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Brian Keating: The Origins of the Universe and Consciousness and Losing the Nobel Prize

Dr. Brian Keating is a professor of physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences in the Department of Physics at the University of California. He is a public speaker, inventor, and an expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe. He is a pioneer in the search for the earliest physical evidence of the inflationary epoch, the theorized period of expansion of space in the...


Breatharianism: Exploring if People Can Really Live Without Food and Intermittent Fasting

Today’s guest is a graduate with honours from the renowned University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He has more than two decades of experience as a journalist for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. A personal encounter in the spring of 2000 awakened his interest in the strange topic of Breatharianism. He met a meditation teacher who allegedly had not eaten for more than a year. Still skeptical, he started a 10 year journey of research from around the globe on this topic....


The Power of CBD, Breaking Free From the Rat Race and Conscious Business

Today we have two incredible guests for you! Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor. We are going to talk about breaking out of the rat race, holistic health, and everything you need to know about CBD. Our first guest Adriaan Zimmerman is a serial entrepreneur and brand-builder. He was a founding Partner of, a popular men’s lifestyle and entertainment brand that grew to over 15 million readers per month. After BroBible was acquired by uproxx media, Adriaan assumed the post of...


A Crash Course on Consciousness with Jackie Woodside

Jackie Woodside is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality and seminar leader who is passionate about the expanding the edge of human potential. She has written two best-sellers, “Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time” and “Time for a Change! Essential Skills for Mastering the Inevitable” She was featured along with Jack Canfield and Don Miguel Ruiz on the Wake Up! TV show in 2015. She provides custom training programs,...


How to Transform Into a Whole New Life, Overcome Fear and Build Your Beliefs with Lucia Giovannini

Lucia Giovannini is a former Italian supermodel turned best-selling author, spiritual teacher, transformational coach, environmental & animal activist, and author of 13 books. Her best-selling book, “A Whole New Life”, was first published in Italian and is now translated into eight languages and has sold thousands of copies around the work. Growing up in Africa, she often caused her parents' hearts to skip a beat when she befriended the wildlife, from lizards to crocodiles. Till this day,...


269 | A Masterclass on the Art of Communication, Conversation and Connection with Oren Jay Sofer

Oren Jay Sofer teaches meditation and communication retreats and workshops nationally. He is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council and a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner for the healing of trauma. He creates mindfulness programs for organizations and apps from Kaiser Permanente to 10% Happier. He also holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to...


268 | How to Live Happier, Longer and Inspired with Karen Salmansohn

Karen is a former stressed-out advertising VP and award-winning designer turned healthy living expert, best-selling author, and longevity research geek. After leaving her successful career in the advertising industry, she stepped out on her own as a writer and designer of books. She became a multi-best-selling author, having sold over 2 million copies of her books internationally and has gained a loyal following of almost 2 million people. At the age of 50, she realized another dream when...


The Power of Gaming, V.R and Technology to Transform Consciousness and the World

Robin Arnott is the CEO of Andromeda Entertainment, game designer and longstanding public speaker in the industry of consciousness technology. He was featured in Netflix’s Screenland and the documentary, Game Loading: Rise of the Indies. As the lead developer of SoundSelf, He has an intimate understanding of both the needs of independent development studios and the means by which technology can profoundly impact player consciousness. Here are some topics we discuss; The potential of games...


The Art of Vedic Palmistry & Astrology Plus the 5 States of the Human Heart

Guylaine Vallée is a master of the ancient science of Vedic palmistry. She decided to become a palmist after meeting Ghan-sham Singh Birla in 1985. She was so impressed with the power of Vedic palmistry to identify behavioral patterns, problems and potential in herself -- and so inspired by Ghan-sham’s deep commitment to help others--that she dedicated herself to Vedic studies. Since joining the Birla Center, she has helped thousands of people through her consultations, counselling and...


265 | C-60, Human Optimization, and Wellness with Dr. Barre Lando

Dr. Barre Lando is the founder and formulator for Alfa Vedic, and has traveled an eclectic path through athletics and academics in becoming a Physician, Kinesiologist and Functional Movement Specialist. He is a three-sport high school athlete and Div. IA scholarship football player acknowledged for maintaining a 4.0 GPA in pre-law and pre-med undergraduate studies; while competitive power-lifting. He has a MS in Social Psychology: MICP certification: from Stanford Medical School; with...


264 | Roger Nierengberg: Music and the Art of Leadership

Roger Nierenberg made his New York conducting debut at Avery Fisher with the Pro Arte Chorale and Orchestra. He was soon invited to conduct operas in two successive seasons at the Mostly Mozart Festival at New York’s Lincoln Center. Thereafter followed long, successful tenures as Music Director of both the Stamford Symphony in Connecticut and the Jacksonville Symphony in Florida. Guest conducting invitations came from the National Symphony, the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, the Detroit...


Expanding Consciousness, Flow State, Performance & The Power of Group Intention

Dr. Damien Lafont is a physicist, peak performance and mental training expert, author and educator in the field of human potential. After working as a postdoc researcher at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he joined Mental Training Inc. in the USA and started working with elite and Olympic athletes in major sports including tennis, swimming, UFC, BMX, and golf. He has authored and co-authored several books including Back to the Zone – sport and inner experiences; Your True Nature – Wisdom...


Aboriginal Psychic Medium Shawn Leonard on Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

More & Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard is the Star of APTN up and coming Canadian TV series "Spirit Talker" Author of the Book “The Language of Spirit" and Teacher and founder of "Spirit Talker Tribe" an online course to develop your psychic abilities and Intuition. At 16 years old, just one year after losing his father to a massive heart attack, Shawn received a visitation and a message from his father in Spirit, "We all have a purpose...


Neuroscientist on UFO's, DMT, NDE's, Telepathy and More!

Dr. Bob Davis is an internationally recognized scientist in his field. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Sensory Neuroscience from The Ohio State University, and served as professor of neuroscience at the State University of New York for over 30 years. He has published over 60 articles in scholarly journals, lectured at national and international scientific conferences, and was awarded several major research grants from the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation. Since...


Elizabeth April: Alien/Human Hybrids, Annunaki, Ascended Masters and More

Elizabeth April is a cosmic intuitive channeller who has the ability to go into other realms and dimensions in order to gain access to information through vibration and visuals. By having the ability to explore past lives, she works with individuals who want to comprehend their past, present, and future. She is fascinated with anything within the topics of Spiritual Awakening, Cosmic Disclosure, and Quantum Physics. Elizabeth Aprils past life regressions Doing past life regressions Cosmic...


259 | Personal & Organizational Leadership, Honesty and Congruence with Ron Carucci

Website: sign up for the email list and most importantly do 1 act of kindness today! 🙏👊🚀 Ron's website: Support the show for as little as $1 Here: 👉 Donate: Support by Doing an Act of Kindness for Someone Today! Subscribe: Podcast: YouTube: FREE STUFF: Guide to Lucid Dreaming E-Book and Guided Hypnotic Experience:...


Ancient Technologies, Time Travel, Anti-Gravity, UFO & Alien Contact with Mi'kmaq Elder

More & Sign up for the email list and most importantly do 1 act of kindness today! 🙏👊🚀 David's website: & Show Notes: David Lonebear Sanipass is a mathematician, engineer, scientist and Native American Elder of the Mi'kmaq people. In this episode, he shares some of the teachings of his elders for the first time ever to non-natives. In this show we discuss;...


257 | The Science of Living in Flow, Synchronicity, & Finding a Sense of Purpose

More & sign up for the email list and most importantly do 1 act of kindness today! 🙏👊🚀 Sky Nelson-Isaacs website: Sky Nelson-Isaacs is a physics educator, speaker, author, and musician. He has a masters degree in physics from San Francisco State University, with a thesis in String Theory, and a BS in physics from UC Berkeley. He has dedicated his life to finding his own sense of purpose,...


How to Find Your Soul & Life Purpose with Founder of the Purpose Guides Institute Jonathan Gustin

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255 | How to Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You've Always Wanted

Website: sign up for the email list and most importantly do 1 act of kindness today! 🙏👊🚀 Kimberly's website: Support the show for as little as $1 Here: 👉 Donate: Support by Doing an Act of Kindness for Someone Today! Subscribe: Podcast: YouTube: FREE STUFF: Guide to Lucid Dreaming E-Book and Guided Hypnotic Experience:...