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Tales of Leadership and Life with Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph O'Brien

Tales of Leadership and Life with Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph O'Brien
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Tales of Leadership and Life with Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph O'Brien






Lead Voices Episode: Pastor Rachel Billups

Listen today as Stephanie and Jo speak with Pastor Rachel Billups about leadership, identity and calling. Rachel is a visionary, leader and author. She currently serves as Pastor of Ginghamsburg Church and Lead Communicator. She partners with family and young adult ministries to dream and deploy discipleship opportunities for making young disciples of Jesus Christ. Rachel is an ordained Elder within the United Methodist Church and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible/religion and History from...


S06: Episode 14 - Maximizing Your Leadership with Pastor Laurel Bunker

Pastor Laurel is back talking maximizing leadership with Jo and Steph. In this highly practical episode, Pastor Laurel shares from her personal experience and tools and resources which have helped her move forward into all God has for her. A practical way to maximize your leadership: Divide your paper into two down the middle.Write your gifts and dreams on one side and fears and vulnerabilities on the other side. Draw yourself in the center.Put the people you trust most on one part of...


S06: Episode 13 - Maximizing Mentorship & Sponsorship

How do mentors and sponsors impact our leadership and how do we find them? Listen in to hear how Jo and Steph’s leadership has been helped by mentors and sponsors and what we can all do to open the doors for others. Discussion questions: Who could you sponsor right now? Where do you have influence? Is there someone who you can open a door for who is a different gender or background than you?Are you praying about finding a mentor/sponsor? Are you meant to take a next step in approaching...


Lead Voices Episode: Hillsong Channel's Natalie Manuel Lee

Today on this Lead Voices episode of The Lead Stories Podcast Jo and Steph talk with Natalie Manual Lee - Executive Producer and host of Now with Natalie on the Hillsong Channel. Check out the show here! Follow Natalie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nataliemanuellee/


S06: Episode 12 - Maximizing Your Tribe

Do you have a tribe? Join Jo and Steph as they talk about the why and hows of maximising your tribe and the barriers to them. Things that hinder us from being part of a tribe: Feeling you need to / should do something on your ownFeeling we are in competition with othersIdolising the nuclear family ‘Now he's using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone.’ Ephesians 2:10 - Message translation. Target image: Click here to get the target...


S06: Episode 11 - Maximizing Your Leadership

Listen in today (and be moved!) as Steph shares about her recent trip to Uganda and what she encountered regarding the celebration of leadership and women there. Listen in also to hear an introduction to the new Lead Stories series - ‘Maximizing your leadership’. Resources: Graham Hill - Global Church Project https://theglobalchurchproject.com/ Discussion questions: How would you feel if someone celebrated and literally danced when hearing your calling? Read Zephaniah 3:17 and...


SPRING BREAK REPLAY - Criticism Part 1

This episode originally aired in the Lead On series in November 2017. When you lead you will be criticized. So how can we lead on in the midst of criticism? Jo and Steph talk from personal experience about how they have received criticism and how to filter negative feedback without getting bitter or discouraged. Discussion questions: Follow Lead Stories Podcast to interact with Steph and Jo: Twitter: @LeadStoriesVox Instagram: @LeadStoriesPodcast Facebook:...


SPECIAL EPISODE: Water Changes Everything - On location in Uganda with Pastor Steph

Journey with Pastor Steph and experience the moment when a community gets fresh water for the first time! To help the O'Briens fund a well for a community just like the one featured in this podcast head to: JDandSteph.com You can also see photos of what you are hearing! The group they traveled with is FieldsOfLife.org


SPRING BREAK REPLAY - Comparison and Competition Part 2 #LeadOn

Spring Break Replay during the month of March! Enjoy these previously published favorites! Also, check out this link to download a copy of "Lead On: A Resource for Leading in the Midst of Anxious Times" We need practical tools to help us thrive in a world of comparison and competition, which so often begins with our minds! This week Jo and Steph talk about internal and external struggles with comparison and competition and how we can practically face them head on, changing our mindsets,...


SPRING BREAK REPLAY - Comparison and Competition Part 1 #LeadOn

Spring Break Replay during the month of March! Enjoy these previously published favorites! Also, check out this link to download a copy of "Lead On: A Resource for Leading in the Midst of Anxious Times" Comparison and competition are as old as Cain and Abel. Rachel and Leah struggled with it and the disciples too. This week Jo and Steph discuss the difference between a scarcity and an abundance mindset and ask how we can create cultures where people can flourish rather than strive or...


SPRING BREAK REPLAY - How to Beat The Impostor Syndrome #LeadOn

Spring Break Replay during the month of March! Enjoy these previously published favorites! Also, check out this link to download a copy of "Lead On: A Resource for Leading in the Midst of Anxious Times" Last week Jo and Steph discussed the Imposter Syndrome and this week they show you how to overcome it! Using the letter A (because Jo has loved Sesame Street since childhood) they are going to discuss 8 points which use the letter A. 1) Admit this a problem and begin to address it. 2)...


SPRING BREAK REPLAY - Imposter Syndrome #LeadOn

Spring Break Replay during the month of March! Enjoy these previously published favorites! Also, check out this link to download a copy of "Lead On: A Resource for Leading in the Midst of Anxious Times" Jo and Steph discuss the ‘Imposter syndrome’ today, the feeling that many people have, even high achievers, that they just got lucky and are not as able as it appears. ‘Imposter syndrome’ is an internal insecurity and a fear that eventually they will be figured out and exposed for who they...


S06: Episode 10 - Pastor Laurel Bunker's Story #TheSacrificesOfLeadership

Join international speaker Pastor Laurel Bunker as she chats healthy and unhealthy sacrifices with Jo and Steph. Listen in to this passionate conversation to hear how she responds positively to the sacrifices of being a black female leader and what she does to sustain God’s call on her life without making unhealthy sacrifices. Discussion questions: Can you name some positive sacrifices you have made in your leadership?Can you identify some negative sacrifices you have made in your...


S06: Episode 9 - Pastor Steph's Story #TheSacrificesOfLeadership

Pastor Steph grew up with parents who understood the sacrifice of leadership in full-time ministry. Listen in as Jo interviews her about what her early understandings of leadership and sacrifice were and what being a leader has cost her as a woman and as someone who breaks many different stereotypes. Discussion questions: How are you different from other people? What is your leadership ‘flavor’?Where do you particularly find it difficult to disappoint others?What things have you had to...


S06: Episode 8 - Jo's Story #TheSacrificesOfLeadership

Steph interviews Jo on the role of sacrifice in her leadership journey. Listen in to hear Jo discuss the sacrifices she has faced since her earliest leadership, as a single in her twenties and as a woman and mother leader as well as some of the sacrifices universal to us all. Discussion questions: Can you identify a time in your life when you make a healthy sacrifice in leadership and a time when you made an unhealthy sacrifice? What is the difference in your opinion?Think about your...


S06: Episode 7 - The Sacrifices of Leadership

What are some of the sacrifices of leadership that you can think of? Join Jo and Steph as they share some of the sometimes necessary sacrifices of leadership and also how we can approach them so that they don’t come as a surprise to us. Discussion questions: Which of the sacrifices that Jo and Steph mentioned can you most identify with? Did it come as a surprise to you?Where might you be sacrificing where God is not actually asking you to?Where might there be a reluctance to sacrifice...


S06: Episode 6 - Personality and Strengths Assessments #ToolsOfTheTrade

Embrace the positive and avoid the negative ways to engage with personality and strengths assessments as a leader. Listen in as Jo and Steph share how they can be helpful tools for leading and working as a team, with a particular focus on how to get the best out of Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder and Enneagram. Resources: Myers Briggs Humanmetrics.com 16personalities.com Strengths Finder Strengthsfinder.com Enneagram Exploreyourtype.com Book: The Sacred Enneagram by Christopher...


S06: Episode 5 - Personal Development Plan #ToolsOfTheTrade

Whether you want to find out how Jo says ‘aluminium’ or whether you would like to fine-tune your personal wellbeing this year, you are encouraged to listen in to today’s tool of the trade: the Personal Development Plan. (Click here or go to leadstoriesmedia.com/resources to get your free personal pdf download.) Check out Christine Osgood’s wellbeing resources at: www.theurbanretreat.info Discussion questions: Which of the 6 areas (spiritual, cognitive, relational, meaning, physical,...


S06: Episode 4 - Lead Voices // Jessica Honegger

Enjoy this new episode of Lead Voices, the companion podcast to Lead Stories, featuring our friends who will inspire, challenge, stretch and encourage you. Today's guest is Jessica Honegger, Founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection, author of Imperfect Courage, brand-new podcaster, and mom to three littles. She is passionate about encouraging others to leave comfort, go scared, and step into a life of impact. Imperfect Courage Going Scared Podcast Follow Lead Stories Podcast to...