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Elle, oh Elle with Elle Campbell - S3 E6

In this episode, Bethany sits down with Elle Campbell. Bethany was first introduced to Elle through her Blog and the resources her and her husband created for youth ministries. They have since met face to face on various occasions, and share a heart for serving the church. This episode is a mix of coffee shop conversation and “snort-inducing laughter”. We hope this story encourages you to courageously pursue the opportunities God puts in front of you, even if it could mean leaving your...


God Gives Good Gifts with Stefanie Cassetto - S3 E5

This episode is brought to you by Prep Dish. Go to PrepDish.com/heygirl for your first 2 weeks In this episode, Bethany sits down with Stefanie Cassetto. Stefanie and Bethany met at Simply Worship and shared a bond over their hearts for the local church and New England! Today Stefanie shares her story of following Jesus to serve in New Hampshire at Manchester Christian Church, and then move across the country to serve at Saddleback Church in their Worship ministry. We talk about ministry,...


Good Reports & Hard Goodbyes with Jenn Parker - S3 E4

In this episode, Bethany gets to sit down and catch up with her girl Jenn Parker. Jenn was the co-host of Hey Girl in Season 1 when her son “Sir Charles” was diagnosed with cancer. Jenn and her family have walked a long journey since then, and she’s back to catch us up on all the things. Bethany and Jenn will chat through their recent move, job changes, and adjusting to a “new normal” with Charlie starting preschool and being declared NED. (no evidence of disease) If you haven’t heard...


The BONUS SHOW with Mom & Mo featuring Mercy Needham

It's that time of the month - time for the best bonus show, period hosted by Mercy Needham. In this debut episode, Mercy discusses the real life for an almost 13-year-old and grills mom with rapid-fire questions. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the new monthly feature.


Losing Control & Gaining Perspective with Anna Mullen - S3 E3

In this episode, Bethany sits down with the Anna Mullen. Anna is a recent graduate of Grove City College who is now on the staff team at Manchester Christian Church in NH. The journey to and through those experiences has been anything but simple and straight. Anna shares some of the challenges of her teenage years and unpacks the winding path to full-time ministry. In one key moment of her story, she reveals how Hey Girl helped her process what God was doing. This is a great episode with a...


Keep Your Eyes on the Lighthouse with Loyda Burk - S3 E2

In this episode, Bethany sits down with her real-life friend Loyda Burk. Loyda shares her unique story growing up in Puerto Rican family living in New England. She unpacks the challenges of navigating adolescence with few friends who shared her faith and how a short-term mission trip changed her life. With candor and grace, she unfolds the hard journey of losing her husband Dane to cancer. This story has highs and lows and even a surprise new chapter that is just beginning. -- Join Bethany...


Season 3 Kickoff! S3 E1

This episode is brought to you by Prep Dish. Go to PrepDish.com/heygirl for your first 2 weeks In this week’s episode of Hey Girl Bethany is catching us up on her own race, and filling us in on what to expect in season 3! She talks about the struggle it has been transitioning out of full-time work at her church, and how God showed up in an unexpected way. There is laughter and tears, but the tears are mainly from Andy after Bethany procrastinated her recording till last night. We are...


Bethany's Favorites: David Larson

As we prepare for Season 3 we are bringing you some of Bethany’s absolute favorite episodes from the archives. Enjoy! In this episode, Bethany sits down for a very candid, truth-filled, hope-saturated conversation with her good friend David Larson. David opens up about the challenges of his adolescence, being a Christian who has homosexual desires, and how in everything his struggles point him back to Jesus time and time again. He talks candidly about God challenged him with the question...


Bethany's Favorites: Hanne Larson

As we prepare for Season 3 we are bringing you some of Bethany’s absolute favorite episodes from the archives. Enjoy! Today Bethany interviews Hanne Larson. Hanne lives in Worcester MA with her husband, Scott. Hanne talks about how God first called her to love the least of these on the streets of Chicago. Hanne shares how God called her and her husband to create of Straight Ahead Ministries. She talks about a tragedy that deeply affected them and brought them to open a home for boys who...


Bethany's Favorites: Regina Robinson

As we prepare for Season 3 we are bringing you some of Bethany’s absolute favorite episodes from the archives. Enjoy! In this episode, Bethany interviews Regina Robinson. You are going to love this story! Regina and her husband Jua planted a church in Boston, MA back in 2007. She is a wife and mother of 4, while also serving as Dean of Student Affairs for Cambridge College, as a member of our Boston Public School committee, and as a powerful advocate for those whose voices aren’t always...


Bethany's Favorites: Tori Marocco

This episode is brought to you by Prep Dish. Go to PrepDish.com/heygirl for your first 2 weeks In this episode, Jenn interviews Tori Marocco. Tori is a mom to two precious kiddos; Jax who is in heaven and Landree who was just born. Tori shares about the season of life she’s in with a newborn and how she’s not tired, (yet!) And she tenderly shares about having a child with a terminal diagnosis, how she and her husband walked that road and how they made the most of Jax’s days here the...


Bethany's Favorites: Jodi Greenstreet

As we prepare for Season 3 we are bringing you some of Bethany’s absolute favorite episodes from the archives. Enjoy! -- In this episode, Bethany interviews Jodi Greenstreet, Canadian, and co-creator of Cross Trainers ministries. Jodi is a gifted speaker and discipler of women. She spends 9 months of the year running local ministries and then takes her ministry on the road for the summer months and crosses the US, speaking and ministering at Christian camps. Jodi talks about her...


Season 2 Recap: Deep Thoughts Sprinkled with Sarcasm with Andy & Bethany Needham S2 Ep30

In this episode Bethany sits down with her husband and Hey Girl producer, Andy, to review season 2.


Invited Into Belovedness with Alicia Chole - S2 Ep29

This episode is brought to you by Prep Dish. Go to PrepDish.com/heygirl for your first 2 weeks In this episode, Bethany chats with one of her favorite authors Alicia Chole! Alicia shares her incredible story with us: she was a devout and argumentative atheist until her life was “interrupted” by Jesus and she was never the same. Bethany and Alicia discuss about the books Alicia has written, the miracle of adoption, the importance of mentoring and so much more! This is an unforgettable...


The Brave Pursuit of a Bigger Story with Kristy Cambron - S2 Ep28

In this episode, Bethany interviews her new friend, Kristy Cambron! Kristy is a wife, a mom of three boys, award winning author of Christian fiction and passionate follower of Jesus! Kristy worked for a Fortune 100 company and in a step of faith, she walked away from that because God called her to be a storyteller. We get to hear all about that season in her life, what it’s like to be an author, how God has showed up time and time again in her story. Bethany and Kristy talk about verse...


The Faithfulness of God along the Unexpected Path with Erica Renaud - S2 Ep 27

In this episode, Bethany talks with her friend Erica Renaud! Erica lives in upstate New York with her husband Jesse and 5 growing kiddos. She shares her journey walking with Jesus--from a little girl to today--and His faithfulness to her through every season. Bethany and Erica chat about multi-generational living, ways to connect with Jesus and loving your family. Listen in as Erica shares how she’s learned to converse with Jesus throughout her day--it’ll encourage and challenge you right...


Holiday Special // Bethany's Favorites: Living With Mental Illness & Being a Ministry Wife with Melissa Blevins

For this July 4th week we are reposting one of our favorite episodes. From Season 1 // Episode 11 Today Bethany interviews her mom, Melissa Blevins. Melissa brings such truth and grace to the table regarding walking through life with mental illness. Melissa has been a pastor’s wife for most of her adult life and shares openly about what it looks like and feels like to be in ministry while walking through your own hard seasons of depression. Bethany and her mom also talk about the different...


God's Relentless Pursuit with Sarah Shepherd - S2 Ep 26

In this episode, Bethany chats with Sarah Shepherd! Sarah is a wife, a momma to a sweet little girl, an amazing hair artist, lover of music and a passionate follower of Jesus. One of Sarah’s life verses is Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. She shares her story with us--from her childhood to where’s she’s at now-- and all the ways God has given her that hope and a beautiful...


Encountering God in the Big & Small with Stephanie Morin - S2 EP 25

In this episode, Bethany talks to her friend Stephanie Morin! Steph has a vibrant faith and a contagious trust in God--you are going to hear that in every part of this conversation! She opens up about the road she’s walked and the powerful ways she has seen God move through it all. Bethany and Steph talk about wrestling with shame, Steph’s heart for worship, and when God redeems every part of your story. Simply Beautiful Conference If You Want to Keep Walking, Get Out of the...


Finding Confidence in Following Christ with Erin Martin - S2 Ep24

In this episode Bethany chats with Erin Martin! This conversation covers so many topics--Erin’s upbringing and how God led her to worship leading, overcoming fears, finding confidence, fitness and more! Erin shares the journey God has brought her on to becoming healthy--mind, body and spirit-- and her passion to help others do the same. One of Erin’s biggest passions is helping others learn Scripture through melody--she has written so many beautiful songs, go check those out on her...