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5 Ways to Relieve Stress in the Present Moment

Hi Everybody! We all have stress and its very important we find the best ways to relieve it so we can feel good, happy, energized and open up to all the Blessings trying to come our way. I find that aiming to relieve stress while being awake in the present moment is a perfect way to Let Go, Relax, and Allow in all our good. Health, Joy, Fun, Love, Abundance, and the list just keeps going.... Join me for a fun ride in the present moment to relieve stress and allow your good feelings to come...


Love Experiment: How to Really Love Someone!

Do you every worry about someone you love? Of course, we all do. However, is that really the energy, the vibration, the message to the Universe you want to send? I doubt it. What do you want to send? The REAL Love you feel! Well, I created another Love Experiment Exercise for us to play with, I hope you like it! Lmk on social media, in the Itunes Comments or wherever you listen to the podcast. Thank you, I Love YOU! :) Thanks for listening. Matt.


Nothing is Impossible

Hello There! Many times in our lives situations we face seem daunting, unavoaidable, impossible....but that is NOT true. We always have the ability to turn things around and move in a better direction but we cant force it. We have to shift our focus to the solution and all the energy behind the outcome we wish to experience...C'mon, lets do this! :) I know you can do it. I believe in you. - Matt


Focus on What and Who You Love

Our lives are filled with so many details, so many responsibilities, so many aspects that stress us out. You may want to step back and take a breath, and truly look at your life...Are You Focused on who and what you love most in this life in a joyful passionate healthy way? I think you'll love this podcast! I love you. :) Matt


What(Who) Matters Most to You?

Hello My Friends, First off, thank you for listening and sharing. You guys are great like that! So, today's podcast is about a VERY important topic, who and what matters most to you is pretty important isn't it? I discuss this topic which I feel is not focused on enough in the world. Focus On Who and What Matters Most to You! You matter to me, I am focused on YOU in this podcast. Lmk what you think! Big Love, Matt.


5 Steps to Happiness!

Hello Part People, Let's get HAPPY! Let's be happy in advance becasue all teh good stuff is coming! C'mon join me on the Happy Train! Enjoying the Journey, Matt.


Focus and Allow! Its the Key to All You Want

Focus = Our Life. What we focus on grows. What we focus on is what we see, what we think about, what we talk about, what we feel emotions about. Change Your Focus, Change Your Life. I am focusing on how amazing you are! I Love you. Matt.


Change Your Mindset with Gratitude and Appreciation

It always amazes me when I set the intention to change my mindset with gratitude and appreciation just how EASY it really is. Sure, first you have to establish a practice but once you do that its just so easy baby! :) Cmon love your self with gratitude and appreciation, I Dare You! Love, Matt.


Letting Go, Letting In the Good Meditation

This is a simple easy 20 minute meditation focused on Letting Go of Stress, the Past, and Pain and Letting in All the Good... Love, Matt.


Just Saw Abraham Live! My Quick Takeaways...

Hi Everybody, I am so excited to deliver a podcast, "hot off the presses" from just seeing Abraham and Esther yesterday in Greenwich, CT. Abraham was laying down the wisdom like always and here are some of my quick takeaways but I will be doing some "Abraham 101" series based on this event as well. One of the main takeaways for me was: "Fear, doubt, and worry come from disagreeing with our Inner Being." I go much deeper here, listen in! I Appreciate You. Matt. w


The Love Experiment

I am doing research for an upcoming book on the subject of...yup, you guessed it, Love. It has a power and mystery that goes to core of who we are as human beings. What is your life without love? Not romantic love, but love itself. Romantic love is pretty good too of course! However, how conscious are you of the love in your life? Did you know you could consciously choose love? Did you know that love has huge health benefits? Yes I know its obvious but did you know that science has proved...


Want to Come on a Joy Ride With Me?

I always loved that term, Joy Ride. I've also enjoyed the usual definition of a fun car ride... I invite you to go on a ride with me, a Joy Ride. Are you ready? Don't worry, you dont need a thing, its all, all-ways all-ready there. ;) Joyously, Matt


Abraham 101: Law of Attraction

Hello Peeps, We are going to zero in on the Law of Attraction today. I'm visualizing it as being very helpful to you. Vibrating That Thought and Feeling(Which is AMAZING BTW!), Matt


50,000 Opportunities Every Day

I'll explain more on the podcast. :) 50,000! Matt


Abraham 101: Questions and Answers Part 1

Hey Soul Brothers and Sisters! Getting alot of requests about my podcasts on the Abraham Teachings so this is the first of a new series called Abraham 101. Hope you like it. Lmk what you think. Peace & Happiness!(Btw, these = Being on The Vortex) :) Matt To get on my email list and free gifts sign up here: To see more about my book go here:


#1 New Years Resolution: Gratitude & Appreciation

Want to kickstart your Resolutions this year? Wan them to actually come true? Get Grateful and Super Appreciative.... Resolutions Are Done! Matt My book on Gratitude & Appreciation:


From Stress to Freedom in 5 Minutes or Less

So, stress is never the answer. You know that already, right? Well, why don't we live that way? Here are are some answers, I Am seeing them as helpful to you. Feeling Freedom, Matt My Book on Happiness:


5 Reasons to Have Faith and What Does Faith Have to Do With It?

Faith is such an interesting word, and such an interesting toipic to discuss. Some people dont like it because they think of it as it relates to religion...I have very different take on it. Faith Fully, Matt.


Abraham Hicks: How to Be Happy Right Now

Hi People! :) Want to be happy right now? Yeah me too. Abraham talks about it all the time, why not do it?! Ha! theres the rub right? Lets do it together. I promise, it will feel good! Listen to this podcast and check out this blog post after you listen: Love You. Matt


You Are Who You Believe You Are

Hey Peeps, I know its been awhile. I'm Back! and Better than Ever....more on this in the podcast itself. However, I'm so glad I took a break because I can see that you guys have diving into the ARCHIVES! :) If you dont know there are literally HUNDREDS of archived podcasts here on my channel. Always just sitting there waiting to help you solve any problem! ;) Soooo, today we are going to talk about the juicy idea of: You Are Who you Believe You Are. Also, so many things to update you on my...