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Spiritual Gifts Faith Stories (Cathie & Cynthia) 2018-11-18 - Audio

We will hear from Cathie Van Benthem and Cynthia Plett as they share, as part of their faith stories, some of their experiences with living out their spiritual gifts. What impact has this had on their lives and those who have been touched by them? There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion following their story presentations.


Spiritual Gifts in Practice(Jan Van Aertselaer) - Audio

This morning, as we continue to reflect on “Spiritual Gifts in Practice”, we are invited to consider our need for a renaissance of wonder in a world plagued by disenchantment. In his time of disenchantment, Job was told to “stop and consider the wondrous works of God”. How do we remain open to the gift of wonder and model that for our children?


Unity in the Church (Kidventure Sunday) 2018-10-28 - Audio

It's a Kidventure Sunday! We're excited to be led by the Kidventure kids and leaders through games, songs, and fun activities. What would the body be like without ears? Or the rainbow without the colour blue? Today Corrie will talk about unity in the church and why God likes it best when we serve him together. "All kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit, and to all kinds of people! The variety is wonderful!” 1 Corinthians 12


Spiritual Gifts Faith stories ( John and Linda Parsons) Oct 21 2018 - Audio

"As a follow up to last Sunday's topic, this morning John and Linda Parsons will share, as part of their faith story, some of their experiences using the various spiritual gifts. Come prepared to express your thoughts and ask your questions. They will take time to comment."


Spirtual Gifts Talk (John Parsons) - Audio

We are excited to have John Parsons speak to us this morning about Spiritual Gifts. As we continue our series, we look forward to centering ourselves in God's teaching about His gifts and we are grateful that John will be sharing that with us.


New Growth New Beginnings Talk (Ray VanderZaag) - Audio

Our meditation this morning is on the Parable of the Sower (Matt 13, Mark 4, Luke 8). This message was originally given by Ray Vander Zaag at the funeral of his father, a potato farmer, as a reflection on the gift and challenge of his father's life. So while it is a testimony given at the end of a life, the themes of seed and soil also relate to us at GNF and our September theme of New Growth New Beginnings. How are we called to produce an abundant harvest in our life and that of the...


New Growth/New Beginnings (Faith Storys) - Audio

September often feels like more of a new starting point than New Year's Day. In Winnipeg especially, there is a significant delineation of the seasons. People often go from 'vacation' mode back into work mode. School starts up again. The days start to get shorter. There seems to be a marked shift in focus for most people in September. With that in mind, for the next three weeks, we will be thinking on the theme of New Growth / New Beginnings. This morning, Cathie Chapman and Krista dela Rosa...


CRC Day of Justice "Brad Woods" - Audio

We'll be listening and sharing around the theme of Justice (today is designated "Day of Justice" by our congregation, the Christian Reformed Church of North America) with guest speaker, Brad Woods. Brad is friend of GNF who has previously visited us in past summers and is an amazing storyteller from, Guelph, Ontario.


June 03 2018 Reconciliation (Faith Storys) - Audio

Stories are powerful. We all love stories, especially ones that give us an “inside look” into someone else’s life. As children of God, we each have a powerful story to tell. Our "Faith Story Sundays" are about sharing how we experience Jesus and the difference he’s made in our lives and, we hope, they can help others discover how they, too, can know God personally. This morning we look forward to hearing from Sam Wells and Daryl Hiebert as they share on the topic of forgiveness,...


2018-05-20 - Audio

This Sunday at GNF we will have a large group discussion time, led by Krista dela Rosa, and will explore the fact that we all have an innate desire for justice – we want others to experience consequences for their bad behavior. However, as we will hear in a video of Wilma Derksen, whose daughter Candace was abducted and murdered in 1984, for those of us who are Christians, we understand that we are called beyond the black and white of justice to love and mercy as well. If you are interested...


2018-05-13 Sermon Style Kasey Vanderveen - Audio

We begin a new series on forgiveness and reconciliation as we rotate through the five different service styles once more. Being reconciled to God is huge, it's the reason I came to Winnipeg. It is the reason I preach the good news. That ALL have been reconciled to God is a huge and exciting story. I often feel as though we Christians in North America don't really fully appreciate the significance of this reality. Most of you know how we were reconciled to God but do you truly know and...


2018-04-15 (Foreigner) Group Discussion Style - Audio

Last week we began a series of five Sundays devoted to the theme of "Foreigners." This Sunday we continue the theme with two videos and a large group discussion time. We'll receive information on current immigration trends and hear from Jenny Yang, the Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief. Then we will join in discussion led by Bob Van Aertselaer as we explore why God has a heart for the stranger; the foreigner, how Jesus demonstrated this love in every day actions, and how...


2018-04-08(Foreigner in a Foreign Land) Sermon Style - Audio

We begin a series of five Sundays devoted to the theme of "Foreigners." As Christians, we, at least we here at GNF, do not advocate for wall building. We advocate for Christ, who, scripture tells us, 'broke down the dividing wall of hostility between two separate peoples in order to make them one people'. The "one" referenced here is God's people or, more pointedly, Jesus' people. It is why God said the foreigners, when they come to worship should worship in the manner he prescribed for his...


2018-04-01(Easter Sunday) - Audio

We have all been afraid at one time or another. We all know what its like to experience angst or even panic. On Easter morning Jesus' friends, family, and disciples all had reason to feel fear, angst, and panic. They must have been asking, “Now what?”. That question has not changed. We, too, need to ask “Now what?”, “What shall we do?”, “What do I do?” Resurrection means “to get up”. Resurrection resists death. It resists just laying around. It resists the predisposition to give up and do...


November 12 2017 - Audio

This Sunday at GNF: Go back to a time when you were about to start something new; something that created some angst and apprehension. It's one thing to launch into something new with all your ‘ducks in a row’, it's another to begin with a serious handicap or disability. Imagine having to continue parenting without your eyesight. Scary, eh? Israel was about to start something new despite numerous disadvantages. They were going in blind. They had to trust that when God led everything would...


October 29 2017 - Audio

We are told that Jesus cast 7 demons from Mary Magdalene. In essence she was a crazy lady; the lady we shy away from or avoid eye contact with; the lady sitting on the sidewalk talking to herself. Today we’d say she has a psychiatric diagnosis of some sort. What ever else has been said of Mary she was definitely considered to be unclean, a sinner, a person to be avoided and even shunned. She ended up being part of a very enterprising group of women who everyone knew were providing financial...


Mary and Martha, A feeler and a doer Oct 22 2017 - Audio

This Morning... We will take a look at Christ’s relationship with two very different sisters, Mary and Martha. One values service and doing while the other seems more content to just be with people. One seems more concerned with fairness and justice while the other is quicker to surrender herself. Yet Jesus loved them both. Many scholars believe that he was very close to the two sisters and their brother Lazarus, that he visited there often and found, so to speak, a second home there. Some...


October 8 2017 - Audio

We look at the last chapter in the gospel of John. It is the story of the disciples going fishing despite being asked by Jesus to remain in the city till the Holy Spirit came. Maybe that’s why they went fishing. Fishing they knew – Holy Spirit, not so much. Maybe they were sitting on pins and needles and could barely handle the waiting. Sounds a little like GNF. We are in a kind of waiting mode with Thursday evenings and the upcoming retreat and wondering about GNF’s future. What is...


Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas - Audio

Today we will be looking at the parable of the Talents. Although "talents" in the context of the parable refers to money it was used by Jesus as a symbol of our faith and the gifts or "talents" that he has blessed us with. The essence of Christ's teaching is simple, "if you don't use it, you lose it". As true as that is in learning a new language or in playing a musical instrument or in keeping physically fit, it is also true in our spiritual lives. Having said that, it is not so much about...


Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas - Audio

We continue our summer series, Parables: Small Stories, Big Ideas. The story of our focus today is the Parable of the Laborers. Many people think that this story is about fairness but in truth Jesus is addressing the fact that his hearers are not really hearing what he is telling them. Picture it.....God came to earth and told stories to people about HIS KINGDOM and all they could think about was their own lives. What is amazing is that God did not leave them in their foolishness, he was, as...