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Root of the Rot, Episode 5: The French Revolution (Part 1)

The first episode of Root of the Rot after the midseason break is quite possibly the most important we have ever done. It discusses the French Revolution in its inception and execution until the Napoleonic era. We start by examining the definition of revolution as it is defined by Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp., what it does to the social order of society, and how it affects both Church and State. We also examine the unique perspective of Americans, as the young United States played an integral...


Root of the Rot, Episode 4: The Catholic Reformation & The Heresies of Luther

While it is true that the Church at the time of Luther needed reforming, it wasn't a reform in the manner of the massive doctrinal upheaval that this wicked man wrought. Learn about how each heresy of Luther led to widespread problems we face in our society today. Also learn about the Church's fightback through the Council of Trent and the true "renaissance" it birthed. In a day and age when the gravity of Luther's heresies have been whitewashed away by the foul sea of ecumenism, listen...


Root of the Rot, Episode 3: The Renaissance Period (1517-1648 A.D.)

On this month's episode of Root of the Rot, Bishop Dolan will take us through the so-called "Renaissance" Period. He will examine how this period prepared the culture, staunchly Catholic up to that point, for the rot of Lutheranism. His Excellency will cover Martin Luther and his heresies in great detail, and finally will end the episode with the political consequences of Luther's heresy in the Thirty Years' War and the disastrous Peace of Westphalia which heralded the beginning of the end...


Root of the Rot, Episode 2: The Beginnings of Modernity (1274-1517 A.D.)

On the last episode of Root of the Rot, we looked at the flourishing and growth of Christendom from its legalization, then endorsement, from the soon-to-die Roman Empire. In this episode, we will examine what happened when kings were more interested in the comings and goings of this life instead of the life to come, the change in art, architecture, and music. We will then look at the dark shadow that Martin Luther cast across all of Christendom. It is extremely important for Catholics today...


Root of the Rot, Episode 1: The Christian Order (800-1274 A.D.)

Introducing another new show for Season 3 of Restoration Radio, The Root of the Rot. The height of Christendom featured the coronation of an emperor by a Pope, a society governed by the law of the gospels, music, art, and architecture that emphasized mankind's final end while glorifying God in the present. Learn about this amazing period in Christian history and how radically it differs from the time in which we find ourselves today. Join us as host Stephen Heiner and show guest, His...


Trad Reviews, Episode 7: Canticle for Leibowitz, The Mission, and Tobacco

In the final episode of TradReviews this season, host Stephen Heiner spends some time with Charles Coulombe to discuss the novel A Canticle for Liebowitz, the film The Mission, and the pastime of tobacco. A Canticle for Liebowitz is an apocalyptic trio of novellas set across different ages of man. Written by Walter Miller, a convert to Catholicism who later fell away from the faith after the disaster that was the Second Vatican Council, these novellas explore the reality of nuclear...


Trad Reviews, Episode 6: Becket, Poetry of Fr. Hopkins, and Puerto Rico

On the month's episode of Trad Reviews, we will be reviewing the very popular Catholic movie Becket, the subject of poetry and particularly that of Father Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. (1844-1889) and closing out with a review of the board game Puerto Rico. We begin with a review of Becket, a film that has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards and the brilliant acting by the two leading actors Richard Burton (St. Thomas Becket) and Peter O'Toole (King Henry VIII) who capture their roles...


Trad Reviews, Episode 5: Divergent, Small is Beautiful, and Settlers of Catan

On the month's episode of Trad Reviews, we will be discussing the recent hit movie Divergent, the classic 1970s book Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher, and the board game Settlers of Catan. In what seems to be a flurry of dystopian movies coming out of Hollywood these days, we examine this movie which has gripped teens internationally in a similar way as the Hunger Games did. We will take a deep look into the problems with the movie, the subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages...


Trad Reviews, Episode 4: J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

On the month's episode of Trad Reviews, we will be talking about the perennial classic works of J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. We will take a deep look at these novels, how they present the central themes, some of the extremely few criticisms of the work, as well as dispelling some myths and misunderstandings associated with them. A close look will be given to the central characters in the novels and the lessons learned from each of them. From a Catholic perspective, it is...


Trad Reviews, Episode 3: Lord of the World, I Confess, & Chess

On this month's episode of Trad Reviews, it's all about some old and new "classics" today at TradReviews. We will discuss Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson's famous novel Lord of the World, Alfred Hitchcock's film I Confess, and the classic game of chess. If you have not read Msgr. Benson's works, this show will be a worthy primer into his most famous novel, one that if read through the eyes of the faith, provides a sobering parallel to the world in which we live today and a very plausible scenario...


Trad Reviews, Episode 2: Introduction to the Devout Life, Ben-Hur, Monopoly

On this month's episode of Trad Reviews, we will be discussing St. Francis de Sales' 1609 masterpiece Introduction to the Devout Life. We will follow up with William Wyler's 1959 blockbuster Ben-Hur, and how we view this movie. No doubt that this is a classic, and we will reflect on some of the finer points that makes this movie what it is. To finish up the show, we will discuss the board game giant Monopoly, and what lessons we as Catholics can take home from this game. Most people would...


Trad Reviews, Episode 1: The Legion of Decency & Index of Forbidden Books

Introducing a new show for Season 3: Trad Reviews, the show dedicated reviewing and critiquing books, films, and board games. Books, films, and games have been with us for quite some time. The modern Catholic, as the Medieval Catholic, has to strive to be "in the world, not of it." What TradReviews was as a website before it was ever a radio show was an attempt to do exactly that. With the Legion of Decency gone and the Index of Forbidden Books unknown to most Catholics, what kind of guide...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep39: The Foreign Missions of Asia

While wandering a little past the chapel that houses the body of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal, both churches within the Rue de Bac neighborhood of Paris, Stephen Heiner recently discovered the church and museum of the Mission Etrangers: the Foreign Missions. While the Missions' work today is perhaps quite different from its purpose as conceived to propagate the Faith, it has a truly glorious history. Listen as guest Charles Coulombe explains the original...


S3, Flagship Show, Special Edition: Scottish Independence

On a historic day for Scotland as well as the UK as a whole, the Scottish people go to the polls to vote up or down on the referendum which would grant it independence from the British Crown, we will have a discussion about this large and historic topic. Stephen finds himself in Scotland and is going to talk with our good friend Charles Coulombe on not only the history of Scotland, but also the many factors which have led up to this day, which is quite unique in history insofar as if the...


S3 Flagship Show, Ep37: Restoration Radio Moving Forward

Welcome to our new home! On this episode of the Flagship Show, we will present all of our changes during our month-and-a-half off the air. We talk about the endless hours, the necessary changes, and what this means for our listeners for the 2nd half of Season 3 and beyond. We hope, after listening, that you will understand that these changes were absolutely necessary and will provide us the ability to grow this network into something far beyond what we have achieved thus far. The plans for...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep36: Confessions of a Novus Ordo Seminarian

**PARENTAL WARNING: Mature Audiences Only** On this episode of the the Flagship Show, join us for one of the most lengthy and in-depth programs we have ever done on the Restoration Radio Network. This show will introduce a gentleman who tried a vocation in multiple modernist seminaries of the Novus Ordo sect in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Canada in the 1980s, only to find out the evil and unspeakable reality behind them. Mr. John Thomson will explain in great detail the places, events,...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep34: Health and Fitness

In this month's episode of the True Restoration Flagship show, we dive into the topics of health and fitness. In what seems to be an all-too-often avoided subject, should Catholics care about taking care of their health and trying to attain a respectable level of fitness, or is this flirting with worldliness? Do we really care or know anything about what we are putting into our bodies or from where it comes? How many of us think about such things as the quality of our drinking water? We will...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep33: 100th Show & A Gift to Our Listeners

While technically not the 100th Episode, our recently passed milestone gave us a moment to pause and reflect on what 100 episodes of the Restoration Radio Network means, and what our thoughts are on it. In this episode, we will talk a little about where we have been, where we are, and where we intend, by the grace of God, to go. While not all the hosts of the Restoration Radio Network were able to be present on air, we are confident that our conversation reflects their feelings as well. And...


S3, Flagship Show, Ep32: Relocation

In the current situation brought on by the modernist heresy, you may not find yourself near a Mass that you can attend on every Sunday. This begs the question: should Catholics relocate in order to find the Mass and Sacraments? What kind of planning is involved and what sort of pitfalls should you avoid? How do you go about transferring or finding employment in a new region where you have access to the Mass and Sacraments? What fundamental principles are involved in such a move? In a day and...


The Liturgical Year, Episode 8: Passiontide, St. Patrick, And Valid Matter

Before the great crescendo of Lent in the Holy Triduum — Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday — the Church acts out the Gospel for Passion Sunday on that same day: "They took up stones, therefore, to cast at him. But Jesus hid Himself, and went out of the Temple." (John 8:59). This season within a season, Passiontide, commemorates the events of our Lord's sacred Passion, but does so with our Lord hidden. The crucifixes, veiled in violet, along with images of our Lady and the Saints,...