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No More Excuses - No More Feeling Worthless (Pt3) - MUAL

Many of us have experienced rejection have been trying to fix our lives our way for a long time. Like guys in pickup basketball game, we keep taking our best shot. and we keep missing. But we get the ball once more and say. “I’m going to make it this time.” Se we shoot again , and miss again. We say it was close! But you don’t get points for being close. The way you deal with rejection and beyond it is not to give it your best shot. What you need is a whole new revelation of God and a new...


No More Excuses - No More Hiding Behind Your Past (pt2)

We continue to look at the story of Joseph, how he allowed God to work in his life despite his past. When we allow our past to dictate our present and future we steal from ourselves the blessing the god has for us. No More Excuses for what happened in our past and live for God in the present. No More Hiding Behind The Past!! Man Up and Live - Character - Passion - Integrity


No More Excuses - No Hiding Behind Your Past Pt1

Drawing from the lives of Joseph, Moses, David, Jonah, and other biblical men who faced the worst, we as men need to declare “NO MORE EXCUSES”. No more falling short of being the man God desires you to be for any reason. No More Hiding Behind the Past


One Month To Live - Everest -Scaling The Obstacles To Unity Pt5 - WUAL

“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” (Mother Teresa) If we had only One Month To Live truly the great importantance to us should be our realtionships. Today we look at Scaling The Obstacles To Unity on how to handle conflict in realtionships. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #onemonthtolive #conflictresolution #unity


The Heart of The Matter - One Month To Live Pt5 - WUAL

The Measure of a life, after all is not its duration but its donation. (Corrie Ten Boom) When all is said and done The Heart of The Matter is realtionships are all that really matter. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, where we live, or how many beautiful toys we’ve collected. none of these can comfort us, console us, cry with us, or love us. Our investment in the people we care about is the only legacy that has the power to endure beyond our lifetime. The One To Live lifestyle...


One Month To Live - Dreamsicle -Thawing Out Your Frozen DreamsPt4 - WUAL

“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake” (Henry Thoreau) Currently how connected do you fell to your dreams? does your da-to-day life reflect an active pursuit of your dreams? What prevents you from such a pursuit? In this message on One Month To Live, I look how do you Thaw Out Your Frozen Dreams? Plus living life full throttle. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #dreamsicle #fullthrottle #onemonthtolive


One Month To Live - Oxygen Mask Breathing First Pt3 - WUAL

This is your life. Are you who you want to be? (Switchfoot) When it comes to living a no regrets life in a One Month To Live scenerio, we must ask ourselves do we have our Oxygen Mask on? Are we Breathing First? Taking care of ourselves first and being healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally, and realtionally can help you move beyond youself and invest in others. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #oxygenmask #onemonthtolive #breathfirst


One Month To Live - Time Squared Pt2 - WUAL

How would you describe your current season of life? Does it feel like your burried beneath frozen tundra, emotionally hibernating? Or is it more like spring, with signs of new life in view? What does it mean for you to accept and honor your current season? how would you changed if you had One Month To Live? How would you spend your time differently? Would it be Time Squared? Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #timesquared #onemonthtolive #costeffectiveness


Word of Abandonment PT5 - Jesus Last Statements - WUAL

Today we look at the fourth saying from Jesus on the cross. The Word of Abandonment. Sometimes in life we can feel like God has abandonded us. But if you look back over your life, I bet you could find some evidence that God was with you even when you were going through things you didn’t want to go through. He was with you even throguh divorce. He was with you even through the abortion. He was with you even throguh the bankruptcy. He was with you even through the failure, the loneliness, or...


One Month To Live - What Would You Change? - WUAL

What if you only had one month to live? How would you make each day really matter? What would you start, or stop, doing? How would you relate to others? One Month to Live empowers you to focus on being who God created you to be- passionate, fully alive, living without regrets. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #onemonthtolive #wual #livingpassionately


Clean Slate - Miracle of Forgiveness - Seven Last Statements of Jesus PT2 - WUAL

From time to time we all feel stuck in our relationship with God and frustrated by life’s setbacks. Jesus faced what could have been the ultimate defeat on the cross. Yet he emerged triumphant through his realtionship with his heavenly Father. And he showed us the way so that we could do the same. To start your journey you must have a Clean Slate. You must recieve a Miracle of Forgiveness from the first statement of Jesus from the cross. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved ...


A Word of Forgiveness - Seven Last Statements - WUAL

It’s Good Friday. The Son of God is giving up his life . What does he want to say to us in his final hours? What does he tell the people standing at the foot of the cross to pass down through the ages? He speaks only seven short statments, Words of Forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonement, distress, triuph, and reuion. Seven Last Statements that mean everything. We are going to look at each of these statements and dive deeper into their meaning and what it calling us to do as we...


Strong Men Tend To Lose Sight Of The Big Picture - Samson Syndrome Pt 8 - MUAL

In the final message of the Samson Syndrome I look at why Strong Men Tend To Lose Sight Of The Big Picture. Rest assured that satan will identify your greatest source of pleasure - good or bad -and try his best to get you too wrapped up in it. Even if he does show up in Hebrews 11, Samson’s life is still a study in missed opportunities. Perhaps no one in the Bible did so little with so much. Man Up and Live - Character -Passion - Integrity #samsonsyndrome #bigpicture #manup


Strong Men Tend To Take Too Much For Granted - Samson Syndrome Pt 7 - MUAL

Strong men are, by nature climbers. They tend to live with an upward tilt to thier chins, and for that reason, sometimes fail to take note of people around them. Strong Men Tend to Take Too Much For Granted and Satan is looking for an unsuspecting victim. He’s looking for someone who’s cruising through life on autopilot. Enjoying the ride, and taking his safety and blessing for granted. He’s looking for a victim of the Samson Syndrome. #manup #samsonsyndrome #strongmen...


It’s Not his Fault - God Is good Pt 6 - Sunday Sermon Series

The will of God has been a much debated subject, which I often find quite entertaining. Masking our unblief with a spinless theology is the greatest deception. Today It’s Not His Fault, we will answer the questions, What’s in your wallet? Who is in control? God Is Good more than I could even think but we have to understand free will and choices. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #itsnothisfault #freewill


Strong Men Tend to Struggle With Intimacy - Samson Syndrome pt6 - MUAL

True intimacy comes when you’ve peeled away all the layers of another person’s nature and gained access to his or her soul. Strong Men Tend to Struggle With Intimacy is our next message in the Samson Syndrome series If intimacy hasn’t been a priority for you in the past, then your whole concept of your marriage and your role in it has to change. So Man Up and Live - Character - Passion - Integrity #manup #intimacy #samsonsydrome


Love Requires Judgement - God Is Good Pt 5 - Sunday Message Series

Love Requires Judgement if it’s to be be real love. Love without judgement is apathetic, lethargic, and passionless; it really isn’t love at all. God Is Good and the favor upon me must benifit the people under my influence, or it is misused. When God gives us a promise, it’s as though He has gone into our future and brought back the word needed to get us where He wants us to be. Wake Up and Live - Empowered - Blessed - Loved #Godisgood #loverequiresjudgement #favoredtoinfluence


Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh Pt2 - Fridays With Faye Stiles

Today Faye Stiles continues a three part teaching on Paul’s Thorn In The Flesh. Listen each


Maybe You Can Fly! - The Forgotten Way - Way of Yeshua

Paul wrote, “we who are sons of God, clothed in christ, have great power and none greater than to love - without which the rest is nothing.” But only in surrendering the old business suit (the old idenity) do we see who we really are. Who are you being right now, at this moment? Do you want to fly again? Maybe You Can Fly! Because “flying” is loving God with all your heart, loving yourself as you are loved, and all others as yourself. The Forgotten Way - Way of Yeshua requires surrendering...


The Forgotten Way - Way of Yeshua - WUAL

The Forgotten Way unpacks the journey out of darkness and conflicts we all find on the pathway we call this life. As matter of sound faith and doctrine, you are filled with the Spirit in this life and saved in the next life, and yet you struggled to be saved from the storms that rise up against you in this life. Journey with me as we get back to some truths about who we are and who God really is. The life that is the