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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.

A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.


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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.






How To Use Your Resources For God

The woman died all alone at the age of 71. Because she had not seen a physician recently, the coroner was called to determine the cause of her death. “Malnutrition,” was the verdict. The little lady’s weight was only 50 pounds. Neighbors said that she had begged food from them, sometimes going door to door. The local outlet of the Salvation Army knew her. That’s where she had bought her clothes—all second-hand, of course.


Does My Giving Make A Difference?

"Why should we be concerned about poverty in Africa or the plight of the homeless? We didn't cause the problems that confront people there, so why should we give?" challenged one person who seemed to feel that what happens somewhere else in the world should be left to someone else to solve.


What Does It Mean To Have Fellowship?

Have you ever had the experience of feeling that you are the "odd person out?" You have to attend a professional meeting or something you feel you should attend but would prefer to skip it. But you can't. You have to attend. Others stand around talking, laughing, and conversing, but you stand in the back of the room alone and intimidated, looking for the exit, thinking only about getting out. What you really want to do is escape, and as fast as possible.


How To Work Through Problems In Your Life

When you are only five feet three, and someone who is six feet five towers over you, you quickly learn what intimidation is, especially when the giant leans over you and threatens you. We'd much prefer enemies about our own size, giving us an equal chance; but of course, life isn't always fair.


Why Are Problems Good?

A Sunday school teacher, trying to impress the boys in her class, told the story of David and Goliath. In the class was one boy with an attitude. He thought he was pretty tough himself, so the teacher stressed how big Goliath was, picturing him as so big and tall that he would have dwarfed Yao Ming, the seven-foot five giant of a basketball player—China's import to the Houston Rockets at the time.


5 Gifts Seniors Offer

A senior citizen, eyeing a parking spot that had just been vacated at a mall, was slowly backing up his aging luxury car, to get room to maneuver into the spot when a teenager in a small, red sportscar came from the other direction and zipped into the spot. Jumping over the side of his little car, the youth called out, "That's 'cause I'm young and fast." The old man revved up his engine and plowed ahead—straight into the little sportscar folding it up like an accordion. Then, turning to the...


3 Guidelines To Dealing with Panic-Driven Decisions

Haste is the parent of nine-tenths of our mistakes! Do you believe that? If you question that fact, think back on some of the wrong turns in life which you took, decisions that you made without thinking through the consequences. Those panic-driven decisions are the choices which we live to deeply regret.


Learn About The Act Of Caring

Doug Nichols describes it as "what seminary can't teach." It's one of the lessons learned in the school of experience which is otherwise described as "the school of hard knocks." In 1967, Doug, who founded a Christian ministry known as Action International Ministries, was serving as a missionary in India. When he contracted tuberculosis, he was eventually sent to a sanitarium to recuperate.


Give Your Stress To God

John Redman tells the story of a farmer who came to town and asked the chef of a new French restaurant if he could use about a million frog legs. "Oui!" he responded enthusiastically, but he quickly asked, "Where in the world would you find so many frogs?" "I have a pond at home that is filled with them," replied the farmer, adding, "they drive me crazy night and day."


What To Do In Times Of Trouble

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen," begins an old song, but today the words might be more accurate: "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows but my best friend, my neighbor, my mother, my dentist, and some woman I sat next to on the bus yesterday."


Give Your Pain To Jesus

The distinguished French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir was afflicted with arthritis that gradually crippled his hands. Little by little his hands became gnarled and twisted, and it became increasingly painful to just hold a brush. Anyone who has been strong and then has had pain begin to cripple him can relate to what Renoir went through, but Renoir's pain didn't go away with a few aspirin. Eventually holding a brush became a painful challenge. At last, the arthritis put him in a wheelchair...


Stop, Think and Pray

Have you as a parent ever felt like giving up on a teenager when he turned his back to you and God and went the route of the Prodigal? Then today's devotional is just for you. Is it possible for a parent to separate behavior from acceptance? Not only is it possible, it is absolutely necessary. Sooner or later almost every parent has to say, "Look, kid, I love you, but what you are doing isn't ok. You reject the behavior, not the person.


What Does Real Love Look Like?

"There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer; no disease that enough love will not heal; no door that enough love will not open; no gulf that enough love will not bridge; no wall that enough love will not throw down; no sin that enough love will not redeem. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook, how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake, a sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all...If only you could love enough, you...


Begin Loving Others Without Expectations

Florence Allshorn was a missionary sent to Uganda by the Church Missionary Society long before the advent of jets that span oceans and continents before the sun rises and sets. A number of missionaries had been there before Florence, but all of them had given up and come back home. The problem wasn't the climate or the cockroaches. Neither was it the headhunters or unfriendly natives to whom missionaries, especially female ones, were quite a novelty. The real problem was the senior...


Start Experiencing Jesus’s Love

An amazing thing about the human body is that it tends to reject anything that is foreign to it. Take a splinter, for instance, which has worked its way under your skin as a thorn did my thumb when I was pruning my roses. Unable to dig it out with a needle, I said to myself, "I'll just let nature take care of it," and sure enough, it was sore for a few days and then the surface around the thorn toughened as the flesh began to isolate the foreign object. In a few days, the thorn worked to the...


How Do I Know God If God Values Me?

One of the marks of affluence in Russia today is the vast network of hastily constructed metal storage sheds which look like corrugated matchboxes just large enough to hold a car or protect building materials from greedy eyes. With no windows and a large padlock, these storage sheds become a virtual prison for anyone unfortunate enough to be inside when the door closes.


Here’s How To Find Closure and Healing

Item #1: A busload of Korean mourners gathers at the spot where the giant 747 crashed. They sprinkle flowers on the barren, desolate ground and offer prayers. Item #2: A father kneels by the grave of his 21-year-old son and cries, "I never got to tell you how proud of you I have been and how much I really loved you." Item #3: The family of a young woman whose daughter was abducted as she drove home late one night wants to watch the grim execution of the alleged murderer.


Start Seeing God’s Blessings

When a certain businessman bought an Italian sports car known as a Lamborghini, he phoned the local parish priest and asked him if he would bless the new vehicle, which was no small investment. Hesitatingly the priest asked, "Just what is a Lamborghini?" That was it! "Well, if you don't know what one is, I don't think your blessing would amount to much," the man replied, and hung up. Then he called a Baptist preacher and asked him if he would bless the sports car. The pastor immediately...


How Does The Holy Spirit Fit Into My Plans?

Business journals and MBAs are convinced that strategic planning is important, a vital key to success; and no thinking person would deny the importance of knowing where you want to go and having a plan to get there. But for the business person who takes the promises of God's Word at face value and is serious about making God his senior partner, is business success simply a matter of finding out what the need is and how you can fill it? Where does the leadership of the Holy Spirit fit into...


Do You Have A Plan For Your Life?

Years ago, an immigrant succeeded the hard way. He worked long hours, made the customer feel important, and was sensitive to the needs of those who came to his shop. All of his hard labor paid off, and determining to give his son more than he had, he saved and sent the youth off to college.