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And the Government Shall Be Upon HIS Shoulders

From Our December 3rd broadcast.


Airports, Doctors, and other Caregiver Hazards

Tips on reducing the drama when flying or dealing with doctors.


Gratitude Is The Antidote to The Poison of Resentment

Our special Thanksgiving program and also a special monologue regarding my op-ed in the Washington Times. See Text Below. Happy Thanksgiving! Peter Rosenberger HopefortheCaregiver.com Resentment can lead even the best of hearts into poor judgment, malice, and even self-destruction. While life provides ample opportunities to hold a grudge, the resistance to do so remains a triumph of the human soul. Sadly, that triumph can be elusive - and seems to be the plight of the 45th President....


In Her Own Words

On Friday, November 18, 1983, Gracie suffered the terrible car accident that permanently changed her life - and made a mark on so many others. In this episode, she recounts that day - and joins me to share her thoughts about her 39-year journey. www.standingwithhope.cm/about


Heart Wounds

At Walter Reed ArmyMedical Center years ago, I listened to a man who, although missing both legs, cracked jokes with a contagious sense of humor. The soldier’s face quickly clouded over, however, when I pointedly asked him how things were back home. Looking down at his new prosthetic legs, he whispered, “My marriage is on the rocks, and it doesn’t look good.” The loss of his legs didn’t keep him from joking, but the wounds of his heart silenced the laughter. In that same PT room, Gracie,...


The Shadow of Death

For a special Veterans Day episode, I interviewed Fernando Arroyo. Privileged to serve those who served our country, Fernando's passion is to help end veteran suicide. Working as the Veterans Program Director at Step Forward Academy, Fernando also assists veterans transitioning to civilian life. Drawing upon his own journey from military to civilian life, Fernando helps fellow bets find a path to a living wage and connects them to a healthy community. www.paratrooperarroyo.com


Let Me Be Brutally Honest

"Let Me Be Brutally Honest." A recent article listed annoying phrases permeating our culture's conversation. Statements like, "I'm sorry if I offended you" or "At the end of the day," were, of course, included – but an additional phrase buried in the list captured my attention: "Let me be brutally honest." Most at the receiving end of that phrase can affirm that what follows leans more towards brutal rather than honest. Like a fighter adjusting an opponent's chin to deliver a knockout...


NO is a complete sentence

Boundaries can be troublesome for anyone - but many caregivers seem to struggle with boundaries daily. In this special monologue from the broadcast, I delve into this issue - and more. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Extra Space and Support

Extra Space and Support I recently returned to the doctor to seek additional help with my left foot's ongoing – and vexing – problem. Patiently pointing out where my arch was falling, he identified the culprit as an "…excessive number of birthdays." Showing me a shoe insert that he uses, he said, "Your days of walking barefoot or wearing shoes without arch supports are over. Get the support you need – and then get a wider shoe." Following his orders, I ordered the inserts he recommended...


Connecting to Normalcy

How do you help anchor someone with a lifetime of abnormal circumstances to normalcy? How do you help yourself do so? I recently discussed this on the show - as well as provided a few insights into the extraordinary person that is my wife, Gracie.


Mama Can't Remember

Gospel artist, Pam Weston, called the program to share her incredible musical journey as an artist and songwriter. For years she's worked with a who's who of Nashville greats. But it was her song, Mama Can't Remember, that caught my ear and heart. The song was written about her mother, Charlotte, and Pam shares the story of her family and Alzheimer's. Pam's story will touch your heart - and her tender performance of Mama Can't Remember will stay with you long after the song...


Keep It Light While Keeping You Safe

From the national broadcast 10/15/2022. Keeping it light is a must for caregivers and in the first block, I share a few recent things that made me laugh along the way. Gracie, of course, rolls her eyes at me - but she would still admit the humor of it all. (Not to be outdone, btw, Gracie can give it out better than most and she's a force of nature!) In the second block, we talk about the importance of caregivers staying SAFE when dealing with unstable...


The Heart of The Caregiver

Mary Tutterow joined me today in a long-form interview exclusively for the podcast. Bringing more than 30 years of experience in caring for her daughter who suffers from an extreme seizure disorder, Mary offers hardwon insights into the deep and often troubled hearts of family caregivers. https://theheartofthecaregiver.com/about/


Quieten The Room

"We've done everything possible to save this leg, all that's left is amputation – when you're ready, we'll have that conversation." Those words came from Gracie's surgeon, following numerous operations to save her right leg - crushed and disfigured in her 1983 car accident. Everyone in Gracie's life, including me, had an opinion about this – and Gracie understandably struggled mightily during this time. At twenty-five, with a toddler, the decision weighed heavily on her young...


In That Moment of Desperation

From our 10-8-2022 broadcast In our fast-paced life, we are often tempted to make hurried decisions. For caregivers, the speed and pressure intensify - and the decision-making suffers. A listener shared his plight, frustration, and actions he considered while caring for his ailing mother. Have you ever grasped at straws while desperately trying to deal with the challenges of caregiving?


Coin of the Realm

In America, the "coin of the realm" is the dollar. Metaphorically, in Washington DC, the currency - the coin of the realm - is power. In LA, it's fame - but what is the coin of the realm in God's economy? What has value to God - and how does it relate to us as family caregivers? www.hopeforthecaregiver.com

Perception Isn't Always Reality

While in Ghana with our prosthetic limb outreach, Standing With Hope, Gracie and I visited a church in the port city of Tema. Following the service, I met a tall, impressive man wearing a flowing white traditional costume with gold trim. With a thick English/Ghanian accent, I heard him introduce himself as “…de King,’ Amos.” Never meeting a king, I felt a bit tongue-tied and stammered, “Sir, I apologize – I don’t know how to properly address you.” With a huge smile, he offered in his deep...


How Would You Respond?

Sometimes, we're faced with such difficult circumstances - and it's hard to know how to respond. A woman asked Gracie and me what to do when her son chose to be transgendered - and was angry with her for keeping pictures of him as a boy in her home. I discuss a couple of these in my recent broadcast (9/17/2022)


Susanne White - Caregiver Warrior

My friend Susanne White joined the program to discuss her new book: Self-Care for Caregivers. From Susanne's site www.caregiverwarrior.com "As one Caregiver Warrior to another, I offer advice, helpful tips, and strategies based on the experience, strength, and hope I found while surviving my own caregiving journey. It has become my mission to share my stories and the things I learned about being an empowered caregiver. To help spread the word and offer guidance to other caregivers, I have...


Unseen - A New Documentary about a Caregiving Family

Tom and Amanda Dwyer called the program to discuss their new documentary about a caregiving family titled "UNSEEN." https://www.facebook.com/caregiverdoc https://www.instagram.com/caregiverdoc/ About the “Unseen” Documentary www.caregiverdoc.com The film follows Jess and Ryan Ronne, a blended family with 8 children, including Lucas, who has profound disabilities requiring total care. Their situation has gotten more and more challenging as Lucas gets older and stronger. With limited...