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Ep145: Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel

This week, I’m thrilled to be speaking to Violeta Nedkova on how to embrace the life of a creative rebel. Violeta is a coach and a creative rebel who believes you can stop following everyone else’s rules, be your own boss, and do things your own way … and make a living doing it. She offers courses, coaching, and classes for creative rebels at her website, www.violetanedkova.com. Living in Bulgaria, Violeta and I met during the 2018 Multipassionate Must-Haves, where we were both...


Ep144: Andrea Owen on How To Stop Feeling Like Shit (A Lookback Lesson)

This week’s episode is a lookback lesson with Andrea Owen on "How to Stop Feeling Like Shit." This episode originally aired earlier this year, when her second book came out. Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choose courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life. I loved this...


Ep143: Jill Stanton on Starting and Running a Profitable Online Business and Screwing the 9 to 5

Jill Stanton of Screw the 9 to 5 is my guest this week on the podcast. She’s a true force to be reckoned with in the online lifestyle entrepreneur space, and I’m really excited to be speaking with her about how she has created a lively, exciting brand and community that’s built from an authentic and interesting space. Having started in 2012 with an affiliate skincare site, and changed and shifted the focus and approach of her business, Jill and her now husband Josh, have grown their...


Ep142: Morgan Bolender on Singing, Songwriting, and Finding Joy (A Lookback Episode)

This week on the podcast, I’m revisiting the conversation with singer and songwriter Morgan Bolender. Morgan is known for her song entitled Mary Oliver, which has gone viral on YouTube. She started her career as a 3rd grade special education teacher and then started on a journey to quite literally find her voice, and listen to her heart. We met at Danielle LaPorte’s White Hot Truth event at Grace Cathedral, where Morgan opened the event for Danielle. I’m so thrilled she’s here today to...


Ep141: Debbie Augenthaler on Grief, Trauma, and Healing: You Are Not Alone

This week on the podcast, I’m delighted to speak to Debbie Augenthaler on grief, trauma, and healing. Debbie is a psychotherapist, the author of You Are Not Alone: A Heartfelt Guide to Grief, Healing, and Hope, and she has a private practice in New York City. After losing her husband, she was unexpectedly faced with grief, and found that losing someone that close to you causes ripples of effects; and that the impact of grief does not neatly follow the stages that we’ve all read about....


Ep140: The Four Pillars of Joy: Inspiration, Mindfulness, Action, and Fun with host Paula Jenkins

This week on the show, I’m exploring the 4 pillars of joy: Inspiration, Mindfulness, Action, and Fun. If you’ve been listening awhile, you know that I think of joy as a wayfinding emotion. I have seen joy dance with people, reach out for people, even when they are in their darkest times or most difficult times. Joy can look like a tiny inkling of hope, a little nudge to call a friend or a doctor; joy looks like that second in your life, like several guests and so many of my clients have...


Ep139: Doña Bumgarner on Podcasting, Coaching, Project Management, and Productivity (Friendpreneur Series)

This week I’m so excited to have Doña Bumgarner on the show as part of the Friendpreneur Series. This series highlights conversations I have with friends, who are also entrepreneurs, and we dish the behind the scenes realities of starting a business, and what it looks like in real life. Doña Bumgarner is the powerhouse behind the “Nurtured Mama” blog, the voice of the “Nurturing Habit” podcast, and an amazing coach. Doña is a dear friend who I met through coaching. She and I share so much...


Ep138: Kerri Powers on The Blues, Finding joy, and her new album Starseeds

Kerri Powers is a singer, songwriter, and musician, and she has just released her latest album, Starseeds. I’m so honored and delighted to have her on the show this week to talk about her creative process, about getting honest and telling your truest story, and about how music is a connecting force. It was a real treat getting to speak with Kerri, who is as soulful as the blues music that she writes and loves. What I love about Kerri is her deeply intuitive nature. She’s “present” like no...


Ep137: Melissa Dinwiddie, Jamie Ridler, and Emilie Wapnick in a Multi-passionate Round Table

This week on the show, I’m joined by Emilie Wapnick, Jamie Ridler, and Melissa Dinwiddie for a roundtable on being a multi-passionate person. As a multi-passionate, or multi-potentialite (or scanner, or renaissance soul), we can relate to having lots of different interests and not wanting to narrow our work or creativity down to focus to just one thing. This roundtable focuses on the unique challenges of putting structure and planning around the creativity and myriad of interests that each...


Ep136: Natalie Sager and Lindsay Ambrose on Peaceful Mamas: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection

This week on the show, I’m thrilled to have Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager joining me to talk about their new book, Peaceful Mamas: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection. The two joined together to write this book after meeting at a conference in Chicago, and bonding together over their love of Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. Seeing how it could be tweaked, evolved, and applied to the transition around motherhood, AND seeing their like-minded approach to being moms, the two came...


Ep135: Kate Swoboda on The Courage Habit

Kate Swoboda is joining me today to celebrate the release of her brand new book, The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life. Kate (who is also known as Kate Courageous) is a life coach, the founder of Courageous Living Coach Certification, and Your Courageous Life. And, I’ve had the pleasure of working with her previously as a mentor in her coaching certification program. Kate’s work has been multifaceted around courage and fear, and her...


Ep134: Michelle Ward on The Lessons of Ten Years of Being an Entrepreneur (Friendpreneur Series)

This week on the show, I’m super excited to have creative career coach Michelle Ward back as part of the Friendpreneur Series. Michelle has been on 3 times in the past, and we always have a blast (you can find links to the other episodes at the bottom of this post). I think you will love that we talk about some of the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and how she’s recently chosen to refresh and change her coaching offerings. In looking back over her clients and work over the past 10...


Ep133: Suzan Colon on Developing a Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical, 30 Days to Enhance Your Practice and Revolutionize Your Life From the Inside Out

Suzan Colon is a yoga expert and speaker, and the author of the book, Yoga Mind: Journey Beyond the Physical, 30 Days to Enhance your Practice and Revolutionize Your Life From the Inside Out. I’m thrilled to have her on the show this week to talk about her work and her book. Suzan Colon is a former senior editor for Oprah magazine, Details, Jane, and Harper’s Bazaar, and I have found so much inspiration in what she shares with us this week. In 2002, shortly after becoming a yoga...


Ep132: A Mastermind Shares Proven Ways to Feel More Confident in Your Work and Life

A recent hot topic with my mastermind has been that of confidence. About two months ago, we did a webinar for the first time on it, and found that it was such a deep and wide topic. This episode is a two-part one … today you’ll get to hear part one on my show and on Wednesday, part two is airing on Liz Applegate’s show, Midlife Schmidlife. There are a couple of things I know to be true about confidence: nearly everyone, at some point, struggles with feeling self-confident. While it’s not...


Ep131: Mandy Ford on Following the Joy of Drawing and Illustration (A Lookback Episode)

As an illustrator, designer, and artist, Mandy returned to drawing after a fairly long absence. What I’ve noticed about people who have a grasp on joy is that they often are actively making space to do the things they love in their lives. They take the time to listen to what their heart is saying to them, and they are open to the nudges that they get from the universe along the way. In the last month, I’ve been talking a lot about this - and I’m calling “Practicing the vibration of...


Ep130: What You Can Learn from Ants About Actively Practicing Joy Everyday with host Paula Jenkins

This week on the show, I’m excited to share a solocast all about why joy matters. I recently had a series of aha moments around the interviews with Fred Leblanc and Julia Samuels, along with the work I’ve been doing in Tiffany Han’s Inner Circle - that led me to a realization that joy isn’t just a choice, but it’s a necessity and it’s something we need to make room for everyday, in some way. This big aha moment has roots in four places: Living a joyful life, and being dedicated to joy...


Ep129: Rayne Parvis on Your Personal Style

This week’s interview with personal stylist and coach, Rayne Parvis is one of those special and fun discussions that really feels more like a chat with an old friend than an interview. Rayne and I hit it off from the start, and we laugh so hard in this interview that it’s a total delight to be sharing it with you this week. Rayne has been very joyfully styling clients now for the past few years, and she taps in to her own gift of being able to “see you in your best potential.” She loves...


Ep128: Friendpreneur Series: Lara Heacock on Practical Kindness

This week, I’m delighted to have Lara Heacock joining me for the second installment of the Friendpreneur Series. This series focuses on conversations with friends, who are entrepreneurs. Many of the people are friends I’ve met either through the show (and have been on before!) or through contacts in coaching. I’ve found that starting and running a small business is something very new to many of us, who have grown up without examples of people who are entrepreneurs in our day-to-day. I had...


Ep127: Julia Samuel on Grief Works, and the Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving

On the show this week, I’m delighted to be joined by Julia Samuel. She is a British psychotherapist who specializes in grief and bereavement, and founded the UK Child Bereavement charity, that works with children who are grieving, as well as those who are grieving the loss of a child. She is the author of Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving. Julia is a truly delightful person and I really enjoyed getting to speak with her. At first blush, grief may seem to be a strange...


Ep126: Content Planning and Strategy for your Podcast, Retreat, or Blog

This week on the show, I'm explaining the basics and tactics of content planning and strategy for your retreat, podcast, or blog on this solocast. Learn how to take your idea to a solid plan that you can execute using project management and inspiration. It's one of my favorite topics: Figuring out the building blocks of content strategy for your own brand. I’ll be explaining how this can be applied to planning a retreat (which is where I first started playing with this approach), but it’s...