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Part of the Faith Strong Today podcast network
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Part of the Faith Strong Today podcast network






Apostle Paul’s Primer on Marriage

The discussion of Ephesians chapter 5 wraps up with the Apostle Paul's thoughts on marriage and what loving our partners has to do with worship. Donna and Kevann discuss whether or not husbands and wives need the same things from each other, brainstorm ways wives can communicate respect to their husbands, and how husbands can meet their wives’ emotional needs.


Apostle Paul on What Light Looks Like

Are we pretending to be better Christians than we really are? In this podcast, Donna and Kevann confess their struggles with being light in the world and explore Ephesians to see what Apostle Paul has to say about it. They discuss authenticity and truth, as well as depression and joy. They also chat about our tendency to be controlled by things other than the Holy Spirit and why we have to be very intentional about the story we’re telling with our lives....


Apostle Paul on How to Give, Receive and Be in the Body of Christ

Donna and Kevann talk about what happens when a body turns on itself, both medically and spiritually, as well as the special abilities God gives us to help with the health of the church. They discuss how only Jesus decides who gets what ability and that they are all necessary to the health of our Christian community. Learn how to navigate hard conversations Christians need have with each other, calling out those who do harm to the body....


Apostle Paul on Supernatural Love and Natural Consequences

Donna and Kevann talk about what it means to experience the uncontainable love of God (described in Ephesians chapter 3) when we don’t even understand it. They discuss how our parents’ imperfect love can break our love gauges and what we can do about that. Unpack with them why God, like any good parent, disciplines us and how even that is an expression of His perfect love.


Apostle Paul on What Would Jesus Do. Seriously.

Donna and Kevann fight thunder, a panting dog, and memory lapse to bring you Paul’s teaching on what it means to be the body of Christ. They wonder about the ways we, as individuals, represent Jesus to the world and how representing Him means being interruptible. Learn how to form the habit of asking the question, “What would Jesus do in this room at this moment?”


Apostle Paul on Games, Rings and Other Things

It's a brand new season of Grow on the Go and Donna and Kevann begin a new series by talking about writing, both their own and the New Testament’s most prolific writer, the Apostle Paul. Paul wrote to a young Gentile church in the Greek city of Ephesus from a prison cell and the ladies focus on the themes of Ephesians Chapter one, including what Jesus leaves for us in His living will, receiving God’s engagement ring, and the fact that no matter the game, God always wins....


Summer Book Club: A Second Honeymoon with the Bible

Donna chats with her friend Karen about why we read the Bible. Do we read it for encouragement, teaching, correction or out of a sense of obligation? As new Christians, we are often very enthusiastic about Bible reading but for some of us, at some point, it becomes more of a chore. For the last episode of the Summer Book Club series, they discuss "How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible" by Keith Ferrin and how to approach the scripture as relational instead of informational....


Summer Book Club: Finding Yourself in Prison

Helene Funk chats with Donna about "Glimpse of Grace: A True Story" by Mary Forsythe to continue the Summer Book Club series. This autobiography shares the journey of a woman scarred by childhood cruelty and sexual assault, whose compassion leads her to reach out to the HIV/AIDS community at a time when people were dying in alarming numbers. Helene talks us through chapters of the highs of success, the lowest of lows in prison, finding faith and true self-worth....


Summer Book Club: Nothing Beyond Hope

In the latest episode of the Summer Book Club series, Kevann and Donna discuss the powerful memoir "Ghost Boy" by Martin Pistorius. Unable to move or communicate in any way with the world outside his own mind, Pistorius' book shows there is a place beyond our body, brain and soul that can’t ever be damaged. Learn how Pistorius' experience proves nothing is beyond hope if we have faith and patience....


Summer Book Club: When Jesus Lives on Your Street

Mike Delamont tells Donna and Kevann about "The Art of Neighboring" by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon, a book he found both convicting and helpful. As a "raging extrovert," Mike didn’t think this book would have a lot to teach him about how to be a good neighbour. He quickly realized that the art of neighbouring means moving your life out of the backyard and into the front yard where you can actually see who lives around you and becoming intentional about being interruptible....


Summer Book Club: A Case of Identity Theft

For the first time on Grow on the Go, both of Donna's daughters, Kevann and Kendall, join her on the podcast to discuss the devotional book "The Forgotten Way Meditations: The Path of Yeshua for Power and Peace in this Life" by Ted Dekker. They talk about freedom from perfectionism, people-pleasing, clinging to roles, and why God is never disappointed in us.


Summer Book Club: Finding Stillness

Inside the blanket fort, Donna chats with her long-time friend Wendy Lowe, Senior Pastor of Next Christian Community. Wendy brings "Survival Guide for the Soul" by Ted Shigematsu to the Summer Book Club series and shares the impact it had on her life, discussing its findings in psychology, neuroscience and culture and how it traces them back to their biblical roots.


Summer Book Club: Soul Maintenance

Krista Marshall brings "The Book of Forgiveness" by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu to the podcast and chats with Donna to continue the Summer Book Club series. They talk about trauma experiences, including experiencing an earthquake and emotional wounding, and how this book has helped them with the process of forgiving. They also discuss four practical steps and hands-on exercises to help us extend empathy to others and embrace healing for ourselves....


Summer Book Club: What Would Love Do?

Donna and Kevann talk about "Love Does" by Bob Goff, a great book exploring the relationship between whimsy and faith. They chat about several life lessons the author has learned through really outlandish choices and circumstances in his life. Through them, he shows us how to engage with God to change the world.


Summer Book Club: The Story of Shame

Donna and Kevann unpack "Post Secret" by Frank Warren, a coffee table book that, in a creative way, surfaces the topic of how to manage the shame we carry. They talk about the difference between guilt and shame, the origin of shame storms and the beautifully intense vulnerability of a whole life confession.


Summer Book Club: Don’t Judge Me

Need some summer reading? This new Grow on the Go series will have some great recommendations! In the first episode, Donna chats with her husband Randy about "Judges for You" by Timothy Keller, a book that changed his mind about the book of Judges in the Bible. While not exactly light summer reading, this book helped Randy go from a pattern of 15 years of avoiding Judges to understanding how it speaks to us....


Baldylocks and the Two Bears

Once again guest host Victoria Erhardt helps Donna unpack a weird—and it really is weird— Bible story. From what seems to be a rogue bear attack, this story is a great reminder of the importance and power of our words. It also teaches us that bad things happen when we fail to honour the Lord’s anointed.


When Skeleton’s March: Ezekiel’s Strange Assignment From God

Donna's niece Victoria joins the podcast to discuss the latest Weird Bible Story in the series: Ezekiel’s strange assignment of preaching to a valley full of bones. These aren’t fresh bones, either, they’ve been here a while. Ezekiel follows what seem to be ridiculous instructions from God and, as a result of his obedience, we find a message for the future of Israel and a call to life for individuals and the church....


When You Need a Time Out

How can you talk about weird stories without discussing Jonah and his encounter with Jaws? As Kevann and Donna work through this remarkable story they talk about the limits of miracles, the limits of love and, as Christian, the ways the mission we often try to avoid is really the same as Jonah’s.


When You Have a Bad Hair Day

Donna and Kevann have a few laughs at the expense of King David’s son Absalom. His arrogance and entitlement drove him to do some terrible things and resulted in the ultimate bad hair day. This Weird Bible Story shows us how being unaware or uncaring of how our entitlement affects others and can ruin our own lives as well.