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Don't mind swearing, sass and a blonde chick that talks to the dead? Perfect, you've found your new podcast. Candace Dalton is a Medium from Boston, MA living in Los Angeles, CA who helps bring grief relief to thousands with her 'dead on' messages and validations from the After Life. Healing Grace is all about finding purpose on the Earth Journey and embracing what's beyond this life.


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Don't mind swearing, sass and a blonde chick that talks to the dead? Perfect, you've found your new podcast. Candace Dalton is a Medium from Boston, MA living in Los Angeles, CA who helps bring grief relief to thousands with her 'dead on' messages and validations from the After Life. Healing Grace is all about finding purpose on the Earth Journey and embracing what's beyond this life.




Grief Wave

The holidays can absolutely cause your grief to feel intensified and it can feel like you're trying to get out of a rip current in the ocean. I talk about how to navigate your grief through the holidays and what to do and a tip on what to stay clear of. Also, what's worse than having paranoia about someone dying? Nothing. I chat about how I had horrible paranoia about my loved ones dying and how I had to overcome it, and still continue to do. use code 'BF40' for 40% off any Collective Consciousness Courses until 11/27/2024. The next Mentorship program begins January 7th 2024. Limited to 14 people. Save your spot now! www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton


pulling the plug

If you've ever had to make the decison to "pull the plug", then this episode may speak to you. Have you ever needed or had to put someone in a nursing home or assissted living? Spirit has been able to unveil messages to me to tell me how they feel after they pass away when someone has had to "pull the plug" or put them in the care of someone else. www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton.com Vermont Retreat Nov 2023 Guatemala Retreat March 2024 Hen House Podcast with Nikki Mitchell & Candace Dalton


Shes Back From The Dead lol

I'm back! I finally feel renewed where I can give you the podcast episodes you deserve! I am going to be talking about death, dying, grief, spirit and everything in between. This week I update you on why I dropped the ball on recording episodes for Healing Grace and what I will be bringing to you for the future. www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton Hen House Podcast with Nikki Mitchell & Candace Dalton


Getting through

As a human and a medium I know what it's like first hand to deal with heavy grief during the holiday season. I wanted to give you some advice and a little uplift to get you through. I also reveal my sweet Black Friday deals that will last until Monday 11/28/22. www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton


Mother Connects to Baby in Heaven

This reading I connect with a mother and daughter duo over zoom for a connection to the Other Side. Many family members step forward to say hello from heaven with messages and validations. This young mother, also receives messages from her baby in heaven. Check out my upcoming Zoom Healing Messages Event Sunday October 2nd! www.candacedalton.com Instagram @the_candacedalton Tiktok @candace_dalton


Private Reading for Two Women

During this episode I connect a woman to her brothers + dad and also connect a woman to her grandmother. These two lovely ladies were so kind and open and gave me permission to share their reading. I did this reading over Zoom and loved connecting from across the country. If you're looking to be placed on my private reading waitlist please email me mediumcandace@gmail.com www.candacedalton.com @the_Candacedalton TikTok @candace_dalton


Its Been A Hot Minute

Hi it's me again! I didn't fall off the face of the Earth I promise. I wanted to share a crazy reading I did recently as I brought through a young boy who went missing from Lawrence, MA in 1976. It was one of the most crazy readings I've ever done and I haven't stopped thinking about it so I wanted to share with you. coupon code for mentorship: PODCASTLISTENER coupon code for independent: PODCASTLISTENER2 www.candacedalton.com


Little Voices

You may have seen her on ABC's television show SHARK TANK, author of the anticipated book 'Little Voices' and medium, Kiersten Hathcock talks about her fascinating journey of kids in Spirit helping her face + realize her own reality from her past. *Trigger warning: this epsiode contains conversations around sexual abuse. www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton www.kierstenhathcock.com @kierstenhathcock Pre-order Kiersten's book, 'Little Voices'


Ive got questions for you

I've got some fun questions to ask you (I'll pretend I hear the answer as you talk out loud during this episode but I am there with you in spirit!!) I am pretty positive you'll be able to relate to most of these things I share with you and I say that with full confidence. Check out my upcoming course this Sunday April 24th 2022 www.candacedalton.com Insta @the_candacedalton


My two sense

My two sense about a few things


Rebel Deck

Introducing REBEL DECK! Shannon, the creator of Rebel Deck joins me for a fun episode of how she got started, what this deck represents and how it can help you. I want my creatives, entrepreneurs, self-employed peeps, artists and spiritual community to be inspired by Shannon and just PUT YOUR WORK OUT THERE! Next Mentorship course begins January 16th 2022! www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton www.rebeldeck.com @rebeldeck



I went on my first UFO adventure with my friend Nikki in Sedona, AZ and let me just tell you - my jaw is still on the ground. The sky at night will never look the same to me again! I can't explain the excitement when it came to seeing life outside of this life - it was out of this world... literally. www.candacedalton.com @the_candacedalton @nikki_henhouse


Confessions with Candace 6

Our very first non-anonymous (is that a word?) confessional! Nikki Mitchell is back on my podcast to tell us 5 of her very own confessions! You might have heard Nikki this past season - keep a look out for her podcast coming out 12.2.21! @the_candacedalton www.candacedalton.com @nikki_henhouse


1.4 million on TikTok

Meet Meg. You're going to fall in love with her. Owner of Tree of Hope Creations and has a following of 1.4 million TikTok! Why may you ask? She and her husband create one of a kind keepsakes from breastmilk to ashes to so much more. But what makes Meg really special is her love behind her work and the story behind how they got started is fascinating. @the_candacedalton www.candacedalton.com @treeofhopecreations www.treeofhopecreations.com


First Dibs

A few months back I went Instagram Live with a few of my Collective Consciousness Mentorship students! I have many people reach out to me asking questions about the course and I figured I would ask the peeps who participated and invested in the course! I ask an array of burning questions to 4 of my students! Want to have first dibs on my *major* Black Friday sale? Email me mediumcandace@gmail.com and I will place you on the list! You don't want to miss this. Trust me. www.candacedalton.com


Confessions with Candace 5

WORST BIRTHDAY GIFTS. What has been the worst birthday gift you received? You know you have a horrible birthday gift that you can't forget. I had some instagram followers anonymously tell me about the worst gift they ever received. Want to be the first to know about my HUGE Black Friday sale?? Go to www.candacedalton.com and submit your email! Want to take a legit FREE barre class with me? Use promo code 'CANDACE' at www.thealignexperince.com and join me for the November 4th class!


Psychic Visions

I had some crazy psychic visions and now I'm engaged!! Hear about all of the crazy psychic and intuitive pings I was getting before Elando proposed to me. Use promo code 'OCT21' for 30% off the Collective Consciousness Independent Course or Mini Intuition course! Offer ends 10/31 www.candacedalton.com/courses PLUS don't miss out and exercise with ME for a FREE 30 minute Virtual Barre class with Angela from The Align Experience 11/4! Use promo code 'CANDACE' at checkout! www.thealignexperience.com


Confessions with Candace 4

POOP CONFESSIONS! I asked my followers to tell me their most embarrassing poop/fart confessions.... it gets real. I've never felt something I could relate more to in my life. Subscribe + rate this podcast 5 stars! @the_candacedalton www.candacedalton.com


Readings with Spirit

During an Instagram LIVE I gave a few people free readings! Here are two readings from that night and you can listen as I connect in with Spirit and bring through messages and validations. I'll be doing more Instagram live FREE readings in the future so make sure you're following me @the_candacedalton 30% off the entire month of October on all Collective Consciousness Courses (independent + mini intuition) use promo code 'OCT21' at checkout! www.candacedalton.com


Confessions with Candace 3

What's your confession? Confessions with Candace every Friday. Instagram DM or email Candace YOUR confession and it will be anonymously shared on her podcast. Scandalous, sexy, funny, sad, relatable - there are no boundaries. Instagram DM or email Candace your confesh. www.candacedalton.com IG: the_candacedalton