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Life can often feel as though God's still small voice is too small or too distant to hear, but He is always working in the hearts of His children. The Heart Lessons Podcast features conversations centered on how God moves in the hearts of His beloved daughters to help us best navigate the unique stories He has written for each one of us. Real women. Real stories. Real faith.

Life can often feel as though God's still small voice is too small or too distant to hear, but He is always working in the hearts of His children. The Heart Lessons Podcast features conversations centered on how God moves in the hearts of His beloved daughters to help us best navigate the unique stories He has written for each one of us. Real women. Real stories. Real faith.
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Life can often feel as though God's still small voice is too small or too distant to hear, but He is always working in the hearts of His children. The Heart Lessons Podcast features conversations centered on how God moves in the hearts of His beloved daughters to help us best navigate the unique stories He has written for each one of us. Real women. Real stories. Real faith.




Episode 82: My Chic Obsession

Today's episode features fashion and lifestyle blogger Carolyn Arentson. We chat about fashion and faith and what we can expect to see this spring! She also talks about her favorite places to shop, how to build a wardrobe for you, and what should be your basic wardrobe staples. My prayer as you listen is that you will feel free to embrace your own sense of fashion – your style that reflects your Creator and who He uniquely designed you to be. Connect with Carolyn: blog// facebook//...


Episode 81: Loving Well Within Our Differences

Today I am joined by author Dorena Williamson. She offers biblical wisdom and insight into how we can love our sisters in Christ well, even when our differences might create obstacles to that goal. Heart Lesson:God is writing my story. Dorena is looking forward to: Hew newest book release!! Connect with Dorena:website// instagram// facebook Connect with Sarah:website// instagram// facebook


Episode 80: The Problem with Envy

Today's episode features Tilly Dillehay, author of Seeing Green: Don't Let Envy Color Your Joy, and today Tilly offers some very insightful wisdom when it comes to being envious of others. My prayer as you listen is that you will be able to identify what exactly you are envying in another woman so that you can confess it before the father and instead of feeling steeped in envy, move toward a relationship filled with praise – both for that woman and for God who crated her. Heart Lesson: The...


Episode 79: The Unaltered Grace of the Gospel

This week we hear from Rachel Lawrence, host of the Unaltered Grace Podcast. Rachel shares her story of coming to Christ and what it means to become more and more like Christ each day. We also talk about the foundations of the gospel and why it’s worth living your life for Jesus. My prayer as you listen is that you will understand the unaltered grace of the gospel – that God’s love never changes – and that it is freely available to all hearts, those committed to Jesus and those just...


Episode 78: Marriage is Sanctifying

Today I am joined by Ruth Chou Simons -- the artist, author, and speaker you might better know as Gracelaced. Today we have a very frank, honest, and open discussion about the realities of marriage, both the difficult reality of #marriageissanctifying, and the truth that marriage is designed to be a reflection of God’s love for His church. If you are not married, don’t tune out! This episode offers great encouragement that can really be applied to any relationship. My prayer as you listen...


Episode 77: Responding To God's Love Through Worship

Today on Heart Lessons, singer-songwriter Caroline Cobb shares her thoughts on why God’s great love for us compels us to worship with song. My prayer as you listen is that you will see how worshipping the Lord is both our response to His love for us and our expression of love to Him, as well as a reflection of the song God sings over us as His beloved. Connect with Caroline:website// instagram// spotify// youtube Connect with Sarah: instagram


Episode 76: Imperfect Courage

CEO of Noonday Collection, Jessica Honegger, shares the truth that we don't have to have it all figured out before we step forward in faith to do big things for the Lord. We can leave behind our comfort and move forward despite our fears because we know the God who holds us, the God who calls us, and the God who uses imperfect people like us to accomplish big things for His kingdom. Connect with Jessica:website// instagram// NoonDay Collection// Imperfect Courage Connect with...


Episode 75: Lose Guilt, Work Smarter, and Thrive

In this episode of the Heart Lessons Podcast we continue our January heart focus of gracious new beginnings as we hear from Jessica Turner, author of The Fringe Hours and Stretched Too Thin. Today, Jessica is going to offer special encouragement to women on how to lose guilt, work smarter, and thrive in the place God created especially for you. My prayer as you listen to this episode is that you will identify the things in your life that are bringing unnecessary guilt, and also those things...


Episode 74: Spending Time in God's Word Through Verse Mapping

Author Kristy Cambron walks us through the verse mapping technique of studying scripture and encourages us all to foster a love for God's word and be in it daily. Connect with Kristy: website// verse mapping website// instagram Connect with Sarah: website// instagram


Episode 73: Permission to Live Like A Lazy Genius

Kendra Adachi, aka The Lazy Genius, gives us permission to be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. Connect with Kendra: The Lazy Genius Collective Heart Lesson: Sit with my friend Jesus and abide in His moment by moment presence. Kendra is looking forward to: Find complete show notes here


Episode 72: The Year of Living Happy

Happy New Year! In today's episode of Heart Lessons, Alli Worthington gives us permission to pursue the things which make us most happy, and let go of the things that don't including the tyranny of the urgent, toxic relationships, and a negative life outlook. She reminds us that nothing can shake the joy and happiness we have in Christ. Connect with Alli:website// The Year of Living Happy// podcast// Heart Lesson:God will take care of me. Alli is looking forward to:School starting up...


Episode 71: Looking Ahead to 2019 + A *BIG* Announcement

Looking ahead to 2019 and what to expect from the Heart Lessons Podcast PLUS announcing something very exciting debuting next year. Thank you for all of your support for the show ... it means so much. Here's to a great 2019! Find out more at sarahrieke.com


Episode 70: Surviving the Holiday Hustle

Sarah Bragg of the Surviving Sarah podcast joins me on Heart Lessons today and walks us through how to survive some of the major issues that arise over the holiday season. We talk about things like family plans, decorating, holiday eating, and gift giving. But we don't just talk survival -- Sarah takes our hearts one step further and gives us tools, tips, and tricks to not just survive, but find joy this Christmas season. Download Sarah's free holiday ebook here Connect with...


Episode 69: A Better Mom Holiday

Ruth Schwenk of thebettermom.com encourages mothers to embrace the process of becoming better over striving for perfect by becoming more like Jesus. She also takes that grace-filled principle and applies it to our holiday seasons, encouraging us to celebrate in the way that is best for our own families. Connect with Ruth:website// instagram // facebook// pinterest Books: The Better Mom: Growing in Grace Between Perfection and the Mess The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts As We...


Episode 68: Unwrapping the Names of Jesus

Asheritah Ciuciu ushers us into greater joy and wonder of the Christmas season by unwrapping the different names for our Savior, Jesus. Connect with Asheritah:blog// facebook// instagram// book Connect with Sarah this week on instagram for a giveaway of Asheritah's book! Complete show notes at sarahrieke.com/podcast


Episode 67: Finding Her Voice

Christian music icon Sandi Patty shares how some very formative experiences in her younger years caused her to feel silenced. In today's episode, she shares her journey of finding her voice again and encourages all of us to speak our stories out loud, to the glory of God the Father. Connect with Sandi: website// instagram// book // youtube // facebook Purchase Sandi's new book, The Voice: Listening for God's Voice and Finding Your Own


Episode 66: A Turquoise Table Thanksgiving

Today on Heart Lessons I chat with Kristin Schell, the wonderful heart behind the Turquoise Table/Front Yard People Movement. Our conversation centers on bringing the heart of the turquoise table--community and genuine connection-- to our Thanksgiving tables. Recipes, how to handle the workload, how to make a guest list -- you'll find it all and more in my conversation with Kristin. Connect with Kristin: pinterest// website// instagram// facebook// twitter Purchase The Turquoise Table:...


Episode 65: How Brokenness Leads Us to Jesus

On today's episode of Heart Lessons, recording artist Nichole Nordeman shares how she learned greater dependency on Jesus through the difficulty of a broken marriage. She shares how the pain of her divorce caused her to become more real with others, and develop a more authentic relationship with Jesus. Plus we talk about a line from her album, Every Mile Mattered, that reads, "And you cannot imagine all the places you'll see Jesus, but you'll find Him everywhere you thought He wasn't...


Lighthearted #6

"If you want to know all of my deepest, darkest secrets, listen to this episode." -Hayley Morgan Snickers+Diet Coke = breakfast, the value of the instant pot, and Hayley's longterm vision for women in the church. Connect with Hayley: instagram// website// book Purchase Preach To Yourself We Mention: Always Enough, Never Too Much Wild and Free Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker Enneagram Instant Pot Emily Henderson Elon Musk Happier by Marshmello Baby...


Episode 64: Ask Us Anything

Today's episode is the audio version of the FB Live: Ask Us Anything video I did with Holly Colonna and Kristin Hernandez of Through The Lens Podcast. We take the time to answer listener submitted questions regarding pregnancy and infant loss. We hope your heart feels heard <3 Connect with Through The Lens Podcast: facebook // itunes // instagram Connect with Holly: facebook // instagram // blog Connect with Kristin: instagram // blog Complete show notes at sarahrieke.com/podcast