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Joseph and God's Will

In order to see how we can be within God’s will while feeling like we are way outside of it…we need to go back to a familiar story…the story of Joseph and his brothers as relayed to us in Genesis chapters 37-50. As we know, Joseph was the next to youngest son of Jacob…and one of his 12 sons who would later go on to become the 12 Tribes of Israel. That’s not all we know of Joseph. We know two other very important things. First, that God would put Joseph into such a place of power that...


GPR 23 Job week 3 - Fiction | Contradictions | Gone with the Wind

WEEK THREE Reading- Supplementary Reading- Questions to ponder: 1. Why did God basically ask Satan the same questions He asked in chapter 1 (a)? 2. What was God trying to say to Satan by emphasizing Job’s perseverance? 3. What did God say about the idea that He had allowed these things to happen to Job as punishment for sin on Job’s part (b)? 4. What are we to make of Satan’s continued desire to bargain with the only omniscient Being in the universe ()? 5. What prohibition did God place on...


Something God Cannot Do?

Did you know that contrary to popular belief…God cannot do anything? That idea is a consistent misunderstanding among a great number of both Believers and non-believers. It is not uncommon at all to hear many people say: You know…God can do anything. And though I believe that most people understand the crux of the statement when it is made, it is not, biblically speaking, completely accurate. And with most things…being almost right nearly always leads to being significantly wrong. What do...


GPR 22: Job Study - Chastening vs Punishment | God vs Satan | Questions

Reading- JOB 1 1-22 Supplementary Reading- John 5 1-9 Questions to Covered: 1. If God is omniscient, why did God ask Satan where he had come from ()? 2. What was the real meaning behind Satan’s answer (see )? 3. Why did God mention Job after Satan’s answer ()? 4. In , Satan gives us his philosophy of humanity as it relates to God. What in essence is Satan saying about humanity’s relationship with God? 5. What prohibition did God place on Satan with regards to what Satan could do to Job ()?...


The Garden and God's Grace

When God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden…it was not to administer punishment…but to bestow grace? We are all very familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. After God created them in perfect circumstances under perfect conditions, it was not long before a serious problem arose. In fact, it was the most serious problem the world ever had or ever will encounter. God provided a literal paradise for Adam and Eve full of anything and everything they could have possibly wanted or...


Mephibosheth a Picture of Grace

One of the most precious and important pictures of God’s grace, mercy and salvation involves a man that most people…including most Believers…have never heard of. The man I am referring to is named Mephibosheth…and if you know who he is…give yourself extra credit. Most folks have never heard of him and as such…have never heard how much he…is very much like us. Mephibosheth is first introduced to us in the Book of 2nd Samuel. It is an interesting introduction. We are told a few very...


GPR 021: Job Study Intro | Presuppositions | Questions

WEEK ONE Reading: Job 1:1-22 Supplementary Reading: John 9:1-12, Matthew 19:16-30. Questions discussed 1. Why do you think God went into such detail about Job’s character? 2. How does God portray Job as a father? 3. Why does God tell us how wealthy Job is? 4. In, why does Jesus answer the Rich Young Ruler’s question with a question? 5. What is the significance of the question Jesus asks the Ruler? 6. What incorrect presupposition did the Ruler have that Jesus had to correct? 7. In the...


GPR 020: A Failed View of God's Word | Dangerous Spouse

In this final episode of our Mile Wide and an Inch Deep series, we discuss the how an erroneous view of God's word will lead to an improper view of salvation. Followed by a discussion about marriage stemming from the question, "Is your wife the most Dangerous person on the planet"?


5MT 001: Unbinding Lazarus

Did you know that, as readers of the Bible, we can become so fixated on God’s miracles that we often miss the important teachings related to those miracles? Stick around and we’ll talk about it…here on 5 minutes of truth. We all love a good miracle. The Bible is full of such events that show us both the all powerful command God has over everything…and the all powerful love He has for us. Even today, Jesus is probably best known in the world for the various miracles He performed while He...


GPR 019: A Failed View Of Evangelism | New Toy

Continuing our series A Mile Wide And An Inch Deep Dr. Danny discusses "A failed view of evangelism" How the church has let the world influence the way it does evangelism. This book was mentioned by Danny.


GPR 018: Failed View Of Thinking | Mushrooms

Dr. Danny and Robert discuss the worlds flawed thinking and more. The Fallacy Detective book mentioned in the show


GPR 017: A Failed View of Trust | Crap the world teaches about Marriage

- Dr. Danny Purvis and Robert Houghton discuss what it means to be a “mile wide and an inch deep” and how the "Seeker Sensitive Movement" reduced the average Christians depth of the knowledge of God. -"Crap" the world teaches about marriage! Check out our new blog series about marriage at Email us at


GPR 016: Special Guests from Renew The Arts, Boundaries of Christian Art and Consumption

Special guests Justus Stout and Michael Minkoff from Renew The Arts join us to discuss liberating Christian Art. Dr. Danny and Robert Discuss boundaries of creation and consumption of Christian art.


GPR 015: Favorite questions, Worry, Samaritan People, Bad Analogy using Oscar the Grouch

Review of our favorite questions from our 90day Q/A series. A Biblical perspective on Worry. Who are the Samaritans? Danny rejects Robert analogy Shoutouts Giveaways Call and leave a voicemail at 407-494-2776 Giveaway: If you are a listener to the show send me an email to to get free access to Right Now Media. Thousands of free video Bible studies for you! Free from us for the next week! More info at The show had some technical...


GPR 014: Revelation, Popeye, Eschatology and more!

Revelation Q&A. Popeye? Eschatological views and more! QUESTION ONE: In Revelation 8:3-5 11:1 mentions an altar in Heaven 4 times. Dr. Danny previously talked about how there is no need for an altar in Heaven as Christ was sacrificed once for all who wou


Episode #13



GPR Episode #12 New Name, New Ministry, New goals.

We unveile our new ministry name and logo. We discuss the greater vision of the ministry. Followed by some awesome Q&A from our support group.


Episode #11

Bible Support Group Weekly Live Q/A Session #11 Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis answer questions related to our 90day Bible reading program. This session covers questions from Hebrews and 2nd Timothy. Watch us LIVE every week at 8pm EST on our Facebook page.


Bible Support LIVE Q&A Show #10

WEEK TEN QUESTIONS 1. What in the world does Paul mean when he says women should be silent in the church? 1 Timothy 2:8-15. 2. Is that why some denomination do not have women deacons…and how does that fit with 1 Timothy 3:1-13? 3. How does Paul say that the Law is good…when he seems to say in other places the exact opposite 1 Tim. 1:8-11. 4. In Col. 2:20-23 Paul seems to point out the shortcoming of the Law…and legalism…why is this important? 5. Philippians 4:6-7…what does having this...