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Kelly Denithorne on Transgender Advocacy, Education, and Fashion

Kelly Denithorne is an educator, transgender advocate, and the blogger behind “Unordinary Style.” Kelly started her blog in 2010, and began it as a place to explore with her love of style while she was exploring women’s fashion. Born as a male, Kelly tried on several different titles for herself, from transvestite, to cross dresser, and then to transgender non-binary. In the last year, Kelly has begun teaching in her middle school as a woman, and has started the process of transitioning. In...


Stasia Savasuk on Dressing for Confidence and Joy

Stasia Savasuk is an amazing style coach, has an outstanding Tedx Talk, and is the founder of Stasia’s Style School. She’s joining me on the show, and I’m delighted to share this interview. We giggled our way through our discussion, and had a hilarious time talking about style, what lights us up, how to find what kinds of styles fit YOU, and, all about Stasia’s inspiring story of becoming an entrepreneur. In this episode, Stasia and I talk about: Resources Stasia Savasuk’s website Stasia...


How to Feel Joy, Even When it Feels Vulnerable Hard with host Paula Jenkins

This week, two big things hit me at once: the joy that comes naturally to children, and the Netflix special with Brene Brown, where she talks about the vulnerability that adults experience around joy, making it THE most vulnerable of emotions. What gives? The quick synopsis? Over time, we're conditioned to be cautious with our emotions, and we build up self doubt. What does it look like when you are wrangling a slow build up of self doubt? Eventually, this can lead to much of what many of...


Jonni Pollard on The Golden Sequence, and Waking Up to the Truth of Who You Are

The Inspiration of the Four Golden Insights I truly enjoyed getting to speak with Jonni, and felt myself sinking into the conversation in a deep way. One of the most inspirational parts of the discussion for me was when we walked through the Four Golden Insights, which are the pillars for the work Jonni does. 4. Fulfillment is our Purpose – we find our purpose by fully understanding who we are Jonni Pollard and I talk about: Resources Jonni Pollard’s website The Golden Sequence by...


Jump Start Your Joy's Top 10 Podcast Episodes of Season 4

In Part 2 of the Season 4 Finale, host Paula Jenkins counts down the top ten most downloaded episodes. Listen to short clips from Jonni Pollard, Stasia Savasuk, Jess Ekstrom, Sharon Prentice, and Renee Linell and hear the favorite solocasts, too. To get links to all of the episodes, click here.


Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in Four Years of Podcasting (Season 4 Finale Part 1)

Host Paula Jenkins takes a look at the top lessons, aha moments, and unexpected learnings of having been podcasting now for four years. There are tips, tricks, and lots of mindset and inspiration discussed in this Season 4 Finale.


Sister Michelle L'Allier on Franciscan Spirituality and Living A Life of Adventure

Sister Michelle L’Allier is a Franciscan Sister from Minnesota, and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to know her through leading retreats at San Damiano Retreat here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sister Michelle and I got to know each other over the course of several years, when she was the adviser for the retreat team I led. She’s a person that I feel so very lucky to know; she’s deeply spiritual and also approachable, meeting each person she encounters where they are. I’m really...


Christy Tending and Paula Jenkins on The Evolution of Life and Business

Christy Tending is back for her sixth visit, and this time we’re talking about how our lives and businesses have recently evolved. It’s a living discussion, and one that started when we met to co-work at a cafe this summer and found ourselves diving into a conversation about how we’d recently had a very mindful and impactful experience of making decisions that have intrinsically changed who we are, and how we approach things. In this episode, Christy Tending and I talk...


The Wisdom of Letting It Be Easy

Learn the 7 things to consider when you're looking to follow your joy, passion, or bliss in creating a business or coaching practice. You CAN build a business that feels easy, you just need to take some key things into consideration. In this episode, I talk about: Resources Join me at "She Podcasts Live" in Atlanta, October 11-13 How to Be Everything: A Guide For Those Who (Still) Don't Know What They Want To Be When They Grow Up by Emilie Wapnick on Amazon The Big Leap: Conquer Your...


EB Sanders on Designing a Joyful and Meaningful Career

In this episode, I’m overjoyed to have EB Sanders joining me to talk about her work as a career coach, and how to design a career and a life that works for you. She has an amazing background of being a teacher, then a staffing and recruiting professional, and now she is a full time career coach helping creative people discover work that makes them happy. EB and I hit it off from the moment we said hello, and it was such a treat getting to pick her brain about how people design a career, as...


Well Planned, Loosely Held with host Paula Jenkins

This week on Jump Start Your Joy - I’m sharing all about how you can be both a planner, and allow room for creativity and spontaneity to play a role in your life or your business. As a planner at heart, I feel a sense of calm and “everything is right with the world” when I’m able to make a list, or, plan a trip. What I’ve come to discover after doing a podcast for awhile is that the magic of any creative process happens, though, when you make the plan and then don’t cling to it too tightly....


Franny Burkey Robbings on Nourishing Joy and Baking

Franny Burkey is a baker, shop co-owner, and pastry maker at the dreamy “Franny’s Cup and Saucer” in Point Arena, California. She whips up gorgeous cakes, delicious donuts, some amazing gluten free treats, all while working with her mom (and co-owner), Barbara. The shop itself feels like the embodiment of joy, with it’s sweet gifts, tasty treats, and loving atmosphere. When I started creating my list of who I wanted to interview for Jump Start Your Joy, Franny Burkey was definitely one of...


Six Ways To Find Joy In Uncertain Times

In this solocast episode, I’m exploring the topic of finding joy in uncertain times. In the midst of the shifting world events, I’ve felt weighed down recently. In this episode, I’ll talk about how it takes real courage to follow a muse like Joy in hard times, and following joy, and love, and our own hearts is more important now, than ever before. I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over why joy has felt so awkward recently, and why it still beckons me on. And, I’ve found a lot of uplifting...


Jenny Mahan on Embracing Your Health and Wellness from a Place of Delight and Nourishment

Jenny Mahan is a registered nurse and certified health and wellness coach, owner of Pine Creek Wellness, and a soap maker. Jenny works with people to help them reclaim their health in a way that invites them to reconnect with what delights and nourishes them. She lives on a farm in far northern Wisconsin and she is truly a multipassionate person - she’s also a singer and songwriter, author, jogger, and hammocker. It’s really a pleasure to have her on the podcast this week. In this episode,...


Commitment, Fear, and My Nellie Oleson Moment with host Paula Jenkins

If you're starting a podcast, or another creative pursuit, you'll come across three things: Fear once you've said yes to the thing, Commitment to yourself, and, you'll run into a Nellie Oleson Moment. Mine just happened to be with Nellie herself! You can read the whole show notes here: www.jumpstartyourjoy.com/meangirl


Kelly Denithorne on Transgender Advocacy, Education, and Fashion (Episode 189)

Kelly Denithorne is an educator, transgender advocate, and the blogger behind “Unordinary Style.” Kelly started her blog in 2010, and began it as a place to explore with her love of style while she was exploring women’s fashion. Born as a male, Kelly tried on several different titles for herself, from transvestite, to cross dresser, and then to transgender non-binary. In the last year, Kelly has begun teaching in her middle school as a woman, and has started the process of...


10 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast with host Paula Jenkins (Episode 188)

Podcasting is a great way to get your voice, mission, or story out there, and it's changed my life completely. In this week's episode I'm sharing 10+ reasons you should start a show of your own if you're a life coach, doctor, or healer. Increases the know / like / trust factor with people quicklyIt’s a flexible way to express your creativity and interestsPodcasting establishes you as an expert, and can provide you with a way to explore skill sets if you are coming back into the workforce...


Zoha Abbas on Defining Your Purpose and Your Process as an Entrepreneur (Episode 187)

Zoha Abbas is the amazing powerhouse behind the site “Multidoer,” and she works with creative entrepreneurs to help them craft process in their businesses. Here’s what makes Zoha so interesting and special (and why she’s an entrepreneur after my own heart): she is a multipassionate herself, and has artfully meshed the worlds of creativity and organization together to create a unique business and offering. In this interview, Zoha Abbas and I talk about: Resources The Four Hour Work Week by...


Mallory Wisong on Holding Space for Magic, Joy, and Trust in Business (Episode 186)

Mallory Wisong is a virtual assistant, certified life coach, and I have the great pleasure of both working with her, and, having her join me on this week’s episode. With a background doing admin work in the financial industry, Mal brings with her a unique blend of a knack for process and details, along with intuition, heart, courage, and the ability to hold the highest vision for those she works with. I think you will love getting to know her on this episode, and getting a glimpse of what...


Skip Prichard on ‘The Book of Mistakes’ and Living a Purposeful Life (Episode 185)

Skip Prichard is the President and CEO of OCLC, award winning blogger and the author of The Book of Mistakes: 9 Secrets to Creating a Successful Future. As a lifelong student of what makes people successful, he’s interviewed over a thousand leaders, influencers, and notable people to talk to them about their lives. In the process of having so many conversations, Skip noticed that there were some similarities to the things that these successful people were doing, believing, saying, and...