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Cross Examining ideas against the truth and Christianity. Brought to you by CrossExamined.org and AFR.net

Cross Examining ideas against the truth and Christianity. Brought to you by CrossExamined.org and AFR.net


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Cross Examining ideas against the truth and Christianity. Brought to you by CrossExamined.org and AFR.net








Is Christianity good? Isn’t it anti-women and pro-slavery? | with Abdu Murray

Is Christianity GOOD? Many people in our culture today seem to care less about whether or not Christianity is true, and more about the morality of what it teaches. They say the Bible promotes racism, slavery, sexism, and other forms of social injustice. But are any of those statements true? In his new book, More Than a White Man's Religion, speaker and global apologist Abdu Murray challenges the pervasive myth that Christianity is an oppressive Western religion and shows believers (and...


What are we here for? | with David Limbaugh and Christen Limbaugh Bloom

Why do we study apologetics? To win arguments? No! The ultimate goal is to know God personally (not just with head knowledge) and to make Him known. After all, if we just believe that God exists, we're no better than the demons in James 2:19! On a lawyerly quest for truth, #1 nationally best-selling author David Limbaugh returns with his co-author and daughter Christen to discuss their new book, The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament. In this fifth and final installment of...


Letter to the American Church | with Eric Metaxas

Would you have stood up against slavery in the 1860s? Or against Nazi Germany in the 1930s? What about your pastor? It seems the Church today is more interested in being politically correct than speaking out in defense of the truth. But can it really be God's will that His children be silent at a time like this? Best-selling author (Bonhoeffer, Luther, Amazing Grace, Miracles) and radio host Eric Metaxas joins Frank to reveal highlights of his new book, Letter to the American Church, where...


Has the Big Bang Been Disproven? | with Stephen C. Meyer

Do recent scientific discoveries make belief in God unnecessary or implausible? A recent survey, cited by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute, shows that recent scientific theories about the alleged "unguided" evolution of life have led more people to reject belief in God than any other common objection, such as suffering, disease, or death. But who are the people claiming these "perceived messages of science," and are they really telling us what the scientific evidence actually...


Why relativists are dogmatic fundamentalists

How do you reason with people who don't want to reason? Is it even possible? How do you respond when those you love say that reason and evidence are just power plays to support your "oppressive" position? You know, the position they don't agree with but can't articulate WHY? In this special podcast episode, Frank responds to a heartfelt message shared by a member of our private CrossExamined Community—a father struggling with the fact that his two children have exchanged the authority of...


A Rebel’s Manifesto | with Sean McDowell

Do you ever feel like you're on complete information overload? Don't know where to turn for help while dealing with all the bad ideas that are being thrown at you from social media? Should we be concerned when a big-name actor like Tom Holland, who seems to "have it all", says he needs to step away from social media to take care of his mental health? What seems to be the problem? There are so many issues and so many topics to deal with...how should a Christian respond? Topics like the...


How would you answer this? (Live from CIA) | With Natasha Crain, Alisa Childers, Richard Howe, and Brett Kunkle

According to a recent Barna study, roughly 65% of Americans claim to be Christians, and yet only 6% of Americans hold a biblical worldview. This means that over 94% of Americans (many who identify as Christian) no longer view the Bible as their ultimate authority on how they navigate life. With so many rejecting the Bible (and thus the words of Christ) as their guide, they have nowhere to turn but themselves. In this special episode recorded at the CrossExamined Instructor Academy (CIA) 2022...


Truth, Power, and Human Nature | with J. Warner Wallace and Greg Koukl

Our culture says, "you do you" and "follow your heart," but the Bible paints a much different picture. However, it seems that even those who don't have high regard for Christianity or God's Word are beginning to point out that all we need is common sense to see that our culture's view of issues like family, gender, and sexuality don't line with up how the world and reality is structured. In this special episode recorded at CrossExamined Instructors Academy (CIA) 2022 in Cincinnati, OH, Frank...


Darkroom Faith | with Mary Jo Sharp

Many people take antidepressants because they have been led to believe their depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. But a recent study suggests that "there is no convincing evidence that depression is associated with, or caused by, lower serotonin concentrations or activity." So, if a chemical imbalance isn't the problem, why does it seem like our society is slowly spiraling into a perpetual state of doom? We keep seeing rising rates of suicide, drug use, depression,...


Why Believe? | with Dr. Neil Shenvi

Why believe in Christianity? Why believe that God exists? Aren't there reasons NOT to believe in God? Reasons like: Evolution Evil Divine hiddenness For centuries, skeptics have disputed the claims of Christianity―such as the belief in an eternal God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ―arguing that they simply cannot be accepted by reasonable individuals. Furthermore, efforts to demonstrate the evidence and rational basis for Christianity through apologetics are often deemed too simplistic...


Is God Immoral when He Kills People? Plus Q&A | with Frank Turek

If God made humans in His image, does that also mean we have the right to “play God” whenever we want? Many atheists and pro-choice advocates criticize God’s morality when He (ironically) “plays” God by taking life prematurely in the Old Testament. But they don’t bat an eye when advocating for abortion and call it a “moral right.” It doesn’t make sense! However, what about capital punishment? It seems like pro-lifers who support the death penalty are also contradicting themselves. What’s the...


How to Answer Arguments for Abortion | with Frank Turek

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words when confronted by a zealous pro-choice advocate? Or maybe when a friend or co-worker started sharing their thoughts and opinions on abortion you couldn't think of the right thing to say, so instead of speaking up you just kept silent? Now more than ever we need to effectively make the case for life, but sometimes the task is difficult because abortion is not intellectually complex--it is emotionally complex. Last week, Frank talked about the...


There is No Right To a Dead Baby | with Frank Turek

After 49 years and 63 million dead, the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v. Wade. Do you have a constitutional right to a dead baby? Finally, the Supreme Court has answered properly… NO. However, despite this good news, there is still much work to do, as now the decision goes back to the individual states. As Christians and concerned citizens, what do we do now? In this episode of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, Frank addresses the following questions: What did the Supreme...


The Babylon Bee vs. Postmodernism | with Kyle Mann

Are you ready to laugh and think your way through a timely update of a classic tale? Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee, joins Frank to discuss his new book, The Postmodern Pilgrim's Progress (co-authored with Joel Berry). Part novel and part "sci-fi fantasy allegory", The Postmodern Pilgrim's Progress is a modern-day version of John Bunyan's classic book and tackles subject matter that is unique to our culture today--including the prosperity gospel, deconstruction, humanism,...


Can We Create a Turning Point? | with Charlie Kirk

Frank has been speaking at 15-20 college campuses per year since 2007. The reason he goes there is because the college campus is probably the most anti-Christian piece of real estate in the United States of America. When we conduct a session on campus—it takes our team and a Christian host group on campus to do so—we are throwing a lifeline to the Christian students who attend, and we are putting a stone in the shoe of the skeptics who show up. But too few people are doing this. So when we...


Is There Hope in a Godless Society? | with Todd Herman

As the world continues to get darker, is there hope in a Godless society? What does it mean when a feminist liberal icon like Naomi Wolf starts talking about spiritual warfare and says "it's time for intellectuals to talk about God"? Is the world starting to get so dark that even atheists and those on the extreme left are seeking out the light? Could it be that the REAL war doesn’t originate with Republicans and Democrats but spiritual dark forces? Todd Herman was a dominant talk radio host...


Hollywood Heroes That Reveal God: Wonder Woman, Captain America, and Star Wars (Part 2)

Zach Turek rejoins Frank to show how your favorite movies reveal God, and how even the Apostle Paul used the stories of his day to communicate the Gospel to non-believers. Drawing on their new book Hollywood Heroes: How Your Favorite Movies Reveal God, Frank, and Zach discuss the fact that many movie characters reveal the characteristics that make Jesus our ultimate hero. In this episode, they do a deep dive on Wonder Woman, Captain America, and the Star Wars saga, and end with surprising...


Nihilism and Mass Shootings

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute joins Frank to discuss the worldview contributing to the increase in shootings over the last couple of decades. What is nihilism? What do these incidents tell us about the spiritual and moral condition of our nation? All people, from atheist to Christian, are rightfully horrified by these events, but not all worldviews can account for objective evil. Why not? Where do we go from here? If God is the answer, why does He allow these terrible...


The Top 20 Discoveries About Jesus Outside the Bible

What do we know about Jesus and the story of Jesus from outside the Bible? Much more than you might think! Archaeologist Dr. Titus Kennedy joins Frank to reveal the Top 20 discoveries about Jesus from outside the Bible. Here they are: The place and nature of his birth. The murderous nature of Herod. The synagogue where Jesus taught in his adopted hometown—Capernaum. Peter’s house in Capernaum. The pool of Bethesda. The pool of Siloam. The nature of the town of Bethany where Jesus raised...


Does Political Power Contradict the Cross? Plus Q&A

Some Christians are saying that since Christ saved the world through weakness by agreeing to go on the cross, Christians should not use power in politics or culture wars. Christianity Today leader Russell Moore recently wrote a column titled, "THE CROSS CONTRADICTS OUR CULTURE WARS: The victory of Christ was won by crucifixion, not societal conquest.” Is Moore correct? Is it unchristian to seek political power to right wrongs in society through law? Frank points out several problems with...