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Kabir Deepak is a spiritual Life Coach, Soul doctor, Tarot counselor and Vedic astrologer

Kabir Deepak is a spiritual Life Coach, Soul doctor, Tarot counselor and Vedic astrologer
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Kabir Deepak is a spiritual Life Coach, Soul doctor, Tarot counselor and Vedic astrologer






How to read palm- Palmistry

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak, talks about the five basic lines in palm, life line, head line, heart line, fate line and sun line. Each line represents an aspect of our life and our personality besides our future. Don't forget to check out his website- www.kabirdeepak.com and book a session for palm reading at www.mysticofeast.com


Crown Chakra- Sahasrara Charka

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak talks about the seventh and last chakra called Crown chakra which is concerned with understanding, knowledge and wisdom. A balanced Crown Chakra allows optimal spiritual belief system and wisdom, whereas an excess crown chakra leads to migraines, delusions and spiritual addiction.


Third eye chakra- Ajna Chakra

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak talks about the sixth chakra in our body called Third eye chakra. This chakra allows us to perceive and become more intuitive and allow us to be clairvoyant ( seeing clearly). Third eye chakra allows us to expand our awareness beyond the five senses.


Throat chakra- Visshudha Chakra

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak, talks about the fifth chakra called the Throat chakra or Visshudha Chakra located in pharyngeal plexus on throat. This chakra regulates Thyroid and parathyroid glands and is responsible for open and respectful communication. Blockages in this chakra cause inability to express in a coherent manner and also victim mentality.


Heart Chakra- Anahata Chakra

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak talks about Heart chakra, it's characteristics, color, element. This chakra is about loving and being loved and self acceptance and accepting others. Kabir Deepak talks about deficiency of heart chakra and excess of heart chakra. The demon of this chakra is grief.


Solar Plexus Chakra- Manipura chakra

In this episode, Kabir Deepak talks about Solar Plexus chakra which is a chakra for self confidence and power for all of us. This chakra allows us to have healthy ego and self confidence. The demon of this chakra is Shame. This chakra can be deficient or excessive. In both cases, excessive or deficient chakra, it causes issues and problems that Kabir Deepak discusses in this episode.


Sacral Chakra basics (Swadishtana Chakra)

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak discusses about sacral chakra, also referred to as Swadishthana chakra. It is the second chakra in our bodies and is located in sacral plexus or groin area (pelvic region). The chakra's color is orange and it allows people to have creative energy, sexual energy and enjoy creative and sexual energies. Deficient and overactive sacral chakras leads to issues that are discussed in the podcast by Kabir Deepak. For scheduling a chakra assessment and chakra balancing...


Root/Base Chakra or Mooladhara Chakra

In this podcast, Kabir Deepak talks about the base chakra and also known as Mooladhara chakra. This is located at the base of spine or in the perineum area of our bodies and it represents feeling of being grounded, feeling secure and it gets activated when survival is endangered or jeopardized. Kabir Deepak, takes examples to explain the rationale behind imbalances in base chakra and a few simple techniques to heal base chakra.


Basics of Chakra System

In this episode, Kabir Deepak talks about basics of Chakra system. There are seven main chakras in our bodies, racing from- base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. The energy flows from base to crown chakra and back from Crown to base chakra, so there is always bi-directional flow of energy in our bodies. Each chakra represents an energy center. Listen to the podcast at www.mysticofeast.com and www.kabirdeepak.com


Journey of Fool through Major Arcana in Tarot cards

The journey of the Major Arcana is really the journey of the Fool, who is the first of the 22 images. We follow the Fool, and in some profound sense also are the fool, as he merges from the darkness of the maternal car and leaps out into the unknown.


Match making using Vedic Astrology by Kabir Deepak

This podcast delves into the secrets of how compatibility is calculated in Vedic astrology using birth charts and what factors decide the compatibility between two partners for a healthy and long lasting companionship and marriage. It is meant for folks who are curious to understand the Match making using Vedic Astrology and also for Vedic astrologers to refresh their memory regarding the Ashtakoota System. Vedic Astrology natal birth chart matching is the most efficient and effective...


Reading the flame of hindu Intention based Candle - Candle Magic works!

A candle represents the focal point of your intention by invoking the power and energy of fire, a transformative element in candle magic. Besides that as the candle burns, smoke rises, there might be opposing forces and resistance to the prayers and intentions that can be visible through myriad of ways. The wick of the candle may become bifurcated or have several lobes, the candle may burn with a low flame, the glass encasing the wax may start getting darker in color due to soot deposition.


What questions to ask a Tarot Card reader or Tarot counselor - Part 3

This podcast talks about Strengths and weaknesses, repetitive patterns that prevent you from finding love. Kabir also talks about how to phrase a question regarding health- How do I improve the quality of my life?