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Yishai Show: Samsonite

Yishai is back from Australia and back with Rabbi Mike!! Together, they discuss the tragic hero Sampson and ask whether there is a special formula for channeling God's light onto the Jewish people. Then, Malkah Fleisher shares her Non-Bake Cheesecake recipe while stomping on Turkish leader Erdogan's Turkish Delight.


The Soul of Israel: Does God Ever Laugh

This week Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares an empowering Torah that could change the way we judge failure and success.


Inside Israel Today: Standing up for Start-Up Nation

Saul Singer, author of the international best-selling book Start-Up Nation, which has been translated into 30 languages, talks to Gil Hoffman about the significance of Israel's success in innovation. Singer just returned to Israel from his 10th trip to China, where the Chinese want to learn how to model themselves after Israel. He answers the question of why Israel has not succeeded in building its start-ups into a mega-company and reveals what start-ups he believes you should be paying...


Israel Uncensored: When Jews Honor Hamas Terrorists

In the US, London, and even here in Israel, various fringe "Jewish" groups took the time to publicly mourn the deaths of the Hamas terrorists and their supporters who died last week while trying to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza. Josh Hasten discusses this twisted phenomena on today's Israel Uncensored. He hopes that this week Israel will enjoy some quiet in the south, and also in the north, where tensions run high with Syria and their Iranian proxies.


Yishai Show: No Worries, Mate!

Join Rabbi Yishai at the North Shore Synagogue of Sydney for a talk on how to deal with anti-Israel media, to answer the Occupation Accusation, how to break the delusion of the Two-State solution, and how lovers of Israel can hold hands across the Pacific.


The Jewish Story: Jerusalem, the Once and Future City

Come explore Jerusalem past, present and future with Rav Mike on Jerusalem Day 5778. In addition to exploring how Jerusalem brings these three together, hear some thoughts from the Director of International Affairs of the City of David and share in the sounds of Jerusalem rejoicing on this holy day.


Israel Uncensored: Judea and Samaria Celebrate US Embassy Move

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, a slew of interviews with 'who's who,' from communities in Judea and Samaria and other pro-Israel advocates, at a special Yesha Council event celebrating the US moving its embassy from Jerusalem. South Carolina State Senator Alan Clemmons, who has been the leading anti-BDS stalwart in America also expresses his joy over the move. Also on the show an interview with Chele Farley who recently visited Israel and is running on the Republican ticket...


Rejuvenation: The Present of Jerusalem Day

It’s a holiday today, Iyar 28th, as Israel celebrates 51 years since the Liberation of Jerusalem, the Biblical Heartland, Sinai and the Golan Heights during the miraculous 6 Day War. Eve reflects on these momentous times and shares her views, both literally and figuratively, from the site of the annual Gush Etzion/Efrat run that wended its way along the Patriarch’s Road and the Judean Hills. We’ve got wheat, not corn, fields, but yes, Dorothy, it’s good to be home. Chag Sameach!


Yishai Show: Soaring Up Down Under

Yishai is in beautiful Australia, loving God's world but always yearning for Zion. But how do you celebrate Jerusalem Day in the Diaspora? And what is Political Kiruv? Join Yishai for a shot of Taquila in Melbourne and for spiritual Aliyah from Down Under.


The Jewish Story: The New Jew

Did you ever wonder how the Jews when from being the martyrs of Europe to the military power of the Middle East in less than fifty years?This episode exposes the roots of the extraordinary transformation of the physical culture of Am Yisrael in Max Nordau's vision of a muscular Judaism.


The Soul of Israel: Carving of the Soul

Rabbi Shlomo Katz, joined by Ari Abramowitz shares a life changing insight from the Piacesna Rebbe about how to harness our moments and walk through this world as if it was the Garden of Eden.


Inside Israel Today: Not Left Out of Zionism

The Left is not treasonous and Zionism is part of my identity, Zionist Union MK Merav Michaeli says in an interview with Gil Hoffman. She blames the poor reputation of the Left on incitement by its political opponents. She says she is optimistic that the Left's image can be repaired. She says the Left stands for promoting peace, equality and democracy and there is still hope if strengthening all three. She says she is happy that the US is moving its embassy to Jerusalem and hopes Donald...


Israel Uncensored: The Iran Files Heist

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh interviews Dan Diker - Project Director, program to counter political warfare and BDS at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on Prime Minister Netanyahu's presentation this past week, in which he revealed Iran's nuclear ambitions. Diker disputes the claim that Netanyahu didn't reveal anything new, insisting that Iran signed the nuclear pact under false pretenses. He says that the Mossad operation to confiscate and bring to Israel, the...


Rejuvenation: With Tanach in Hand and Heart

Eve shares her thoughts on events of the last few weeks. The tragedy of the Judean Desert flood; her interviews with Kemp and Mazar; where - and why- she guided a group of women on a journey of the Land and Life. Israel is a little country blessed with really large people and never ending sources and sites of inspiration. (Dedicated to the full recovery of Yakir Ephraim ben Rachel Devora and Simcha).


The Jewish Story: One of the People

At the First Zionist Congress, Herzl awakened the Jews of Europe to their national political life. But Asher Zvi Ginsberg, better known as Ahad Ha'am, tried to teach them that the soul of the people needs to be revived before they seek their national home. The battle between them will become a fundamental split in Zionism whose influence remains down to our day.


Yishai Show: Permission to Be Wowed

Why does God tell Jeremiah to buy property in a land He knows will soon be desolate? The answer is that the promised great return is indeed great, and that Jewish communities will be re-built on this land! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to discuss the concept of Biblical Nationalism, and the importance of seeing God's Hand in history and in our life today.


Israel Inspired: Why Does Iran Want to Destroy Israel?

In an unprecedented revelation that captivated and shocked the world, PM Benjamin Netanyahu exposed Iran's diabolical plan to build nuclear weapons and thrust the world into nuclear war. How did Israel successfully penetrate the most protected and secretive bunker in Teheran and extract thousands of files from under the Iranian regime? What does this mean for the US nuclear deal with Iran? Why is all this happening on the week we celebrate Lag Ba'Omer? And the one question no one seems to...


The Soul of Israel: How Rebbe Akiva Changed the World

Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares a surprising insight about signs and self reflection. When do we know a sign is from above? Is there a time to heed signs or could the challenge possibly be to ignore them? Listen to this program for insight into how one selfless decision changed world history.


Inside Israel Today: The Right Stuff

Naftali Bennett, the leader of the Israeli Right, takes on Iran, Syria and Natalie Portman in an interview with Gil Hoffman. Bennett explains how he has maneuvered politically to get his agenda across and the Right empowered. He speaks about the possibility of early elections and how the future of Israel can change for the better. Gil Hoffman's interview with Naftali Bennett is broadcast on The Land of Israel Network with permission of The Jerusalem Post.


Israel Uncensored: Coping with the Flash Flood Tragedy

The Nation of Israel was in mourning this week after burying 10 high-school students who were killed in a Judean Desert flash flood this past Thursday. In a country this tiny, the tragedy affected nearly everyone. But how does one explain this act of G-d, which tore apart 10 families? On today's Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten in search for spiritual clarity and a way to cope, discusses this calamity with renowned educator Rabbi Natan Alexander. Rabbi Alexander says that he has never...


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