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The God who sees

Have you ever gotten yourself in a bad situation and you were ready to run away? Do you feel like you are in a season where God doesn't see you because of what you have done? Come hang out with Christina and Kisha as they discuss the story of Hagar. Reid Temple Dream Innovation Brunch - June 15, 2019 Tickets $25.00 Get tickets here: (case sensitive) The Circle Women's Conference (Zion Church) August 3, 2019 Early bird tickets: $49


The purpose of hope

Hoping that something is going to change is exhausting. Sometimes we ask ourselves "why do we hope?" In this episode, Kisha and Christina talk about the purpose of hope and how to push past exhaustion. At around 5:00 Kisha goes into the 3rd heaven when she's talking about food. She comes back shortly after. Scripture: Romans 5:1-5 NIV


Stepping into a new space

Walking into a new job, church or relationship can be difficult. There is a new culture to learn, new people to get to know and you feel like you are drinking from a fire hose with all of the new things you have to take in. This week Christina and Kisha talk about the Centurion from Luke 7 who teaches us how to enter into new spaces. Scripture: Luke 7: 1-5 CSV


A new definition

The world defines us by labels, categories, relationships and experiences. What if we considered a new definition, one that defined us by our relationship with Christ? Join Kisha and Christina as they try on a new defintion. Scripture: Galations 2:15-21 MSG


You can use my boat!

Have you ever felt like you needed to be more than what you are for God to use you? Well, if you are like us, you have questioned God's timing for the call on your life. But what if God wants to use what you have right now in order to expand the call on your life? Come hang out with Kisha and Christina as they allow God to use their boats. Scripture: Luke 5:1- 11


Legacy: A marathon not a sprint

In this episode, Kisha and Christina talk about building a lasting legacy of wisdom and wealth. Come and hang out with us while we talk abut how to build up excellence and we emphasize some major keys found in Proverbs that will help us as run this marathon we call life. Scripture: Proverbs 13:22; Proverbs 20:21


Keep the same energy

People will deplete you, purpose will complete you. This week Kisha and Christina talk about how to keep that same energy. The same energy you had when you first met Christ. Scriptures: Galatians 6:9 NLT Revelations 2:2-5 NLT Colossians 3:23 AMP


Check yourself before you wreck yourself

When we focus on achivement, we have tendency to think more highly of ourselves because of what we produce. It's time to unlearn that tragic lesson. As we approach Easter, we thought it would be great to shift our focus and look at the radical life of Jesus - about His story of "becoming" - and some things we can glean from it as we strive to become all that God has for us. In this episode, we focus on the value of humility. Scripture: Philippians 2: 1- 8 NIV #Women #Ministry #Becoming


Walk it like you talk it

Have you ever talked a good game but had a problem backing it up with action? Have you ever played spades and acted like you had big joker, little joker deuce and all the face cards but only had 4 of diamonds? Most importantly, have you ever talked a big game about trusting God and living for Jesus but in the background, you aren't really living a life that's worthy of what you are saying? Come and hang out with Kisha and Christina as they walk through Colossians 1:3-10 and learn how to...


Are you ready??? S1E4

This week we are focusing on what happens after you get what you pray for. Are you ready for the exeedingly abundant blessings that are attached to what you pray for? Kisha walks us through what it's like to have your blessing be your burden. Scripture of the day: Esther 4: 9-14 MSG A Podcast by Black Women Who Love God.Relatable Women. Relevant Topics. Real God.Hosted by: Kisha and Christina


Stop Hiding In Your Baggage S1E3

Everyone has baggage. Baggage are the things we carry around that are from our past and are hindering the advancement of God's purpose for our lives. Come and hang out with us as we talk about how to get out from behind your baggage. Group chat scripture: 1 Samuel 10:17-24 NLT. IG @maryandmarthapodcast Email


Mary & Martha Purposed But Distracted S1E1

Distraction is a common thing in our lives. When we begin building our great work, it’s even more prevalent. Come and hang out with us as we talk about distraction and moving towards our purpose. In this episode we focus on Luke 10:38-42. Respond to our group chat! Tell us what you do when you get distracted. A Podcast by Black Women Who Love God.Relatable Women. Relevant Topics. Real God.Hosted by


Mary & Martha Breath and Life S1E2

The girls are talking about God being the ultimate creator and how he breathes life into his creation. Since we are made in God's image, we too are creators. In this episode, we are talking about what we are breathing into. We are coming from Genesis 2. Come hang out with us! A Podcast for Black Women Who Love God.Relatable Women. Relevant Topics. Real God.Hosted by


Mary & Martha Origin Story

Ever wanted to have a real conversation with some of your good girlfriends about the Bible? Do you want just a 25 minute conversation about how God’s Word speaks to us in every situation? If so, come hang out with us at @maryandmarthapodcast