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Tune in as we discuss different ideas on dealing with life stresses and how we can help others attain a higher level of consciousness by practicing proven methods, such as meditation, journaling, volunteering, exercise and more.

Tune in as we discuss different ideas on dealing with life stresses and how we can help others attain a higher level of consciousness by practicing proven methods, such as meditation, journaling, volunteering, exercise and more.
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Tune in as we discuss different ideas on dealing with life stresses and how we can help others attain a higher level of consciousness by practicing proven methods, such as meditation, journaling, volunteering, exercise and more.




Greater Than a Tourist – Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy: 50 Travel Tips from a Local (David Angelo, Italy, Travel, Bologna, Audiobooks)

"Greater Than A Tourist..." is available at Audible.com https://www.audible.com/pd/Travel-Adventure/Greater-than-a-Tourist-Bologna-Emilia-Romagna-Region-Italy-Audiobook/B0784SXCHR/ref=a_search_c4_1_3_srImg?qid=1512370074&sr=1-3 Eat Pizza at a Pizzeria So what would a trip to Italy be without pizza? Hardly a trip at all. Keep in mind that you rarely order pizza by the slice in Italy. When you eat pizza, you get the whole pie to yourself. It sounds a little intimidating at first, but somehow...


Readings from Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyAXGRboQCM Take one quick peek at the water as you cross, just water over rocks, a small creek at that. And now before me is a dreamy meadowland with a good old corral gate and a barbed wire fence the road running right on left but this where I get off at last. Then I crawl thru the barbed wire and find myself trudging a sweet little sand road winding right thru fragrant dry heathers as tho I’d just popped thru from hell into familiar old Heaven on Earth,...


Sea Sounds of the Pacific at Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Cherson! Cherson! You aint just whistlin Dixie, Sea— Cherson! Cherson! We calcimine fathers here below! Kitchen lights on— Sea Engines from Russia seabirding here below— When rocks outsea froth I’ll know Hawaii cracked up & scramble up my doublelegged cliff to the silt of a million years— Shoo—Shaw—Shirsh— Go on die salt light You billion yeared rock knocker Gavroom Seabird Gabroobird Sad as wife & hill Loved as mother & fog Oh! Oh! Oh! Sea! Osh! Where’s yr little Neppytune tonight? These...


025: 2017 A New Year (Emerson, Thoreau, Kahil Gibran, Ernest Holmes, Positive Attitude, Love, Peace, Law of Attraction)

Henry David Thoreau 1. As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. 2. It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. 3. Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. 4. You must live in the present, launch...


024: A Mother’s Dance with Pattie Welek Hall (Brain injuries, faith, believe, prayer, love, peace)

Pattie's website is: http://pattiewelekhall.com/ While struggling to manage the aftermath of her nineteen-year-old son Casey’s traumatic brain injury, Pattie clung to her faith and took a hard look at the past—the kids’ tender childhood memories, their challenging teenage years, the skeletons in the closet, and her recent divorce. (Pattie's faith incorporates aspects of Eastern religions and New Age thought, which I think would interest your listeners.) But when tragedy struck again,...


023: Discovering Your Bliss with Carolyn King (Law of Attraction, Joy, Happiness, Kinesiology)

www.empoweredhappiness.com/ Carolyn is a Kinesiologist and business owner of EmpowerKin Kinesiology, speaker and workshop facilitator and author of Empowered Happiness - Discovering Bliss Beyond Depression. On a personal level she is a mother to 2 beautiful school age children and wife to a wonderfully supportive husband. She has studied a variety of different Kinesiology techniques including Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Brain Gym, LEAP and Primitive Reflexes and continues to...


022: Cherokee Wisdom with Cynthia M Ruiz (Leadership, Self Awareness, Law of Attraction, Creativity)

From Cynthia's website: www.cynthiamruiz.com Cynthia M. Ruiz is an Author, Professor, Commissioner, Inspirational Speaker and Leadership expert. Receiving over 50 accolades and awards for her leadership and service to Los Angeles. She currently serves as a LA City Commissioner overseeing the multibillion-dollar pension portfolio for City employees. She has received the prestigious Hollywood Chamber “Women of Distinction Award, the HOPE “Ray of Hope” award and the Weingart, “Women Building...


021: Well Being with Jamie Lerner (Happy, Peace, Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Awareness, Law of Attraction)

From Jamie's website: http://www.jamie-lerner.com/about_jamie.html I was born with a knowing; a true sense of who I came forth to become. Fortunately I grew up in a family where there was tremendous encouragement to explore every curiosity and embark on each incredible journey of self-discovery. I threw myself into the mix of life with a sense of wild abandonment. There was so much to experience and I was bound and determined to explore it all. I was ahead of my time, always choosing the...


020: Dr Kathy Gruver The Alternative Medicine Cabinet (Conquer Your Stress, Healing, Body, Mind, Spirit, Stress, Women’s Health, Body Work, Nutrition)

Dr. Kathy Gruver has earned her PhD in natural health and hosts the national TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet based on her first award-winning book. She has also written 2 books on stress and is a frequent radio and TV guest. Dr. Gruver maintains an award-winning practice in Santa Barbara, CA and lectures around the country on health and wellness. Natural Health Tip: Taken from Dr Kathy's website: http://www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com/health_tips/ Get your iron levels...


019: Spirituality and Sexuality with Antonia Hall (podcasts, spirituality, sexuality, joy, happiness)

Learn more about Antonia and her work by going to her website: http://antoniahall.com/about/ "Hi! I’m Antonia Hall. I’m an award-winning author, longtime self-improvement writer and multi-orgasmic living expert. I help people find more pleasure in their lives- in and out of the bedroom. I understand the frustrations of not finding the fulfillment we all desire in our lives. I also know that some simple shifts can transform your life. I’m deeply committed to helping you bring more pleasure...


018: Why We Are Wired to Worry with Sharie Spironhi (podcast, spirituality, joy, happiness feel good)

From Sharie's website: www.shariespironhi.com "Did you know you have between 60k-70k thoughts a day and that most of them are negative? Did you know just imagining a crisis is the same to your brain and body as actually living through one? Many of us live each day anxious, nervous, unsure of ourselves, frustrated and pissed off! All because worrying gives us a false sense of productivity but then leaves us with a feeling of helplessness! It's NOT your fault it is your default! You really...


017: Changing the World with Love with Lauri Ann Lumby (Love, Healing, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Bliss, Higher Consciousness)

From Lauri's website:https://authenticfreedomacademy.com/ Our Mission: Authentic Freedom Academy is a center for experiential education, supporting the transformation of human consciousness through the integration of Western psychology and Western Spirituality, equipping students to be agents of positive, non-violent change in the world. We accomplish this mission through: writing and publishing one-on-one mentoring local and online courses on-going service to the community Outer change...


016: Wellness through Yoga with Nimisha Walji (Healing, Mindfulness, Higher Consciousness)

From Nimisha's website:http://www.yoginiwellness.co ABOUT ME ​Nimisha Walji PhD, Yogini Founder and Executive Yoga Instructor I understand the pressures of pursuing personal and professional excellence and of wanting to make the most of your time and abilities. I am a yoga alliance qualified 200hr registered yoga teacher. After obtaining a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, I spent six years living in London. In academia, obtaining a Masters degree and PhD...


015: Transform Your Health and Life with Tara Long (Healing, Awareness, Law of Attraction, Consciousness, Higher Self)

From Tara's website: http://www.wideawakenedhealing.com/meet-tarah/ Hi! I’m Tarah Long. Thank you for taking the time to check us out! My passion is sharing the knowledge that YOU can heal YOURSELF…and guiding you to do so! I am here to help you have the life you dream of with freedom and ease in your body. I help those who do not feel good in their bodies (suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, migraines, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, depression,...


014: Talking with Indigo Ocean (Business Consultant, Business, Peace, Joy Success)

About Indigo - taken from her website : http://awakenbusinessconsulting.com/about-us/ Hi I’m Indigo Ocean Dutton, Conscious Business Strategy specialist at Awaken Business Consulting and host of Conscious Business Leaders TV. I know what it can be like to endeavor to make it in the world in a way that is both fulfilling and financially sound. We want to have material abundance, and we also want to have the freedom to maintain deep emotional bonds and contribute toward our vision of a...


013: Living Happy from the Inside Out with Maura Sweeney (Joy, peace, love, harmony, Spirit, Higher Power)

I am honored to have as my guest speaker Maura Sweeney! Maura IS The Ambassador of Happiness! In her own words Maura share's insightful questions as well as personal stories to help others discover the voice and life within them . . . so they can return to their own place of sovereignty while still here in this world. Excerpts from her website: "My official Ambassador of Happiness trademark processed just recently, but the life path to happiness has taken me over a half century to master....


011: Manifesting Miracles with Amirah Hall (Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Kahlil Gibran, Higher Power)

11:15 S2: So welcome everyone to this weeks episode of Hearing Voices, today I am pleased to have with us on the show Amirah Hall. Professional clairvoyant, master energy healer, and author. Creator of a global spiritual and personal development program, Amirah Hall has taken the lessons she learned from teaching thousands of student worldwide and created the how-to guide Manifesting Miracles 101. Amirah Halls believes everyone needs to learn how their own energy works to practically...


010: Like Attracts Like (Law of Attraction, John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, The Secret)

010: Like Attracts Like Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of Hearing Voices – I’m David Angelo. We are continuing our talk on The Law of Attraction – this week I’ll be using everyday occurrences as examples of how this Law works, often when we don’t even realize it. Today’s Voices Heard comes from John Assaraf, Entrepreneur and contributor on the hit DVD movie The Secret; “What most people don’t understand is that a thought has a frequency. We can measure a thought. And so if...