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Israel Uncensored: Two Israeli Teens Injured in Gush Etzion Car Ramming

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Ben Goldstein who is on the first response anti-terror team in the community of Elazar, Gush Etzion. On Friday morning a terrorist using his car as a weapon rammed into two Israeli teenage siblings making their way to a bus stop outside of Elazar. One of the teens was seriously wounded while the other suffered light to moderate injuries. Goldstein discusses the attacks and says that Israel must restore deterrence as the threat...


Rejuvenation: The Good Neighbor Campaign

Eve interviews Lt. Colonel (reserves) Eyal Dror who retires this week from 24 years service in the IDF. He commanded the campaign to bring Syrian refugees from their civil war torn country into Israel thru the Golan Heights to receive medical care and shares details of that very complicated operation. The impact of this humanitarian aid will probably never be fully known or appreciated, but the Jews, Druse, Muslims and Christians who were involved will never forget it. “Abu Yakub" was what...


The Yishai Fleisher Show: Jewish Love & the Jihad Squad

With a dark agenda Congresswomen Omar & Tlaib are coming to Hebron to show the world only the worst of Israel - but it will all turn around on them! Meanwhile, Yishai & Malkah go through the overstuffed Torah portion of Vaetchanan and celebrate their anniversary on Jewish love day - Tu B'Av!


The Jewish Story: Interlude - Am Yisrael and the Postmodern Challenge

Taking a break from the flow of history to think about a pressing current issue. Where does the breakdown of classic understandings of identity and authority associated with the postmodern age leave Am Yisrael? Photo Credit:


Inside Israel Today: Is it Time for Anglos in Israeli Politics?

Gil Hoffman interviews former MK Dov Lipman, the founder of Our Time is Now, an organization that aims to get immigrants to Israel from English speaking countries to be more politically active in parties that have primaries. Lipman says the initiative is getting a very impressive response. Volunteers across the country will respond to those who express interest at Gil then speaks about the latest gaffes by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, who last week forgot the...


Israel Uncensored: 1,729 Visit Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av

While many waited for hours in the blistering sun, 1,729 Jews ascended the ramp for a visit to Judaism's holiest site - the Temple Mount on Tisha B'av, which is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. The Israeli police on instructions from the government flipped-flopped throughout the day, opening and closing Judaism's holiest site to Jewish visitors. Muslim rioters had positioned themselves at the site, hanging a Hamas banner, and were vocal in opposing the area being opened for Jews. Yet...


Rejuvenation: Our Inheritance

The murder of Dvir Sorek. The Expulsion from Gush Katif. Singing in the Temple. The birth of a new granddaughter in Jerusalem. Eve shares her thoughts on the 10th of Av, 5779.


The Soul of Israel: Tisha B'Av - Crying For Nothing, Crying For Everything

As soon as I sense that Tisha B'Av is about to appear, two conflicting voices appear in my mind. Should I be be in mourning over something I have a difficult time to connect to, or is Tisha B'av about so much more than the destruction of a building?


The Yishai Fleisher Show: The Israel Magical History Tour

Rav Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai take the show on the road! With a pilgrimage to a friend's memorial in the Golan Heights calling, they also make their way to Tsfat, Teveria, and the Jordan River - all the while connecting with the Torah portion of Devarim / Deuteronomy and the modern rebirth of the State of Israel.


The Jewish Story: Interlude: 9th of Av

Some timely questions for a difficult day. How do we reach redemption if we don't know what it looks like? How do we transform suffering into a source of positive identity? And what does it look like to turn our mourning into joy.


Inside Israel Today: Jonathan Pollard's Parole Plea

Behind the scenes in Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard's new efforts to ease his parole conditions so he can take care of his cancer-stricken wife Esther. She fought for his life for so many years, and now he is fighting for hers. Gil Hoffman also talks about whether politicians should all hide behind a rock between now and the September 17 election.


Israel Uncensored: Building Bridges Between the Jewish People

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with JJ Sussman International Director of the Gesher Organization. Gesher, Hebrew for "bridge," tries to close the gaps between Jews from different religious and political backgrounds. This goal is especially relevant as we are in the midst of the nine day mourning period leading up to Tisha B'av which commemorates the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem, with our sages teaching that the 2nd Temple was destroyed as a result of...


Rejuvenation: Abraham Lincoln and Ezekiel the Prophet

Can one understand American political tradition without knowing its relationship to the Hebrew Bible? According to Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern of Yeshiva University- no. He is one of 4 co-authors of ‘Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land’, a newly published sourcebook on the Hebraic worldview that inspired the early settlers with its vision of redemption, exodus, covenant, liberty and the combination of righteousness and freedom. He speaks with Eve on the shared heritage of the diverse First...


Inside Israel Today Special: The Lion King Segment from Show on Tuesday July 30, 2019

Gil Hoffman takes listeners through the story line of the hit movie The Lion King and explains why it has much in common with the story of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. To listen to the full show go to:


The Jewish Story: 1945-55: The Reorganization of American Zionism - part III

We spoke about the suburbs and the shadows, now it is time to talk about Zionism. The 'Golden decade' was a time of reorganization in general, and particularly in relation to the newborn State of Israel. Here is an episode whose characters will seem strikingly familiar today - non-Zionists, Zionists and anti-Zionists.


Inside Israel Today: Why The Lion King is a Zionist Movie

Gil Hoffman takes listeners through the story line of the hit movie The Lion King and explains why it has much in common with the story of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Earlier in the show, he takes listeners behind the scenes through the last-minute rebranding efforts of our new political parties in Israel and talks about their chances of success.


Israel Uncensored: Truth, Lies, and Video Tape

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with Ezri Tubi founder of 'Boomerang fighting for Israel,' an online video platform sharing the truth about Jewish life in Judea, Samaria, and throughout Israel. Tubi's videos have gone viral reaching millions to dispel the misinformation often found in mainstream outlets. His latest video series called 'Boomerang Gives,' shares the amazing stories of the holy work being carried out by non-profit organizations in Judea and Samaria,...


Rejuvenation: A Week of Living Biblically

A Week of Living Biblically Eve talks about her week guiding and studying at some of the most interesting Biblical Tels in Israel. Shomron/Sebastiya has been almost completely abandoned by the government- why? Lachish is in the process of being organized as a national park. Deep dive into Kings 2, Joshua, and assorted prophets. Oh- has Ziklag been found? The Land of Israel is the place where civilizations and religions converged. So much to discover, so much yet to learn. Pardon her...


Yishai Fleisher Show: Normalization - The Final Frontier

A pro-Israel Saudi blogger gets harassed on the Temple Mount. Jason Greenblatt rocks the UN. Pinchas shoots holy lasers and brings down flying Bilaam. And after the war, the Jews have to make booty dishes Kosher! Malkah Fleisher joins Rabbi Yishai for holy war and the path towards normalization.


The Jewish Story: 1945-55: Shadows on the Golden Decade - part II

The decade after World War Two was a Jewish decade for America. Not only did the Jews achieve the suburban dream, but their culture stepped right into the middle of the American mainstream. Nonetheless, there were two things which dimmed this Golden Decade - the Red Scare and the shadow of the Shoah.