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Join in with a group of guys taking on the challenge of life and trying to live it with something bigger in mind. Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of something new as we try to Land the Plane!

Join in with a group of guys taking on the challenge of life and trying to live it with something bigger in mind. Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of something new as we try to Land the Plane!


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Join in with a group of guys taking on the challenge of life and trying to live it with something bigger in mind. Listen, laugh, learn and be a part of something new as we try to Land the Plane!




64: Joseph - Family Reunion

Joseph's story started with going out with his brothers and being left in a pit. Now, approximately 22 years later, Joseph and his family are reunited. Will Joseph use his position of power to punish his brothers or will he show them mercy, grace and love? The journey that GOD has taken Joseph on is nothing short of miraculous. But the question is, has Joseph really ever gotten out of that "pit" they left him in? Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey through the life of Joesph. It...


63: Joseph - A Purpose Found

After interpreting the dreams of the baker and the cupbearer, Joseph was hopeful his freedom would soon follow. Well, it didn't. After TWO MORE YEARS in prison, he is now called to interpret Pharoah's dreams. What would GOD show Joseph through these dreams? And how would Pharoah respond to Joseph's word from GOD? Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey through the life of Joesph. It starts like a popular reality show, but soon turns into a wonderful story full of redemption, grace...


62 - Joseph - Meaningful Dreams

Found faithful, but in prison again, dreams become part of Joseph's reality. Except this time, it's a butler and a baker that have dreams that will change everything. How in the world could dreams from two other prisoners possibly play a role in Joseph's life? While you and I may not find ourselves in THAT situation, we do find ourselves in times that we may not understand. What should we do while waiting for the promises that God has for us? Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey...


61 - Joseph - Temptation Ahead

Joseph had been sold by his brothers into slavery and taken to Egypt. GOD had placed him into the house of Potiphar, captain of the guard and an officer of Pharoah. Joseph had a decision to make, would he follow what GOD had planned and do what he was supposed to or would he fall into victimhood and fall away. If that wasn't enough, then Potiphar's wife made him quite the tempting offer. How did Joseph respond? Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey through the life of Joesph. It...


60: Joseph - Family Betrayal

Now we jump ahead to a teenage Joseph and how his father has labeled him as his favorite! Not only that, but gave him a special, colorful coat that ensured everyone new Joseph was the favorite. This favouritism, coat, and some interesting dreams turned this family jealousy into betrayal! Join Jonathan and Dustin as they take a journey through the life of Joesph. It starts like a popular reality show, but soon turns into a wonderful story full of redemption, grace and love. It's time to Land...


59 - Joseph - Family Jealousy

Joseph is a well known person of the Bible. He is the man with the amazing coat! A man who went on an exciting journey and became a very powerful person and served the Lord. But was it an exciting journey? Was it an easy path? That answer is no. It is a story of jealousy, anger, lies and deceit. But a story of GOD using a man to bring people to HIM. Join Jonathan and Dustin as they start a journey through the life if Joesph. It starts like a popular reality show, but soon turns into a...


58 - How To Share Apologetics with Tim Barnett

We thought we had wrapped our Apologetics series. But then we got an email from a listener. And you know us, anytime we get a request from a listener, we listen! They wanted to know what we are supposed to do with all this newly learned information. We looked at each other and thought, "Can we get a big gun to come in and educate us all?" That's when we reached out Tim Barnett (Red Pen Logic with Mr. B) with Stand to Reason and he said let's do this! Tim will be sharing some key components...


57 - Evidence of the Risen Savior

A moment that changed time. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We read all about it in the Bible. We celebrate a Risen Savior on Easter. Every time you write a date, the very calendar we use is based around the life of Jesus. But thinking someone could rise from the dead is crazy, right? That doesn't happen. It can't be true. You can’t believe in the Bible. There is no evidence it happened. It’s just a story. Or is it? Dustin and Jonathan are once again joined by special...


56 - Validity Of The Scriptures

Have you ever read the Bible for yourself? Have you ever been told it is not true, but just made up pieces of fiction? Does history and studies support the existence of Scripture? The validity of Scripture has been debated for many, many years, and as we continue through this series on Apologetics, we must determine if what we believe truly is the Word of God. Dustin and Jonathan are once again joined by special guest Bobby McAllister (@OldBear45 on Twitter) and they will be looking into...


55 - The Origins Of Morality & Evil (pt 2)

Did God create evil or at least create a universe where evil is possible? Then why doesn't He remove it? Is it impossible or does He just not want to? If God is "good" then why does He seem to have created an "evil" universe? If you've not listened to Episode 54, then go back and listen to it first! Dustin and Jonathan are again joined by special guest Bobby McAllister (@OldBear45 on Twitter) as he attempts to break down this huge topic into bite-sized, easy to grasp pieces. Listen and...


54 - The Origins Of Morality & Evil

As we continue through our discussion on Apologetics, we have come to a moment that we all knew would be a great challenge. We have discussed the origins of the universe. We studied deep into the beginning of life and what it takes for the human body to be unique. But what about good and evil? What about morality? Our ability to know what is right or wrong. Is it just a learned behavior or has it been engraved in our hearts? If GOD is so good then why does evil and pain and hurt...


53 - Complexity of Life

In Episode 52, we talked about the beginning of the universe and how exactly things had to take place for the universe to begin and continue to exist. In this third installment of our apologetics series, we tackle the beginning of life on earth, and it is fascinating to say the least! Just how much information is stored in the most basic living things? Could this complexity just suddenly fall into place? What set of circumstances could lead to the exact sequences and combinations needed for...


52 - In the Beginning

In the beginning... How many times have you heard that at the opeining of a story? It usually ends up leading into an exciting, epic adventure! But how about the galaxy we live in today? The universe itself? Earth? Do they have a beginning? Or have they always been? And if they do have a beginning, what did that look like? Join Dustin and Jonathan along with special guest Bobby McAllister (@OldBear45 on Twitter) once again as they continue down this path of Apologetics. In Part 2, they look...


51 - What is Apologetics

As a Christian, have you ever had a hard time answering the difficult questions of people around you? As a non-believer, do you have some hard questions that it seems you can never find an answer for? Apologetics is one such way to answer some of those questions, but what is it? Apologetics is defined as the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. Wow, that sounds like a big deal and we wanted a different angle on it, so we...


50 - What Have We Learned?

It's Episode 50! Thank you so much to all of our listeners! It is such a joy of ours to be on this journey with you. We never imagined that we would make it this far, but here we are. A lot of times when you hit a major milestone like this, you want to do just a typical recap show. Well, not us! So instead, we have decided to share with you some of the things we have learned along the way! Join Dustin and Jonathan as they look at how life has changed over the last 3 years. Through recording...


Episode 49 - Living With Those You Disagree With

You enter a conversation with your boss, maybe you jump online to check your social media notifications. Maybe you are watching the Presidential debate and your hate boils for one (or both) of the nominees. Then it happens. The need to tell others they are wrong! The need to prove your point at whatever the cost. You might even be willing to lose a friend. Join Dustin and Jonathan as they challenge the norm. Everything about our flesh fights against the direction of the Spirit. Do you have...


Episode 48 - The Lord Is On Our Side

It seems like everything is out of control. Pandemics, violence and Presidential Debates make it seem like there is not much hope. Have you felt like you have no one on your side during this time? Well, that is simply not true. Our hope can not be taken away. Join Dustin and Jonathan as they are reminded of the truths found in Psalm 124. David, in the most challenging of times, praised GOD because he understood that the Lord was on his side. It's time to Land the Plane. Listen and Subscribe...


47 - Jesus Wants All Of Our Problems

Believe it or not, it is summer! With everything going on in the world today it's hard to keep track of time. This time of year we are supposed to be planning vacations and spending time with friends and loved ones. But there are so many challenges right now that affect what we can do. Not just the big ones like the pandemic, but even the smaller ones. The ones inside our homes. The ones inside of us. Does Jesus have time for me and my problems? Join Dustin and Jonathan as they talk about...


46 - Have I Lost My Identity?

We are back! It has been a long and busy road throughout this pandemic. Covid 19 has changed all of our lives and everyone has had to adapt and change. Just like each of you, we have had to update schedules, home school our children, and search for toilet paper! But through all this, the question becomes, have I lost myself? Have I lost my identity? Join Dustin and Jonathan as they reflect on their own changes and look into the words of James. The brother of Jesus had to go through his own...


45 - Faith Amid The Coronavirus

The headlines are scary. The reality is overwhelming. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Schools are closed, people are losing their jobs and hope seems dim. But, should hope seem dim? Where is your hope found? The truth is we all have some fears and anxieties during these difficult times. But there is hope. That hope is found in Jesus Christ. Join Dustin and Jonathan, with special guest Montana Jones, Equipping Pastor at the Summit Church in Saline County, as they have a real discussion...