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This podcast is for the urban, Christian millennial trying to find their way through life. We will explore real-life issues from a Christian perspective so that we all can get a better understanding. No tradition here, just the raw truth.

This podcast is for the urban, Christian millennial trying to find their way through life. We will explore real-life issues from a Christian perspective so that we all can get a better understanding. No tradition here, just the raw truth.
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This podcast is for the urban, Christian millennial trying to find their way through life. We will explore real-life issues from a Christian perspective so that we all can get a better understanding. No tradition here, just the raw truth.




Single Moms Club

This episode was fun but serious at the same time. The image of the American family now includes single parents. Although they are doing it on their own, single mothers especially make things happen and have helped mold some of the greatest people in history. On this episode we discuss with my friend Lauren how she handles the adversities associated with being a single parent but still coming out with victory!


To Shack or Not to Shack?!?

This was a touchy episode. With the decline in marriages in the United States and the increase in divorce, a lot of people are choosing to just live together. What are the benefits/consequences of living together before marriage? Is it a sin? What if there is or is not a plan of moving to the next level. As Christians we how should we approach this matter. There are tons of opinions about this and we would love to hear from you. Guest Hosts Ms. Ashley, host of the upcoming "Black Girl...


Church Traditions....Do They Help of Hurt?

First of all, I apologize for the audio not being the best. What I will say was that we had a great discussion on church traditions. Do they really help us? Is it a form of bondage? Can there ones that we can keep and ones that we should discard? I and the daper don Vince Lamar discuss this on another episode of "If the Truth Be Told."


Millennial Preachers

What happens when you get a room full of preachers together to talk about their journey into ministry? You hear all different stories about how they did and did not want to be a preacher. You also will hear how God gave them a responsibility that they could not run away from. We sat down and spoke to Pastor Ben Robinson of Westside Church of God in Christ, Eld. Nathaniel Carter of Salem Rest Church of God in Christ and Asst. Pastor Thaddeus Hannah of Greater Mt. Sinai Church of God in...


Fighting Temptations

This episode was very controversial. Temptation is something that we all deal with from time to time. Vince Lamar and I sit down in the booth and talk about what temptation is and how to withstand it. We also discuss can men and women be best friends. This was an explosive episode. Listen if you dare!


I'm Sick of Being Broke

Finances is something that we don't want to talk about. A lot of believers are rich in the spirit but broke naturally. We sat down with CPA Jaquilla Ross to discuss how to do finances God's way. What can I do to get out of this pit called "LACK". Find out what to do if you have loans and maxed out credit cards. It's not as hard as you think. You can check out Jaquilla Ross' "Finance Fridays" at the following: Instagram: @jaquilla_ross Facebook: facebook.com/ittybitty.quilla Email:...


Cussin' Preachers with the Sweats & Suits Podcast

I'm always a fan of building with different people from all over. I had the esteemed opportunity to sit down with the hilarious Eric and Seth from the Milwaukee based Sweats & Suits Podcast. The leaders of the "Bougie Hangout" spoke with us about pop culture, views on church and why preachers are cussin' online? My guest co-host J. Anthony hung out with us and offered his take on topics also. Make sure you check them out on their weekly podcast at: Sweats & Suits Podcast Website:...


Men....No More Excuses

This episode dropped outside of the normal schedule due to one of my favorite holidays Father's Day. I sat down with my dad to talk about how we can be better men/father's in our home, church and community. Single mothers have been doing an amazing job but wouldn't it be awesome if they didn't have to carry the full load of moving a family forward. This is not a man bashing episode but it is a call to action to be better. Pops didn't pull any punches so this isn't for the faint of heart!


You're Getting On My Nerves!

Everyone has pet peeves. This episode myself, the daper don Vince Lamar and Sister Sunday School (Ms. Keysha) discuss what our pet peeves are dealing with church, work and home. What grinds your gears? Who gets on your nerves. This was a fun episode and we hope you enjoy!


Blouses vs Dress Shirts

Crazy episode. Ms. Jasmine is back and we are discussing gender bias in the church. Why are some things ok for one group and not ok for another? Is it ok to dress a certain way when coming to God's house? We talk about this and other current events in this episode of "If the Truth Be Told"! ps: Please excuse the choir rehearsal going on in the background.


Is Church Hurt Real or an Excuse?

This was an interesting episode. So many people who have or is going to church has experienced some kind of church hurt. Many people have left church due to being mistreated by another. Should you let church hurt stop you? What do you do if you have experience church hurt? The daper don Vince Lamar and Ms. Shanel talk about these questions and other current events. Take a listen....I dare you!


Marriage is a Journey....Not a Destination

In the United States, the average life span of a marriage is 8 years. As a millennial commitment on that level is extremely scary. Also, once you jump the broom you may be filled with regret. On this episode, I have my close friends Sheldon & Celeste Cuffie sit down and talk candidly about getting married at the tender age of 18. We discuss their humble beginning to where God has blessed them at now, 26 years later. This episode will bless you to see that marriage is a great thing if you...


I Am A Son w/Pastor Micaiah J. Young

In this episode we sit down with pastor, author and songwriter Pastor Micaiah J. Young. We talk about his 35 year journey searching for his biological father and how God stepped in when his father stepped out. How can you minister to others if you still have wounds from your past? How can you forgive someone who deserted you? How can God replace rage and anger with His peace and forgiveness. This was an episode that will truly minister to the broken places in your life. Please read his...


Please Stay On Topic

Staying on topic was truly a task in this episode. In the booth we have the daper don Vince Lamar and the lovely Ms. Jasmine talking about whether or not we are losing a generation to streaming church services. Do you have to physically be in church? Can you be saved while watching church from an Ipad in Starbucks. We talk about this and other current events on this crazy episode.


Friends. How Many of Us Have Them?

This episode I reunite with OG podcaster Ms. Ashley as we talk about Godly friendships. What constitutes a good friend? Why should you have boundaries in your friendships? Can you call yourself a good friend? We explore these questions and talk about current events on this amazing episode.


What's Beef!?!?!

No, it's not the classic Notorious B.I.G song but we are in the same vein. As Christians, are we allowed to have conflict with others? What is the difference between holding a grudge and just eliminating toxic people, especially in church? Although we are called to love everybody, do we have to like them? My homie Vince Lamar is back and we are discussing this and current topics in this episode "What's Beef!" Theme Music By: ƁƝƁ Productions Song:...


Christian Mingling

The inaugural episode is here!!!!! Ty is sitting with his good friend Vince Lamar to discuss the joy and pain of love, relationships, dating and marriage. Is it ok to be single? Are we rushing things when it comes to marriage? As a Christian, how can we navigate this thing called L-O-V-E? You got to listen to find out. We also talk about the Grammy's gospel category and other topics. Vince Lamar is an image consultant and owner of Vince Lamar Clothier in Milwaukee WI. Check him out...