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Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective

Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective
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Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective






104 Culture Watch: Fortnite and Youtube Streaming

Nearly 80 million people play the video game sensation Fortnite each month. Even if your children don't play, they are talking about it, learning the dance moves. It's not just a video game, it's a cultural phenomenon. Additionally, students are devouring content on youtube that you might not even realize exists. My good friend and [...]


103 Really Tough Accountability Questions

Here is my list of the most challenging (and most helpful) accountability questions I've ever used. I've used these questions with a number of different friends over the last decade. Answering these questions each week has made me a better husband, parent, and follower of Jesus. The Most Helpful Accountability Questions I've Ever Used 1. [...]


102 The Best Habit You Can Learn

The single most transformative Habit you can learn is the routine for mastering new habits. Today I share with you what I've learned over the years in creating consistent disciplines in my own life, and how I work to help my family do the same. If you love Let's Parent on Purpose, would you consider [...]


101 Merry Christmas!

The Jesus Storybook Bible has become a happy tradition in my household. Enjoy this reading from the opening chapter as you worship the King. If you enjoy the reading, check out The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. If you need some good Christmas music, there's nothing better than Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb [...]


100 Holding on to Hope

For episode 100 I've invited my favorite person on earth to join me! My wife Emily has a life that's worthy of a book. She married a widower, adopted his daughter, walked through the journey of childhood leukemia with her oldest son, fostered and adopted, and is in the midst of a daily battle for [...]


LPOP 99 Teaching Perspective on Wealth

I re-named this podcast after releasing it from "Teaching your children how to be wealthy" as the title was throwing people off track. Your children are already wealthy. They just need perspective. Jesus speaks on the topic of money more than any other single topic in the gospels. As parents, we have the duty to [...]


LPOP 98 The Simple Secret to Family Worship

Leading your family in intentional study and worship feels so challenging, but it shouldn't be. Often the problem is that we've overcomplicated it. My good friend Shawn Bergen joins me today to share with all of us how he trained me to lead Family Worship in my own household. You'll be able to listen to [...]


LPOP 97 The Radically Transforming World of a Preteen with Dan Scott

Today's preteens are getting lost in the transition as they shift from childhood to adolescence. During this unique time, they are not quite one thing and not quite another. Author, speaker, and pastor Dan Scott gives us a fascinating glimpse into the rapidly changing world of a preteen. Dan and I explore some of the [...]


LPOP 96 A Holiday Plan for Family Gatherings

We’re entering the season filled with awe, wonder, gratitude, and dread. It’s that time of year where we get to spend time with family we love. Sometimes, we get to spend time with family who are easier to love at a distance. Let’s be honest, just because we grew up together doesn’t mean we now [...]


LPOP 95 A Devotion for Moms and Dads

As a youth pastor, I am sad to say the modern version of youth ministry has failed to produce spiritually healthy, mature disciples of Jesus. Fortunately, there is a better way: Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach [...]


LPOP 94 The Most Clarifying Question

You wear a lot of hats in your life, and each of those roles has several demands. Life can feel extremely defeating when you feel like you stay overly busy but accomplish very little. Today I talk about a question that brings incredible clarity to your life, and can help massively simplify your "to-do" list. [...]


LPOP 93 Planning Ahead for the Holidays

It might feel like fall just started (or if you live in Florida, that summer never left), but the Holiday season is right around the corner. Today I share some ideas for how you can set up your family to enjoy each other more, consume less, and make Jesus the true center of the season. [...]


LPOP 92 Meg S Miller: How Discovering A Pornography Addiction Saved A Marriage

When award winning author & speaker Meg S. Miller discovered her husbands internet pornography addiction, her soul was crushed with waves of betrayal and anger. But as she sought healing, she discovered that she was guilty of sin that had wounded his heart just as deeply. As my guest on today's podcast explains, this journey [...]


LPOP 91 Miscarriage, Grieving, and Healing with Krissy Brynn Jackson

15-20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage in the first 20 weeks. For such a common occurrence, this comes as a shock to many families who experience the loss of a child in the womb. Mom, teacher, and blogger Krissy Brynn Jackson joins me today and shares her journey from happily learning that she was [...]


LPOP 90 Small Investments Big Rewards

There are certain habits and practices that work like compound interest in your child's life. If you can learn to identify the everyday opportunities, you may not see radical returns on any given day, but over the long term you will have a completely different family. Areas to consider in your routines: Drive time - [...]


LPOP 89 Chris Lane: Equipping our Children as Public School Missionaries

Many parents fear the influence of public schools on their children. But God is using students across the country to bring the light of the gospel to their peers. Chris Lane, Executive Director of First Priority of South Florida, joins me to share stories of God moving on public school campuses and how parents can [...]


LPOP 88 A Happy Adoption Story

Sometimes we just need to hear a happy, encouraging story. Josh Luecht is a friend of mine who is a Calvary Chapel Pastor, teacher, and co-host of the Panther Parkway Podcast (following the Florida Panthers Hockey Team). He was also adopted as a baby out of the Catholic Charities system. After a life of contentment [...]


LPOP 87 What's Your Emotional Fuel?

What you feed will grow, what you starve will die. Understanding the way conflict and circumstances flame your anger and anxiety frees you to chose a new source of emotional fuel.


LPOP 86 Your Spouse's Greatest Need

Every spouse has specific ways they best give and receive love. Additionally, depending on circumstances and the season of life, you'll find that certain felt needs rise to the top and seem to overshadow all of their current met needs. Learn how you can recognize and meet your spouse's greatest need. Resources mentioned in this [...]


LPOP 85 Celebrate Failure!

Failure is a natural part of a child's life. They way we respond to their failures (and ours) will steer them towards egomania, paralyzing fear, or optimistic self confidence. Today I'll share how we can produce resilient optimists by celebrating the lessons learned through failure.