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Part of the Faith Strong Today podcast network
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Part of the Faith Strong Today podcast network






Glamping and an Intentional Encounter with Satan

Why did Jesus head into the wilderness and purposely subject himself to deprivation and temptation? In this Grow on the Go podcast, we look at Jesus’ extreme camping trip and why it remains such an important lesson. We also talk about glamping (glamorous camping), which, admittedly, is a bit more appealing.


An Intentional Encounter at the Jordan

Jesus had all kinds of spontaneous interactions with people. But there were certain people that Jesus met up with in a very deliberate way. In this episode of Grow on the Go, we’ll look at is His encounter with His cousin John the Baptist. John’s baptism was all about repentance. Since Jesus never sinned, why was he so determined to be baptized? Kevann and I discuss four reasons that you might consider too.


Intentional Encounters: Big Encounter with a Little Man

We are excited to start a new series called Intentional Encounters. We talk about the times Jesus seemed to go out of his way to interact with one individual. In this episode, that person is Zacchaeus. A little man with a big wound. As we look at the story we ask the questions: • Why did Jesus seek out this individual? • What did he say that resonated with this person? • What did he communicate to the crowd who witnessed the encounter? • What is he saying to us through it, all these years...


One More Thing: Choosing the Right Approach to Life

We are wrapping up the lessons of our 10 Smart Things Women Can Do to Build a Better Life series in this Grow on the Go podcast. We explore the difference between an "expedition" approach to life and a "diversion" approach. And that comes down to intentionality. Listen in and gain the freedom to live the life Jesus meant for us.


Rags, Riches, and Romance with God

The 10 Commandments weren’t designed to help us be good. They were designed to show us there’s no way we can be. We don’t need to just clean up our act to please God. We need a whole new act. In this week's Grow on the Go podcast, we talk about the connection between human romance, our relationship with God, and how loving Jesus, not merely obeying Him, helps us grasp grace.


Perfectionism, Approval Addiction, and Grasping Grace

What does trying to be a good person get you? Besides a nervous condition... not much. Kevann and I share about our own fear of failure and rejection, and the way grasping grace gives us the freedom to fail, grow, and experience peace.


What’s with the Cross?

Imagine hanging a little silver guillotine around your neck. What a weird thing it is that Christians place such importance on a symbol of torture. But there is something mysterious and wonderful about the way the intersection of two beams can teach us the nature of God and His unrelenting love for us. In this Grow on the Go podcast, Kev and I discuss how embracing the truth of the cross can bring incredible healing to even our deepest wounds.


Redemptive Relationships: Everyone Needs Someone

It wasn’t just our relationship with God that went south in the Garden of Eden. Our relationships with other humans became tainted as well. Even though relationships are often the source of our deepest wounds, we still need them. In today’s podcast, Kevann and I talk about how the Bible teaches us the way to plug in to redemptive relationships in a healing way. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Peace of God and Peace with God: What’s the Difference?

In this podcast, Kevann and I discuss what the Bible teaches about peace and how we can actually live calmly in the eye of the storm. I talk through how to pray Philippians 3:6-7 to practically claim the "big peace" God promises to those who know Him. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Live Calmly in the Eye of the Storm

Women are told we can have it all, but is that really what we want? Everybody has stress. Everybody has limits. Kevann and I talk about our own stress, how we each cope with it, and what Jesus said that can make all the difference. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


It’s Not About the Dot: Conquer Discontentment

There is a sense in which God has deliberately made us discontent. Medicating that sense of longing gets us into all kinds of misery. Kevann and I chat today about what it really means that eternity is planted in our hearts. Our longing for what life was meant to be is what reminds us this is not it! Grasping that can help us conquer discontentment. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Comparison Kills: The Secret of Being Content

Selective comparison is the enemy of contentment. In today’s podcast, Kevann and I talk about our own struggles with body image, life phase, and other playgrounds of discontentment. The media and actually our entire culture invites us to long for what we don’t have and by default, fail to appreciate what we do. But sometimes, the very thing we complain about is a by-product of having so much. Perfection isn’t real. What is real is that we can conquer discontentment by locking onto what the...


Accept Yourself: Cowards, Criminals, and Other Failures

Kevann and I continue our personal reflections on self-acceptance and look at two more cornerstones of Biblical self-esteem. What does our autonomy and Jesus’ obedience say about our real value? Listen and learn how Jesus’ words and actions reveal the amazing truth about who you are. You’ll also gain a rare glimpse into Kevann’s journey in this very vulnerable exchange. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Accept Yourself: Splotches and Blotches are Intentional

In this first episode of season three on Grow on the Go, Kevann and I resume our discussion of my book 10 Smart Things Women Can Do to Build a Better Life. After a chat about other season finale cliff-hangers, we tackle the first of three cornerstones we can build our self-esteem on. We share pretty honestly about the messages that have messed us up and how a new definition of DNA can change the way we engage the world. Share Your Faith Join our Christian community on Facebook, Twitter, and...


Catherine Storing: Journaling Your Way Out of the Past

Today’s guest author, Catherine Storing, is a writing coach among many other things. Her work caught my eye because she teaches on the practice of journaling.


Ruth Chou Simons: Words, Art, and Seasons of the Heart

Meeting Ruth Chou Simons has me totally geeking out about art, words and seasons. It is kind of amazing how many things Ruth and I have in common: our love of art, writing, and even our publisher!


Lynn Cowell: What Sister Wives Teach Us About Confidence

In today’s podcast, I meet fellow author Lynn Cowell to talk about her new Bible study on confidence. We chat about confidence and why that’s a topic she wanted to tackle.


John Van Sloten: What Walmart Greeters, Nurses, and Astronauts Tell Us about God

In this podcast, I host pastor, professor, and writer John Van Sloten in the studio. Together we discuss his new book Every Job a Parable which, by the way, was a heart and mind-expanding read.


Resolve Relationships: It’s Not Okay

Choosing to forgive someone doesn’t mean that what happened to you is okay. It means you are evicting an unwelcome tenant (pain) from your life.


Resolve Relationships: The Shape of Justice

Forgiveness is so terribly hard because we have a strong sense of right and wrong. We want wrongs to be righted. Learning to let someone off our hook means we need to understand that God holds justice in His hands, and He is always just.