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Ep164: Creating a Project Management Mindset for Your Business with host Paula Jenkins

A project manager with 20 years of experience, Paula breaks down how to take the basics of project management & apply the skills and toolset to your small business as an entrepreneur. A great primer in running a project & insights on what to look


Ep163: Christy Tending on Living Your Best Life (and letting go of perfectionism)

Self Advocate, activist, mentor and coach, Christy Tending joins the show with a fresh take on leaning into our uniqueness, owning our imperfections, and waking up to our own freedom.


Ep162: Sarah Von Bargen on Building Joyful, Intentional Habits

Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes joins Paula to talk about how to build joyful, intentional habits, how to question the messages in the world around us, and how you can craft your most mindful and meaningful life.


Ep161: How to Handle Stressful Holiday Situations with Joy, Peace, and Ease

Are you having anxiety about the family Thanksgiving dinner, your spouse's company party, or spending the holidays with your inlaws? In this episode, Paula talks about how to create an intentionally joyfilled holiday season.


Ep160: The Inspiration, Intention, Action To Lead a Joyful Life (Plus an Update on the 2018 NKOTB Cruise)

Welcome to Season 4! This week on the show, I’m doing a solocast to kick off Season 4 and taking a look at the direction the show will be headed this season. This week on the show I’m talking about: – the three steps in the process of going after your dreams: inspiration, intention, and action – why you need to build in time for rest and activity – the bookends of emotions – hanging on to the “anchor” of good times, even when you’re faced with difficult times – my amazing time on the...


Ep159: Nourish & Nurture Series: The Courage Habit with Kate Swoboda

Kate Swoboda joins the show to talk about her book, The Courage Habit, and we talk about how to develop new habits, and stop doing the things that no longer serve you. In this episode, Kate Swoboda and I talk about: Resources The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life by Kate Swoboda on Amazon Courageous Living Coach Certification – CLCC Kate Swoboda’s site: Your Courageous Life Kate Swoboda on past Jump Start Your Joy episodes: Kate...


Ep158: Nourish & Nurture Series: Following your Intuition with Emily Ann Peterson

Emily Ann Peterson joins to share about how to follow your heart, tap into "Bare Naked Bravery," and nourish and nurture yourself while living with an illness. What we talk about in this episode: Resources: Emily Ann Peterson’s website Bare Naked Bravery (the book) by Emily Ann Peterson (pre-order the bravery bundle) Bare Naked Bravery the podcast The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (on Amazon)


Ep157: Nourish & Nurture Series: Self Advocacy with Christy Tending

Christy Tending joins the show to talk about how to go beyond self care, and to work with self advocacy. Learn how to take the steps to get what you need to nurture and nourish yourself and live a life you love.


Ep156: Nourish & Nurture Series: You are Not Alone with Debbie Augenthaler

Learn all about how to cope with grief and make space for what you need during times of loss in this interview with Debbie Augenthaler. This episode is part of the Nourish & Nurture series.


Ep155: The Season Three Finale Top 10 Countdown on Jump Start Your Joy

Host Paula Jenkins is counting down the top 10 most downloaded episodes on Jump Start Your Joy, Season 3. From coaches, to musicians, to authors and several solocasts, get a feel for the show and YOUR most favorite guests. Who will be #1? Tune in to find out! Also, take the survey about Season 3 by clicking here.


Ep154: Making Room for Joy and Grief in our Human Experience with Fred LeBlanc, Julia Samuel, and Suzan Colon (Season 3 Finale Part 1)

Joy and Grief are two parts of our human experience. Join Paula as she revisits the most impactful and joyful discussions of Season 3, and learn about mindfulness, making space for joy, and embracing all of your emotions with three important guests.


Ep153: Six Steps to Slowing Down and Savoring Joy with host Paula Jenkins

As Season 3 comes to a close, and Fall is just around the corner, I'm finding that I'm ready to slow down. Our summer was purposefully jam packed: We visited England, we went on a family trip to San Diego, and I traveled to Atlanta for a conference. It was fun, it was exciting, and it was exhausting. As the seasons change, I'm longing for a slower pace and an I'm finding myself tired of the busy-ness. In this week's episode, I'm looking back at the first episode of Season 3, which was all...


Ep152: Discover the Right Time to Follow Your Dreams with host Paula Jenkins

This week on the show, let’s talk about some great ways to discover the right time to follow your dreams. How to discover the right time to follow your dreams: 1. Have Patience Sometimes, we think we are ready before we are. What if, behind the scenes, the universe is making that path smooth for you? What if there is something else you need to learn before you are ready for the next step? Tune in to the podcast to hear a lot more on this. 2. Trust that the universe is looking out...


Ep151: How to Get Unstuck in Your Life and Business with host Paula Jenkins

Feeling stuck and like you have no momentum sucks. The truth is you will more than likely feel stuck at some point in your life, whether that be in your business or around personal growth, or at a full time job. I often feel it, and find myself questioning if I’m “on the right path,” even four years into the podcast. This week on the podcast, I’m sharing about how I had an aha moment around “How to get Unstuck.” At a recent conference, I attended a break-out session entitled “How to get...


Ep150: Finding Clarity in your Life with 'Essentialism' with host Paula Jenkins

In this week's solocast, I'm sharing about the profound impact the book "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg Mckeown has had on my life. As a project manager and a life coach, I love that this book is both pragmatic on one level, and very philosophical and inspirational on the other. The two key areas that I focus on in this week's show are: Doing less, but better - doing the essential few instead of the trivial manyBuilding in room for down time I'm sharing about how...


Ep149: Heather Chauvin on Sustainable Ambition and How To Be a Mom Who Is In Control

As the host of Mom is in Control, and the amazing “Dying to be a Good Mother” Tedtalk, I’m thrilled to have Heather Chauvin joining me this week to talk all about abundance, ambition, time management, and how she found her way to a career she loves after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Heather is a true inspiration, and I’m delighted to feature her as the last guest for Season 3. In this episode, Heather and I talk about: Resources Heather Chauvin’s podcast: Mom is in...


Ep148: The Power of Owning Your Expertise as a Multi-Potentialite with host Paula Jenkins

As someone who has always been drawn to a myriad of interests and passions, you probably already know that I self-identify as a “multi-passionate” or “multi-potentialite” - which simply means that I’m the kind of person who is drawn to a myriad of interests and have a hard time narrowing down my interests and my career into just one thing. It’s a topic that comes up often on the show, and this week on the show I’m sharing all about the power of owning your expertise as a...


Ep147: Taking Messy Action with Copywriter Christine Blubaugh

This week on the show, I’m excited to be talking about taking messy action with Christine Blubaugh. Christine is a copywriter from Ohio, who has had a very interesting path. She works with entrepreneurs to help other people in being objective about themselves, and craft copy that represents their offerings to the world. Having been a health coach, and food blogger for many years (along with a personal chef), Christine had a realization that this was not her true calling. She was well...

Ep146: 8 Great Reasons to Start a Podcast with host Paula Jenkins

This week on the podcast, I’m sharing one of my favorite topics, 8 great reasons to start a podcast. While this episode is a solocast, I’ve shared this information in various other formats: webinars, as a guest instructor in other courses, and in my own podcasting class, Jump Start Your Podcast. And, I think it’s a great perspective for anyone who is considering starting your own show, especially if you are a a service provider of any type (coach, doctor, VA, or someone who works supporting...


Ep145: Violeta Nedkova on How to Embrace the Life of a Creative Rebel

This week, I’m thrilled to be speaking to Violeta Nedkova on how to embrace the life of a creative rebel. Violeta is a coach and a creative rebel who believes you can stop following everyone else’s rules, be your own boss, and do things your own way … and make a living doing it. She offers courses, coaching, and classes for creative rebels at her website, www.violetanedkova.com. Living in Bulgaria, Violeta and I met during the 2018 Multipassionate Must-Haves, where we were both...