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Israel Uncensored: Strengthening Jewish Hebron

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with Yishai Fleisher International Spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron and radio host on the Land of Israel Network. Fleisher details the government's approval of a new neighborhood in Hebron, which represents the first such Jewish construction there in more than 16 years. Fleisher says that the new homes will help strengthen that 3,500 year-old Biblical Jewish town.


Rejuvenation: Fool Me Once….

Eve wonders who decides what morality is and how we fight for a better world. The cruel murders last week in an “island of co-existence’ have again shaken her hope that mankind is inherently good. Can we be suspicious without being racist? The modern state of Israel is definitely an improvement over the last round of independence 2000+ years ago, but our enemies from without and within are challenging us daily.


Yishai Fleisher Show: The Deluge Refuge Love Boat

Quiet on the set! Creation movie - take two! Cue the torrential downpour! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a wet and wild ride with Noah's Ark featuring the rainbow and the Tower of Babel. Then, Malkah Fleisher on thanking Ambassador Nikki Haley and the never-ending history-erasing lies of UNESCO and their ilk.


Inside Israel Today: Political Prognostications for the Period Ahead

Gil Hoffman explains all the different political possibilities for the months ahead and compares the craziness in the political systems in Israel and the United States. He goes into all the factors that will decide the timetable for Israel's next election in 2019 and why the period after the election could be even more exciting than the race itself. Lastly, Gil apologizes for the "shallow coverage" of the current municipal elections by himself and the rest of the Israeli media, yet vows to...


Israel Uncensored: The Phantom Nation

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with radio personality and author Shai Ben-Tekoa. His book Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the obstacle to peace, is now available in a two-volume hardcover format. The book explains how Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists have camouflaged their intentions of ridding the Middle East of its Jews with the creation of a "Palestinian" entity, historical homeland, etc. Also on the show, Josh discusses the horrific brutal terror...


Rejuvenation: Unsung Heroes, Weddings and Mutual Interests

Eve shares some thoughts after a busy Sukkot season of guiding to borders, celebrating unions and preparing for her upcoming speaking trip to the US. Does Hashem’s maintenance arrangement keep us ready for the big moments?


Yishai Fleisher Show: The Genesis of Nemesis

In the Begining, God created a beautiful world, but the minute man got there things began to mess up! Join Rabbi Yishai for the first Torah portion, Bereshit, and see if redemption can be found in the chaos. Then Malkah Fleisher on hearing Yehoram Gaon, Israel's bard, and on John Bolton's declaration against the International Court of Justice.


Inside Israel Today: The Quiet Before the Political Storm

Gil Hoffman speaks to veteran Israeli political insider Tal Shalev, who just returned from accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to New York, about what happened behind the scenes at the United Nations General Assembly. Hoffman and Shalev speculate about when the next Israeli election will be held and when US President Donald Trump will reveal his ultimate deal plan for Middle East peace. Photo Credit: Office of the Prime Minister of Israel


Rejuvenation: 'Kafka’s Last Trial'

Benjamin Balint joins Eve to discuss his hot-off-the-press book about Franz Kafka, or to be more precise, the court case that decided who owns the genius's literary legacy. Involving Germany and Israel, issues of identity and religion, nationality and WW2, friendship and loyalty, the trial was much deeper than just a question of legal ownership of the papers of a writer who died nearly a century ago. Balint’s brilliant book on the 9 year ‘custody case’ raises fascinating questions that will...


The Jewish Story: Interlude Sukkot

The Sukkot holiday is a time of messianic expectation and prophetic inspiration. Here is an interlude with some musings on the meaning of war and prophecy. And as a special bonus - a live interview with my co-author Dave Mason about the release of the second book in the Age of Prophecy series.


Yishai Fleisher Show: Booths Truths

The mega-holiday of Sukkot is upon us! Rabbi Mike joins Rabbi Yishai to talk about the dichotomies of the holiday like the universal call for humanity to pray in Jerusalem and the particular post-party of God and the Jews. Then, Malkah Fleisher on building the Sukkah and filling it with a national family love. And, of course, remembering Ari Fuld.


Rejuvenation: Etrog - From Persia with Love

Rabbi Dr. David Z. Moster is the founder and director of the Torah learning site, and recently authored Etrog: How a Chinese Fruit Became a Jewish Symbol . He joins Eve just before Sukkot to discuss the citron’s evolution to one of the holiday’s 4 species, an ancient sign of Judaism and a cure for tummy aches as well. Who knew? Also, Eve shares some thoughts on Ari Fuld’s murder and the week that was...


The Jewish Story: The Arab Revolt

The 1930's saw the hate triangle of Arabs, British and Jews explode into an unprecedented scale of violence known as the Arab Revolt. The revolt brought on yet another cycle of repression and political concessions, and it split the Jews of the Yishuv over the question of whether restraint or retaliation was the proper response to Arab violence. Meanwhile, as violence spirals in the land of Israel, and Jews argue with one another, the darkness of Nazi Germany has begun to cast its shadow over...


The Soul of Israel: Ari Fuld z"tl - Legacy of Truth

This show is a MUST LISTEN before Yom Kippur! On the Day of Atonement we pray to be sealed in the book of life. But what does that really mean? How can the tragic murder of our beloved friend and hero of Israel, Ari Fuld, help us understand the difference between life and death?


Israel Uncensored: Remembering Ari Fuld - Hero of Israel

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh talks about his friend Ari Fuld HY"D who was murdered in a terror attack at the Gush Etzion Junction yesterday. After a Jihadist stabbed Ari in the back, his reaction was to use his last breaths on earth to chase down and shoot at the terrorist, thus saving other lives. He was a true hero. The second part of the show is an interview Josh conducted with Ari just a few months ago, not knowing it would be the last time they would ever speak...


Rejuvenation: The Virtue of Nationalism

Is Freedom really the most important value? Why does Utopia need to be overcome? Are the European Union and United States imperialistic? Dr. Yoram Hazony and Eve discuss his new book on nationalism and the Biblical political theory that birthed it via ancient Israel thru Protestantism. The ramifications of Western civilizations' low fertility, the disintegration of Judeo-Christian family values, ‘universal reason’, the rise of socialism and liberal imperialism are topics that must be studied...


Yishai Fleisher Show: Jet Blue Jew

Yishai is in Boston airport on the way to Florida. He reflects on professional sports, on Moses passing the baton to the next generation, on accepting dichotomies, and on the Swiss-precision work of the high priest on Yom Kippur.


Rejuvenation: #WeToo

Rabbi Menachem Leibtag is a popular Torah educator both in Israel and around the world. He explains to Eve the personal, national and universal meanings of Rosh HaShanah and Tishrei, starting with why the 7th Jewish calendar month is the beginning of the year. Knowing the Torah- the ultimate book of principles- can lead to peace, mutual respect and understanding between peoples. This period of reflection and introspection can bring all of us closer to Hashem and to building just societies,...


Israel Uncensored: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jason Greenblatt - Assistant to President Trump

On a very special edition of Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an exclusive interview with Jason Greenblatt, Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations. Greenblatt discusses the approach his team is taking towards trying to forge a comprehensive peace deal between Israel and the Arabs living under the Palestinian Authority. He stresses that under any deal, the US would never jeopardize the security of the State of Israel and her residents. Don't...


Yishai Fleisher Show: No Fear in the New Year

Choose life! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai for a Rosh HaShanna Special where they discuss the chosenness of Israel, the blessings and the curses upon entering the land, and finding joy in times of crisis. Then Malkah Fleisher on preparing for a new year with a tiny voice of truth, crowning the King while being judged, and all the while serving up a great menu!