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Resilience isn’t about bouncing back, but bouncing forward. Living Strong: The Flip Side of Adversity brings powerful stories and fearless conversations from experts in the field of business, relationships, emotional, physical and mental health, and faith-based communities together to give practical insight on how there is always a flip side to every story. Each episode creates a brave space that combines proven lessons from neuroscience, powerful tools from authentic connection, key principles from life lessons, and practical promises from faith-based insights. Trauma, toxic stress, broken habits and hurting hearts don’t define destiny, but peace isn’t passive. It requires an exchange. To create a flip and access peace in the middle of the pieces, you are challenged to make an exchange of the lies that have kept you mentally hostage in basement moments for a Steps of Growth framework, which cultivates a shift toward growth planning and forward movement.


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Resilience isn’t about bouncing back, but bouncing forward. Living Strong: The Flip Side of Adversity brings powerful stories and fearless conversations from experts in the field of business, relationships, emotional, physical and mental health, and faith-based communities together to give practical insight on how there is always a flip side to every story. Each episode creates a brave space that combines proven lessons from neuroscience, powerful tools from authentic connection, key principles from life lessons, and practical promises from faith-based insights. Trauma, toxic stress, broken habits and hurting hearts don’t define destiny, but peace isn’t passive. It requires an exchange. To create a flip and access peace in the middle of the pieces, you are challenged to make an exchange of the lies that have kept you mentally hostage in basement moments for a Steps of Growth framework, which cultivates a shift toward growth planning and forward movement.




Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Kristina Valdez as CEO of Along The Way creates all the elements of the family life center that was placed on her heart almost 2 decades ago—filling gaps that impede families from thriving (free child care in our clients’ homes when schools/daycares are closed, parenting support, trauma education, job placement, car clinic, family events). For families who may not be experiencing physical poverty but who nonetheless experience poverty of heart in some way, yearning for meaning, Along The Way offers a way to concretely love their neighbor. The agency provides community and a chance to directly change the trajectory of the lives of single mothers and their families who are experiencing situational or generational poverty and marginalization. From the most economically disadvantaged to the most advantaged, Along The Way is “a village” and there is a place for families to get the support they need and to support their neighbors. Let’s talk about how healing in community creates a pathway to success.


Release It!

There are times when we Hold Things In, and they become so heavy that they oppress our soul. There are seasons we Hold On To Things, and they become so weighty we are too exhausted to move forward. There are patterns in our behaviors we Hold on Repeat, and the outdated triggers paralyze our progress. When you allow yourself to outgrow what you once wanted, you will find yourself in love with what you never even expected! There comes a time when we Release It! These four women have learned and lived the power of releasing the hold of things that no longer serve their purpose or prevent their growth. Listen to this Coffee Conversation on the Flip Side of Adversity for practical healing tips, tools, and testimony for emotional, physical, mental, and career gains.


Stress Cleanse

Dr. Prianca Naik is a board certified internal medicine physician and ICF certified life coach. Dr. Prianca clawed her way out of an emotional pit and learned not only how to get out of burnout and chronic stress and anxiety, but have peace of mind and joy...NO MATTER WHAT her circumstance. She realized she could control her life and guiltlessly prioritize her well-being enabled her to emerge where she could finally breathe again. Dr. Prianca has been featured in the Bump magazine , on the Rachel Ray Show, and many other media outlets. Her medical background, research of happiness, and expertise as a life coach, she has coached countless high achieving moms to end burnout and lead balanced and fulfilled lives. When she struggled with chronic stress and burnout, she wished that someone could have shown her this streamlined process to save her sacrifice and time. Dr. Prianca learned to love her life and find unconditional peace and purpose. You, too, can do the same.


Encore: Health Is Wealth: Move It or Lose It

Watching people rush here and there.... In the grocery store, to the meeting, from the car, thru traffic... with this list, that request... They want what for dinner?!?! LOL. The “hustle culture” of today can wear us down and out and many of us would like to press the pause button for just a moment for us to reconnect with the moment. This flip side conversation will challenge us to be intentional and not miss these moments. There are times when the “ hustle culture of life” gets in the way of the daily opportunity to live bold, free, intentional, and abundantly. Everyone has a lifetime of habits, which impact who we are as people. When we face times of pace, stress, loneliness, boredom, anger or even joy and celebration - we revert to our old habits. But, the task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you. Which old habit do you need to replace with a new habit to live fully and free from the inside out and with a high quality of life. It's not just about the quantity of years... but the quality we place in those years. Dr. Deborah Witt and I will share the impact of stress on our mind, body, and emotions and then examine how to invest in tangible ways for setting priorities and habits for a healthy lifestyle, strong mindset, stable relationships, and a powerful purpose.


The calm after the storm, finding love and light within!

Dr. Tory Robinson began practicing yoga after a traumatic experience. Yoga helped her find her way through a state of high-functioning depression. Someone that is experiencing this type of depression operates as if everything is normal. She went to work everyday and interacted with others as she was expected to do in her personal life. Behind closed doors things were different. Most days she came home after work and crawled into bed till the next morning. The dark quiet bedroom was the only place she found solace. But… In 2019 Dr. Tory became certified as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. Her yoga business, Asana and Beyond Yoga and Wellness was created to provide yoga and wellness to the BIPOC community. Having practiced in spaces where no one looked like her. Bringing yoga to diverse populations is especially important. Yoga and mindfulness support social emotional development through the mind and body connection.


Purpose Tested

This is an episode about knowing the truth behind asking God for purpose and going through a healing process. The purpose, process, and promise are all 3 different aspects of the journey. A lot of people have been dealing with trauma, loss, fear, grief, health changes and challenges at a new level than in recent years, and some people are turning to podcasting for both people going through hard times and their own personal healing journey. Although, Podcasts shouldn’t be used as a prescription of course, but curating powerful, reflective, and intentional content offers an opportunity for listeners to learn from other people, to connect with their stories and hear what has helped them move through hard times and continue on to thrive. Our decisions are always in our hands, pursuing purpose can be a path of discovery, hills and valleys, and amazing revelation but almost always provides healing. Let’s talk with an expert, Mary Lee Vance not only hosts Virtue With Vision The Podcast, but is a Podcast Cultivator Strategist providing services to solo podcasters to become unforgettable experts by helping them produce high quality content that connects with their purpose and God’s promises and plans.


Healed and Sealed By Faith and Fitness

Sonya L. A. Redd has had the pleasure of wearing many hats in her lifetime. From being a Realtor, Underwriter, Behavioral Therapist, to a Teaching Assistant and the daughter of diabetic parents. And now... her most rewarding role personally and professionally has been as a Fitness Instructor and Wellness coach. After seeing so many family members decline prematurely from poor health, she became motivated to get healthy and take as many people as possible on this journey with her. As a professional Fitness Trainer and health enthusiast, her passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. Vicarious Fitness, is a faith based program aimed at helping individuals heal physically, spiritual and emotional. With a special focus on those living with diabetes. She hopes to motivate, inform and help improve the lives of those struggling to win the battle against diabetes. To this very day, nothing lifts her spirits like faith and fitness together! Join us as she shares her love and experience with you!


Getting Back To Your Roots

Food Deserts are defined as residential communities that are outside of a 1-mile walking distance to a grocery store where fresh food options are sold. The bodegas were processed and unhealthy prepared foods are sold flourish in low-income communities. Almost 250,000 people in Philly lack access to nutritious food to live a healthy life. Food insecurity is more complex than being physically hungry. Access to nutritious food impacts mental health, brain development, and physical and financial well-being. The city of Philadelphia is plagued with food-insecure families that work 40+ hours per week and still don't have access to chemical-free food options. One because they don't understand the importance of it, and two because the access just isn't there. But the inner city is not the only community experiencing this nutritious food drought …. Access to food can seem an afterthought in one of Pennsylvania’s wealthiest counties, where nearly everyone drives. Yet, the USDA’s food desert list includes neighborhoods such as Bensalem, Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, Falls, Sellersville, Warminster, and Quakertown. Our Co-Host Christa Barfield, founder of Farmer Jawn Agriculture, aims to create change and bring awareness to the matters of food waste and food insecurity and the symbiotic relationship between the two. Since 2018, she has developed earth-born brands based in regenerative agricultural values with a goal of traceable and transparent origins of 100% Organically Dope foods. Viva Leaf Tea and FarmerJawn Agriculture are her original two ventures and she now operates a non-profit arm on multiple sites totaling 128 acres of land, who’s mission is to train and educate the nation’s next Black and brown Agripreneurs.


Adopting a Kingdom Money Mindset

After being a financial professional for years God showed Kiameshea Prewitt why she and many of her clients allowed money to rule us instead of making our money serve us. The root of it all was a poverty mindset and other unproductive money mindsets. Kiameshea is a nationally Accredited Financial Counselor® and Certified Financial Behavioral Specialist® with over 15 years of experience in the personal finance industry. She is also the founder & visionary of Positioned for Blessings Network, an author, military spouse, and mom of 2. Join this everyday woman in here extraordinary journey to financial freedom.


From Tried 2 TREASURED

For all those who have been considered “a Diamond in the rough,” … You endured the pressure…you stood in the Fire and although you felt like you were not going to survive, you did, and now you shine with such brilliance and strength, that even the enemy is wondering, “How is she still alive and how does she still survive?” You endured and you persevered. Now let’s talk about the Flip Side of your adversity and your NOW opportunity to SHINE.


The Audacity To Show Up

At some point in your life you will need to break your own speed limit! - Rev. Niki Brown - Active your courage - Ignite Your Soul - Leap to the Next Level For the last 25 years Rev. Niki Brown has been on a mission as a leader, speaker, pastor, therapist, coach and entrepreneur to incite a riot within the hearts of anyone who will listen that God has an amazing plan of abundance waiting just for you! She is the Founder of IGNITE® Women's Empowerment Summit which galvanizes hundreds of women around the country through yearly summits, empowerment groups strategic coaching and events that create intentional opportunities to have a God- encounter to ignite the God assignment in you and challenge you to be AUDACIOUS in the pursuit of it.


The Aroma of Great Leadership –Everyday Women

The purpose of walking through your self discovery process is to help you to embrace your God given ability to become everything you were created to be. In order for you to truly manifest purpose you will have to be bold enough to walk through doors that society says you weren’t meant to open. This segment will help you to create the Aroma that will precede you . Women will hear from other women that beat the odds of defeat. We will highlight regular everyday women that have overcome obstacles they have faced in the Workforce / Ministry & personally that have tried to inhibit their success . These women will speak about their journey to success and create a Flip In Their Story. They will provide real life scenarios that will help other women to see the barriers that determination has broken causing them to take their rightful place in whatever space they desire to be.


I’m A Big Deal and So are You

The Big Deal is a movement to empower women to unapologetically walk in the highest level of confidence. Not arrogance, but confidence in knowing their value. There is a journey to changing the view of how you see yourself. Until you see your greatness, no one else will. Women have strength that they don’t always recognize, simply because it comes so easy. Women have conditioned themselves to downplay their worth which generates devalued triumph. Mikeeba Rich's transparency in her Flip Side Story provides women with her perspective as a tool to guide them through how to utilize life challenges as fuel to ignite purpose. Our challenges may not all be the same, however you have the ability to allow them to inspire you to win. In an effort to continue the journey to mentoring woman to becoming the greatest version of themselves, in 2019 Mikeeba became the CEO & Founder of the Sistertimes Women’s Empowerment Organization. Mikeeba has used this platform to influence women to discover who they are and what they were born to do. Mikeeba’s relatable personality, unique fashion sense and passion to influence draws women to her organization from all walks of life. Mikeeba was determination to influence woman across the world resulting in her authoring 3 books during the pandemic entitled: “I‘M A BIG DEAL AND SO ARE YOU” - 14 DAYS TO DISCOVERING THE BIG DEAL IN YOU I‘M A BIG DEAL AND SO ARE YOU - 14 DAY SELF DISCOVERY WORKBOOK THE BIG DEAL IN YOU -30 DAYS OF CONFIDENCE BUILDING CONFESSIONS


The 3 P's of Life Pain, Passion and Purpose

Why are fathers important to the lives of children? How do single mothers manage the challenges of raising boys of color in a postmodern era? How do you discover you gift? In this show we will discuss the journey of Dr. John Tyus who is an in demand national speaker, author and community leader that went against the odds of growing up fatherless, nearly failing school and suffering from insecurity to becoming a pastor and prolific speaker and earning a doctorate degree all before the age of 30. What was the steps that he took to discover his potential and how learn how he turned his pain into passion and his passion into purpose.


A Different Way to Share Your Story

Each and every person is the best-seller of their own story. Who knows you better than you! So, let's collaborate and make a greater impact together, than alone. SHE PUBLISHING LLC is a black woman owned publishing and retail company that was founded during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They've created a community of authors to experience a togetherness (family), wowing their readers, keeping creative control, and if need be, flipping their manuscript while simultaneously manifesting and leaving their legacy.


Write! Right Now!

How does one define the word story? Long, short, funny or serious? Dark, inspirational, or possibly captivating? Each person has his or her own unique story to tell. Stories are never-ending journeys, hidden talents or suppressed memories, all waiting to be told. We all have a distinct definition of a story, so why not share yours? “The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” Join our next Flip Side Conversation with Kimberly Lawson. She is a TedX Speaker, International Bestselling Author, Best Selling Publisher, International Speaker, and Business Strategist. Kimberly began writing at the age of six. Little did she know that she had begun her journey into becoming a renowned author and since then, she has decided not to turn back. Aside from authoring and being a co-author of several best-selling books, she has successfully launched her own publishing company, Sherrelle Ink, LLC - A place where authors, storytellers, business owners, and leaders can find vision, voice, curiosity, and expression. Kimberly’s desire to see storytellers, businesses and individuals achieve exponential success is the driving force behind everything she does. And with all that pulls at our hope, distracts our vision, and tries to run our fear as leaders, business owners, educators, parents, and a community, I think Edward Miller says it best, “Stories are our primary tools of learning and teaching, the repositories of our lore and legends. They bring order into our confusing world. Think about how many times a day you use stories to pass along data, insights, memories or common-sense advice.” So, we must write, we must tell our stories, we must be bold and unapologetic about our truth and offer legacy to our planet. Write! Right Now!


Bold, Black, & Beautiful : Building Equity and Opportunity

According to a June 2020 Pew Research Center survey, 4 in 10 Black adults said that working to get more Black people elected to office would be a very effective tactic for groups striving to help Black Americans achieve equality. And in 2022, Pennsylvania elects the most diverse assembly ever. What does this mean for our communities, our voices, and our responsibility to be involved. We are talking with State Representative Morgan Cephas about being Bold, Black, and Beautiful to build equity and opportunity. As the current Chairwoman of the Philadelphia House Delegation and a lifelong public servant and native of West Philadelphia, Morgan works to forge cross-sector collaborations and partnerships to solve some of the community’s biggest challenges.


I Love My Happy Hair Getting To The Root of The Problem

Dr. Linda J. M. Holloway’s philosophy on life is Dream Your Own Dreams. She is building her legacy through her own personal ministry- Women Without Limitations, where she educates, elevates, and empowers women and girls by teaching them there are no limits to what God Almighty can do with one's life and you are made in His image - beautifully, naturally, redeemed, and whole in Him. She acknowledges that she once suffered from the See Me Syndrome. This is where a person really does not feel good enough or deserving so he or she goes out of their way to seek and do what it takes in hope that the people in their community will see them. She doesn’t want anyone longing for validation, acceptance, and appreciation for the things that they do so people will see and accept them. Her work and over 50 publications challenge others to embrace and celebrate their journey, their identity, and their image in the mirror. Learn to celebrate life. Live unapologetically as ME, and know that this is how God designed you. Stand in truth and tell your story, don’t hide you. Understand you are already seen, just as you are and it’s time to heal…not only so your chains can fall but so that others’ can too.


God Created You To Multiply

The problem for many highly skilled professionals is that you have gotten to a level of success, you may have the title, the position, the corner office, and yet God has MORE for you to do. In this interactive Flip Side Conversation, Nicole walks you through the 3-step system she uses to coach her clients. It will allow you to move past who you are already and say yes to who you have NOT yet become.


Doctor Dollhouse

How do you respond to fear, doubt, naysayers, and attempted dream stealers? In “Doctor Dollhouse,” you will meet Dr. Kwandaa Roberts, an OB/GYN and single mom of 2, who left her fulltime practice as a physician to become a dollhouse maker. Our conversation will tell the story of how a hobby turned her world upside down and changed her life forever. We’ll follower her incredible journey from going viral on social media, to becoming an interior designer on TV and starting her own company manufacturing modern dollhouses and furnishings, all while delivering babies. You’ll learn that letting go of fear can allow you to see that life is big enough to have more than one dream. Her story is one of resilience and perseverance. She has had TV shows not get picked up and investors back out of her dollhouse line. She lost one of her best friends to breast cancer, and her father to COVID. But neither loss would steal her hope or dream… both deaths gave her clarity and a new perspective. Dr. Roberts is now focused on creating her own dollhouse line of modern houses and furnishings because you’re never too old to start a new dream. Doctor Dollhouse is taking a huge leap of faith! Let’s leap with her and talk about possibility of the Flip Side of Adversity.