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Lessons We Can Learn from the Civil War

The North and South operated different economies, and misunderstandings led to continual pressure during the mid-1800s. The two sides disagreed over slavery, states' rights, and tariffs. Finally after Lincoln won the 1860 election, Southern states left to form their own country. A bitter, bloody war fought between them lasted from 1861 to 1865. The battles caused the death of many soldiers and the deprivation of numerous civilians. George Santana said, "Those who cannot remember the past...


Women Helping Other Women

I recall going through a period of transition a few years back. Even though I understood what I faced, I didn't feel comfortable. The world didn't seem right, and I didn't know what to do. I'm thankful for the older women in my life who helped me navigate those times. They knew how to speak to my heart when nothing else worked. The Bible talks about older women teaching the younger ones how to love their husband and children, so praying for a mentor can be a good thing. My guest this week...


Recover from Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Abuse

Habakkuk's complains ring true today: Oh Lord, How long shall I cry for help and you will not hear?... Why do you make me see iniquity and why do you idly look at wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise. So the law is paralyzed and justice never goes forth. Many people today suffer at the hands of others, creating pain and sorrow. I'm glad we have hope. Today my guest is Paula Mosher Wallace and she will share her story and ministry: Bloom in the...


Managing Difficult Emotions

Recently a dear friend suffered a severe heart attack and died. Sadness overwhelmed us The suddenness caught us by surprise because our friend was so strong and healthy. He had a vital role to play in our church and in missions. In my grief, I remember accusing God of making a mistake. From my earthly perspective, God needed to plan better since this man who died did helped so many people. Emotions don't always reflect truth when you are hurting. My guest today is Sarah Forgrave suffered...


Wisdom from Proverbs on Relationships, Parenting and Money

Once I married, I realized the complexity of relationships. I thought I understood my husband's facial expressions, and I expected him to read my body language. He didn't. In fact, I learned his perspective often differed from mine. Babies are challenging too. They start off sweet and cuddly, but someday they'll grow up enough to say, "No!" How should you discipline them? Should you spank? That's a big controversy today. Have you ever been misunderstood or betrayed by a friend? What...


How to Manage Your Tweens and Teens

I once heard a joke on the James Dobson show. The guest said that when a child turns 12 you lock him/her in a barrel with a small opening, and when he/she turns 13, you stop up the hole. That expresses the frustration we parents feel while trying to navigate those sensitive years. I was a difficult teen at times too. When my mother got me a ride to school, I took issue with the family I didn't know and refused to talk. Mother told me they wondered if I hated them, and that wasn't far from...


Surviving Cancer and Chemotherapy

When you hear the word cancer, you tremble. Recently, the doctor found I had enlarged lymph nodes. I understood he was trying to rule out cancer, but I felt creepy when my scan took place in the hospital cancer center. I'm a retired RN, so I know what can happen. Death. That's scary Have you ever noticed people whisper when they talk about death? I heard a pastor from England remind the congregation that death is serious. At the least, facing death makes you evaluate your life. Don't get...


Experiencing God's Love in a Broken World

My bedroom sat at the opposite end of the house from my parents, which enhanced that feeling of loneliness you have after a nightmare. Once I had a terrible dream, and I rushed down that long hallway to my father only to hear him tell me to trust in God. At that moment, I wanted someone I could see and feel. We all sense the ache and tragedy in our world, so how can we sense the love of God. Deb and Roy Haggerty share from their recent book which draws from a lifetime of learning about...


How to Launch Your Children into Adulthood

Years ago, while teaching my kids at home, we watched at the window while two birds landed on our bird feeder. One bird, (I assumed it was the mother bird) grabbed a beakful of seeds and stuffed them down the other bird. I was shocked. The 'baby' bird appeared full grown to me, especially since he flew to the feeder himself. After mom gave him several servings, both birds flew away. What a terrific image for moms. As your children near their teens, you start equipping them to leave the nest...


Beautiful: See Yourself as God Sees You

I love reading women's diaries from the past because we often write down what we really think but would never say aloud. Once I read a diary by a young lady who thought she saw her friend in a mirror, and she recorded how beautiful and posed her chum appeared. However, she suddenly realized she was seeing herself. That story reveals a lot about how a woman sees herself. Not many of us like what we see in the mirror. For instance, I used to long for straight hair instead of curly, but I've...


Signs of God's Presence During Suffering

Life doesn't always turn out the way we expect. I recall showing off my ring after I was engaged, and one lady commented on how it might look after I mopped the kitchen floor. Looking back, I realize she thought I might be overly romantic rather than living in the real world, but I already knew life could be hard. And during tough times, we can wonder where God went. However, I have seen him at work during trials. My guest today, Patti Richter, wrote about a friend who experienced God's...


How to Stay Anchored When Life Presents Storms

In the South, we expect heavy thunderstorms and often tornadoes in the spring and fall, but we listen to the weather forecast so we can be prepared. When our kids were young, we had a tree fall on our house during a storm that hit in the middle of the night. My husband and I woke the children, and all of us huddled together in the basement until the danger had past. Life brings storms that can be just as devastating as tornadoes. You can weather those storms stay anchored. Author Cynthia...


Church: How the Body of Christ Helps Us Recover from Hard Times

If you injured your arm, you'd see the doctor and follow his instructions to elevate and add ice until you recovered. However, if you had your nails done, you'd show all your friends and talk about the latest trends in nail design. In the same way, God intended believers to use their gifts in the church to build up and encourage one another. In a healthy church, if one member hurts, the others minister to that person, bringing them back to strength. Joy Trachsel is my guest today, and we...


Living Without a Father: Lisa Burkhardt Worley

When God created male and female, he planned for us to have children and raise them together. Notice what Genesis says: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it..." He gave that command to both the woman and the man because neither could have children alone. God designed us to need a father and mother. Notice this verse from Proverbs: "Hear my son, your father's instruction, and do not forsake your mother's teaching." Prov 1:8 We learn best from both parents, and the...


Hope and Encouragement for Infertility

I remember discovering I was carrying my second child. While I wanted another baby, my first pregnancy was rough and I hated the thought of enduring labor again. My husband couldn't understand my ambivalence because he responded with excitement to the news. However, a few days later, I began to bleed, and that alarmed me. Suddenly, I wanted this baby. A lot! The inner nurse surfaced and I feared the worst. This time I was correct. My doctor did a sonogram, which proved the sack had...


A Fatherless Child Healed and You Can Heal Too

I had a very involved father who was also very flawed. To my mother's dismay, he saved every paper cup he ever got at Starkbucks so he could shoot at them. When I emptied his house, I discovered he kept every scrap he ever wrote on too. He always kept filling his gas tank until the dollars and cents ended on a even number. He tore up Momma's washcloths so he could get his finger in the hem to wash every spot on his body. But he loved me. Just before he died he told me how much he adored me...


Tips on Having a Stress-Free Wedding

We ladies tend to dream about our wedding day all our lives. A beautiful white dress, flowers, an adoring groom, and happy guests make that picture complete. So we want everything to be perfect, but pulling all the details together presents a challenge. With all the people and working parts things can go wrong and family members can cause problems. Everybody prefers to have fun, stress-free wedding Peggy Sue Wells, author and mother of seven, shares a list of tips on helping the bride...


Secrets to Loving Your Husband

Father's day has arrived again, and sometimes I wonder if merchants and card companies created these events so in order to promote sales. My family already celebrates each person's birthday, and Christmas, so another occasion seems excessive. However, the Bible does tell children to honor their parents. So early in our marriage, my husband and I decided the children would remember him on Father's Day and me on Mother's Day. That allowed them to learn creativity and thankfulness. The idea...


Raising Boys in a Digital World

Raising boys. Despite what you hear in the media, boys and girls act differently from birth. My oldest daughter had imaginary friends who lived in the vents, and she talked over her adventures with them. She also lined up her dolls and scolded them or taught them. Pretend cooking also fascinated her and she often offered me her concoctions. My two girls came first, then I had a son. The noises he made amazed me. He loved to tell me his imaginary adventures where he overcame lions or bears....


How to Make Friends and Keep Them

As a girl, I can remember wanting to connect with other children, but I didn't know how. Once I sat down by a girl my age and told her my name. She told me hers, and we began to play. I thought that was easy, just exchange names and then you're friends. However, as you get older the process gets more complex. When I make a friend, I want to stay in touch forever, but time and circumstances change. A friend in high school stopped writing me, and I tried so hard to faithfully send her letters...