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Building Transformative Campaign Culture with Nancy Leeds (CampaignSick) and Becca Rast (Jess King for Congress)

Women campaign managers are transforming the old boys club of transactional campaign culture. We’re joined first by Nancy Leeds of the infamous CampaignSick Tumblr, home of the memes that make us laugh til we cry… and then just keep on crying. Then Becca Rast shares about her transformative work as a campaign manager on the Jess King Congressional race in Pennsylvania, and how a long-term perspective can build healthy campaign culture and leave powerful organizing infrastructure behind...


Elections vs. Movements: a strategy showdown with Sunrise (Varshini Prakash & Will Lawrence)

It’s a battle of strategy, values, and culture: should we be building social movements for the long-term that embody all of what we deserve; OR engaging in the current reality of the political cycle to win what we can, while we still can? Varshini Prakash and Will Lawrence of Sunrise Movement join us to blow up the binary and explain how their work makes sense of the rhythms of elections and movement vision. With the 2018 US midterm elections upon us, Healing Justice Podcast brings you...


Surviving Elections: a new miniseries on midterms, movements, & staying human

With our first podcast season complete and the 2018 US midterm elections upon us, Healing Justice Podcast brings you the SURVIVING ELECTIONS miniseries to help us all survive this political cycle together. Whether you’re a despairing or disenfranchised voter, a campaign worker, a movement organizer who’s given up on our broken democracy, or watching with horror from outside the United States, we’ve got something for you here. Learn more & check out the upcoming episode list at...


Practice: Radical Gratitude Spell (by adrienne maree brown, read by Fhatima Paulino)

A 5-minute practice to show gratitude for yourself and others on the path to liberation. The only way that feels appropriate to end this first, long season of Healing Justice Podcast, is with GRATITUDE. Thank you to adrienne maree brown for granting us permission to read this powerful spell, and thank you to Fhatima Paulino (of epsiode 15) for reading it with such kindness and sending us out with a blessing. --- radical gratitude spell by adrienne maree brown read aloud with...


Season 1 Reflection, pt 3: Visioning the Future (Marcia Lee, Zach Meyer & Kate Werning)

Welcome to part 3 of our 3-part Season One reflection series. You're joining host Kate Werning, practitioner Marcia Lee of Healing by Choice (episode 18), and our sound designer Zach Meyer. We reflect on this year, explore accountability and hope, and ask big questions followed by quizzical "duck face" (you'll have to listen to Marcia explain what that is herself!). You also will hear us invite you into a meaningful opportunity to share your voice and help us shape the future. You can do...


Season 1 Reflection, pt 2: The Power of Practice (Justin Campbell & Kate Werning)

Welcome to part 2 of our 3-part season 1 reflection series. We are excited to share our reflections on practice with you from the past year, and also invite in your voice and practice stories here: http://www.tinyurl.com/hjpsurvey Join host Kate Werning & friend of the podcast Justin Campbell for a conversation about navigating this growing library of practices, and committing to personal practice in your life. Tune in to part 1 and part 3 of our reflection series, too: exploring...


Season 1 Reflection, pt 1: Vulnerability & Voice (Jacoby Ballard & Kate Werning)

We're BACK... just in time to bring you a 3-part season 1 reflection series and take a seasonal production break. (And inviting in your voice: http://www.tinyurl.com/hjpsurvey !!!) This reflection series took a long time to record and produce -- mostly because reflection and distillation of wisdom just feels so incomplete. It hasn't been the right time, and our learnings aren't codified -- they are in process, changing daily, and so recording a final reflection is a somewhat impossible...


34 Trauma, Healing, & Collective Power with generative somatics (Spenta Kandawalla, adrienne maree brown, Prentis Hemphill, & Staci K. Haines)

This week, we’re listening in as a brilliant crew from generative somatics has a powerful conversation about trauma, oppression, healing and organizing for structural change. They dig into the connections between personal, collective and structural transformation, and between healing and building collective power. They also explore the term Healing Justice and ask: what does embodied healing have to do with creating liberation? For this week’s practice, we recommend you dive back into the...


33 Practice: Centering Prayer with Mystic Soul (Alexis Francisco & Cicia Lee)

In this practice, you’re joining Alexis Francisco and Cicia Lee for the meditative experience of Centering Prayer. They describe it as a constant practice of letting go of factors we can’t control in order to get our egos out of the way and be able to show up well to our lives and our work. Origin: Centering Prayer practice is said to be created by Trappist monks in fairly recent history, and draws on a rich lineage in Christian mysticism, particularly in the catholic tradition in Europe...


33 Contemplative Activism -- Cicia Lee, Alexis Francisco, & Teresa P Mateus of Mystic Soul

Welcome to part 3 of a 3-part collaborative series between the Mystic Soul Project and Healing Justice Podcast! This week, Cicia Lee, Alexis Francisco, and Teresa P Mateus join us to talk about the role of contemplation in activism, queerness in spiritual community, what POC-centered contemplation can look like, lamentation and grief, and how attending to the internal and breaking through illusion *is* a form of action. Download the corresponding practice episode to practice Centering...


32 Practice: Relational Inclusion with Cedar Landsman of Relational Uprising

Join Cedar Landsman of Relational Uprising in learning how to inquire appreciatively into what we may be inclined to judge, reject, exclude, dismiss, or devalue about another’s experience. We see what new information this brings to us, helping us to see beyond our own entrenched perspective. This activity is meant to be done in conjunction with a relational storytelling and resonance practice, which creates the necessary support to do this activity well. (To learn Resonance Practice, see...


32 Bridging Complexity Collectively -- Relational Uprising (Lucién Demaris & Cedar Landsman)

This week, we’re talking with Lucién Demaris & Cedar Landsman of Relational Uprising about individualism as a system of oppression; “heroic” cultures of organizing; indigenous traditions of healing in Ecuador; repairing rupture, suspicion, and judgment; and bridging as a form of increasing our ability to hold complexity in our movements. Recommended listening that this episode builds upon: Episode 20: Relational Culture with Mark Fairfield. Download the corresponding practice (32...


31 Practice: Heart Over Head with Teo Drake

Join Teo Drake in this incredibly simple embodied exercise to practice privileging your heart above your head. The questions Teo asks in this practice are: To whom do I belong?Who holds me?Who am I in love with?Who do I carry with me at my heart center?What can my heart come home to?There are lots of reasons that different versions of the yoga pose Balasana (Child’s Pose) that Teo offers might not work in your body. Here’s one option of an instructional video offering various options:...


31 Intention & Impact: Showing Up Right-Sized -- Teo Drake

This week, we’re talking with Teo Drake about the relationship between intention and impact, what it means to be right-sized, the rage of coming of age during the AIDS epidemic, Being Trans and HIV+ poster child, having a quiet nature AND fighting white supremacy, and risk as a devotional act. Download the corresponding practice (31 Practice: Heart Over Head) to join Teo in privileging your heart above your head. It’s simple, short, and embodied. Practice episodes always publish on...


30 Practice: Sing for Freedom with Resistance Revival Chorus' Abena Koomson Davis

Join Resistance Revival Chorus Musical Director Abena Koomson Davis in a meditative singing and listening practice you can do alone or in a group. Get ready to hear her beautiful voice and join in! Download the corresponding conversation (30 Joy as an Act of Resistance) to hear performances of protest songs new and old from Resistance Revival Chorus, as well as their thoughts on song and sisterhood, intersectionality, singing at the Grammy’s with Kesha for #TimesUp & the #MeToo movement,...


30 Joy as an Act of Resistance -- Resistance Revival Chorus (Sarah Sophie Flicker & Meah Pace)

This week, we’re talking with Resistance Revival Chorus members Sarah Sophie Flicker and Meah Pace. You’ll hear their performances of protest songs new and old, as well as their thoughts on song and sisterhood, intersectionality, singing at the Grammy’s with Kesha for #TimesUp & the #MeToo movement, the Womens March principles, parenthood, and self care. FULL show notes including all song credits and sources, references from this episode, and production credits can be found at...


29 Practice: Reclaiming Our Names with AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez of Mystic Soul

In this practice, you’re joining AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez of the Mystic Soul Project to learn how to facilitate a Name Reclamation group activity. You can download the corresponding conversation (episode 29) to hear AnaYelsi talk Indigenous Reclamation with Teresa P Mateus and Ra Mendoza. -- Here are the instructions for this activity: When we hear someone's name, what we are really hearing are stories –of origin, of tribes, of ancestors, of healing, and of self-determination. There’s...


29 Indigenous Reclamation -- Mystic Soul (AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez, Ra Mendoza, & Teresa P Mateus)

Welcome to part 2 of a 3-part collaborative series between the Mystic Soul Project and Healing Justice Podcast! This week, AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez, Teresa P Mateus, & Ra Mendoza join us to talk about Indigenous reclamation, IndoLatinx identity, mujerista / womanist / queer theology, and practical acts to decolonize spiritual practice. Download the corresponding practice about reclaiming our names to learn an activity from AnaYelsi that can be a meaningful tapping into lineage and ancestry...


28 Practice: Essences for Everybody... Making Your Own Medicine with Dori Midnight

Join Dori Midnight to learn how to make an essence, a people’s medicine, of your own. These are incredible instructions and so fun to follow - the possibilities are endless. Follow along with the written guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1POLbYWNyUTFHrGbi_G_3ci4a3p3nYguVBw-wunIdigY/edit?usp=sharing Download the corresponding conversation (28 People’s Medicine and Queer Magic) This week, we’re talking with radical herbalist, healer, and witch Dori Midnight. You’ll hear us talk...


28 People's Medicine & Queer Magic -- Dori Midnight

This week, we’re talking with radical herbalist, healer, and witch Dori Midnight. You’ll hear us talk about her hilarious story of queer witchy magic from a young age, plants as allies, how activists can better care for our bodies and align with the earth, the role of imagination in social justice, and a disability justice lens on healing and liberation. Download the corresponding practice (28 Practice: Essences for Everybody… Making Your Own Medicine) to join Dori to learn how to make an...