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The term ‘psychology’ is derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’ translating as ‘breath, spirit, soul’ and ‘logia’ which means ‘study of.’ So, it makes perfect sense for a Pastor and a Psychologist to team up. Tune in and listen as these guys discuss issues of life and the spirit. Their plain-spoken style is both refreshing and insightful. Learn how to transform by the renewing of your mind so you may know His purpose for your life and finally find a peace that surpasses all understanding.


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The term ‘psychology’ is derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’ translating as ‘breath, spirit, soul’ and ‘logia’ which means ‘study of.’ So, it makes perfect sense for a Pastor and a Psychologist to team up. Tune in and listen as these guys discuss issues of life and the spirit. Their plain-spoken style is both refreshing and insightful. Learn how to transform by the renewing of your mind so you may know His purpose for your life and finally find a peace that surpasses all understanding.





HE'S BACK! The mystery of Mike's absence is solved! Plus, a very interesting and profound statistic is revealed! Finally, get Mike's take on Lance's concept of IDENTITY! And as always, the guys will bring a smile to your face with their plain-spoken way of tackling topics!


THE NEXT JORDAN PETERSON!? Psychologist Goes DEEP Into The Mind!

WHERE'S MIKE!? Leave Lance alone for one-minute and look what happens! He goes off the rails into a deeply philosophical and spiritual dialogue concluding "WE DON'T EXIST!" Fascinating treatise that is sure to be Part 1 of many further discussions! Listen intently - then reach out to Mike and tell him to GET WELL AND GET BACK IN THE STUDIO! Don't leave Lance alone again!


Ep40: How Do You IDENTIFY?

Their 40th Episode! Incredible! This is the best one yet! Listen in as the guys continue their deep-dive into the 8 Steps to change your life! Along the way, you will hear about Mike's HALLUCINATIONS! Lance reveals some amazing statistics for the Podcast and YouTube broadcasts! Finally, the guys take on that touchy subject of IDENTITY and Lance calls out Mike about his! Mike's response is priceless! Then learn how Lance IDENTIFIES! And much, much more! Sit back, relax and enjoy the 40th episode of "Just These Guys, You Know?"


EP39: 8 Steps to a New Life!

Have you ever found yourself dissatisfied with your circumstances? Do you keep finding yourself in the same terrible situation over and over again? In today's podcast of "Just These Guys, You Know?" A pastor and a psychologist lay out a specific 8 step model of why you keep finding yourself in the same circumstances over and over and exactly HOW TO change your life with 8 specific steps you can begin today! And as a bonus, listen in as the pastor gets real about his situation and what he is avoiding!


EP38: 4 Steps to ”Wealth!”

Today's question: "Did Mike leave his microphone on while he was in the restroom!?!?" But seriously, today, Lance and Mike reveal the four (4) steps to building "wealth" as you define it. Also, Lance shares his birthday presents from Tish. Yay! Finally, as a BONUS FEATURE! Learn how the phrase, "in your underwear!" can improve the trajectory of your life!


EP37: Psychologist and Pastor Discuss END TIMES!

In this week's episode, Lance and Mike react to video PROOF of Mike's Inattentional Blindness and "thoughtlessness!" Then they turn their attention to a discussion of END TIMES! Gotta listen to this! They wrap-up with Lance sharing about the first of two wonderful weekends Tish made possible for his birthday!


Episode 36: Psychologist and Pastor REACT to Jocko Willink - ”Good” Video!

The guys welcome back special guest Ryan! They continue their discussion about Inattentional Blindness! Then, they watch a short video titled, "Good" by Jocko Willink and give their reaction to Jocko's approach to dealing with negative events! Must Listen! They discuss a new way to conceptualize the Four Fundamentals and Paul's advice to "take captive every thought!" Be sure to Like and Subscribe!


Episode 35: The Hidden Mental Health Crisis and What YOU Can Do!

Check it out! Lance discusses Inattentional Blindness and Mike provides a real life (embarrassing) example of this psychological phenomenon! The guys discuss the growing popularity of the podcast as it goes international and picks up a new follower from Australia! The guys do get serious today and discuss the hidden mental health crisis plaguing Wichita and most certainly other cities. What can YOU do? Recognize that in reality, all of us are broken and hurting inside. They guys wrap up with step-by-step advice giving you the HOW TO that will allow you to make a difference in the mental health of those around you.


Episode 34: Secret to Avoiding Conflict!

Great content this week! Lots of secrets are revealed! Mike shares what sickens him! Lance reveals his secret test to know when someone is ready to be released from therapy! Mike reveals the secret ending to his current sermon series! But most importantly, you will learn the SECRET to avoiding conflict!!


Episode 33: HOW TO Create True and Lasting Change!

In this episode, get the answer to those burning questions such as, "what does Lance live and die by?" "What will Mike ALWAYS say 'Yes' to?" And "what is the rumor that has been going around about Mike for years?" In this episode, the guys cover everything from football to poetry! And they reveal the secret for HOW TO create true and lasting change in your life!


Episode 32: Who Are You Going to Trust?

In this week's episode, Mike and Lance talk about HOW TO develop a deeper relationship with God. Then they turn their attention to how the second-half of your life can be BETTER than the first half! Finally, some of today's show could not be broadcast in the podcast so... go check out the YouTube version of this episode to see what Spotify won't allow "Just These Guys, You Know?" to broadcast!


Episode 31: Tired to Inspired!

Here we go! Another great episode! Mindless banter and Mike reveals that Lance is the only human he knows who.... (tune in to find out!) Mike tries his first gluten-free donut and the guys dive into some Canadian slang! But the main topic is positive thinking and the weaving in of the Four Fundamentals! Learn what Senator Marshall and Deion Sanders have in common!


Episode 30: Mike Discovers His Superpower!

What a great show today! Mike discovers what his SUPERPOWER is and Lance reveals the ball-and-chain he has had to drag around for years! In today's podcast, you will learn great techniques to improve your memory and tips for recognizing stress!!


Episode 29: Don’t Do THIS to Your Wife!

Tune in and learn the wisdom of being quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger! In this week's episode, the guys talk about how to control your anger and introduce a three ways to actually listen that just might save your marriage! And as a BONUS: Mike gives you his secret recipe for Vanilla Fluff! (Recorded on all new equipment!)


Episode 28: Wrestling With Stuff!

Check it out! Mike shares his struggles wrestling with anxiety and Lance shares his struggles wrestling with frustrations! You gotta tune in and hear about the time Mike saved Lance from punching a guy's lights out! TRUE!


Episode 27: AW, CR@P!!

Yep. You read that right! They go there! Mike and Lance discuss how WE ALL have "crap" in our lives we have to deal with. "Crap" only has power over us when we pretend we don't have "crap". And... the true measure may be how we accept others "crap" and then try to help them! And... Ryan might even chime in with a bit of wisdom again!


Episode 26: Short Shot of Wisdom!

With Mike out, Ryan stepped in to be a guest host this week! But unlike Mike, Ryan gets straight to the point with truth and wisdom! Practice it daily and it will change your life!


Episode 25: Can We Push This To ANOTHER LEVEL!?

This week, the guys flip the script and use the ending to start the beginning! The guys give a shout-out to listeners in Hawaii! And Lance challenges Mike to take his thinking to ANOTHER LEVEL! Tune in to learn the secret of assertiveness and how to UNLEASH YOUR POWER!


Episode 24: Pursue Your Dreams! Now!

Get ready for another fun-filled and motivational episode of "Just These Guys, You Know?" Listen in as Mike shares his wife's wisdom and how she SAVED HIS LIFE! Then settle in for an insightful discussion about how to use inspiration to improve your life and your relationships! Dream baby! And Pursue your Dreams! NOW!


Episode 23: Who Do You Think You Are!?

Another week, another breakthrough! Mike announces his career plans for after retirement! Learn how you too can clear out the negative thinking and experience true freedom! Freedom to think and freedom to dream! Settle in and listen as Mike and Lance discuss Eriksonian developmental stages of identity - then compare and contrast that with spiritual development of your identity. And as only they can do, they explain these complex concepts by using the experience of shopping at Walmart! You won’t want to miss out on that!