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23 Practice: Sacred Writing with the Peace Poets (The Last Emcee & Lu Aya)

In this practice, you’re joining Peace Poets Lu Aya and The Last Emcee in a guided exercise for sacred writing. You’ll hear Frankie 4 perform “Lightwork,” and be led through a series of prompts to write your own poetry. This practice is one they offer regularly as part of their workshops, and can be practiced alone but is ideal in a group. Maybe you give it a listen through first and then invite some friends or your team to join in it with you next time! You’ll just need something to write...


23 The Cypher is the Opposite of Prison: Liberating Language — The Peace Poets

This week, we’re talking with the Peace Poets: Lu Aya, The Last Emcee, Frankie 4, and A-B-E (and RAM 3 in spirit). We talk about the power and meaning of language, writing for healing and connection, the cypher as a gathering place for healing and reclaiming power through story. They also share thoughts on direct action, gender, conflict, and how they stay together as a crew through the decades. You’ll hear them burst into poetry and song throughout this episode because that is just what...


22 Practice: Healing in Direct Action with Black Lives Matter Global Network (Miski Noor & Kandace Montgomery)

In this practice, you’ll hear stories, examples, and important questions to ask ourselves to incorporate healing and wellbeing into the preparation for action, during direct action itself, and aftercare. You can also download the corresponding conversation with Kandace Montgomery & Miski Noor (episode 22). We talk about the 18 day police station occupation following the police murder of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis, and how healing, escalation, and direct action can and need to go hand in...


22 Sustaining Ourselves When Confronting Violence — Black Lives Matter Global Network (Miski Noor & Kandace Montgomery)

This week, we’re talking with Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor of Black Lives Matter Global Network and Black Visions Collective in the Twin Cities. We’ll hear about the 18 day police station occupation following the police murder of Jamar Clark in Minneapolis, and how healing, escalation, and direct action can and need to go hand in hand. They also share about collective housing, gaining trust in moments of crisis and direct action, raising money for therapy and support for leaders who...


Revisiting Practice 03: Journaling Our Identity with Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Welcome to spring… the full moon… so many faith traditions celebrating liberation… what an amazing time to reset in practice. This week, we’re kicking it back to relive episode 3 from November of last year, and joining Dr. Robyn Henderson Espinoza for their timeless journaling practice. Grab a notebook or something to write on, your favorite writing implement, and get ready to be led through some reflection on your identity. Inspired by Thomas Aquinas, Robyn puts their own spin on a...


21 Práctica: Rezo Diario de Gratitud con Francisca Porchas Coronado (Español)

Esta semana, Francisca nos guia en un rezo diario de gratitud en español. Se puede escucharlo y participar de cualquier lugar - solo, o en comunidad… sentado, caminando, o donde sea. Esta práctica viene de un zine que ella hizo con otros compañeros que se llama “Resistencia Ancestral,” que se puede grabar del sitio de web de Mijente aquí (es gratis!): https://mijente.net/2017/11/02/ancestral-spiritual-resistance-zine/ * Download the previous episode to hear this prayer in English / Se...


21 Practice: Daily Gratitude Prayer with Francisca Porchas Coronado (English)

In this practice, you’ll experience a daily gratitude prayer with Francisca Porchas Coronado in English. It can be listened to from a quiet and still place, or on the go - wherever you can dedicate your heart and attention. You can find a version of this prayer along with other practices in the Resistencia Ancestral / Ancestral Spiritual Resistance Zine you can download for free from Mijente: https://mijente.net/2017/11/02/ancestral-spiritual-resistance-zine/ * Se puede escuchar este rezo...


21 Spiritual Resistance: Bridging Organizing & Healing — Francisca Porchas Coronado

This week we’re talking with Francisca Porchas Coronado. We talk about healing traditions in immigrant Latinx communities, the resilience of undocumented folks in the face of loss and grief, tending to pain politically and personally, community ritual, and her spiritual path in IFA. She’s got some specific challenging asks for organizers and healers, too, so listen in! You can download the corresponding practices (Daily Gratitude Prayer in English / Rezo Diario de Gratitud in Spanish) to...


20 Practice: Sharing Resonance with Mark Fairfield

In this practice, you’ll learn an exercise called “Sharing Resonance” from psychotherapist Mark Fairfield. It is a framework for building relational culture and dismantling individualism in our relationships and groups. This episode is more of a training and intro to how to share resonance, so you can listen on the go and learn the practice wherever you are… and then take it into relationship and practice it with one or more others. We especially recommend starting with groups of 3-5....


20 Relational Culture & Undoing Individualism — Mark Fairfield

This week we’re talking with psychotherapist Mark Fairfield about the central role of connection in our lives and lethal individualism. We learn about relational culture, factors for resilience, his work with ACT UP and supporting caregivers during the AIDS crisis, how bullying is a euphemism, and failure. Download the corresponding practice (“Sharing Resonance”) to learn an amazing exercise to help build connection in your life and your community. —- AFFIRMATIONS Each week we feature...


19 Practice: The Sing-Down with Flobots (Jonny 5 & Brer Rabbit)

In this practice, you’ll learn how to facilitate a group game called the SINGDOWN. This exercise is designed by Jonny 5 & Brer Rabbit of Flobots to reconnect us with the power of collective song by immersing us in a lighthearted experience of collective singing. Follow along with the facilitator guide Jonny 5 wrote for us here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-WUwdQ6qQtFap00yhYWnZMpmmijJisT3ywfkSOPmNbw/edit?usp=sharing Download the corresponding conversation (episode 19) titled “Songs...


19 Songs for the Streets — Flobots (Jonny 5 & Brer Rabbit)

This week we’re singing and learning with Jonny 5 and Brer Rabbit of the band Flobots. We talk about the role of artists in leadership, their late mentor Dr. Vincent Harding, the role of music in embracing and holding the range of emotions in our movements, comic books and creativity, and crafting our social justice spaces to be places that people deeply want to return to. You’re joining us between sound checks when they recently performed in Brooklyn on their “Rise + Shine”...


18 Practice: Holding a Healing Justice Practice Space with Healing By Choice (Marcia Lee, Violeta Donawa, & Adela Nieves Martinez)

In this practice, you’ll learn the basics of holding a Healing Justice Practice Space. It’s more of a training to lead a practice yourself, so the only thing you’ll need is a way to take notes if you want to. Download the corresponding conversation (episode 18) titled “Collective Healing” to learn more with Healing By Choice collective members Violeta Donawa, Marcia Lee, and Adela Nieves Martinez. They talk about creating healing justice practice space, the role of suffering and love in...


18 Collective Healing — Healing By Choice (Adela Nieves Martinez, Violeta Donawa, & Marcia Lee)

This week we’re sharing and laughing with Healing By Choice collective members Violeta Donawa, Marcia Lee, and Adela Nieves Martinez. We talk about creating healing justice practice space, the role of suffering and love in learning and transformation, asking for help, operating as a collective, the role of healers in people healing themselves, and more. —- AFFIRMATIONS Each week we feature community voices uplifting people, organizations, and communities that embody the values of...


17 Notes from the Field with Kate Werning

In this episode, host Kate Werning reflects on what we are learning so far as we explore the healing justice work and brilliance of the many leaders who have been on the show so far. Tune in to find out what some of the main themes are that we’re observing! NEW FEATURE on the podcast: AFFIRMATIONS This is our weekly time to uplift community voices celebrating people, organizations, and communities that are embodying the values of healing justice. For a sliding scale donation, you can...


16 Practice: Leading Movement Songs with Intention with Ilana Lerman & Helen Bennett of IfNotNow

In this practice, you’ll learn techniques to hone your skill in leading group song - including honoring lineage, guarding against appropriation, skilled coordination of group teaching and singing, and WHY songs are critical for movement building. Download the corresponding conversation (episode 16) titled “Building Liberatory Movement Cultures” to learn more with IfNotNow leaders Michal David, Helen Bennett, and Ilana Lerman. We talk culture design as a key component of movement...


16 Building Liberatory Movement Cultures — Helen Bennett, Michal David, & Ilana Lerman of IfNotNow

This week we’re talking with IfNotNow leaders Ilana Lerman, Helen Bennett, and Michal David. We talk culture design as a key component of movement building, including dealing with internalized oppression as a community, guarding against appropriation as people search for belonging, the role of song and ritual, celebrating and supporting leadership, the complexities of organizing the Jewish community, and more. —- NEW FEATURE on the podcast: AFFIRMATIONS We are hosting a new segment each...


15 Decolonization & the Long View of History — Carlos Saavedra & Fhatima Paulino

This week we’re talking with Fhatima Paulino and Carlos Saavedra from the Ayni Institute. We’re learning about the critical perspective of a long and global view of history to help us understand how long change takes and where our problems come from. We’re slowing down to care for our bodies and family members with illness, learning about collective work in indigenous traditions, Ayahuasca and people looking to the south for healing and spiritual direction, reciprocity and right...


14 Practice: Ancestral Connection for White Folks with Jardana Peacock & Kelly Germaine-Strickland

This practice with Jardana Peacock and Kelly Germaine-Strickland leads you through ancestral healing work that is focused on white ancestry, but can be used by anyone. It involves meditation and writing… you need a place where you can be still, and paper and pen to write with. Download the corresponding conversation (episode 14) entitled “Ancestral Healing for Anti-Racist White Folks” to hear Kelly & Jardana talk about white ancestral healing as anti-racist practice, faith and...


14 Ancestral Healing for Anti-Racist White Folks — Jardana Peacock & Kelly Germaine-Strickland

Today we’re talking with Kelly Germaine-Strickland & Jardana Peacock about white ancestral healing as anti-racist practice, faith and spirituality, white fragility, the complexity of ancestry and white supremacy, and why white people gotta love each other to fully be in the fight for racial justice. —- NEW FEATURE on the podcast this week: AFFIRMATIONS We will be hosting a new segment each week that is a time for us to feature community voices and words; to uplift people, organizations,...


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