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A casual and practical conversation on living out Christian Faith with passion and impact.


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A casual and practical conversation on living out Christian Faith with passion and impact.




08:From Worthless Thinking to a Renewed Mind

In Romans 1:20-21 Paul talks about how failure to give God glory and to show Him gratitude leads to worthless thinking. Then in Romans 11:33- 12:2 he calls us to renew our mind. In this podcast we learn the keys to move from worthless thinking to a renewed mind. Click here to watch on YouTube How can I pray for you this week? – Click to Send me your prayer request Music by DanoSongs Recorded and Edited with Audacity


07: Don’t Just Make Annual Goals - Take Advantage of What you Already Have

Goals are important but if we are not careful, we will put so much focus on a future destination that we miss out on our present moment. Most likely, our life has provided enough skills and faith for the here and now. In this episode I discuss the importance of taking advantage of the skills, knowledge and faith we already have. Scripture References: Quotes are by the What's In your Hand: God's Unexpected Answer Devotional by Hope International YouTube Video mentioned by Tiffany Byrd...


06: Racism in America: A Message for the Church

In this episode I take a moment to give some Biblical plus practical tasks the church must take up to battle the great sin of racism. To confront racism will require bold faith plus bold action photo credit: Armonia via photopin (license) How can I pray for you this week? – click here to send me your request Scripture References Used the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) by Holman Bible Publishers Revelation 7:9-10Matthew 16:24-25Micah 6:8Acts 16:16-40Romans 8:18John 16:33 Let's...


05: The Exodus Story: More than Just a Response to the Coronavirus

During this time many (and rightly so) have turned to God’s Word for answers. Since Passover was celebrated during the height of the pandemic many have tuned to the story of Exodus for answers. However, I believe the events of the Exodus teach us something much deeper and wonderful. Let’s hang out for a few moments and take a deeper look at the Exodus story Scripture References Exodus 3:1 – 4:9 Exodus 6:1-9 Exodus 7- 12 Romans 8:18 Music by DanoSongs Recorded and Edited with Audacity


04: Life of Faith in a Scary World

At the time of this recording our world has seemed to have gone made as we are greatly impacted by coronavirus / covid19 pandemic. In this episode I offer some of my thoughts on how Christians can respond. To be honest, virus or no virus this is a way of life we should always live. Scripture References: Visit my main website for comments and prayer requests Related YouTube Videos: Psalm 91 A Different PerspectiveThe Church in a Scary World Music by DanoSongs Recorded and Edited with...


03: To Know God Better - Prayers of Paul part 2

In this episode we will continue with part 2 of a series on the Prayers of Paul. We will take a deep dive look at Ephesians 1:17 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. (NIV) There is so much Paul could have prayed for the Ephesian church. He could have prayed for their health and safety but he prayed for something greater. He prays that they would have a better knowledge of...


02: Grace and Peace - Prayers of Paul Part I

In this episode we take a deep dive look at the simple greeting that Paul used at the beginning of each of his letters. We discover that it is more than a greeting but a powerful prayer. Paul and Silas in Jail Acts 16:16-34 My main website www.jonstallings.com Twitter @jonstallings Facebook - @pastorjonstallings Instagram - @pastorjonstallings


01: Hanging Out With Pastor Jon an Introduction

In this very first podcast episode, Pastor Jon Stallings tells us a little about his life, ministry and the primary purpose of the Hanging Out with Pastor Jon Podcast.