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Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.

Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.
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Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.




God Can Use Our Present to Heal Our Past: Pastor Robert Morris and Musician Matt Maher

Even after we know Jesus, many of us struggle with mistakes from our past. It seems like those memories will always haunt us and influence decisions we make. How do we learn to let go of the past and let God guide our future? This week’s guests, pastor Robert Morris and singer/songwriter Matt Maher, share how we can use our experiences and the constant presence of a supporting, loving God to become a blessing to others, whether we’re sharing our resources or learning to forgive our parents...


Wrestling with Questions, Finding Peace from God: Erwin McManus & Dominic Done

As people of faith, we can talk about some of life’s hardest moments openly, knowing when we share our struggles, our friends and family will rally around us. But what do we do when we have questions and doubts about our faith? Where will we find acceptance when we question the tenets of our faith or even the presence of God? God promises He is always near to us, no matter what—and that includes our questions and doubts. This week’s guests, pastors and writers Erwin McManus and Dominic Done,...


Kurt Warner and CBS’ James Brown: Living by God’s Playbook

Some moments feel like you’re playing in a big game. It’s the 4th quarter, your team is down by 6, and you’re the quarterback—the outcome rests on your shoulders. You’ve spent hours watching your opponent on film, and you’ve played against them for nearly 60 minutes. You’ve been watching their patterns and strategies, and you come up with a play you’re certain will outsmart them and lead you to victory—but your Coach doesn’t agree. He gives you another play to run, one you don’t quite...


Overcomers Are Defined and Refined by God: Priscilla Shirer & Jeremy Ray Taylor

In our world, it’s easy to let others define our worth. After all, we interact with people and get feedback on our performance all day long at work, at school, in communities online and off. We feel great when other people compliment us or “like” our posts—but what happens when people don’t like what we’re doing? What happens when we try to chase that affirmation from people and fail to live up to their ever-changing standards? This week, we talk with two actors in the spotlight—Priscilla...


Victoria Osteen, Laurie Crouch, Dr. DeeDee Freeman and Rachel Hauck: Building Each Other Up Through Friendship

We live in a world that’s more connected than ever but, ironically, more isolated. We disappear into our smartphones and tablets, ignoring the the people God placed us with right in our own living rooms, schools, workplaces and out in the world. Perhaps it’s easier to tap “like” on a screen than ask someone about their day or how we can help them—but that’s not the kind of relationship God called us to have with others. Today we talk with four women—Laurie Crouch, Victoria Osteen, and Dr....


Seeking Joy While Carrying Burdens: Matthew Kelly & Tammy Bullock

Every one of us is fighting a hard battle. Day in and day out, we try our best to care for loved ones and spread a little of God’s goodness in the world—and sometimes that load feels heavier than others. But as we stumble around with the weight of our burdens, we forget we don’t have to carry them alone. Our guests this week, author and speaker Matthew Kelly and nonprofit leader Tammy Bullock, remind us that despite the burdens on our backs, we can choose to view our world through the lens...


Following Christ Toward Your Unique Calling: Anthony Evans & Jenny + Tyler

When God created our world, the first thing He said was, “Let there be light.” And since then, the people of God have been beating back the darkness by shining His glorious light. This week, three music artists—Anthony Evans and duo Jenny & Tyler—tell us how they came to the realization of their calling, and why it’s so meaningful to them to spread Christ’s light to others. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling devotional Jesus Calling books Jesus Always Prayer...


Choosing Christ Through Doubt & Fear: Bear Grylls & Rhonda Vincent

The farther we get into our faith journeys, the more difficult and complex they seem to be. Obstacles block our paths, daylight dims and the road grows hard to see. But after a while in the dark, the light of dawns breaks through the night, warming the world and showing the way forward. God’s love is that light for our paths, and our guests this week—adventurer Bear Grylls and musician Rhonda Vincent—remind us that even when challenges barrage our faith, we can choose to stay on the road and...


God Brings Life After Loss: Jonathan Pitts and John Hill

When life brings us to our knees, it’s nearly impossible to remember that one day the pain won’t feel as sharp, and somehow we’ll find new life beyond the sorrow. In fact, God can redeem our darkest moments by bringing love and joy and newfound purpose to our days. That’s what He’s done for our guests this week: pastor and author Jonathan Pitts, who recently lost his 38-year-old wife author Wynter Evans Pitts, and entrepreneur John Hill, who struggled to find his way in life until He trusted...


Trusting God to Fill the Gap: Rodeo Stars Tyson Durfey (w/ wife Shea Fisher) and Cody Custer

Life can be a long, difficult ride and there are times that fill us with despair, especially when giving our best isn’t enough to help us change our circumstances. While we wrestle with fear and uncertainty, God works quietly in the background, filling the gaps in our efforts, carefully nudging us forward so we can keep going. Our guests have held onto their faith as they’ve traveled the winding roads of Western sports: world champion rodeo athlete Tyson Durfey and his wife, country music...


Every Scar Has a Story: Mark Eaton & Kelsey Lamb

No matter how careful, each of us will go through life with bumps, bruises and scars. Behind each wound we receive is a story of how we tried, failed, and persevered through hardship. And one of the ways God can redeem our scars is to help us share those experiences with others so they feel less alone. Our guests this week—pastor and writer Mark Eaton, and country music singer/songwriter Kelsey Lamb—come from different places and circumstances. But Mark and Kelsey have each rolled up their...


Lifting Up Others Through Service: Country Singer Jimmy Fortune and US Army Veteran Jess Key

While we may not realize it at the time, struggle is a blessing because down the road, remembering the struggles we have endured helps us empathize with others going through the same hardship. Our guests—country and gospel music legend Jimmy Fortune and US Army veteran and dragon boat racing champion Jess Key—have used their lives to spotlight this truth: no matter what you’ve been through, God is not done with you yet. He can use anything in your life, the good and the bad, and make it...


The Rewards of Commitment: Rich Wilkerson, Jr. and David & Tamela Mann

One of the hardest parts of our Christian walk is to make that walk consistent, especially in the storms of life. But today’s guests, pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. and entertainers David & Tamela Mann, have found when they draw near to God, especially when they’re in the valley, He remains faithful to us. And in fact, God’s presence gives us the strength to keep going so we can perform one of our highest callings: to nurture relationships with the people around us and fill them with His...


T. D. Jakes and Don Moen: Where Is God When Our Dreams Are Crushed?

We all have seasons when we feel crushed by the weight of our problems. A job loss. A loved one grows seriously ill. An unexpected bill in the mail. In the middle of overwhelming anxiety, it’s hard to remember, let alone believe, the promise God gives us in Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” But today’s guests, Bishop T. D. Jakes and worship leader Don Moen, remind us that in the middle of...


A Father’s Love Is Special: Steven Curtis Chapman and Mark Miller (and their daughters!)

Dads hold a tender place in our hearts. Like our heavenly Father, they have a unique way of showing they see us, we matter, and we are loved. And as we become parents, we want to shower our children with the same kind of love and provision a good father graciously gives. Our guests are Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and his daughter Emily Chapman Richards, and Sawyer Brown frontman and Christian music producer Mark Miller and his daughter, TV host Madison Brown. These dads...


Faith & Family Help Us Find Our Way: Randy Travis & wife, Mary Travis and John Berry

Sometimes we look at the path before us, and we can’t see the way ahead. But there are two things that bolster our courage and help us take a step forward: a God we know will see us through, and family standing by our sides. Country superstar Randy Travis and his wife Mary, and country artist John Berry have seen their share of highs and lows: humble beginnings, family tragedies, award-winning songs and medical trials. And through it all, they’ve made it to the other side thanks to the love...


Connected in Christ: Live at Brookland Baptist Church Women’s Day

Every year, the women of Brookland Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina hold an annual Women’s Day for the community, where they endeavor to lift each other up in Christ. We were honored to listen to mothers, daughters, and friends discuss the importance of community and talk about their weekly prayer call, where they read Jesus Calling together, pray for each other and pray for the women attending their event. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling...


God’s Love In Action: Altar’d State & Compassion That Compels

Altar'd State is a faith-based retail company that gives back and works with organizations to help people around the world. One of their partners is Compassion That Compels, who provides hope and emotional support to women fighting cancer, one compassionate act at a time. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Devotional Jesus Calling books Altar’d State Compassion that Compels Interview Quotes: “One of the things I love about Altar’d State is I'm able to do what...


Running Toward God to Find Our True Value: Ryan Hall and Holly Dowling

Olympic runner Ryan Hall and inspirational thought leader Holly Dowling have found their true worth comes from God, not the world. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Devotional Jesus Calling books Ryan and Sara Hall website Ryan Hall’s book, Run the Mile You’re In: Finding God in Every Step Team World Vision Holly Dowling website Young Life organization Girl Up organization Interview Quotes: “God was telling me that He gave me a gift to run with the...


Moving from Worry to Worship: Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead

There are 7 words that can change the way we worship. Today, Christian music songwriter Chris Tomlin and pastor Darren Whitehead let us in on a few and explain how we can revolutionize our relationship with God when we learn the true meaning of worship. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Devotional Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead book: Holy Roar: Seven Words That Will Change the Way You Worship Chris Tomlin, How Great Is Our God song Chris Tomlin, Good, Good...