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Sin, Repentance, Forgiveness | Truth & Myth

Some of the most closely observed rituals of the born-again lifestyle are also some of the most common myths that have crept into the believers life unawares. The origin of sin is one of the many misunderstood conundrums that have kept many believers fearful of drawing closer to God. This is simply because they haven’t understood what Jesus did at the cross. Repentance is simple. If we understand the Father, we’ll know what He means by ‘His goodness causes true repentance.’ This...


Sonship: Being Sons of God | Living in the Inheritance

God the Father sent Jesus, His only begotten Son to bring many more sons into glory. It’s one thing to be a human being, it’s another thing to be a Christian, but being a son is a whole different reality altogether. Sons find their identity and existence in the Father. Jesus demonstrated the life of sonship and now creation yearns in long wait for the manifestation of the sons of God. When Christians realise their identity as sons of God, they begin to manifest their eternal reality in...


The Reality of God | Part 3: Prayer- New Creation Communication

Prayer is communication. The easiest person to communicate with is God. No one understands us better than Him. He knows exactly what to say and when to speak. He wants to reveal amazing things to us, if we’re willing to spend time with Him. Knowing the Father personally frees us to converse with Him and get deeper into His heart. We will experience Him for all that He is when we realise that prayer stems from the heart through relationship. Prayer is simple - its a conversation.


The Reality of God | Part 2: His Nature Revealed

God’s nature can only be revealed by God Himself. As sons, we come to realise a glorious and abundant life through the revelation of God’s heart toward us. His true nature is revealed through a personal relationship which causes us to desire and expect more of Him in our lives. We’ll desire a deeper intimacy with Him when we come to see Him the way Jesus sees Him. Jesus reveals God for who He truly is — the Father.


The Reality of God | Part 1: The Simplicity of God

God is extremely simple to understand. As God, He doesn’t place any complicated requirement to knowing Him. It’s as simple as spending time with Him and letting Him reveal Himself to us.


Righteousness | The Foundations of Being Seated in the Heavenlies

We have received a righteousness that came by believing Jesus - 2Corinthians 5:21. It is a righteousness of Faith - Philippians 3:9. Righteousness is a state of being. It is our nature and the most fundamental attribute of our New Creation Identity. This righteousness helps us get into a personal relationship with Jesus because we know He sees us as He is. As citizens of Heaven our very nature is manifested in this world from that seat of ‘true righteousness and holiness.’ When we realise...


How to Read The Bible | Rightly dividing the Word - Identity

Reading the Bible needs discernment. God says that ‘rightly dividing the Word’ is imperative to understanding Him. God established the New Covenant through Jesus and in doing so, fulfilled the Old through His cross. God relates to believers as sons - as New creations who are alive unto Him. This is in contrast to people who lived under the Old Covenant, who were spiritually separated from Him. His interactions and relationship with the two are distinctly visible through Scripture. Jesus...


Reality of Grace | The Gift of God

Grace is about God and His nature. It is not a concept, neither is it something that can be understood through our mental faculties. The true revelation of grace comes by a relationship with the Father through Jesus. Grace is an experience of the goodness of God. It is something we are living in, as new creations. Grace is the life of the New Man.


Reality of The New Man | As He Is

Our true identity is found in knowing Jesus, because ‘as He is, so are we.’ This is the Reality of The New Man! Live #LifeDeeperStill and Follow us: Website, Facebook, Instagram


Reality of Salvation | Heaven on Earth

Are you living in the fulness of your Salvation now? Do you know what Salvation really is about? Live #LifeDeeperStill and Follow us: Website, Facebook, Instagram