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GPR 45: Trivia! Misconceptions about the Nativity Story

Listen as Robert fails miserably at obscure Bible trivia. Learn and laugh on this episode of Growth Project Radio


GPR 44: Genesis 10-12

Is there a price to pay for sin? What exactly does Grace cover? What is the purpose for the genealogy in Genesis? In this episode of Growth Project, Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss the consistent pattern God uses throughout the Old Testament. What was so special about Nimrod? What was all the fuss about Babel? Why does God choose to use us? What was the covenant between God and Noah? And what was so special about Abraham!? Imagine the discussion between Abraham and Sarah when...


Rahab: The prostitute in Jesus family tree

Did you know that Jesus family tree actually includes a Gentile prostitute? Find out more in this episode of Five Minutes of Truth. Family is a funny thing. These are the people we care about the most, but who can also drive us completely insane at times. But one of the most interesting aspects about family is how those who existed well into our past might have an impact on us today. For example, when I was a kid it was quite common to hear a person brag about the fact that one of their...


Thanksgiving Special

What is the religious significance of Thanksgiving? What was the original intent? Thanks to whom and for what? How does it reflect our relationship with God? How do you define sin? Join in on this episode of Growth Project and hear some interesting fun facts and Biblical perspective regarding the 1st Thanksgiving and some behind the scenes stories from back on that original day! Another fun fact-filled episode of Thanks!!


Jesus Calms a Storm

When Jesus calmed the dangerous storm on the Sea of Galilee, that He not only was protecting His disciples but also explaining salvation to us? Stick around and we’ll talk about it, here on five minutes of truth. Most of us are probably familiar with one of the most famous of all of Jesus’ miracles…the calming of a storm that was threatening to destroy the boat He and the disciples were sailing in. Most of us, however, may not be as familiar with the picture He was trying to paint in the...


GPR 042: Genesis 7-9

What is "Christianity" Is there a "to do list" for us in order to be a "Christian"? What happens if we stop believing in God? In this episode, Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss Genesis, Chapters 7-9 (partially) from a Biblical standpoint. What were the plagues all about anyway?? What did the people do when Moses was at Mount Sinai? Why didn't God just not make sin? Can God do everything and anything? The answer may surprise you! Just on a side-note, do you know how old Noah was...


Woman at the well

Did you know that we can get so busy doing what we think God wants us to do, that it is extremely easy to miss what He actually wants us to do? Stick around and we’ll talk about it, here on 5 minutes of truth. Most of us, if not all of us, are very familiar with one of the most moving and powerful interactions Jesus ever had with a person when He walked on this planet. It happened just outside of a town called Sychar in Samaria and it involved a person who probably just wanted to be left...


GPR 041: Halloween Special

What does scripture say about participating in Halloween? Why did Paul write the book of Galatians? Is there any harm in dressing up on Halloween? Where did Halloween originate and what was its' purpose? What scripture can we go to to find answers regarding celebrating such events as Halloween? Listen to tonight's show! Robert Houghton and Danny Purvis share scripture that will ease your Halloween inquisitive mind! Find out an "in a nutshell" answer tonight! Now... Let's eat candy!


GPR 040: Genesis 4-6 Cain-Noah

How bad IS sin? Why is sin a threat to mankind? Is there anything inherently wrong with a woman desiring her husband? What does that even mean!? According to Gods Word, what is the husband's role in the household? How did "The Fall" affect marriages? Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss these topics and expound on Biblical explanations behind "The Fall" Where did Cain get his wife, anyway? How were those first people created? How did pre-Christ times differ from those after His...


GPR 039: Intro to Genesis

What is so important about Genesis? Genesis is made up of 50 JAM PACKED Chapters! It is crucial we "get" the first three chapters to "get" the entirety of The Bible "right". What two books of the Bible start with "In the Beginning"? God created the world in six days? Literally or Figuratively? What same phrase is repeated over and over again in Genesis? Listen in tonight as we delve into the first three chapters of this fascinating creation story! What does God have to say to Moses about...


A Miracle to hide Jesus?

You probably know that while on this planet, Jesus performed many miracles designed to show people Who He really was. But did you know that one time He performed a miracle to hide His identity? Stick around and we’ll talk about it. Here on five minutes of truth. There are a myriad of reasons why Jesus performed miracles while He walked on this earth more than 2,000 years ago. He did so to prove that He had been sent by the Father. He did so to show His power over the natural and supernatural...


GPR 038: Social Justice According to Philemon

"Social Justice" What is the Church's role in "Social Justice"? Is "Social Justice" presupposed? Are we supposed to be involved in "Social Justice" in a formal way? As a believer, is one of our goals to transform the culture? Did Jesus come for the purpose of transforming us culturally? Are we, as believers, supposed to want justice for society? What does God's Word have to say about this? What does God want us to do as believers? Listen to tonight's show!! Sooo many juicy tidbits! You won't...


GPR 037: Commentary on Social Justice and a special guest appearance by Dr. Mike Chandler

What do we mean by "Social Justice"? What is the idea behind "Social Justice"? Can you place trust in "Social Justice"? What does the Bible say about "Social Justice"? What was the moment politics was instated? What are the two goals of politicians? Do we have your attention!? Join us in this episode of Growth Project and hear Dr. Danny Purvis, Dr. Mike Chandler and Robert Houghton as they expound on this controversial subject of "Social Justice". You'll be glad you did! Growth Project...


The Armor of God (Growth Project Radio)

Growth Project Radio Preview. This episode is a snippet from Dr. Purvis' other podcast Growth Project Radio. Its broadcast Live at 8pm EDT on our Facebook page. You can also find it on all podcast providers or visit for more information.


GPR 036: Special Guest Dr. Mike Chandler

Adoption and Expository preaching with Dr. Mike Chandler and Dr. Danny Purvis. Dr. Mike Chandler joins host Dr. Danny Purvis to discuss his new book on expository preaching and to learn about how his family became a cross-cultural adoption advocate and youtube vlogger. Visit Dr. Mike Chandlers Website Family Channel


Moses and Water From a Rock

Did you know that God did not allow Moses to cross over into the Promised Land because Moses wouldn’t talk to a rock? Well…there’s a lot more to it than that. Stick around and we’ll talk about it, here on 5 minutes of truth. There are a lot of people in the Bible that we have a tendency to feel some sympathy for. Whether it is because of their circumstances or the cultural consequences of their call by God, we often view many of the people involved in God’s redemptive history...


GPR 035: Ephesians discussion | ch 6 | Submission and the Armor of God

Tonight Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis will be teaching and discussing sound doctrinal truths including but not limited to Complimentarianism and Egalitarianism as we discuss Ephesians Chapter 6!! What is the basic presupposition of egalitarianism? Is it in the church? What does God have to say about our roles as husband and wife? What is the sound biblical meaning of submission in a marriage? How does doctrine lead parents to discipline their children? How does it help us to be...


Jesus and the serpent

Did you know that Jesus once compared His crucifixion to a brass statue of a serpent attached to a metal pole in the middle of the desert? Stick around and we’ll talk about it…here on 5 minutes of truth. One of the most interesting elements of the four Gospels is how each Gospel is unique in its own way. Though they essentially tell the same story, each of them have their own unique characteristics that differentiate them from the others. But of all of them, the Gospel of John is by far the...


GPR 34: Special Guest Coleen Sharp of Theology Gals Discussing Biblical Submission and the Role of Women

How does God instruct husbands and wives to submit to each other? What rules and guidelines apply theologically? What are some of the worlds and some believers presuppositions about submission and how has it been misunderstood? Who does God call to lead the family and church? What is God's intention regarding submission and what does submission even mean!? How does it work? Also in tonight's discussion, we have the great pleasure of speaking with Coleen Sharp of Theology Gals. She touches on...


GPR 33: Ephesians discussion | ch 4 | unity based in love | defining love | knowing God

Ephesians 4 How does Works fit in with Unity? What are the steps involved? What does Love have to do with Unity? What do you think is one of the biggest mistakes we make in our marriages? Do you think love is based on a feeling? What would you say love is based on? Who does God tell us we need to love? The answer may shock you! Find out how we get that ability. What do you think the difference is between knowing God vs knowing about God? Tune in for some lively discussion on these facts and...