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What it means when we say God is Love - Audio

Easter morning really seems to be the penultimate expression of God's Reckless Love. But have we taken this love for granted? Do we really understand the scope of what it means when we say God is Love? Join us this morning as Krista dela Rosa helps us explore more about how God's Love can change our stories.


The Power of Love - God's Reckless Love - Faith Story - Audio

This morning we continue our series titled: " The Power of Love - God's Reckless Love'. We'll hear John Oudenaar as he shares his Faith Story within the context of the power of God's love.


The Power of Love - Faith Story - Audio

A word we hear repeatedly these days is the word “narrative”, defined as a spoken or written account of connected events. In other words a story. The fact that a good story either heard or read is almost always engaging presents an important consideration. This morning as we hear another in our series of “faith stories” we hope you are encouraged and ready to explore the value of “narrative” in the Christian context. We look forward to hearing Bob Van Aertselaer's faith story this morning,...


'The Power of Love', - Pastor Don Draayer. - Audio

This morning, as we continue with our topic: 'The Power of Love', we will hear from Pastor Don Draayer. Forgetting is an all-too-common reality of human life. Some of what we forget doesn’t matter. Other things we should never forget. God provides helps for us to deal with our forgetfulness in matters that he views of utmost importance; some things he simply doesn’t want us to forget. And he uses very mundane objects to aid our memories of who he is and how he cares for us.


"The Power of Praise" - Faith Stories - Audio

This morning is a Faith Stories service. We are privileged to hear from Susan Slatcher and Jeremy Wells about how “The Power of Praise” has impacted their lives and their faith.


“The Power of Praise” with Leshia Verkerk - Audio

Leshia Verkerk is with us this morning to teach us about our theme, “The Power of Praise”. She will help us continue to explore the importance of psalms and songs of praise to God, not just reading or using them when we feel like it, but as a way to remind and recall to ourselves of God’s past faithfulness, especially when we may be dealing with hardships in our own lives.


Faith Stories - 'Offer what you can, Ask for what you need.' series - Audio

We will hear from Paul Unger and Chris Lorenz as they share their Faith Stories in the context of our series theme, 'Offer what you can, Ask for what you need.'


Jan 13 2019 - “Offer what you can, Ask for what you need” - Audio

Continuing with our theme of “Offer what you can, Ask for what you need” Jayne Vander Zaag will look at two stories in the Bible featuring widows to help us explore how culture and how we view ourselves impacts our ability to offer what we can, and ask for what we need.


Christmas Stories - Audio

This morning, we welcome back our friend, Brad Woods, who will present to us a collection of stories about angels, presents and babies that are either true, sort of true or not true at all. But each one sheds a unique light on Advent, Epiphany and Christmas and as a result helps us see the truth, beauty and power of the season through a new and creative lens.


2018 Dec 2 Baptism Sunday - Audio

Today is the first Sunday of Advent and we will light the Hope candle in preparation for Christmas. We will also be celebrating the dedication of Mira Bulala. Evert Busink, retired CRC Pastor, will be here to conduct the dedication and share a sermon with us.


Spiritual Gifts Faith Stories (Cathie & Cynthia) 2018-11-18 - Audio

We will hear from Cathie Van Benthem and Cynthia Plett as they share, as part of their faith stories, some of their experiences with living out their spiritual gifts. What impact has this had on their lives and those who have been touched by them? There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion following their story presentations.


Spiritual Gifts in Practice(Jan Van Aertselaer) - Audio

This morning, as we continue to reflect on “Spiritual Gifts in Practice”, we are invited to consider our need for a renaissance of wonder in a world plagued by disenchantment. In his time of disenchantment, Job was told to “stop and consider the wondrous works of God”. How do we remain open to the gift of wonder and model that for our children?


Unity in the Church (Kidventure Sunday) 2018-10-28 - Audio

It's a Kidventure Sunday! We're excited to be led by the Kidventure kids and leaders through games, songs, and fun activities. What would the body be like without ears? Or the rainbow without the colour blue? Today Corrie will talk about unity in the church and why God likes it best when we serve him together. "All kinds of things are handed out by the Spirit, and to all kinds of people! The variety is wonderful!” 1 Corinthians 12


Spiritual Gifts Faith stories ( John and Linda Parsons) Oct 21 2018 - Audio

"As a follow up to last Sunday's topic, this morning John and Linda Parsons will share, as part of their faith story, some of their experiences using the various spiritual gifts. Come prepared to express your thoughts and ask your questions. They will take time to comment."


Spirtual Gifts Talk (John Parsons) - Audio

We are excited to have John Parsons speak to us this morning about Spiritual Gifts. As we continue our series, we look forward to centering ourselves in God's teaching about His gifts and we are grateful that John will be sharing that with us.


New Growth New Beginnings Talk (Ray VanderZaag) - Audio

Our meditation this morning is on the Parable of the Sower (Matt 13, Mark 4, Luke 8). This message was originally given by Ray Vander Zaag at the funeral of his father, a potato farmer, as a reflection on the gift and challenge of his father's life. So while it is a testimony given at the end of a life, the themes of seed and soil also relate to us at GNF and our September theme of New Growth New Beginnings. How are we called to produce an abundant harvest in our life and that of the...


New Growth/New Beginnings (Faith Storys) - Audio

September often feels like more of a new starting point than New Year's Day. In Winnipeg especially, there is a significant delineation of the seasons. People often go from 'vacation' mode back into work mode. School starts up again. The days start to get shorter. There seems to be a marked shift in focus for most people in September. With that in mind, for the next three weeks, we will be thinking on the theme of New Growth / New Beginnings. This morning, Cathie Chapman and Krista dela Rosa...


CRC Day of Justice "Brad Woods" - Audio

We'll be listening and sharing around the theme of Justice (today is designated "Day of Justice" by our congregation, the Christian Reformed Church of North America) with guest speaker, Brad Woods. Brad is friend of GNF who has previously visited us in past summers and is an amazing storyteller from, Guelph, Ontario.


June 03 2018 Reconciliation (Faith Storys) - Audio

Stories are powerful. We all love stories, especially ones that give us an “inside look” into someone else’s life. As children of God, we each have a powerful story to tell. Our "Faith Story Sundays" are about sharing how we experience Jesus and the difference he’s made in our lives and, we hope, they can help others discover how they, too, can know God personally. This morning we look forward to hearing from Sam Wells and Daryl Hiebert as they share on the topic of forgiveness,...


2018-05-20 - Audio

This Sunday at GNF we will have a large group discussion time, led by Krista dela Rosa, and will explore the fact that we all have an innate desire for justice – we want others to experience consequences for their bad behavior. However, as we will hear in a video of Wilma Derksen, whose daughter Candace was abducted and murdered in 1984, for those of us who are Christians, we understand that we are called beyond the black and white of justice to love and mercy as well. If you are interested...