. He also offers a solution for choir directors and chanters who serve with tone-challenged priests that works much better than a tuning fork or an organ. Enjoy the show!


The OrthoCuban on BiVocational Ministry

In this episode, Fr. Anthony talks with Fr. Ernesto Obregon ( about the special challenges that come with bi-vocational ministry and the ways we can help our bi-vocational ministers thrive. Enjoy the show!


Patterning Chaos with Heroic Grace

In this talk, Fr. Anthony shares his thoughts on heroism, dragon slaying, and how we can use the power of Christ to tame chaos and bring order to our lives and relationships with others. Enjoy the show!


Fr. Maximos on Bi-Vocational Ministry and Ghost Hunting

Fr. Maximos McIntyre, a ROCOR mission priest in MA, talks to us about the challenges of bi-vocational ministry and shares warnings about ghost hunting. And he knows what he is speaking about; he spent several years as a paranormal investigator working with some of the big names in the field.


Reclaiming Manliness in the Church

In this episode, Fr. Anthony and Fr. Hans Jacobse (American Orthodox Institute) lament a culture that denigrates manliness and talk about how priests (and other manly men) can help boys of all ages tame their passions and become the Christian warriors they were called to be. Note: this conversation includes a frank (but not explicit) discussion about pornography.


Tenth Anniversary Remembrances: Things That Helped Me

In this episode, Fr. Anthony thinks back over the his first ten years as a priest, focusing on the roles perseverance, good role models/mentors, and a healthy marriage have had in redeeming his time as a "baby priest."


Narcissism and the Priesthood

Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harry Linsinbigler (UOC-USA priest and Canonist) discuss the difference between run-of-the-mill pride and full-blown narcissism, how both respond (or don't respond) to Orthopraxis, and the way narcissism poisons the soul and the community. They also call for the Church to be more intentional in keeping narcissists out of seminary and the priesthood, and discuss how we can and should protect ourselves and one another from giving in to the temptation of both pride and...


Learning to Say “No”

Many priests have a problem with committing themselves at a pace that is unsustainable. In this podcast Fr. Anthony and Fr. Gregory Jensen talk about why priests have a hard time saying no and why it is important that it make its way into our vocabulary.