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Serving up conversations to provoke your progressive Christian imagination. Irenicast features regular conversations between post-evangelical ministers, interviews with artists and thought leaders, developments in American religion, political diatribes, and a variety of segments.

Serving up conversations to provoke your progressive Christian imagination. Irenicast features regular conversations between post-evangelical ministers, interviews with artists and thought leaders, developments in American religion, political diatribes, and a variety of segments.
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Serving up conversations to provoke your progressive Christian imagination. Irenicast features regular conversations between post-evangelical ministers, interviews with artists and thought leaders, developments in American religion, political diatribes, and a variety of segments.






Pride Month Celebration - Grand Marshal Pastor Casey and Trans Pastor & Author Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson - 144

If you didn’t get out to your local LGBTQ Pride festivities -- no worries -- this episode is a Pride month celebration. Our own Pastor Casey Tinnin was elected the Grand Marshal of the Sacramento, California Pride Parade. What do you wear when you’re the Grand Marshal of a Pride parade? In the first half of this celebration, Casey recounts his experience, internally and externally, of representing and serving his community in Sacramento Pride. In part two of this episode, Casey sits down...


Chosen Community - Creation, Cultivation & Consent - 143

In the final episode of the “relational” series, the Irenicast crew reflects on chosen community. We all need a chosen family to do life with. This is especially true for people in marginalized, oppressed groups like those who are LGBTQ+ and are those who minortized because of their race/ethnicity. Co-hosts discuss the formation and cultivation of chosen community, the distribution of power and the nature of consent -- as Allen puts it: it gets meta. Surprise, surprise, the conversation...


Deconstructing with Kids - Two Young Adults Tell Their Parents What’s Up - 142

Parenting is hard, but deconstructing with kids adds an extra layer to the hard. Some parents feel the need to reform fundamentalist/evangelical Christian values into progressive Christian values. Other parents want to distance children from conservative Christianity by raising children outside of religious faith. Still other parents jerk the family back and forth as they figure it out. Because, maybe spiritual migration doesn’t happen in a straight line. In this episode co-hosts Bonnie...


Family Systems - Our Given Community - 141

It gets real as the Irenicast team talks about one’s given community -- or family of origin-- as family systems rather than a collection of individuals. Thinking about family as a system impacts the way we think about ourselves in relation to family members. Family relationships can be especially hard to navigate when one’s views of the world are very different from other family members’ views. Post-evangelicals know this all too well. Looking through the lens of Murray Bowen’s Family...


Intrapersonal Intelligence - From Self Care to Self Aware - 140

Conceptualizing the self, building intrapersonal intelligence, becoming aware of our interconnectedness, reclaiming self-love in theological context, moving beyond platitudes about self-care, and more mix in this week’s conversation. Officially kicking off our series on relationships, the team begins with that person nearest and dearest to us - our own selves. A game of Desert Island rounds off the discussion and reveals the personalities of our co-hosts. Our Conversation on...


Pluralism - You Be You, Unless You’re a Hobbit - 139

Jeff, Allen, Casey and Raj embark on a heart and head heavy journey towards pluralism as guided by Diana Eck’s markers of pluralism: "First, pluralism is not diversity alone, but the energetic engagement with diversity. Diversity can and has meant the creation of religious ghettoes with little traffic between or among them. Today, religious diversity is a given, but pluralism is not a given; it is an achievement. Mere diversity without real encounter and relationship will yield increasing...


Cosmology Shapes Our Theology - A Chaotic Journey - 138

How cosmology shapes our theology: as our understanding of our origins and universe shifts, what does that mean for our concepts of ourselves and of God? Jeff, Allen, Raj, and Casey talk all things science and literature, touching on biological evolution, the evolution of galaxies, ancient cosmologies, fundamental shifts like the Copernican revolution and the cosmological principle, overcoming misconceptions in physics, and how all of these inform theology. Conversation on How Cosmology...


Apologist or Evangelist - Roots Down, Walls Down - 137

While some may play the Alphabet Game on a road trip, Casey and Bonnie get into a deep conversation on two tried and true Christian approaches - Apologist or Evangelist. Jeff and Raj are brought into Casey’s and Bonnie’s road trip question: Are you an apologist or an evangelist? In other words, are you more interested in defending Christianity (or as Casey says, put lipstick on a pig) or in spreading the good news of unconditional love? Jeff wonders if the question poses a false...


The Diversity of Christian Theologies - What Straight Old White Guys Don't Tell You - 136

Despite what many of us from fundamentalist backgrounds have been told, there is a diverse array of Christian theologies. Liberation, Queer, Womanist and Process theology are some of the lenses we will be looking through on this week’s episode. This week Raj, Bonnie and Casey share their learnings and leanings on the the theologies of Liberation, Queer, Womanist and Process in ways that are moving, inspiring, troubling and down right blasphemous. The co-hosts explore the power and...


Irenicast Roundtable - The Art of Oversharing - 135

Irenicast Roundtable y’all! There are certain legends that speak of a round table where valiant heroes, thought leaders and purveyors of magic gathered to rid the world of injustice. Well f**k those guys. This is the round table worthy to be called a showcase of the immortals. Where else can you encounter a high caliber cast of characters that could be taken straight out of a Tolkien novel? There is Jeff, the court jester who is skilled in avoiding the fiery darts of vulnerability with...


Conversation on Race - A Kick in the Walls - 134

Our conversation on race takes an honest look at the team’s understanding of race as a complex construct that has shaped every aspect of our identities, our relationships and our lives. Raj suggests the topic in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Dr. King called us into uncomfortable spaces to do challenging work in the areas of economic justice, anti militarism, prison reform and racial equity. Additionally Raj shares the observation that “white people” rarely have the...


Linda Kay Klein Author of PURE - 133

Linda Kay Klein author of PURE: Inside the Evangelical Movement That Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free joins us this week. Sexuality, sexual purity as Christian faithfulness, girls, boys, women, men, shame, guilt, American Evangelicalism, political opportunism, the Virgin Mary, healing, hope and community – these are just a few of the topics Linda discusses with Irenicast co-host, Bonnie Rambob. The conversation begins with Linda’s relay of her own personal...


A Special Announcement, Politicizing Christmas and Holiday Traditions - 132

‘Tis the episode before 2019 and all through the show, we are politicizing Christmas and hoping to grow. Our new hosts are ready, and chosen with care. As we continue to cultivate a place for our souls to be laid bare. So, gather in and listen to our chatter, as we serve up something fun and challenging on a digital platter. Let us call out together without haste, Merry Christmas to all and lay the establishment to waste. Irenicast is expanding its borders this week and welcoming Bonnie &...


Memoir of a Gay Pastor - Closets and Calling - 131

Pastor Casey Tinnin, who is a gay pastor shares of his journey out of fundamentalism, coming out, and his process of being ordained in the United Church of Christ. Jeff and Pastor Casey have a lively discussion about the influence that fundamentalism and conservatism played in Casey’s coming out process. Pastor Casey talks at length about his journey, and how his faith was formed in the wake of so many Christians telling him he would never be ordained. He also speaks about growing up in...


Confronting Masculinity - Building a Better Social Construction - 130

In confronting masculinity, Jeff, Allen, and Raj discuss building a better social construction for themselves, particularly by tackling toxic masculinity and male supremacy. They examine their formations as cisgender-straight-males, reveal personal challenges, challenge each other and wonder what could be. Patriarchy is examined in relationship to male supremacy and toxic masculinity. A definition of toxic masculinity offered in the show is from the good men project. Women After All:...


Parenting During Deconstruction - Nurturing the Spiritual Child and Adolescent - 129

Parenting during deconstruction, nurturing the spiritual child and adolescent in our care and in our hearts -- Rev. Bonnie Rambob (from episodes #113 and #123) joins Allen and Jeff to delve into this much-requested topic. Drawing from Lisa Miller’s research, other sources and their own experiences with parenting and ministry, Jeff, Allen and Bonnie discuss ideas about natural spirituality and the spirituality of children and adolescents. Bonnie shares her insights from parenting her kids...


Halloween and Heritage - Have Your Soul Cake and Eat it Too - 128

Halloween and heritage, ancestors and the thinning of the veil between worlds- Rev. Raj Rambob (From episode #113) joins Jeff and Allen to talk about all this and more in Irenicast’s fourth Halloween special. In past Halloween episodes, they have discussed the supernatural, the devil and witches. This year they reflect on the holiday itself. They reflect on the larger historical development of the day and how it specifically changed for them in moving away from fundamentalist contexts. The...


The Enneagram and Progressive Christianity - Two Two’s and A Four Walk Into A Bar - 127

How and why are the Enneagram and Progressive Christianity having their moment? Pastor Casey Tinnin joins Jeff and Allen for a discussion about personality typing, self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, relationship styles, and more as we dive deep into “heart-centered” types and the Enneagram in general. Pastor Casey Tinnin, in addition to being an Enneagram guru, is the pastor of Loomis Basin Congregational Church in Loomis California and one of the co-creators of Intersections which is...


Christian Celebrity Culture - Blessing, Curse, or Inevitable? - 126

Is Christian celebrity culture a blessing? A Curse? Simply inevitable? From psychological needs, hagiographies, and cult of personalities to new structures of power, Jeff and Allen tackle the phenomena involved in celebrity and how these operate within Christian culture. This episode’s segment pivots and addresses “The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel,” a much-talked-about document sponsored by leaders within Allen’s alma mater. Conversation on Celebrity Christian Culture...


Another Conversation with Jennifer Knapp - Theology, Music and Sous Vide - 125

Jeff and Allen have another conversation with Jennifer Knapp about the many things she is currently working on. The discussion takes us through her recently finished theology degree from Vanderbilt University, her upcoming tour and finally one of her favorite cooking methods. For those unfamiliar with Jennifer Knapp’s work, she has been a recording artist since the late 1990s. She started her music as a CCM artist. After an extended hiatus and coming out as a lesbian Jennifer started the...