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The Path to Peace

Mary Tutterow, author of The Heart of the Caregiver, shares her insights gleaned from 30+ years as a caregiving mom. https://theheartofthecaregiver.com/ From our broadcast 2/4/2022


No Shadow of Turning

From Hope for the Caregiver 01/28/2023 www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


The Cost of Care

From our broadcast 1/21/2023 with special guest Hans Scheil, host of the FINISHING WELL podcast.


Is Affirmation The Goal?

From our broadcast 01/14/2023


Powerlessness Over Addiction

Many caregivers are in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict - and spend enormous energy trying to "fix" or just contain the drama and challenges of that loved one. We eventually discover we're powerless over their condition - sometimes after causing or experiencing great harm ourselves. Can we accept that - and if so, what do we do about it?


Process the Pain Privately; Share the Process Publicly.

From the 1/7/23 broadcast. Plus, a preview discussion of my new book hitting stores in May.


A New Year's Assessment

Looking at 2022, I take time for an assessment - and the opportunities for us as caregivers to improve.


Stu Epperson and The First Words of Jesus

"If we didn't need a cross, we wouldn't need a manger. This fresh, engaging look at the beginning of Jesus's life and ministry will change the way you comprehend Christ's early years. With unique, thought-provoking insights and commentaries from many of Christianity's leading theologians interspersed throughout, Epperson unwraps, layer by layer, a new understanding of the young boy who was the Son of Man." -


Gracie and Snow

My wife, Gracie, joined me for this special Christmas interview and discussed why she loves the snow so much.


POTUS, Empty Ballroom, A Raised Flag, and Christmas

How are those four things connected? Take a listen to my opening monologue from the broadcast 12/17/2022


Colleen Swindoll Thompson Shares How She Reframed The Caregiving Journey

Colleen Swindoll Thompson's caregiving journey has included abuse, sexual trauma, and physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Through it all, she's learned to run to Christ and anchor herself in God's faithfulness and provision - while helping her family and others do the same. See more at her website: Reframingministries.com


And the Government Shall Be Upon HIS Shoulders

From Our December 3rd broadcast.


Airports, Doctors, and other Caregiver Hazards

Tips on reducing the drama when flying or dealing with doctors.


Gratitude Is The Antidote to The Poison of Resentment

Our special Thanksgiving program and also a special monologue regarding my op-ed in the Washington Times. See Text Below. Happy Thanksgiving! Peter Rosenberger HopefortheCaregiver.com Resentment can lead even the best of hearts into poor judgment, malice, and even self-destruction. While life provides ample opportunities to hold a grudge, the resistance to do so remains a triumph of the human soul. Sadly, that triumph can be elusive - and seems to be the plight of the 45th President....


In Her Own Words

On Friday, November 18, 1983, Gracie suffered the terrible car accident that permanently changed her life - and made a mark on so many others. In this episode, she recounts that day - and joins me to share her thoughts about her 39-year journey. www.standingwithhope.cm/about


Heart Wounds

At Walter Reed ArmyMedical Center years ago, I listened to a man who, although missing both legs, cracked jokes with a contagious sense of humor. The soldier’s face quickly clouded over, however, when I pointedly asked him how things were back home. Looking down at his new prosthetic legs, he whispered, “My marriage is on the rocks, and it doesn’t look good.” The loss of his legs didn’t keep him from joking, but the wounds of his heart silenced the laughter. In that same PT room, Gracie,...


The Shadow of Death

For a special Veterans Day episode, I interviewed Fernando Arroyo. Privileged to serve those who served our country, Fernando's passion is to help end veteran suicide. Working as the Veterans Program Director at Step Forward Academy, Fernando also assists veterans transitioning to civilian life. Drawing upon his own journey from military to civilian life, Fernando helps fellow bets find a path to a living wage and connects them to a healthy community. www.paratrooperarroyo.com


Let Me Be Brutally Honest

"Let Me Be Brutally Honest." A recent article listed annoying phrases permeating our culture's conversation. Statements like, "I'm sorry if I offended you" or "At the end of the day," were, of course, included – but an additional phrase buried in the list captured my attention: "Let me be brutally honest." Most at the receiving end of that phrase can affirm that what follows leans more towards brutal rather than honest. Like a fighter adjusting an opponent's chin to deliver a knockout...


NO is a complete sentence

Boundaries can be troublesome for anyone - but many caregivers seem to struggle with boundaries daily. In this special monologue from the broadcast, I delve into this issue - and more. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Extra Space and Support

Extra Space and Support I recently returned to the doctor to seek additional help with my left foot's ongoing – and vexing – problem. Patiently pointing out where my arch was falling, he identified the culprit as an "…excessive number of birthdays." Showing me a shoe insert that he uses, he said, "Your days of walking barefoot or wearing shoes without arch supports are over. Get the support you need – and then get a wider shoe." Following his orders, I ordered the inserts he recommended...