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Pagan supercast with Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade. The podcrush is so over.

Pagan supercast with Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade. The podcrush is so over.
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Pagan supercast with Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade. The podcrush is so over.




Ep 40: Samhain 2018

What's up, Witches? Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade hope to get you in the Samhain spirit with an irreverent romp through topics galore! This is just a taste of the full episode. Patrons of our show - that give as little as $1 an episode - got almost 20 extra minutes of audio! Consider supporting Pagan media at Later Witches, FL & VN


Ep 38: Witches in Media

Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade welcome a listener for a fun chat about witches in media in 2018! FL & VN


Ep 37: Eclipses and Adulting

What's up, Witches?! Throwing it back a few weeks to the eclipse for a belated episode. ((Sorry sorry sorry, but Fire Lyte has been moving and stuff and things got in the way.))) If you're a Patreon subscriber, you've already heard and SEEN this episode! Please consider giving to, which helps pay for all the show costs and our future endeavors. Later, Witches! FL & VN


Ep 36: Witching in the Cupboard

What's up, Witches?! Staying on track with our promise of quarterly shows, Inciting A Brewhaha is BACK with a massive episode about kitchen witchery, making up your own correspondences, and the dastardly secret Velma's new boyfriend is hiding! IABHH is a Patreon supported podcast. Supporters get unedited episodes, videos, and bonus content, as well as secret information about upcoming episodes. Consider becoming a supporter at! The media mentioned in the...


Ep 35: Therapeutic Cursing

Hear now the words of the witches...the Skype challenged witches.... This is the edited cut of Episode 35 in which Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade discuss cursing, hexing, and Donald Trump. For the extended edition of this episode, as well as video bonus content, consider becoming one of our Patrons at! We also dip into the listener responses to what it means to be a Witch. Thank you to all our Patreon donors! FL & VN


Ep 34: PPSM 5 year Reunion

What's up, Witches?! Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade get the first class of Pagan Podkin Supermoot attendees together for a reunion episode! We talk about all sorts of issues surrounding community, spell failure, and what's been going on in our respective lives since our group was last together. Major thanks to Cory of New World Witchery, Scarlet of Lakefront Pagan Voice, and Gillian of Iron Powaqa Radio for joining in! A much longer, unedited version of this podcast is available for our...


Episode 33: Pagan Hoarding!

What's up, Witches?! After 2 years, Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade discuss all manner of topics including imperfect practice, pagan hoarding, and defining the word 'witch'! Email the show at Later, Witches, FL & VN


PPSM 5 Recap & Check-In

What's up, Witches! A brief and belated posting from Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade with a little recap of Pagan Podkin Supermoot 5 which took place in Chicago in September 2014. We'll be back with a full episode in October! Get those witchy questions in! Halloween is around the corner! Later Witches! FL & VN


Episode 32: Qigong & White Buffalo Calf Woman

What's up, Witches?! Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade come out of springtime hibernation to discuss qigong and western energy work, the merging of deity from various cultures, 301 pagan books, and more! Thanks to Drake, Amber, and Songbird for their questions! Later, Witches! FL & VN


Episode 31: Superheroes & Modern Magic

What's up, Witches?! After a long winter break, we're popping out of our snowed-in residences to bring you the first show of 2014! We continue to answer listener questions, this time discussing Superheroes as a magical tool, archetypes, modern magical tools, and where magical energy originates. Also there are giants. Special thanks to Drake and Chris for submitting the show topics! Make sure to send in your questions for possible inclusion in an upcoming episode to...


Episode 30: Bloody Sex Magic (Happy Halloween!)

What's up, Witches! Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade continue answering your questions! It's Halloween season, so we touch on celebrating the sabbat in various constraining locales, as well as touch on taboo topics like blood and sex magic! You're welcome. Later Witches, FL & VN


Episode 29: Fire Lyte needs caffeine

What's up, Witches?! Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade celebrate THREE YEARS of podcasting TODAY!!! Happy Anniversary, Witches!!! We continue answering your emails and, today, tackle the behemoth that was Silver Shadow's topics list. It's a long show that Fire Lyte was far too uncaffeinated to tackle, but he did it anyway. No, you will not ever hear Fire Lyte sing. Ever. (That'll make sense later.) Email us at and make sure to rate and comment on iTunes! Later...


Episode 28: Glowing Moon Boobs

What's up, Witches?! Finally, a plethora of questions from you wonderful, amazing, attentive Witches out there in podland! Thank you for the response to our call for topics! We've received many amazing emails and will be going through them in the shows to come. But, PLEASE, don't stop sending in your questions and ideas! This episode's questioning Witches were: Phil, Silver Shadow, Stephanie, and feedback from Veronica. THANK YOU ALL! Episode 28 will be all about house cleansing methods,...


Episode 27 is YOUR fault!

What's up, Witches?! Seriously, we don't know what happened. One minute we were all gung ho about doing a show, and the next we're droning on about...well...I'm not sure. Neither of us is sure. What we are sure of is that our boring show must be someone's fault, so we're blaming you, our lovely listeners. Please. Don't let bad podcasts happen again! Send show suggestions to Also THANK YOU DAN for the bad ass new logo! Later Witches, Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade


Episode 26: B-side roll

What's up, Witches?! This bonus minisode is the product of us continuing to record after the official show recording was finished. We're punchy and stray wildly off topic, but thought it was entertaining enough for you. Enjoy! FL & VN


Episode 26: Flaming Poop Candles

What's up, Witches?! Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade have returned to discuss everything from signs from god to whether you could actually make money with a webcam and poop. Joining us on this escapade is Sophia Catherine of Divine Community! (Check her podcast if you haven't already.) There will be a B-side coming soon from this episode, so keep your podcatcher's tuned! Later Witches, FL & VN


Episode 25: Wearth Ership and the rise of Velmaism

What's up, Witches?! Back from the dregs of the holidays and crazy work schedules, Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade reunite to discuss the latest controversy over Hansel & Gretel, our personal issues with spirituality, and the possible start of a new religion. Also, Fire Lyte can't say words correctly. What's new? Later Witches, FL & VN


Episode 24: Unintentional Gay Reference at a Satanic Ritual for Peace

What's up, Witches?! If that's not the longest title of a podcast ever, then we're doing something wrong. Velma and Fire Lyte covered so many topics, we just didn't know what to title the show. Topics: Pagan Power Tools, Cory as Priapus, Unintentional Gay References, Satanic Rituals for Peace, Lori Obscure tears you a new one, and we have a special visit from the Dalai Lama. Later Witches, FL & VN


Episode 23: Sophia, Fortuna, and BNPs

What's up, Witches?! Fire Lyte & Velma chat about trusting Big Named Pagans too much. Or 'teachers'. Or...well...anyone. We're conspiracy theorists that way. Other topics of discussion: Witchy shops, altars to Fortuna, and Sophia of Divine Community pops in towards the end to comment on all of the above as well as her struggles with being a baby pagan. Later Witches, FL & VN Send all questions and love to Send all hate mail to the Marianas Trench.